so rhodes


Some random doodles done tonight of very smol GX squad, Judai and Shou being cute besties, and tomatoes.

Why tomatoes? For very silly reasons

I feel like we’ve reached critical levels of smol with babby Shou, I can’t handle it.

Also Hikari is Manjoume’s nickname for Light and Darkness Dragon, because that name’s a mouthful yo


kelseaballerini happiest of birthdays to my better half of a best friend.@janicolaisen you are light in this world and I love you oh so much. this video is one of the many reasons why. commentary by @taylorswift and obnoxious laughter by me.

anyways i hope rhodey and tony grow up to be old together as cranky and silly men who go shopping together at like second hand stores and always get into little fights about the things they are purchasing because we don’t need another shower seat tony idc if it has a massage setting and i dunno they just sit out on the porch of their cute little yellow painted bungalow and still argue if iron man or war machine is cooler

Okay so I was re-reading the Alma-Yuu arc when I noticed this!

This is the cutest thing ever!!!! Look at Road’s face! Look at how happy she is that Allen grabbed her! It’s absolutely adorable that Allen just grabs Road after getting freaked out by the sudden shift in surroundings.

His entire body is facing her’s and, judging by her legs, he actually pulled her. Okay so new headcanon: Allen is a total scaredy-cat and whenever he gets jumped-scared he grabs the closest person to him for protection.


Designated Survivor S1x09: The Blueprint

You remembered my order.

Double Americano. Three pumps vanilla, one pump caramel. It’s too ridiculous to forget.