so repost haha sorry!

I was tagged by the lovely and wonderful @amerikaikong to do the selfie bias tag. Thank you!! 😃💖

It was so hard to find pictures of Yugy in yellow. I think he looks so good in yellow! But yeah that’s my face. 🙈

I don’t have very many mutuals since my blog is still fairly new so I’m going to tag some of my favorite blogs! Sorry in advance if you don’t like being tagged in these things. Just let me know!: @redgyeomie , @peachietuan , @pinkhoodiemark , @cloudygyeom , @ilysmbam , @mooninini

I had to fix Blanc’s face where they saw Mo’s wound because a few people said it looked like he was smiling which wasn’t what I was going for haha. so sorry for having to repost the past three pages ^-^;