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Blanket fort

desc: Reader gets caught messing around with Jack & Nash, and Cameron jealously takes her aside to teach her a lesson.

photo creds: loveviral


It had been your idea to set it up, and even though Cam, Nash, and Jack had complained at first, they were actually quite proud of their creation. A huge blanket fort spread out across the width of the large living and dining room. From above, it looked like a patchwork field of different colored blankets strewn just high enough that you could sit on top of your knees. Jack tucked into the last corner of the fort while you threw bundles of fairy lights into the different rooms.

“Catch us!” Called the three boys as they darted under the entrance of the fort.

You giggled, “c’mon guys!”

The fort had been made into a network of various hiding rooms, nooks, and crannies.

“Here I come!” you hollered and dove after the boys.

You squat down and turned through about four empty nooks when suddenly-

“BOOO!” Jack and Nash jumped out from either side of the small space, causing you to yelp out and fall face forward.

You came up cursing, rubbing your forehead and pouting.

“Nawww, we’re sorry,” the boys said in unison, not sounding sorry at all as they both attacked you in hugs.

“Nash-Jack!” you groaned from under their strong arms.

They both pulled you backwards against the wall, Nash pinning you down whilst Jack tickled you.

“Say we win!” said Nash.

You gasped, “N-no!”

“Kay, babe,” Jack said.  Nash held your arms down while Jack poked his tongue out, coming close to your squirming face.

“Ewewewew,” you yelped, feeling him slide his wet tongue across your turned jaw.

“Say it and we’ll stop,” Nash said, moving his hands and beginning to tickle your sides.

You thrashed your legs, and through your fits of giggles, you told them they’d won. 

Nash smirked, “Satisfactory.”

Jack pulled away, “Didn’t think you’d give in so easy.”

“Hey, but where’s Cam-” you opened your mouth, and through the shoulders of the two boys, saw Cameron enter the room, his eyes falling on Nash and Jack.

“Looks like I won,” he spoke flatly.

“Hm, actually I think we did,” teased Jack, eyeing you cheekily.

“Funny,” said Cameron in warning.

Jack and Nash pulled away, smiles fading, “Sorry bro.”

Cameron’s steely glare fell on you, “We were just messing around,” you said, intimidated by his clenched jaw.

He looked you over, “Come with me, (Y/N).”

You didn’t protest, but Nash and Jack threw you an apologetic glance as he pulled you out.

Cameron pulled ahead until he had reached the farthest corner away from the two boys, he dragged you in by your wrist, and snapped around to face you.

“What the fuck was that?” he said, nails digging into your wrists.

You gasped, eyelids fluttering down to your sore skin, and Cameron noticed, releasing you, his eyes softening momentarily.

“They were just-”

“Putting their mouths and hands wherever they wanted,” Cameron cut you off.

You knew what this was about. Cameron was extremely sensitive and wary, & also he could get very overprotective.

“Look, babe, it’s not like that,” you started.

His eyes flicked across your face, his hard chest heaving as he pushed you against the nearest wall.

“That’s exactly what it looked like,” he growled, his voice rising.

Nash and jack went silent from across the room.

Cameron turned his head, his voice a whisper as he brought his plump lips to your earlobe.

“I never want to see their hands on you again.”

You took a deep breath, hurt by his anger, closing your eyes and lamely shaking your head in agreement.

You kept your eyes shut in worry until you felt Cameron’s lips against yours. They were warm and sweet, inviting and calm, but before you could enjoy them, Cameron pulled back.

“And now, you’re going to make them remember who you belong to.”

“Cam,” you whispered, searching his brown lust filled orbs, “Don’t do this,” you pleaded, sensing where he was going.

He pressed his finger to your lips.

“Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to have you writhing under my touch and begging until the only name you can remember is mine. Now, baby, you can try to keep quiet, but I will not stop until they can hear you crying out for me,” he snarled.

You knew nothing you could do would stop Cameron, so you bent your head forward in defeat.

Once more, his lips were on yours, but this time they were fast and hungry. He spent no time sliding his tongue into your mouth, edging it further and further until you produced small satisfactory moans. He moaned against your lips, strong grip holding your face in his hands as your tongues mingled. He breathed out, pulling back and sliding your clothes off in seconds, his fingers snapping off your bra as he dove into your breasts.

“Cameron,” you panted softly, trying to focus on anything but the feeling of his tongue swirling around your nipple.

Hearing his name, he applied more force, his hands massaging your boobs, his tongue giving pleasure, and his teeth nibbling on your tits.

His eyes flicked up to yours, holding your gaze while he brought his tongue sliding down your stomach.

“That’s it baby, say my name,” he cooed.

He trailed wet kisses down to your clothed heat, his mouth closing over the fabric, nails sliding around the lace.

“Stop-teasing-” you managed.

Cameron smirked, his teeth closing around the fabric as he slid off your panties with with a smirk. He placed a hand on each side of your legs, mouth swooping into your pussy. The second his lips made contact, you gasped out,chomping down on your lips to withhold your pleasure. Cameron sucked roughly on your folds as you dripped into his mouth, his hand moving to hold your hips steady while you wrapped your legs tightly around his neck. He breathed against your skin, not giving you a moment to breathe before flicking his tongue across your labia. You squirmed beneath him,

“C-cam!” you moaned needily.

“Louder,” he commanded, his head furrowing back between your thighs as he dipped his tongue inside you. He stuck the entirety of his tongue in you before pulling out slowly, drawing a long groan which you held behind your hand. His free hand came up, rubbing you to the beat of his fast moving tongue which sucked up your moisture. Your hands grabbed him by the hair, roughly pressing him harder into you.

“God, baby, I’m gonna co-” your body shook from the pleasure, legs falling as you twitched, your juices flowing into Cam’s lips. He pulled up, lips stained as he met your gaze, slowly dragging his tongue across his lips.

“Round one,” he stated.

“No,” you panted, eyebrows furrowing, “You know I-” 

Cameron’s eyes held yours, but two of his fingers had squeezed themselves into you, causing you to gasp out in surprise. Nash and Jack went quiet again. Taking the silence, Cameron began mercilessly working his slender fingers inside of you, his eyes dark as he commanded you to look at him while he worked. He pushed his fingers down in a slow motion before rapidly pumping you at such a force that your body shook against his force. You brought your fist into your mouth, his name falling from your lips as you cried out. Not satisfied, he added a third finger, and you bent forward, folding in on your stomach, feeling him curl his fingers inside of you.

“Louder-” he growled, increasing his speed. Your walls began to close around him, his fingers slamming into where you needed them. You fell forward against Cameron’s shoulder, catching the fabric of his shirt between your teeth as you did so, your juices spilling over his fingers.

When you pulled back, your head was sweaty, your hair sticking to your skin, and before you could open your mouth, you could tell by the look in his eyes that he wasn’t done.

“Cam, I-I’m done,” you whispered.

“Yes, but you also muffled your screams with my shirt,” he said, a smile playing up on his lips, “and that’s cheating.”

“No, Cam-”

Cameron, tossed off his shirt, threw off his pants, and climbed over you, his perky shaft placed against your entrance.

You drew circles against his rippled chest, and his eyelashes fluttered as he sighed against you. You tilted your head up, allowing his lips to meet yours.

“Come for me baby, just one more time,” he mumbled encouragingly, his gaze holding yours.

And with that he slammed his length inside of you, but sensing your next move, one of his hands grabbed your face, two of his fingers sliding into your mouth and holding your mouth open so that you couldn’t be quiet. He slammed himself against you, balls slapping your ass as you begged out for him. Cameron grunted out a profanity, his dick stretching you wide and filling you up as he increased his pace. 

You screamed out his name, and your voice filled the room, and you knew you’d done it. Cam’s eyes held tight, but you saw him smirk, “What’s my name?” he panted.

And then he crashed into your g spot, his come exploding out inside of you.

“Oh-G-CAMERON!!” You screamed out, your body convulsing. 

You crumpled beneath him, and he pulled out, his breath heavy. He climbed up beside you, arms pulling you against his chest as he littered kisses across your skin.

“I love you,” he said, breath tickling you, “so much.”

You rolled into his chest, his fingers combing through your silky hair when Jack called out.

“Good job bro!”

“Yeah,” came Nash’s voice, “you got yourself a real screamer!”

Cam’s throat rumbled as he laughed out, clutching you to him as you tried to burrow away in embarrassment.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” called Jack from the other side of the room, “you should get in trouble more often!”

Only loud enough that Cameron could hear it, you whispered, “maybe I should.”

This is something that the previously mentioned Simone has requested and I’m rather glad she did - it was an entertaining challenge. It’s a character I haven’t written before so some research was required too. However, after some extensive YouTube searches and Googling, I managed to produce this Gambit x Reader. Enjoy!

“Play the Game”

“I’m so sorry,” Professor Storm explained, “But we had other focuses at the time and didn’t notice our mistake. We don’t have any female dormitories left. Unfortunately you’ll have to share with one of our male students.” In the school’s defence, student accommodation would be the last thing on someone’s mind if they were trying to save the world simultaneously. As angry as you wanted to be, you were somewhat adept at controlling your rage – you had to be.
“That’s fine, Professor. I’ll manage.” You smiled.

You mother had realised you were a mutant from a young age but had been surprisingly accepting of you. She had grown up with a learning disability that often made her feel excluded, allowing her to sympathise. Your father on the other hand had abandoned you both upon finding out about your “abnormality”. So when Charles Xavier approached you about honing your skills at his School for the Gifted and Talented, your mother was reluctant. However, a little encouragement and the promise that you would return often persuaded her to let you to go. What you didn’t count on was this situation being your welcoming gift.

You walked into your room to see a man lying casually on a bed.
“You lost there, darlin’?” He said whilst twisting a playing card between his fingers – the ace of spades, you noticed.
“Believe me, I wish I was.”

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Part 2.

Summary: You’re Ricks eldest daughter and haven’t seen him since before the turn, you’re finally reunited with him in Alexandria when you’re picked up by Aaron. You start to develop feelings for Daryl as you get to know each other.
Warnings: Swearing, fluff, angst, drama, mentions of abuse and rape, smut eventually.
A/N: This is a series I’ve started. Warnings are for the whole series in General. Smut will be in later parts.

When you got up and dressed you went into the room you shared with Carl, you wanted to go hunting and needed your weapons which you left there. You started to feel a little cooped up being inside after being outdoors for so long. You searched the room and couldn’t find them anywhere, just as you gave up, Carl walked in.
“Hey bud, you seen my weapons?” You asked smiling at him. He looked away not wanting to tell you but you could see he was hiding something.
“Carl?” You asked, your tone slightly annoyed. He sighed and looked at you.
“Dad took them, said he wanted you to stay inside the gates.” He admitted. You saw red and ran downstairs looking for your dad, you looked out of the window and saw him at the bottom of the watch tower talking to Daryl and Abe. You stormed out the house and stalked up to them.

“Oh shit, someone’s in trouble.” Abe smirked as he saw you, causing the other two to look your way.
“Give me my weapons dad.” You seethed. Daryl looked at your dad confused and your dad just sighed.
“I don’t want you leaving Alexandria.” You dad said sternly.
“You can’t keep me prisoner dad. I’m an adult! I’m going out there with or without my stuff, so the choice is yours if you want to send me out there unarmed.” You snapped glaring at him. You were a prisoner for too long with the other group and the thought of not being allowed out the gate was making you panic. You could see Abe and Daryl staring at you both.
“Look y/n, its for your own good.” Your dad said firmly as he turned back around to the men.
“For my own good? We’ll see if your still saying that when I’ve been torn apart by walkers.” You spat as you started walking towards the gate. You could hear your dad shouting you but you needed to get out. Your breathing was ragged and you could feel the panic rising inside your chest.
“Rick man, this ain’t the way the deal with it.” Daryl said shaking his head. Rick looked up at him and wiped his hand over his face.
“I know, I just don’t know what to do. She won’t tell me what happened to her, but I just want to keep her safe. I’ve only just got her back, I can’t lose her again.” He sighed. Daryl patted his shoulder as an attempt of some type of reassurance.
“I’m goin’ huntin’.” Daryl said as he walked away. He needed to know you were ok and the fact you didn’t have a weapon unnerved him.

You went into the woods and just walked around for a bit. You ended up bludgeoning a few walkers to death with a huge rock you found. You sat down against a tree and put your head in your hands whilst you cried. You hated that those assholes could still bother you, but you couldn’t help it. Not being able to have your weapons, not being able to leave, it just brought it all back. It was a completely different situation and circumstances but the feeling of being trapped was the same.
Daryl was tracking you when he came across the walkers you took down with your make shift weapon.
“Damn, girls resourceful.” He chuckled to himself as he continued to follow your tracks. He was silent and stealthy, which is why he was an excellent Hunter, but it also meant that you didn’t hear him. He stood there for a moment behind a tree watching you. Your knees were pulled to your chest and your head lay on them whilst you sobbed. He didn’t know what you went through but it was clear to the observant Hunter that it was plaguing you. He felt angry at the thought of someone hurting you and making you feel this way. He made his way towards you, this time making noise purposefully so he didn’t startle you and look like a creep. Your head snapped up to see Daryl walking towards you and you rolled your eyes as you quickly wiped away your tears.

“My dad make you come here?” You asked with a glare. He set his crossbow down and sat next to you, his knees pulled up and his elbows resting on them.
“Nah, was out huntin’, followed some tracks.” He shrugged.
“And you just happened to find me?” You asked incredulously. He turned to look at you.
“Didn’t say what I was trackin’” He smirked. You shook your head and nudged him playfully. There was something about Daryl that made you feel at ease and the fact he came to check on you without being asked was nice.
“He’s just lookin’ out for ya, ya know.” He explained as he glanced at you.
“I know. It’s just…I was a prisoner for long enough with the other assholes, I can’t deal with it here.” You sighed.
“What happened?… Ya ain’t have to tell me if ya don’t wanna.”
“And you won’t tell my dad?” You asked confused. You wanted to tell someone, you needed to get it out. But you couldn’t tell your dad, not yet, but you trusted Daryl.
“Ain’t my place to tell him. Ya’ll tell him yerself when ya ready.” He said as he shifted to face you a bit. You looked at him and he gave you a little crooked smile. You nibbled your bottom lip a little, gaining composure to finally tell someone what you went through. You took a deep breath before you started.

“I was alone and I wasn’t the badass I am now. I didn’t know shit and about a month into it I ended up really dehydrated and malnourished. I was really unwell, probably would have died, but this group found me. I didn’t really have a choice, I was too weak…and naive, I thought they were gonna help me…” You felt the lump in your throat, just reliving everything word by word. Daryl could see it was hurting and he hesitantly took your hands in his, as if he was expecting you to smack them away. When you didn’t pull them away he started to rub small circles in your palms, as if to help ground you in the present as you finished your story. His touch sent waves of electricity through your body.
“There was 5 guys, a few were pretty big guys. I passed out on the way to their camp, and when I woke up I was….I was naked and tied up. My hands were bound together with rope and I was….I was in some kind of fucking cage.” You seethed as you remembered your waking moments. You saw Daryl tense, knowing he was probably imagining it and living it with you. He bit his lip and gave your hands a reassuring squeeze.
“They fed me a little, barely anything. They would have starved me but the said they liked it when I struggled and they fed me enough to give me some energy. They….they all took turns, every day. Touching me, hitting me….raping me. One of the guys was really sick, he liked to cut me with his knife when he was doing it.” Your voice was shaking as you tried not to cry. Daryl removed one of his hands and balled it into a fist so tight his nails dug into his palm. He was trying to ignore his rage the best he could, he wanted to be there for you.
“How long?” He asked quietly with his jaw clenched.
“About 8 or 9 months, I lost count.” You sighed. You looked up and he was looking directly at you. He was still rubbing soothing circles on your palm.
“How d’ya get out?” His voice was low, you could practically feel the rage in it.
“I…. it doesn’t matter.” You clammed up. You went to pull your hand away and stand up but Daryl grabbed your wrist and pulled you back down, this time on your knees and that close to him you were almost on his lap.
“Ya don’t gotta do that. Not with me.” He said sincerely as his hand slid down to your hand again.
“You won’t look at me the same.” You explained as you looked away, your lip quivering. His other hand grabbed your jaw and turned you to look at him, but his hand stayed there.
“Ya listen to me, whatever ya did, those pricks deserved it. I ain’t gon’ look at ya any different. All I’m gon’ see is a woman who did what she had to do to survive. Ya ain’t gotta tell me if ya don’t want, but I ain’t gon’ judge ya none.” His earnest words forced the tears you were holding to fall down your cheeks.

“…I chewed through the rope, it took fucking forever, I almost gave up. And then one night the stupid assholes got drunk, one of them opened the cage, the one who likes to use his knife, but he was wasted and I managed to get the knife and I….I slit his throat. There was so much fucking blood, just squirting everywhere, all over me…in my fucking mouth. I could taste it.” You cried, reliving the horror. Daryl rubbed your cheek with the hand that was still on your face.
“Hey, s’alright. Yer safe here, with me.” He soothed, bringing you back to reality, making you look at him.
“They were all wasted, passed out. So I um…I killed them all, slit their throats and watched as their light went out. And I was happy, fucking happy I killed them. I’m a monster.” You sobbed avoiding looking at him.
“Ya not a monster y/n. They’re the monsters. They got what was comin’ to ‘em. They abused ya, tortured ya, for fuckin’ months. Hell if they were still alive I’d hunt ‘em down myself and kill ‘em and it’d be a lot slower and more painful than what ya give ‘em.” He admitted, you could hear his anger that he was trying so hard to keep under wraps. He wiped your tears with his thumb and then stood up, offering you his hand to help you up. You stood up and took him by surprise by wrapping your arms around his waist, pressing your cheek to his chest. He tensed for a moment but then slowly wrapped his arms around you.

“Thank you.” You said quietly.
“Ain’t do nothin’” He sighed.
“You did, it means alot that you let me tell you, you didn’t judge me. I’ve been needing to get it off my chest and I can’t tell my dad, he wouldn’t let me out my room, let alone Alexandria. There’s something about you Daryl, you…you make me feel…safe.” You admitted. His head lay on yours and he stroked your hair as he tightened his grip around you. You didn’t realise how much those words meant to him. He was so used to people judging him, being intimidated by him, that the fact you felt safe around him and would trust him this much meant alot to him. You both stood like that enjoying the embrace for a few more minutes before you moved your head to look at him.
“Your a good man Daryl Dixon.” You smiled up at him. You saw him blush slightly and he gave you his beautiful small half smile. You were both just staring at each other, like in the movie’s where you can tell people are going to kiss. Your heart started beating rapidly and you could see his gaze wandering from your eyes to your lips. But he suddenly cleared his throat and stepped backwards.

“We should…um…get back.” He said as he picked up his crossbow. You just nodded, feeling confused about what just happened. Daryl was having a war inside his mind, he was feeling things for you, things he’s never felt. He wanted to kiss you, hold you, touch you. But you were his best friends daughter, he felt like he was betraying Rick by having these thoughts about you. You both walked back to Alexandria in silence.

“Flirting 101″

Post-Ultron; Everyone survived the events of AoU and returned to Stark tower afterwards.

“You’re staring…” Natasha leaned over to whisper to Steve. The Avengers were scattered around a room within Stark Tower enjoying the cool evening as the sun set. Wanda and Pietro cuddled up in front of the TV, Stark was drinking and laughing heartily with Thor and Banner behind the bar whilst Nat and Steve sat with two mugs of coffee at the dining table. The pair had a good view of the entire room though Steve was only focused on one person in it.

You sat on the other sofa in front of the television with a bowl of noodles that you were attempting to lift into your mouth using chopsticks. Despite Clint sitting next to you and talking you through how to use the utensils, you were not succeeding in this task. Steve watched on from a distance, mesmerised by how innocent you seemed. Yet he knew better than most that you were not to be trifled with after the incident involving Tony whom you’d stabbed with a fork after he tried flirting with you. It was this reason among many that he was reluctant to make his feelings about you known. Natasha and Tony were the only ones to pick up on the signs.

“Ask her out, dummy.” Nat whispered to him though he made no move to acknowledge that he’d heard her for some time. Instead, his gaze remained focused on you as you tried for the nth time to get the noodles in your mouth. He chuckled as they promptly fell from your grasp and plopped back into the bowl. Eventually he looked back at his mug and replied to Nat.
“And risk fork injuries? No thanks.”
“Really? That’s what you’re afraid of? You know as well as I do that she stabbed him purely because he called her “babe”. Frankly, I think he was lucky to get off with just being stabbed - God knows what I would have done if he’d called me that.”
“Not helping Nat.” He grumbled, running his finger around the rim of the mug. At the sound of cheering and clapping, Steve looked up to see that you had managed to shovel some of the food into your mouth. Clint clapped his hands together with a laugh whilst the twins whistled and cheered. Steve felt the side of his mouth turning up into a proud smirk before looking back down again.
“You poor, lovesick little puppy…” Nat said sarcastically, slapping her hand on his shoulder. He chuckled, grateful for Nat’s attempts to console him, even if they weren’t necessarily working yet.

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I saw this gif as a Loki x Reader Imagine and it inspired the following one-shot. Just some cute Loki fluff.

“Make a Choice”

Blinking, you lifted your head up and examined the surroundings. You and your younger brother had been playing in the woods when you had gotten separated. After running around in search of him, you leant on a tree to catch your breath and had felt yourself falling. 

You had woken up on hard ground, you knew not where. Everywhere your gaze looked had a golden tinge and seemed to sparkle. It appeared that the walls were made of ivory and marble suggesting that wherever you were was not a poor place. As you made to move you felt a thundering voice speak to you.
“Be careful, mortal. You took quite a fall.” Spinning your head around, you saw that the owner of the voice was a tall man with luscious blonde hair. A riotous smile adorned his face and upon catching your eye, he leaned forward so that his face was close to yours.
“Hello there.” He grinned, stroking a piece of hair out of your face and behind your ear. His large hands then moved under you and effortlessly lifted you up. After you had been helped to your feet, the man held you cautiously for a minute to ensure weren’t going to collapse. You were grateful for this because honestly, you felt as though you might.

“Thank you.” You managed to mumble.
“Where are you from, my lady?”
“Well… Where am I now?” You put your hand to your throbbing forehead as you tried to remember any more details about your journey.
“The palace of Asgard.” The blonde man replied, leaning in and crouching slightly so that his face was just beneath your own. He gazed up at you with concern.
“Is that in New York?” You asked. The place sounded familiar but you couldn’t think why.
“New York? You are from Midgard!” He exclaimed before slapping you heartily on the back. However he was quick to catch you once he realised that you were almost knocked to the ground again. Whilst you were in his embrace, he began to move forward.
“Allow me to take you somewhere that you may rest.” 

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This fic is what happens when the characters take over. As a writer you can only do so much and if the characters say that something is happening, then you are contractually obliged to make it so. As a result, Tony ends up with a cold and on the front of an apron. *blushes*
I’m surprised how popular these one shots have become because frankly I was concerned with their quality. However, so long as you like them, I’ll add to them (given I can find the time in my obviously busy schedule). As requested by disneylandequalssecondhome. Enjoy!

Prompt: I think everyone would agree to asking you to write a Part Three of Photograph. PLEASE. <3 :D

“The Photograph” (Part 3)

Part 2

Natasha glared at Tony who was pleading with his chocolate puppy-dog eyes.
“Come on Romanoff. Just picture the look on their faces.”
“I am.” She replied. “Namely, Steve’s, and that’s why I’m refusing.”
Natasha turned on her heel and began to strut away but Tony hurried in front of her, still holding the shirt in his hands. He was wearing the other top already and the picture of (y/n) and Steve’s faces was stretched a little over his torso.
“Tony, no.” She said as though scolding a child, which, in her defence, she was.
“Oh please!”
“Why do you even want to? Everyone knows they’re dating after your broadcasted Steve’s confession through the tower.” Natasha folded her arms. Tony thought about his response.
“If you wear it, I’ll tell them it was all my idea.” He wiggled his eyebrows.
“It was all your idea.”
“An idea that I wouldn’t have had if a certain red-haired assassin hadn’t woken me up…” He grinned. Natasha’s mouth parted slightly.

9 o’clock. Steve’s eyes reluctantly opened and it took a minute for him to adjust, he was always groggy in the mornings and no serum would change that. You stirred a little in his arms and he remembered the night you had spent together. An awful meal, running in the rain, watching a terrible film and then falling asleep in each other’s arms… Not to mention the pillow fort you were surrounded by. Steve smiled like an idiot.

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AN: Here is the wild card imagine I told you all about! If you haven’t already guessed, this will be a Steve imagine (with other characters, don’t you worry). BUT, it won’t be the normal, “America’s man with a plan” Steve. You’ve been warned XD *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxox :3

Pairing: Steve X Reader

Prompt: *shrugs*

Warnings: Swearing. Angst? Not so much in this part, but there will absolutely be some Dark!Steve in this, may be a little disturbing for some readers idk. 


“American Psycho”

How could you let this happen?

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One-Shot: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Disclaimer: Contains swearing.

“No way!”
“Absolutely not!”
“Don’t even think about it.”

The protests of the Avengers rang out amongst the room. Cap had walked in and, sick of the amount of obscene language used by his friends, placed an empty jar on the table on which was stuck a label containing the words “Swear Jar”, scribbled in barely legible writing. Standing with his arms folded, Steve tapped his foot angrily.
“It’s not that bad an idea.” He protested. Bruce approached him and softly placed a hand on his shoulder.
“Believe me when I say that it is.” He said in his usual quiet and sincere tone. After giving a weak smile, he left the room. It wasn’t really going to affect him anyway as a naturally calm person but even he knew that the idea was not going to be easy for the others to digest. Steve had anticipated as much and so continued to talk to the others.
“I think it would be helpful.”
“Oh I’m sorry,” Tony said, stepping forward and placing a hand over his chest.
“Did we not make fun of you enough already?” He flashed an insincere smile. Cap rolled his eyes.
“Well I don’t care. It’s staying here. I’m not saying you have to stop altogether, just the more profuse terms.” Clint had his arms folded.
“Well, what counts as profuse?”
“Oh, don’t worry, I have a list.” Tony turned to Clint and gave him an exaggerated nod with raised eyebrows.
“He has a list.” He mocked with a wink. Clint stifled a smirk but Steve shot daggers at him whilst searching for the piece of paper.
“Это абсурд.” (This is ridiculous.) Pietro whispered to Wanda.
“Чертов смешно.” (Fucking absurd.) She replied. Natasha picked up on her native tongue and turned round subtly. Wanda gave her a wink and she smiled. After pulling out the crumpled piece of paper, Steve placed it on the table. The others gathered around and examined it.
“What the fuck?” Tony exclaimed – Cap winced. The jar was not yet in effect.
“Why is “hell” on there? That’s not a swear word!” Tony waved his hands dramatically to emphasise his point and Natasha nodded.
“Yeah, I have to say Cap, some of these are a little extreme.”
“Everybody gets to choose one word to cross off.” He said, handing them a pencil.

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