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This is probably a weird comment considering how hot everything is in The Prize but alas my heart is tied to anything nature releated so I must say that everytime Steve goes back to fits of nature, of snow, of its wonders, and its stealing qualities, I cannot help but melt. It's a beautiful, sorrowful little tether line. I wanna see more of it, if at all possible? And Tony in motion, like the seasons and how nature can be still or feverent, spinning or blank, just pure angelic beauty (Part 1).

I’m not at all emotionally prepared for the heartbreak to come but I can’t wait for it all the same. And it is weird because really it’s more or less the same story, same people. But every universe you build, little special nuances gets infused into these same storylines and people making each story different and unique. I know what will happen but seeing how you weave that into each story is fascinating and new. I’m reading the Stony love story over and over no matter which story it is (Part 2) hing can be

I like the nature analogies, too, and I love the parallel of Steve being the earth to Tony’s sky, so it all fits in.  I’m so glad you picked up on those things!  In the upcoming chapter, there is actually a bit that I love about my favorite flower, which keeps cropping up in fics, some of you have noticed.  There’s a reason for it, and I kind of think it is beautiful, myself.  

Writing or reading the “same” story over and over actually isn’t that odd.  There are basic story tropes that repeat themselves, and for good reason.  We respond to them.  They are fairly universal, as far as anything can be, and I think that we just love their love, I guess.  Of course, the key is to make each journey interesting and unique, even if you know how it ends up.  I’m so glad you find the fics to be that way.  I try!  I love the world-building, obviously, and seeing how easily Steve and Tony fit into whatever universe anyone wants to create.  

Hope you enjoy the rest of the The Prize and thank you for reading and your lovely comment.