so red turned out to be batfam

Secret is Out: Part 1

Prompt: What happens when secret identities are taken away from every DC superhero?

AN: I really couldn’t get this idea out of my head. So, now I’m starting a new series. I think it’s going to turn out well, because it’s going to deal with a lot of the DC heroes. Thanks to my wonderful betas for plowing through my stories!

Words: 613

Your heart is racing, your lungs are pumping air, but you can’t stop to breathe. You’ve already ditched your heels in favor of your stocking feet. Running in heels simply isn’t practical, especially when it comes to the stairs.

You don’t pause to say anything to his secretary like you normally do, you simply burst through the doors, and lock it behind you. Bruce looks up at you with a raised eyebrow, “Something wrong?”

“News,” You gasp for breath before repeating yourself, “Turn on the news, channel 10.” One more breath and then, “Quick.”

You watch as the T.V. turns on, and then you watch as his facial expression turns to one of disbelief, “This can’t be happening.”

You move towards him, and take his hand. He squeezes once to let you know that he’s okay, well as okay as one can be in this circumstance. There’s a moment of silence before he takes a deep breath and says, “We need to get home. Now. Before they get to us.”  

You nod, as he leads you out the door. The two of you run down the hallway, all the way down to the parking garage. Bruce pulls out into traffic before your seatbelt is even buckled. “Get on the phone, and call all the boys home. Tell them to do whatever they have to, to get home.”

You nod, and pull out your phone to begin making the calls. You listen as Bruce flips the radio on, and your heart sinks as another name is read out. Then right as you pull through the gates to the manor the name you had been hoping wouldn’t be called is. “Batman, is billionaire Bruce Wayne.”

Bruce doesn’t even blink as the gates close and he arms the security. He pulls into the garage. The two of you are out of the car and inside within the next minute, where you’re met by Alfred. “Emergency protocols have been activated, all of the boys have checked in, including Master Damian, who has officially ditched class, and is being picked up by Master Tim.”

Bruce nods, “Turn on the radio please Alfred.”

The butler simply nods, and your heart stops at the next name. “Nightwing, is Richard  Grayson, adopted son of Bruce and Y/N Wayne.”

You hand goes to your mouth, “Bruce.”

He wraps an arm around your shoulders, “They’re okay, they’ve checked in. They’ll be here soon.”

“They’re not the only ones.” You jump a bit at the new voice, but relax at the sight of Clark. “Figured this was the best place to come. The other leaguers are also on the way. I suppose we need to decide what to do next.”

“We wait for everyone to get here first.” You watch as your husband ticks the boys off of a list, “Dick left mid-shift at the police station, Tim left school, and is picking up Damian. Even Jason is coming in.” Then he turns to Clark, “Go back down to the cave, keep a list, make sure everyone is accounted for.”

Clark nods, before removing his glasses, “I suppose I don’t need those anymore, do I?”

Bruce just shakes his head, “No, I suppose not. No more secret identities.”

Clark just nods before walking away. You turn to your husband, “How did they get everyone’s identity?” Bruce just sighs before sinking down to the floor. You slide down next to him, “I don’t know.”

You take a deep breath, “This changes absolutely everything.”

Bruce just wraps an arm around you and pulls you in, “Yes it does.”

          You snuggle into his side, “Everything will be okay, somehow.”

Bruce just kisses your forehead, “I really hope so.”