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Drawn as an accompanying piece to @drabblemeisters fic…

“a Study in Red”

I’ve had this piece and I’ve been waiting to pull the trigger, cheering her on and lemme tell you its absolutely worth it. You guuuuuys. She’s been working so hard on it and it’s turning out sosososo well. Please read and send her all your love.

And of course a humongous thank you to @drabblemeister for letting me partake in your creative journey <333 -muah muah-

also: megane Jason… yes please

Rate the Batfam: Tolerance to Spicy Food

Damian: 12/10. Damian is the most tolerant - he can eat practically any spicy food without even breaking a sweat. He grew up sucking on ghost peppers for the heck of it. Capsaicin runs in his blood.

Bruce: 10/10. Bruce is only a little bit below Damian - he acquired his taste not through birth but through training and sheer willpower after Talia spiked his food with mutant habanero peppers that made feel as though the very sweat from his pores was on fire. He vowed to never relive the experience, and worked to build up a tolerance to every common and uncommon spice on the Scoville scale.

Jason: 9/10. Jason used to avoid spicy food like the plague - the Latinx immigrant mothers who lived on his side of town would ladle hot sauce on his tongue if they ever heard him curse. After his return, he found his tolerance for spicy food had increased exponentially and he frequently demonstrates his newfound abilities by tormenting his less tolerant peers. Tim and Roy now refuse to taste anything they didn’t carefully watch Jason prepare.

Cass: ?/10. No one knows Cass’s level of tolerance. If she found anything too spicy, she never let any figure out.

Dick: 5/10. Dick has minimal tolerance for spicy food, but enjoys it immensely and earns points for his masochism. He can frequently be found pouring himself another bowl of Jason’s Extra Hot Nine Alarm Chili, red in the face and drenched in sweat, demanding to know “why people do this to themselves” as he takes another bite.

Stephanie: 1.5/10. Steph can eat jalapeños. She holds this over Tim at every given opportunity.

Tim: 0/10 (if not negative). Tim has literally no tolerance for spicy food. None. If food has anything remotely spicy in it, he immediately turns fire engine red - and too much black pepper is often enough to make him sweat. He carries a packet of powdered milk with him at all times. That said, he’s never been one to back down from a challenge, and if presented with a meal with an unexpected kick, he will clean the whole plate out of sheer spite, crying as he does so.

Alfred: Unknown. Does Alfred even eat spicy food? Does Alfred even eat??? Questions we may never have answers to.

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Hey Tim. *wink* *blows kiss* Hai.

Tim: “… H-hi”

Dick: “Awww! Timmy has a fan!”

Tim: *flustered* “S-shut up…”

(I was only able to draw a quick one. I hope that’s okay. I am a bit behind on my comic book readings but I’ll catch up soon. It will help me get more motivated to draw. I wish they would bring Tim back or at least mention him again. I need something. Thank you all so much for sticking with me. I’m horrible for neglecting this blog for so long. I need to practice drawing Tim more. I’m never satisfied with how he turns out when I draw him. -Adaminaart)

It was part of the script!

A/N: So this is literally my FIRST time writing a kissing scene, or well a make out scene, so uh… yeah, tell me how I did because I’m not sure whether it’s good or not. Anyways! I hope you like it!

Request/Prompt: XX

Summary: You accidentally kiss Tim passionately while you two are practicing your lines for the school play

Relationship: Tim Drake x Reader

Warning(s): Make-out scene?? Is that even considered a warning??

Word Count: 500+

Note: XX

You were quite passionate about your theatre performances and often took it very seriously, even if it was a simple practice. You had formed that small habit of getting way too into character and just went along with the lines until you thought they were perfect. In this case you seemingly snapped into a fantasy, not fully aware of reality around. Only the script, your imagination, and you oh so close friend Tim Drake.

“Y/N? Are you listening to me?” You heard Tim call out to you but you were to focused on the script in your hands, talking over him as you read the lines blocking out the fact that Tim was trying to get your attention

“Y/N!” Tim grabbed you by the shoulders, giving you a little shake before snapping his fingers in an attempt to get you, but you kept your eyes on the pages in your hand. Tim ran a hand through his hair with a sigh of slight annoyance, crossing his arms with a signature glare he always gave to his brothers.

You kept following the script, eye’s widening at the next line however didn’t question it and ended up throwing the large stack of paper on the nearby table. Turning to face your friend, you didn’t hesitate to bring your hands to either side of his face and gently tug him forward, pressing your body against his. You took it slow, closing the small distance between you two by pressing your lips against his soft one, closing your eyes in the process. You could smell the strong cologne that was surrounding him, breathing in the scent as it was rather pleasing and calming.

You felt Tim hesitate for a moment but soon snaked his arms around your waist and deepened the kiss, pressing a little harder against you as he gently nipped at your bottom lip. It seemed uncontrollable in the moment as you loop your arms around his neck, failing your attempt to force back a whine as it more came out as a moan. Tim would’ve taken the opportunity to let this go farther than it should but knew that would be wrong of him to do and somehow was able to stop himself, he broke off the kiss with heavy panting from the lack of air.

You had the sudden urge to keep this kiss going after you caught your breath but pulled away last second, the moment slowly processing in your head. You brought your hands over your mouth as your face erupted a bright red, spinning around to take the script back into your hands and scan through the lines.

“Y/N… What.. was that about? I me-”

“Tim! I’m so sorry! It was part of the script and I couldn’t help myself! I don’t intend for it to go like that! Oh god, Tim!” You turn back to look towards your friend, seeing him chuckling at your currently panicking state.

“Why are you laughing?! I just made out with you! Tim!”

#31: Jason Todd x Reader

So I love Young Justice, and I decided I would write an imagine for it explaining how Jason died (non-canonically of course). I may write a Part 2, but idk yet.

WARNING: This imagine turned out to be a lot more graphic than I expected, so I’m gonna put a small warning for a bit of gore.

Being Batman’s sidekicks had put you and Jason in enough danger for a lifetime, and becoming members of the Team had come with the risk of even more dangerous missions. You had grown so used to thwarting dictatorships and fighting aliens and magic wielders that you and Jason had forgotten just how tricky crime in your own city could be. You had let your guard down, and that was a mistake that you now realized could cost your lives.

The two of you had been jumped by a group of thugs as your patrol was ending. They had overpowered you and knocked you out, and when you woke you were in a dark room tied to a chair with Jason across from you.

“Jay,” you whispered as he raised his head, meeting his bleary eyes. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” He tested the zipties holding his wrists to the chair. “Where are we?”

“I don’t know,” you said, casting your gaze around the room for something you could use to get yourselves free. You saw a table across the room with an assortment of tools, knives, and a crowbar. Nausea rose to your throat as you guessed what they were for.

“We have to get out of here,” you said. Your blood ran cold when you heard a raspy voice say, “Before the fun begins?”

A tall and thin man emerged from the darkness behind Jason, dressed in a dark purple suit with a dead flower in his lapel. His hair was a dark green and the white skin of his face contrasted with his red grin.

The Joker took a fistful of Jason’s hair and yanked his head back.

“You’re in for a treat, Boy Wonder,” he said. “You and your partner here are going to have quite the night.”

The Joker released Jason and went to the table, looking over his choices.

“I’ve always wanted to see if the Bat’s sidekicks were as tough as he is,” the Joker said as he selected a knife and the crowbar. “They say he can’t be hurt, but I wonder what will happen if I hurt you?”

Your breaths grew short with fear and your heart raced as the Joker advanced on you with the knife.

“What do you think, my dear?” He pressed the blade to your cheek. Pain sliced through your skin and a ribbon of blood dripped from your jaw. “Do you think he’ll finally kill me for this?”

“No,” you said, pushing through your fear and looking him straight in the eye. “But I will.”

The Joker laughed and released you, a cackle of amusement and pure evil ringing in your ears.

“You crack me up, Girl Wonder,” he said. Out of nowhere, he struck you across the face.

“Stop!” Jason shouted, fighting his restraints with everything he had. “Torture me! Hurt me! Just don’t touch her!”

The Joker turned his attention to Jason, a sinister smirk curling his lips.

“Whatever you say,” he said, dropping the knife and raising the crowbar.

“No!” But it was too late. The Joker hit Jason in the chest with the crowbar so hard the chair toppled over, and Jason’s head hit the floor hard.

Jason’s breaths had turned to wheezes, and you were sure his ribs had been broken. The Joker hit him again and again, each strike emitting a thud and a crack of a newly broken bone. You screamed for the Joker to stop the entire time, fighting to get free of the damned chair, but you couldn’t move an inch to get to him.

The torture went on for hours. The Joker went between hitting Jason with the crowbar and carving into your skin with various knives. At some point Jason’s restraints were removed and he laid sprawled out on the ground at your feet, broken and bloody and unmoving. You didn’t want to accept what you knew. Jason couldn’t be dead. He was stronger than you in every way. No matter how many risks he would take, he had always made it out alive.

“Oh, come now.” The Joker nudged Jason’s head with his foot. “Dead already. I was hoping he would last longer.”

The Joker looked to you, covered in your own blood from all the places his knife had opened you up.

“I’ll leave you to tell the Bat what happened here tonight,” he said with a grin. “I do hope he finds you soon. Dead bodies smell awful when they’re left to rot.”

The Joker dropped the crowbar, the clang of metal on the concrete making you jump.

“Tell Batman I said hello,” the Joker said, and disappeared into the darkness he had come from.

You couldn’t do anything but stare at Jason’s body, tears running down your face. You wanted nothing more than to hold him and make him wake up, but you knew he was beyond help. He was gone, and the worst part was that you never got to tell him you loved him.

So what if in the Batman universe, when Jason died he went to Heaven and the pain of being ripped from there back into his body resulted in his ensuing madness a la Buffy-style?

Like, we know Jason was an inherently good person. He was rough around the edges and all but he quite literally fought the good fight and died trying to save his own mother. So like, Heaven? Yeah? Anyhow. So now he’s back and he is in agony over losing such perfect happiness and because he’s now back on Earth and can be subject to needless anxieties and doubt, he believes that he was pulled from Heaven because God made a mistake. Or didn’t want him anymore. (I know, God would never do either of those things but the point is Jason’s brain hates itself.) So now him trying to fight crime has turned really dark towards murder because he feels like he’s already been damned and abandoned by God. Which after being in God’s full presence would be like going to Hell in a handbasket.

Also imagine Jason saying the lines from Buffy’s song to Bruce - nearly crying, “There was no pain… No fear, no doubt. Till they pulled me out of HEAVEN.”

Imagine Ra’s apologizing to Jason for putting him through that.


Prompt: Batmom gets turned into a kitten

Words: 400

          “Father is not going to be happy.”

          “Maybe he won’t notice?”

          “Yes Dick, I’m sure Bruce won’t notice that our mother, his wife, has turned into a kitten!” Jason snarls.

          You want to comfort your sons, but all that comes out is this little mew. Dick grins as he picks bends and picks you up. He scratches behind your ears. “She’s pretty adorable though, and her fur is so soft.”

          Damian quickly snatches you from Dick’s hands. He cuddles you close “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from Grayson.” You rub your cheek against his to reassure him that you’re okay.

          A moment later Jason’s hands wrap around you, and he lifts you out of a now glaring Damian’s hands. He scratches your head before going, “Wow, you’re right, she is soft.”

          Tim reaches over and pets you as well. You allow yourself to purr. The boys’ attention becomes so focused on you that they don’t notice Bruce come up behind them.

          “Where’d the cat come from?” He asks.

          Your sons go stiff as a board, and Tim is the first to speak, “Technically she’s a kitten.”

          Bruce just stares at Tim, before his arms crossed against his chest, “What’s going on?”

          Jason smiles, “You’re not going to like the answer.”

          His voice rises a bit in volume, “What is going on?”

          Dick cracks like an egg, “Mom got turned into a kitten.”

          Damian just holds you up for Bruce to see. You meow at him, and wave one paw in the air.

          There’s a moment of silence before his jaw drops, and he takes a step forward, and takes you out of Damian’s hands. “Y/N?” He whispers.

          You meow a yes, and touch a paw to his nose.

          He stares for a moment more before his eyes shift back to the boys, and in his angry voice he asks, “What the hell happened?”

          Tim grimaces, “We don’t exactly know.”

          “But we called Zatara and he’s on his way, with Dr. Fate. We’re hoping they can turn her back into her herself.”

          Bruce’s eye starts twitching, “Well start figuring it out. Now GO!”

          The boys scatter and Bruce holds you up so that you’re at eye level. “We’ll fix this sweetheart I promise.” You rub your cheek against his and purr. He just sinks down in the chair in front of the bat computer, and says, “You are pretty cute though.”

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36 and 12 Jason Todd. Think of it as you want just that it's Jason x S/O reader.

IM GONNA BASH HIS FILTHY SKULL IN WITH A CROWBAR.” your boyfriend yells at the tv screen. The two of you had just bought the new Batman video game and decided to test it out on battle mode first before playing the actual story. You wanted to play as Batman in honor of Jason’s adoptive father, but this proved to be a poor decision when Jason chose to play as the Joker. He’d always had a sort of twisted sense of humor when it came to the subject of his death. “Psychiatrists everywhere are shifting uncomfortably in their seats right now at the mere thought of Jason Todd playing a video game as the Joker..” you say, while smashing down the action button on your controller. He just chuckles as he throws a laughing gas bomb at you while you’re not paying attention.

You’re just about to lose this round when you get a shot off on him. At this point your both just screaming at the screen. You wouldn’t be surprised if you had a few noise complaints filed against you by the time morning rolled around. You hit the X and Square button on your controller at the same time triggering your special attack, which has Batman sending Joker flying through the nearest building. The match ends showing that you won and Jason sits there in defeat, his mouth gaping open.

“YEAH!!! THATS WHAT YOU GET! DONT YOU DARE TOUCH ME LIKE THAT AGAIN YOU CREEP!” you yell, throwing your remote down on the floor as you get up to do a little victory dance. Jason is just staring at you, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. He cant even be upset that he just lost this round because of how cute you look hopping around the living room. You finally sit back down next to Jason, coming down from your victory high. You turn to look at him and you both just sit there in silence before you speak up. “Bruce must never learn of today’s events..” you say. “It’ll be our little secret.” he laughs, as he kisses your cheek. “Wanna play again?” you ask. He picks up the controller. “Oh, definitely.”


Sorry if this was crappy! My anxiety is so bad right now but I wanted to get this out for you tonight since im always so shitty about posting in a timely manor. Lol. Hope I didn’t disappoint you too much!


(A/N Part three to Murder Might Not be Best and Really?)

“Dinner? You want me to meet your family?” You ran your fingers through your hair as you said this.

“Hey, (y/n), we don’t have to go if you don’t want to.” Dick says, pulling you into a hug, because that always makes you feel better.

You pull back, to look him in the eyes and say, “No, I’m going,” you pause thinking of how cot say what you want to say. “Do they know?”

“Know what?”

“That I’m-“

Dick cuts you off, “No, they don’t know about you being (y/v/n), they only know that you know about their night jobs,” he says, pulling you back into the hug, hand on your head.


That Friday you arrive with your boyfriend to his childhood home, Wayne Manor. “I don’t know if I can do this.” You say, nervous despite the fact that you can keep your cool when fighting someone or breaking and entering, not that you do that stuff quite as often as you once did with your boyfriend being who he is.

“Its okay, (y/n),” Dick says as the front door opens, revealing Alfred.

“Hello, its very nice to meet you Miss (y/n),” He says letting you inside, “The rest of the family is waiting in the dinning room.”

“Thank you, Alfred?” You ask.

“Yes I’m Alfred,” The older man says leading you and your boyfriend to the dining room.

“I’ve heard so much about you,” you say trying to relax, and failing. At that point you make it in to the dinning room, Dick’s arm around your waist. Bruce stands up to shake your hand, and Dick’s brothers follow suit.

“I’m glad to finally be able to meet you (y/n),” Bruce says shaking your hand.

Jason is next in line to meet you, he hugs you, with you figure is just to annoy Dick. He says, “Its nice to be able to put a face with the name I hear so often.”

“Its nice to meet you,” Tim says moving forward and shaking your hand.

“Tt, hello,” is all that Damian says.

“It so nice to meet you all,” You say as all of you move to sit down. Tim and Damian sit across from you and Dick, while Jason sits in the chair on your other side. You made it through dinner with little to no issues, other than Jason flirting with you and annoying Dick.

“We need to go,” Bruce says to you after looking at his phone.

“Okay,” You pause thinking, “whats happening?” You decide to ask. They all get up and start heading out of the room and you follow.

Bruce thinks about it a moment, deciding that because you know what they do you could know whats going on, “Theres been a prison break at Arkham, you’ll be safest if you stay here.”

“Okay,” you say, still following them. You follow them into the library where they approach the grandfather clock. You watch them as they open it and head in to the tunnel, that opened behind the clock, Dick stays behind to talk to you.

“I’m gonna go take care of this, don’t do anything stupid,” he kisses you and goes to follow his family.

“I’m coming with,” you say so he can hear.

He turns back around and almost arguses, but remembers how stubborn you can be, “Okay, but you better find me before doing anything, but that means they will probably find out.”

“Okay,” You kiss him one last time, before running out the front door and t your car, to head home and get your suit.

To Be Continued…

Tim would never dare tell ANYONE this but he loves 2000’s bangers. He has a secret playlist in his Spotify when he hoards all these songs. He usually listens when the team is out and he stays back. One day, he was doing some cleaning on his computer, and turned up his music pretty loud. He felt safe. Everyone was out, his area of the batcave should have been safe. As he was dancing and belting along to ’S&M’ by Rihanna, he spins around to find Jason. Standing there, jaw open, speechless. The only thing he can say is, “Dude, I’m so telling everyone..” On a completely unrelated note, Tim Drake deposits $40 for Jason Todd every week

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A question for all you robins; swag or class?

Dick: “I say we are a mix of both class with a little bit of swag.”

Jason: “Straight Outta Gotham.”

Tim: “This suit is nice and all but I look like I’m running for president…”

Dick: “Omg! #TimmyForPresident”

Damian: “Tt. I’m surrounded by idiots.”

(Sorry for taking so long on posting. If you can’t tell, I am trying to do a little better on the quality of my drawing. I took my time for once and it turned out looking pretty good. I hope you all like it. -Adaminaart)

Batfamily Skyrim Adventure

Special thanks to @audreycritter for kindling this monstrosity

So for some reason all the fam gets thrown into the world of Skyrim, but they all get placed in different sections of the map.Hilarity and Confusion ensues.

Damian ends up around Falkreath

Bruce in the middle of Riften

Jason on the road to Helgen

Dick outside Aftand 

Steph in the middle of the plains in Whiterun Hold

Tim in the marshes around Dawnstar

Barb and Cass in Markarth

And Finally Alfred in the middle of Whiterun

So Bruce immediately is like “Oh God it’s Gotham no” and leaves immediately. He has kids to find. None of this norse scottish viking bullshit. Everyone he passes on the road gives him weird looks or tries to attack him because he looks like a goddamn Demon with how he is dressed. He ends up looting the clothes off some guy he knocked out who was trying to rob him. He looks ridiculous in fur btw. 

By this point Dick has ventured into Aftand and is making his way to Blackreach, sneaking past all the falmer and HACKING his way to the Elder Scroll cause he thought it looked cool. 

Jason immediately gets arrested and thrown into the wagon heading to Helgen. He sees Alduin in the distance coming closer and nopes the fuck out and runs, ending up in Ivarstead where he chills out for a bit. 

Cass and Barb stop the murder attempt at the Markarth market and try to solve the case but get thrown into Cidhna Mine Prison. They escape with the Forsworn and hang with them. Viva La Revolution bitches. 

Steph wanders around avoiding the local wildlife until she stumbles into Whiterun and gets into a drinking contest with Sam. She ends up all over the place after that night of “fun”. 

Dick ends up in Ivarstead and finds Jason heading up the mountain. They travel up and just.. leave the Elder Scroll with the Greybeards? Who are confused as hell??? 

Tim finds the Kahjit caravan outside Dawnstar and decides to tag along with them. They obviously know where they are going. When Dick and Jason find him they are like “You fucking furry”. The Kahjits are confused. More confusion comes their way when the trio see Steph sprinting across the land but she ignores them cause apparently shes MARRIED???? 

Meanwhile Bruce gets attacked by an assassin with a Dark Brotherhood note that says “Father, I have found my people. -Damian”. Bruce is having an migraine as we speak. 

The boys find Cass and Barb after getting attacked by forsworn and soon after end up in Whiterun with Alfred, who is hanging out in Dragonsreach scolding the Jarl’s gremlin children. 

Damian is still MIA but Bruce still keeps getting notes from failed assassination attempts telling his father how cool everything in the brotherhood is. Bruce finds Steph after a whlle and she’s like “Hey guess what I can summon a Demon now”

A few days later Damian ends up in Whiterun. “Yeah so things got weird after a corspe talked to me. Also this is Shadowmare. I’m keeping it.”

After a less than eventful family reunion, Turns out Alfred is the dragonborn.

Fus Roh Dah gentlemen.

Batfam Week Request Fic

Title: To Life

Rating: PG 13

Genre: family, h/c, angst, fluff

Characters: Tim Drake and Jason Todd, brief appearance by Alfred

Description: Tim is back from Mr. Oz’s prison, and the realization that he has been alive stirs up guilt in his protective older brother. Time for a serious Batboy heart to heart.

Batfam week prompt request from @fandom-princess-of-awesomeness who said Could you maybe do something with Tim coming back from Mr. Oz’s prison? I’ve seen a bunch of negativity about it all over Tumblr and I really need some fluff.

Note 1: Thanks so much for the request! This turned out to be a bit less fluffy, but I think you’ll like it!

Note 2: This is the last day of Batfam week! But, I’m having fun, so I’m still accepting requests. Please feel free to send them my way!

Jason threw open the door to Tim’s room. The Red Hood helmet thudded as it fell from his hand. “Tim…” Jason was across the room, embracing his brother before the younger Robin could speak. Jason clung to hiim with all his might. “Tim, you’re alive.”

            “I’m alive, Jay,” Tim said. Jason pulled back enough to look his brother over and saw the tears in his eyes. “I made it home.” He saw the strength crumble out of him, caught him before he could hit the ground. “I made it, I made it.” Jason drew his brother back in, feeling the weakness and pain. Holding him through it.

            For a while the two stood there, Jason needing to feel that he was real. Slowly, he helped his brother back to his bed and sat beside him. “I was halfway around the world when I got Dick’s call, I dropped everything, I…I should have been here.”

            “How could you know?” Tim replied, then clutched his side.

            “You’re hurt.” Jason started tugging and prodding, looking for the wounds. Tim batted his hands away.

            “Stop it.” He grabbed Jason’s arm, “I’m okay.”

            “You better be serious because I can’t lose you again. If you make me lose you again because you ignored some wound, I will…I will…”

            “Jay,” Tim said, “I’m here. I’m real. I’m alive, Jay.” Jason grabbed his brother and hugged him again.

            “And you’ve been alive this whole time?” Jason saw the dark look pass over his brother’s eyes. The older Robin stood, pacing. “So you’ll heal. But you’re dead now. I mean to say, the world thinks you’re dead. Believe me, I know all about this.  You’re free now.”


            “To leave Gotham…”

            Tim rubbed his forehead, “Why would I want to leave Gotham?”

            “Well, I get you had obligations here, but you don’t now. You can leave.”

            “Obligations? Jay, what are…what are you saying?”

            “Come with me,” Jason stopped pacing and squarely faced his brother. “Come travel with Roy, Kori, and me. Kori already thinks you’re adorable, and you and Roy can bond over nerdy things.”

            “I don’t understand,” Tim said, “Jay, Gotham still needs protecting.”

            “Screw what Gotham needs,” Jason replied, “Gotham will always need and need. Maybe it can’t be saved. Maybe we could do real good somewhere else.”

            “You don’t believe that.” Tim crossed his arms, “If you did, you wouldn’t still have aa apartment here. Gotham…”

            “Gotham has taken enough already!” Jason’s voice rang off the walls, stilling his younger brother. Jason looked up at the ceiling, trying to stop the tears threatening his eyes. Tim pushed himself off the bed and touched his brother’s arm. Jason lowered his gaze to meet Tim’s again. “Gotham can’t have you. I need you.” His tone quieted further, “I should have been there.”

            “You didn’t know…”

            “I should have been there when it happened. And then after? When I thought you were dead, I couldn’t find a way to bring you back. Me, the man who cheated death couldn’t bring his brother back. I thought I failed you, and then it turns out you’ve been out there, alive all this time, just needing a way back home. If I had known, I would never have stopped looking for you.”

            “You thought I was dead, Jay.”  

            “Yeah, and when we all thought Bruce was dead, you never gave up on him. You kept searching and searching…”

            “And I was lucky I was right. If I’d been wrong? Then what?” Tim ran a hand through his hair, “I’ve been locked up and…I’ve had a lot of time to think. And not once, not once did I hope you were all suffering over me. Jay, look at me. Hear me. I wasn’t dead, but look at the work we do? Protecting people? The Wayne family business.” He shook his head. “We’ve been cheating death, but you gamble, Jay, you know the one clear rule: the house always cashes in. One of these days, one of us will die for real, and we won’t find a way back. If it’s me, I want to know my family will grieve but not give up. I saw Bruce after you died, Jay. What kind of monster would I be if I wanted that for any of you? I’m glad you had Kori and Roy to pull you back when I was gone. It gives me hope. So promise me right now, promise me, if anything does ever happen to me again, for real, you will find a way to live. You won’t feel guilty for not helping me cheat death. You’ll live, twice as hard for both of us.” He laid his hand on Jason’s shoulder and stared up into his eyes. “Promise me.”

            Jason swallowed the thickness in his throat, “You’re right. You did cheat death. But if you expect me to promise you I would find a way to live if you die, then you are going to have to give me time to get there. Okay? You’re going to do it differently this time.”

            “I’m going to what now?”

            “You’re going to live better, Tim. You’re going to do something about that insomnia. You’re going to start eating like a human being should. You’re going to stop working yourself through the night, and you’re going to have some damn fun. No more of this rushing into death’s arms, Timothy Drake. If one of us dies, it will be in the blaze of glory as God intended and not from our own lack of care. If I have to accept the fact that I could lose you again,” he said, gripping his little brother’s arm, “Then you have to start making the life you have worth living. Not just for other people, but for yourself.” He rested his forehead against his baby brother’s. “That’s the deal, the one you get.”


            “Don’t argue with me, Babybird. That’s my final offer.”

            Tim blinked back tears, “I’ll try.”

            Jason smiled softly, “Well, that’s a start.”

            “Masters Jason and Timothy,” Alfred’s voice came through the door, “If you are both quite through yelling at each other, you can clean up and come down for dinner.”

            Tim’s quiet laughter was music to his brother’s ears, and soon they were both laughing, hard, with the cathartic force of relief. “Be right there, Alfie,” Jason got out. He slung an arm around Tim and lead him toward the door.

Cold December Night

This cute Christmas imagine was requested here by @sweetxchains

All the apologies for taking so long to get it out. I hope you like it dear! 

It took me three whole Christmas albums on Spotify cause I kinda got carried away! The title and imagine are inspired a bit by a Michael Bublé song everyone should listen to.


Warnings: None 

Word Count: 1110

~Mod Jaybird 

You walk out of a large wooden door and into a courtyard decorated perfectly for the holiday. In the middle of the scene was a beautiful fountain with a man in uniform standing beside it that you would know anywhere.

It was a scene from The Nutcracker, your favorite ballet. You looked down and saw that you were dressed as the Sugar Plum Fairy. Music cascaded through the courtyard and you began to dance the Grand Pas de Deux, but when the man turned around it was your long-time crush and crime fighting partner, Jason Todd instead of the Fairy’s Cavalier.

It shocked you a bit at first but you fell into a perfect rhythm with him as your partner. Everything was perfect until you were jolted out of your dream by something landing on your bed.

That thing was none other than Dick Grayson.

“Wakey Wakey Y/N! It’s Christmas Morning! Coooome ooooonnnnn let’s go open presents!”

You let out a groan. Why was he always so freaking chipper in the morning, especially after a late night of patrol?

“If it will make you shut up, I will gladly get out of bed. You will have to get off of me first though Dick. I’m starting to lose feeling in my legs.”

“Sweet! You were the last one to get out of bed so now it’s officially time for presents!” He launches himself off your bed and runs off down the hall.

You throw your legs over the side and slide your feet into your favorite pair of slippers. After a stretch, you head for the door grabbing your ridiculous Christmas sweater to pull on over your PJ top as you go.

Once you reach the bottom of the stairs you see everyone in the living room in various states of consciousness. Dick is sitting on the floor next to the tree chomping at the bit for the festivities to begin, Tim is curled up in a chair snoring lightly, Damian is next to the fireplace petting Pennyworth like he’s an evil villain planning to attack Dick, Bruce and Alfred are standing in the doorway watching over the room, and Jason is sitting on the couch with his arm slung across the back.

You head over to sit next to Jason. Once settled he hands you a mug of hot chocolate, your drink of choice since coffee had never piqued your interest.

“Thanks Jaybird,” you say before you take a sip of the warm liquid.

“No problem. I figured you’d need the sugar to start waking up.”

“Great minds think alike,” you chuckle.

Dick looks around the room performing a mental headcount. “Alright Y/N is here now so we can start. Remember don’t start opening until everyone’s gifts are handed out.”

His statement is met with a chorus of mumbles. After about twenty minutes or so all of the gifts have been exchanged, and you were quite surprised with the thoughtfulness of all the boys with the presents they got you. They all seemed overjoyed with their gifts as well.

You can’t help but get a little down though when you notice Jason hasn’t handed anything to you. You wondered if something was wrong or if he just forgot to get you anything. You pushed the thought out of your head though because there are more important things about Christmas than the presents.

You wandered into the kitchen to help Alfred make breakfast since you seemed to be the only other person that could cook besides the butler. After a while you notice Jason standing alone out in the sun room. You could tell by his body language that something was up.

After excusing yourself from the kitchen, you wander out to the sun room and stand next to him.

“What’s up, Jaybird?” you say as you bump into his shoulder.

“Huh? Oh. It’s nothing.”

You gave him a look that screamed ‘really now?’

“All right it is something.”

“You don’t say,” an air of sarcasm in your tone. “Spill it, Todd.”

“It’s your gift…” He says as he pulls a small, red box with a tiny green bow out of his pocket. “I’m terrified that you won’t like it because of what it means.”  

“Well there’s no way to know until you give it to me,” you say with a small smile.

He holds the box out, and you take it gently in your hands. The lid slides off with ease and you get your first look at the gift inside. It’s a silver heart shaped locket with ornate swirls patterned in to the surface. After you take it out of the box you open the small charm.

Immediately you’re drawn to the picture inside. It’s your favorite picture of the two of you from his birthday last year. You took him to Disney and managed to get a picture in Mickey ears in front of the castle. You had snuck and kissed his cheek right before so he looked surprised and happy.

Your eyes drifted over to the inscription on the other side, “Always in my heart” in what you noticed was Jason’s handwriting. You gasped and looked up at him.

“Y/N, we’ve known each other for a while, and I think I’ve liked you as more than a friend for a while minus a day. You are smart, and beautiful, and sassy, and can kick ass like nobody’s business, and most of all you deal with all of my…me-ness from before and after the pit. I hope that you have some of the same feelings about me, otherwise I’ve made a fool out of myself with your present and the whole professing of my love thing and I…”

You put your hand over his mouth. “You ramble when you’re nervous. Take a second to breathe and then kiss me already, cause I like you as more than a friend, too,” you say with a chuckle.

After a beat, he moves your hand from his face and leans in. Your lips touch in what is probably the most perfect first kiss ever, if you do say so yourself.

When the two of you part Jason sighs like he’s released all of his nervous energy. “I am super glad that went the way I hoped it would.”

“Me too,” you say with a smile spreading across your face. You hold the locket up between the two of you and say, “help out a gal will ya?”

You hold up your hair and he fastens the clasp at the back of your neck. You turn around and give him a peck on the cheek.

“Merry Christmas, Jaybird.” 

“Merry Christmas, Y/N.”

young-cat-justice  asked:

I got an idea. Jason meets someone who has similar problems as him ( bad parent/ parent figure, PTSD/some other mental issues, never feeling good enough, etc. ) and ends up being the 'big brother' figure helping them through their shit. Basically making sure they don't turn out like him. Thanks :)

I feel like Jason would vehemently argue that he can’t take care of kids and he’s terrible with people and yet he would be the first one (besides Bruce, who would just adopt the kid) to step up and make sure that a kid is taken care of. He would totally go and make sure that the kids who live on the streets like he did were safe and as well off as they could be. He would help give them food, keep them warm, he might rob Bruce of a credit card and a couple thousand dollars, he would help with homework if they could afford to go to school. He’d be the protector of the kids who he sees himself in and try to make sure that they would be as safe as possible because he could never forgive himself if he let another innocent kid turn out like he did. He knows what it’s like living in hell because of a tough home life (if you can even call it that) and so he would take on as much responsibility as he could to make the kid’s life easier, even if it made his life harder.