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I just checked the bottom!Cas tag hoping to find some nice bottom!Cas posts but the first thing I see is definitely not a positive bottom!Cas post. I hate how upset this makes me but we aren't safe even in our own tag lol

I know what you mean. I sent them a hopefully polite reply that the post shouldn’t be tagged bottom!Cas. I don’t feel cool doing this fandom police thing, but tagging mishaps are easily corrected, so I don’t think it’s too rude to point it out. I hope.

I should do another bottom!Cas reblogging spree, shouldn’t I? But I don’t really have a lot of material in my likes. It would maybe be enough for a mini reblogging spree.

ok last thing im posting today i swear XD because some of you were so nice about my ocs and its making me so happy ahah XD ^^ heres a little thing i made a while ago with most of the important characters from one of my stories. maybe one day ill share a link to the blog where im drawing it ! (also i know no one was planning on doing it, but just in case, i would prefer this not being reblogged XD) ok bye now im already feeling bad aararaara XD

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It's nice to see more positivity about Ghostbusters; I follow someone here and all he does is complain and tell people what to do while preaching others to not listen to others. So for example, he keeps saying that the new Ghost Busters is awful and makes and reblogs uncomfortable comments about how the women ruined the film. I'd like to form an opinion myself rather than be made to feel dumb for maybe liking it when I haven't seen it yet. He's actually making me hate one of my favourite films.

damn boy sounds like a jackass tbh. you should watch it for yourself and decide for yourself! also maybe unfollow him LOL

shoutout to me for this bomb ass edit

so i decided to make a groupchat?? i have no theme but i wanna make new friends so yeah :-)


  • follow me
  • reblog this post (likes are for bookmarking)
  • fill out this form
  • be a nice person!

why you should join:

  • i need friends and you could be my friend??
  • loads of other new mutuals/friends
  • likes/reblogs on your selfies/art/posts
  • possibly skype chats? we dont have to if you dont wanna :-)
  • a safe place to talk about life and fandoms
  • a lot of other stuff im forgetting

extra info:

  • tag me in your stuff! that includes tag games, art, selfies, or just posts you want me to see/reblog! also feel free to just send me the link :-)
  • if you wanna follow me on other social media, you can, it isn’t required though! message me your usernames for a follow back :) here’s a post with all my social medias!
  • i’ll be choosing about 8-12 people around august 10th, the date may be pushed back if no one enters rip

any comments or questions can be sent to me either on or off anon!

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I only just found the Junkmetra/Symmrat ship, and I gotta say that I am 100% on board with it! I dunno what it is about it, but it's just so cute and perfect to me. Also, fantastic job on the arts you do for it! They really hit me in the feels, and I thank you for that~! Please keep making more Symmrat arts! I would love to see them from you~!!

HRGGH MY HEART. Thank you so much! ;___;  Everyday I see more and more folks reblogging my art and saying similar things in the tags and it is so exciting!

I love development between ships and this ship is a GOLDMINE for it. I have a couple comics in the works currently, along with the occasional doodle spam so there is PLENTY on the horizon.

I’m also glad that they hit your feels. While making art look nice is one thing, my goal with my doodles is to sucker punch folks a LITTLE deeper than the surface, mwahaha. SUCCESS!


I have such mixed feelings about those “say something nice about the person you reblogged this from” posts because on one hand I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE showering my friends with compliments and telling them how great they are, but on the other hand I’m so bad at accepting compliments myself and don’t want to make anyone feel obligated to reblog and compliment me, do you see my problem?

Why is everything so hard? Why do I make everything so hard? If I was just better, a good person, nobody would dislike me and I would be happy and I wouldn’t feel this way.

Yet every day I’m reminded how much people hate me and I don’t even try to make them like me anymore because I know they hate me and that will never change

And normal people dont understand this fear, they think someone is mad at you and you’re nice to them and then you’re ok again

No, if someone is mad at me, it means they hate every fiber of my being, they hate me eternally, there is nothing I can do to convince them to like me again, it’s Over, that relationship is Dead

And no I don’t mean with strangers or friends this goes for family too. I wish people understood this and how we feel about it. And then they hate us more and more every day because we dont make them happy but what’s the point I know you hate me anyway.

Part of me wants everyone i know to tell me to my face they hate me and then I’ll finally feel satisfied or something.

;;Regarding my art from @yaki-chizu and this blog…oh my god you guys are so nice. Like…you guys…are so nice….

I never really ever feel good about my art. Ever. And you guys like it and reblog it and leave nice comments and send requests and it just…it makes me feel valid.

And it’s nice just cos I’m getting complimented. I want to be an animator. And so far it’s been a rough road. I’m getting zero support from my family. I keep getting told I’m going to end up homeless, that I’ll never get a job, that I’m not skilled enough. So when you guys tell me that you like my work, it honestly makes me tear up. Because it’s validation. Motivation.

Thank you.

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oh man i just sent u this link for a post that i thought u could add to ur two kids and a dog tag and i then i saw that u just reblogged it!! wow i feel kinda silly but also kinda psychic

do not feel silly anon, that’s super nice of u!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE when people send me things that remind them of my tags, cause it makes me feel less … Weird for having 2 and a half billion weirdly specific tags! so SEND EVERYTHING MY WAY!!! also yes we are psychically bonded, i would know i am indeed a professor of parapsychology, trust me. x

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hello///// just passing by to say that I'm really glad I follow your blog ^////^ the fact that you're a multifandom blog and reblog from safe source is very enjoyable :)) and your arts are also so good :D so thank you for all of that!

Ahhh~Thank you ♥♥♥♥♥ You’ve been nothing but nice to me since you started following me. I really appreciate that ♥

I try my best to reblog graphics and arts from its creators but if you see me making a mistake (Like reblogging unsourced art), feel free to tell me. The last thing I want is to reblog a repost :”> 

Glad you’re enjoying my blog even though my interest is so easily shifted xD

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So overwhelmed

Ik.. no YouRiko for today, just wanted to talk. So im still a newb in tumblr so yea ;-; but lately ive been getting alot of likes and reblogging of my arts ( by that i mean 30 notes only??? xD) and yea, so i decided to check them out

So ive check the tags of people who reblogged my art and its really … overwhelming. Alot of nice comments and fellow YouRiko shippers. I couldnt stop smiling

Like really i couldnt stop, i just kept looking at each one and just kept smiling. I really enjoy making these short comics and love live contents and all, its really fun.

And seeing…people who actually looks at my art and likes them, and as a “artist” it really makes me happy. But what makes me happy the most is seeing you guys react emotionally and happily towards my art works. Honestly, its really the best feeling ive ever had.

Ive pretty much started posting my art works recently by ahh…. 10 months ago in Deviantart?? and im pretty lowkey… But just seeing that one comment makes this short love live trash happy

Anyway hope i can meet your expectations and make you guys even greater content

…Holy crap this is so serious dayum

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I really appreciate that you reblogged that post from me, it's really nice that you would care if I committed suicide. I've actually been really suicidal recently and that really made me happy. Thank you so much♡

Of course i would care! You made me happy, when no one knew that i was feeling down, and other things too. 

Friends are the world to me, I’ve lost so many over the years. And irl it’s hard for me to make new friends, because of my “behavior” toward people. It’s just hard for me to trust people who i call friends, and end up forgetting all about me.

it would destroy my world if one of my friend’s committed suicide, i just love you guys so much, even if i can be “harsh”

Oh god, I’m just being an emotional pansy, ;w; 

Nice to meet you, I’m Effe or Effu.
I want to tell you thank you so much for the follows and the reblogs of my art.
I hope you like my work.
I’m not a really expresive person, and this make me feel shy…so, yeah!

don’t forget that I’m really happy when you send messages.
At your service my friend

Hey there! Here’s just a smol pic I had made for myself quite a while back… I was having trouble w school, stress, confidence, etc etc.. So I put this pic up on my wall & idk it cheers me up so much + that TSwift ref gives me the feels haha ☺️ Anyways, I thought I’d share it w y'all, hopefully it’ll make you smile and feel better. 

Know that you’re not even a bit smaller/lesser than anyone. You’re just you & there’s nothing in the world that’s better. 🙌🏻 Just keep swimming 🐠 & doing what you’re doing. I know you can achieve great lengths. There’s nothing that can stop you, love. 🐾

If you’d want, maybe reblog this & I’ll send in a nice &/insp message! I know how it feels to be down, & I’d love to make someone feel better. 💓



If you want to commission me:

  • hit me up either here on tumblr dot com or through my email, (also feel free to ask any questions)
  • send either a brief description of the character or references of them, along with the type of drawing you’d like
  • let me know if you want them doing anything specific!!

i can push my style either towards realism or more cartoony, so if you have a preference just ask nicely ;)

if you want more examples of what i can do feel free to browse my art tag 


  1. @veniaebot
  2. @seaborgois
  3. [OPEN]

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I needed to know. Is it okay if I've liked or reblogged any of your posts about characters being autistic if I'm not? I know I shouldn't add to or make headcanons about it since I've never experienced it but don't know like if I'm allowed to reblog it and stuff. Sorry I'm trying my best but sometimes I get turned around when it comes to this stuff

its totally 100000000% cool to reblog and like!!! especially if you agree!!!! i love the support because like it feels nice to know so many people agree with me!!!!

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ok so what if i really want to reblog your fics with nice things in the tags but feel like it will make me seem obsessed/weird/kinda creepy? and also if my drawing skills are crap so while i would love to draw phil handing dan his leather jacket while dan looks in awe/slightly scared/in love i can't? can i just send you imagine ifs?

trust me, every author EVER loves to read the tags on their fics. it’s the best thing whenever i happen to see them, but, i’m a whole lot less likely to see them on older fics anyway, bc im not checking it a bunch since it wasn’t just posted so you shouldn’t even worry. idk what an imagine if is but if you draw something and don’t want to actually post it you could submit it to me and i wont post it either i’ll just admire it in secret haha