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hey guys, i just wanna thank you all for following me, and especially those people who reblog my artworks and add nice tags. i read most of them and some are so nice-flattering-astonishing and it always makes me smile like an idiot :D so, i was wondering… you saw my LI collage (if not, check this out) and what do you say if i’ll do other ones like this, with other characters? i just need to know most popular variations, so send me yours and i’ll do it little later, when i’ll have free time.

i just feel like i need to do something nice for you all, ‘cause so important to know that your efforts are appreciated, and you make me feel so
Selfie party (yes again)

Yoooo so i just hit (okay well not quite but like 10 away and  i just feel like doing this!!) from kinda-milestone!!! ssoo lets do a selfie party :^)


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anonymous asked:

I wish I had the courage to write to you Carisi lovers not anonymously. Your fandom group seems like so much fun and so nice.

This makes me sooooo happy yet sad all at the same time. 

First, the Carisi lovers ARE fun and nice! (and hella witty too if I might add lol) but I’m sad you have to be an undercover Carisi fan. Certainly none of us are going to judge you, except to give you a high five and welcome to the group, but I’m sad that people still feel like they can’t publicly enjoy Carisi. Is that why i have hundreds of followers but get only 20 or so likes/reblogs? People have to like him anonymously? Like it or not, he’s going to be a huge part of S17 so get ready all you negative nellies!!

I really wish you would introduce yourself to me…I won’t share, but if not…. I’m happy to know that you’re enjoying the posts of our little fandom. :) We entertain ourselves and if others enjoy it too…even better!


- “I find that it’s easier to keep your true self buried under several layers of untrue selves, to protect yourself.”

“That’s not a good way to live.”

- “No, but it’s a good way not to die.”

Since I’m always obsessed with birthday parties and all of those cool birthday stuff, I decided to make a birthday calendar! 🌞🌻 It’s nothing much actually, I’ll just place your name in my journal and probably a calendar page on my blog! 💝  I thought it’s nice to make people feel wonderful for their birthday! So hoorah 🌼🌲🌹.

- Rules -

Reblog this post to enter (so other people can see i guess) 🐣

Send / Message to me your name, birthday date and url! You can also tell me other stuff about yourself if you want 🐳

Will be nice if you followed me but if not, that’s alright (it’s flowurine btw) 🐟

- Perks -

You can self promote in my ask on your birthday or a full blog rate or something, just ask for it, i’ll try to give it 🐝

A feature on my birthday page weee 🐋 🎒

Your name + URL on my journal / sticky notes board / planner 🐜.

Not really sure if I can manage all of these but prolly a surprise birthday present 🐼! ( perhaps an edit, banner, doodle, long message, long post, idk )  🐶

I can reblog some of your selfies and stuff like that so you’ll basically be the center of my attention on your day 🎍  (unless you have a birthday twin ofc but that’ll be cool!!) 🐰🐹

- Others -

No deadlines by the way. You can just submit whenever whatever. Love you all. 🐽🐷

I made the banner but the graphics aren’t mine, tell me who owns them if you know any of them 🐧🐴


a part of me truly doesn’t understand how come y’all, beautiful people, put up with a remus lupin with the url wolf-hECKING-inc like at thIS POINT I DON’T EVEN REMEMBERE WHERE DID THE PUN COME FROM !! my own url doesn’t make sense to me so like why ??? are u all here ??? it’s beyond me. BUT ! i truly must thank you guys. it’s been a wonderful time so far and literally every time i get in here i just feel all warm and nice bc you are all sunshines and i love all 200+ of you with a burning passion !!!!!!  

THUS, THE GIVEAWAY. the rules are the usual, follow me yadayada, don’t unfollow later bc that’s gross yadayada, REBLOGS ONLY !! but u can reblog as many times as u want. spam your friends. be that guy. i don’t care i’ll love it. three winners will get things ( 1st – customized theme, including background and html.  2nd – 150 icons of your fc, or one of your choosing. 3rd – 100 icons of your fc, or one of your choosin. )  !!! 

  • this giveaway ends on july 9th, around 18:00 GMT - 3, aka argentina’s time.

now here are some examples of the things i’ve done uvu !!




Hi guys this is my first blog and I thought I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Callum, I live in South England and I’m 17. I study business studies, maths, physics and computer science at college. My favourite subject is computer science and I have loved it since I was about 12. I’m gonna be reblogging and posting a lot of cool gadgets, technology and stuff. I am planning to make a few themes as well so please feel free to suggest ideas to me and don’t be shy about it.

I am very happy to answer any questions you have and I can even help with computer stuff like HTML, code, things you’re curious about or anything you need help with and I will try my best to answer it for you.

Have a nice day ☺️🍋💻

anonymous asked:

i really like that your so humble with your work. You rarely ever reblog your own work to get attention for it. i see some people reblog work with hundreds of notes and it makes me feel bad because if they are not satisfied with that then my 20 notes feels useless. :/

First of all – 20 notes is amazing! That’s 20 individual people who liked your work. When I first started writing I used to get 10 or so notes on my pieces. I’m still shocked whenever I get more than 20 or 30 to be honest. Of course it’s a nice feeling but I write for me and for anyone who wants to read my work, not for the numbers. I rarely ever check the notes on my fics. Sometimes I’ll reblog a fic of mine out of the blue because someone writes something on it and I want to save the comment or reply to them, but that’s usually it. 

But that’s just me – and everyone is different. 

The sooner you forget about those numbers the sooner you’ll be happier. They’re like a little added bonus, that’s all. Of course it’s really nice to see people enjoying your work. Have you tried putting your work in the appropriate tags? If you write a nalu drabble, for instance, you can tag it with nalu. Shippers are always happy to find new fics to read. :D

As for the reblog thing, I assume you mean, like, when someone reblogs their own work??? You have to remember that people usually do that because of different timezones. If I post a new chapter for an on-going fic I usually reblog it six or seven hours after posting for the people who are just waking up and might miss it otherwise. People are usually grateful for that. Of course, I never want to overface my followers, either, so I leave a nice gap between reblogs.

If people want to gain attention on their fics that’s okay too. Some people really like to get their work out there, which is really cool and takes a lot of courage, you know? It doesn’t mean they’re not humble. 

But don’t compare yourself to other people, anyway. That’s not how this works. You’re an individual with your own style and that’s amazing, okay? Keep trying, anon. It took me two years to get where I am now and I still have so much to learn. 

I hope you feel a little better!

hi guys i need money for clothing bc the ones i have now make me feel terrible so if you could donate to my paypal - - that would be really nice. im also taking commissions so you can message me about that if youre interested

I see you all hating on Pearl and it makes me feel so unlikeable because she’s so obviously autistic-coded and, if you didn’t already know, I am autistic. And I already know that the entire world would rather have autistic people just go away and never come back, and y’all are just proving this. Just when I think the world may be a nice place to live, you fucking allistic douchebags come and remind me that I am an undesirable thing.

ok im making a PSA post about this

ive stated it in my byf already but i feel like most of my non-mutual followers dont really bother to check it when it updates so uh

if we are not mutuals please do not act overly friendly with me. like seriously do not act like we are friends PLEASE because we are not. a lot of my followers act very casual and friendly towards me and talk to me like we know each other and it makes me really really uncomfortable. i know you are just trying to be nice but you are not doing anything besides making me feel uncomfortable and stressed. so please refrain from:

  • replying to personal posts unprompted
  • sending me casual/friendly asks unprompted
  • giving me advice/suggestions unprompted
  • sending me asks like “ill be here if you need to talk”. im not going to talk to a complete stranger about my problems, sorry.
  • in general acting super friendly with me. please treat me like you would treat a stranger that you want to leave a good impression on. be respectful but keep an arms distance away.

and for the love of god, please CHECK if we are mutuals before sending me certain memes/prompts/etc. almost every single time i reblog a “mutuals do this” type post, someone who is not my mutual does it. if i dont specify mutuals, its fine.

thank you for reading this and im sorry if i come off as rude, this has been stressing me out a LOT recently.

User Aesthetic

Hey guys so I’ve got my computer back and feel like making some edits and all so… 

  •  MBF me  (not required but it’s a nice thing to do)
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  • Send me a message with a list of things you like 

Try to include: places, objects, colours, activities, places, descriptions, style, aspiration, cities, clothes, books, drinks, weather, anything that comes to your mind! 

I’ll do them all and tag your url. If you don’t find it in your tag in a couple days then message me again because I might haven’t received the message!

anime-fannatice-nerd asked:

If you could replace any character and change any character, what/who would you change.

re: anime-fannatice-nerd

In Free? WELL… for the show it self,

  • Ideally, increasing it to a 20-24 episodes per season thing (instead of 12-13 eps) like other sports animes, so we have more room to explore the lives of other characters/plot development and not feel like the entire thing was on fast forward.

For actual characters,

  • If Samezuka wasn’t an all boys school, I think it would be interesting if the rumored Mikoshiba younger sister attended that school and was the manager of their swim club (her and Gou being rivals and friends)
  • Makoto breaking up the fight between Haru and Sousuke or him confronting the latter (just…give me more sou/mako interaction in general)
  • Makoto falling for Nagisa’s answer of “Pangea” was hilarious and endearing at first, but now I’m like “-facepalm- tachibabe come on, you can do better than that”
  • Momo not only there for comic relief 
  • Kisumi dropping the news about Sou’s injury when it would have made more sense, in my head, if someone like Gou saw him and then relayed it back to the team. (since it was just thrown out there before the episode ended)
  • remembering that third years have to graduate. r i p

- Cap

Few things I wanted to clarify…

I don’t follow you because I want you to follow me. Don’t be following me out of pity lol. It makes me feel really uncomfortable. 

Don’t follow me expecting a follow back. There’s only so many people I can follow and honestly, I rarely go around looking for blogs to follow. If I stumble across yours and I recognise it or like it, I’ll follow. If not, ask me or talk to me and I’ll probably end up following.

I know I’m very bad at replying to messages (not even going to address anon ones lol). My phone only gives me notifications for mutuals so I probably missed your message or forgot.

My mom is really nice to me because she knows how insecure I get about cosplaying and I showed her that gorgeous Rose dress I reblogged and she said, “Wow… but there’s too many layers?” Like, she said it to make me feel better about myself. She’s cool.

But for real that dress is so pretty and I hope I see that cosplayer at AX wowww