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Hello !! I am trying to help my parents with some really tight bills+ debt and it would help if you guys will help me reblog or  commission me ! (‘∀’●)♡ 

Detailed characters + $ 2 !  

Max is 1 character each ! except for no 4 ! If 2 characters it will be $ 9 instead (´ ▽`) 

☆ OK Fanart / OC! (willing to try a lit of stuff tbh!)
☆No furries /anthro sorry!

Ctc me via Twitter @ Raynef_san or DM here !!

You can also email at or donate to me at via paypal T7T

Thank you ♥ 

Check out this awesome CapxBucky ship I drew for the always excellent yesterday! That’s right! I’ll even draw your ships! 

Like what you see? Want one of your own? 

Sketches (Single Character):  $20

Inks (Single Character):  $50

Colors (Single Character):  $100

See above for examples!

Send me a note, or an e-mail! All transactions should be made via Paypal. Once payment has been received work will begin!

If you are unable to snatch up a spot please be kind enough reblog so it can reach more faces!

Thanks everyone!

Customer Reviews/Nice Things:

-“No, thank you! Zhareen looks absolutely adorable. Both me and my boyfriend couldn’t be happier. ^.^ “

-“OMG. That’s perfect. I approve”

-”AH ITS THE BIG GUY! So happy with this.”

 -”Super dig this dudes art. Wonderfully adorably cartoony with so much heart. Hit him up for a piece. I intend to.”

-“I have two Hellboy pieces done by Matt in my living room and they’re two of my favorite pieces of art in the whole apartment. Matt is a cool dude and great to work with, get you some quality arts!!“

-“Commissioned Matt in the past. Excellent work, would recommend!“


Okay so hello to all. I’m not sure just how to do a giveaway just yet but I have sent an email to @gc2b-apparel and hope they will help me out. I’m going to be buying a gift card of some kind and giving it away so someone will be able to get a free gc2b binder. So I need everyone’s help. I need to find someone worthy of a free binder. Someone who desperately needs one to help with their dysphoria.

So if you or someone you know is in need of a binder here’s all I need.

-send me your story. Tell me why you need it.

If you already have one then please do not try for this one. There are so many non-binary and transgender men who need one and this is for them. I will read all the stories and contact the person I feel needs it the most so please just reblog this as much as possible so I can help another.

Dianna Agron Gif Hunt

Below the cut are 12 gifs of Dianna Agron as “Kyle’s Girl” from the short film Rushers (2009).  11 of them are 250x250 and textless/roleplayable, the first is a shot from the credits.  Also included, because it amuses me, is a screenshot of her name misspelled in the final credits.

This took a decent amount of work, so please like/reblog if you’re going to use them.  What you do with them is up to you, but credit is cool.  Thanks!

PLEASE NOTE: I have a legit physical DVD of this film.  To the best of my knowledge, it isn’t available online and I don’t intend to distribute it beyond these gifs, so any requests for links or a copy will be ignored.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Team vampires x shadowhunters
  • Reblog if ship/like the interaction between/relationship between shadowhunters & vampires.
  • I'm really loving/shipping Raphael & izzy and Simon & clary and looking forward for their relationship however they progress
  • So if anyone feels the same please reblog, if you only feel/ship only one of the pairs then reblog with ship/couple you are rooting for.

  I have noticed that these get around faster than graphic promos.  (( and I need to redo the image on mine // o o p s  ))         so please reblog or like this post if you’re interested in interacting with edward elric from fma:bh ( cos / 03 verse available. ) & i’ll look at your blog !     //   info:  mun over 18 ,  nsfw possible , 5+ years tumblr rp experience , oc friendly , sideblog friendly , & very crossover friendly.