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i hate it when people think our symptoms are fine when they’re Trendy and Relatable but then as soon as we show some sort of severe symptom they suddenly want nothing to do with us lmao

anyway just a reminder that maryse and robert lightwood are awful parents and this blog does not support them at all

do you like love stories?  do you like new york city?  do you like love stories set in new york city?  and most importantly, do you like love stories set in new york city featuring awkward, unfeeling billionaires named hux unexpectedly falling for confused and overwhelmed young men named ben?  

if so, might I recommend the fic @ficlet-machine and I are writing: empire state of mind.  

we’re four chapters in, and we’ve just started this journey - if you’re up for it, we’d love to take you along with us!


lmao okay so im a fucking wreck for several different reasons and you guys always always always manage to make me feel better! i love you more than you could ever know, and i cant thank you enough for everything you guys have done for me and helped me through! i thought this would be a fun thing to do thats not blogrates, but i still get to interact with you and get to see your beautiful faces!!!! so

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thats it! this is gonna be super fun guys!

you can blacklist ‘fancasts’


The frist 2 show how annoyed I am at my existence and the 3rd one to a lesser extent but hey there’s my arm. The last one is how I have atleast 4 life choices that I am constantly reminded of and regret. Yay

Not My Masterlist :^)

@complete-bookworm Sooo i realized you don’t have a Masterlist and i was bored, so i decided to be useful and yeah, here we are. Also congrats on your 200!!! you totally deserve them (and more) #Slay

Peter Parker/ Spiderman

Spider-Man Onesie


Halloween Everyday


Wonderful Witch

Ghostly Encounters • Let Me Be Closer To You

Don’t Scare Me While I’m Watching AHS

Silent Treatment

I Caught You Cutie

He’s Not That Great

Don’t Laugh, But….

Come Back Home

Spilled Coffee

Singing and Dancing to My Milkshake • Singing and Dancing to Lip Gloss

Dating Peter Parker Would Include

The Hello Kitty Pants Series:

Tom Holland

Getting The Most Candy

If You Can Beat Me

Not Quite What I Expected

Stronger Than You

Turning FlipsI Won’t Fall

Cuddle All Day

Not In Front Of Your Dad

Don’t Want To Sleep Alone

I’ll Show You Around

She’s Sick And I Have To Go

Cuddling With A Cutie

Swearing Like a Sailor

Winning More Than Oscars

He Just Has RBF

Lost At Comic Con

I Miss Everything About Her

All About Her


All For Nothing

The Nanny Series (Fave)

Once Upon a Time


Henry Mills

Accidentally Summoned


Newest Addition To Storybrooke

Peter Pan

Not Alone Anymore

Barry Allen

You Weren’t Supposed To Hear That

Stiles Stilinski / Dylan O’Brien

This… Is Not My Phone

Sweep Her Off Her Feet

The Dolan Twins

Being The Dolan Twins Best Friend

i just made up a quick little FE: Fates favorites meme and y’all should totally do it 8) reblog, erase answers, and add your own! 

Path: Revelation 

Kingdom: Nohr

Neutral unit: Azura 

Amiibo unit: Lucina   

Chapter boss: Arete 

Princess: Camilla  / Prince: Xander

Nohrian class: dark knight / Hoshidan class: falcon knight 

Nohrian retainer: Selena / Hoshidan retainer: Kagero 

Nohrian child unit: Soleil / Hoshidan child unit: Caeldori

Nohrian weapon: shining bow / Hoshidan weapon: calamity gate 


A hibiscus flower means ‘delicate beauty’. It may also mean ‘perfect wife’. Thank you for still being alive and being my precious. You mean the world to me and I’m so grateful I can be here to celebrate your day with you through text. Thank you for everything. I love you, my beautiful and perfect wife. 

i made a guide for the main cast’s skin tones. wasnt that hard to make tbh.


please enjoy me & the first lady playing with her dogs

i feel like my entire life has led up to this video, i’m dead