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:O Im trying to see what that Cafe Rogue stuff is can you help me out? Is it a show?

it’s a french webcomic! but it looks like the site is broken for it now… and last time i looked it was on hiatus. :c [seems to still be the case ;0;] i just really love the art for it and the story seemed pretty good [even tho i can’t read french lmao ;0;]

they have a lot of art on their tumblr for teh charas tho under the chara tags: 
i just hdjfhdjsfj //rolls around on the floor// love them gjkfghjkdf.


-this whole thing stemmed from me not understanding that women can use he/him pronouns, i was taught that he/him=boy
-ive heard that this is common in communities of colour, i am white so this is perhaps why i have not heard of that
-i know these are not excuses, but i hope that youll at least understand where i was coming from
-a lot of people have been questioning whether im really a lesbian, i am female aligned but more neutral than female, so while i am okay with being refered to as some female aligned words, im not okay with being straight up refered to as girl/female, ive discussed this with a few people and ive come to the consensus that this counts as being a lesbian
-ive changed my stance on the issue, now that i understand that he/him=/=male, and im working to educate myself on the topic more
-i apologize for speaking on an issue that i was misinformed on! my friend, rose, has been a big help with linking me to resources, and im very thankful for that
-also when i get really anxious, things make less sense, ive calmed down a lot now and looking back, i was exaggerating on how contradictory things were
-again, this is an explanation, not an excuse, i realize my mistakes and i really am sorry, i dont expect to be forgiven but i hope to at least make people understand my point of view
i hope this helps to sort some of the issues out, and if you have any further questions/statements, you can message me privately, and i hope to clear up anything you might not understand

one of the best qualities about myself is that im always the person that seemingly ‘reclusive’ or ‘aggressive’ animals come to and want attention from. and the person is always just. ‘wow, they’re never like that!’

it gives me a special type of self-worth.


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went to the beach & discovered my inner Lorde