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If the art was that good people would see it anyway. Without the artist needing to reblog it 100 times

I see you’re stemming from liv’s @larvesta own answer about this and I’m not gonna lie, I’m really hesitant about saying anything on the matter bc i don’t do this kind of thing but I realise people actually think this way so here’s a proper answer. 

It doesn’t work that way. I should know, I should really know. People here on Tumblr get lucky often and you wouldn’t think that, especially if you don’t create content yourself. Things just don’t become popular all of a sudden, most of the time it needs to get reblogged by the right person and add the balance between having good content yourself as well as an ongoing status as a creator. Not to mention how you go about treating your followers, your personality and how you act here. And you’ll tell me; “But people with good art have so many notes! It must be because they’re good! See, you don’t need to reblog it so many times!”

I hope you know what it feels like to be an artist here because I do. I especially do. I have talked, reblogged, supported, and have met so many, too many artists here, some insanely obscure. Some whose work looks like it took so many hours and has very little over 50 notes; my work included. And I can tell you now that I can personally handpick and tell you that some of the work I’m most proud of and have took many hours on are not over 200 notes. I’m not saying I’m frustrated by that, because some of us are reassured in our skill but let me tell you that every time I think of a fellow artist out there who releases amazing art and earns very little notes who looks at their note count and wonders if they are good enough, my heart breaks. And there’s young artists who are still getting by, who are not as good yet but took the same amount of effort and time, they deserve to be cheered on. 

Because people think artists here are machines, capable of creating content without regards to who actually appreciates it. No one is like that, artists are fragile just like everyone else and people really forget that. They really do. 

People don’t just see the art out of nowhere, do you understand the huge amount in this platform? There’s millions of work everywhere, you need to be supported to be seen, you need to withstand the thousands of others around you and you might have to create something that’s away from the norm to stand out, you might have to take hours of your time. You don’t know unless you really indulge yourself this platform, you don’t know unless you yourself do work for more than four hours, no breaks and absolutely tired, and look at your note count to see a disheartening number. You have no idea, you really don’t.

And don’t guilt them, please. I could reblog my art so many times, but sometimes the thougt of ‘maybe it gets annoying’ always bears in my mind, artists are made to feel like it’s okay that they’re not being appreciated. I’m proud of those who reblog their art because they know they deserve better, and guess what? They do.  

There’s a difference between good content and popular content, popular content aimed towards a specific audience that you know will like and reblog that. Good content is a dangerous hit and miss. I really appreciate people who do art for things that are not popular, because sometimes they really do have to rely solely on their skills. I say it’s a dangerous hit and miss because you know it might not have that specific audience, but you still take the effort and time into it anyway. Imagine that; knowing something is popular but going for the alternative anyway; taking time, taking effort, putting your all into it. That’s absolutely insane, man. Imagine knowing you can put that time and effort into something popular that might attract way more notes, but still doing something else for the sake of that something else. 

Also there’s the matter of timezones, in which there’s a worldly concept that everyone is in different times and not everyone is here at the same time to see the same content. I don’t want to explain this; please at least understand the concept of time. 

Artists reblog their work because they want others to see it, to appreciate it. Because sometimes it’s the only way others can. Reblogging their own work is an artist’s way of supporting themselves and you think I’m going to let you let them think that that’s a bad thing? That they’re not allowed to do that? Go home, buddy. 

I don’t have anything against anyone, I just wrote this realising that people actually think this is actually how it works and even then, I don’t have anything against you, maybe you’re just misinformed, some just don’t know enough about this to really understand. 

So here it is buds: support artists supporting themselves. It’s as simple as that. 

The white road

I am 24 when my doctor tells me that I was abused. She doesn’t tell me what happened to me, or plant any memories that weren’t already there. She takes what I have told her and she puts it all inside those six letters, that one word.

Before she takes my memories and gives me that word, I tell her that I have made the appointment because I want to know why I can’t stand being touched. I tell her that I’m 24 and I’m sick of flinching when shop assistants hand me my change, just in case their fingers brush against my palm and there is that fire again, the one that rushes up from my bone to the membrane of my skin any time it comes into contact that I wasn’t expecting. I tell her that I have been trying to do this properly, from dating to everything else, and it’s like I’m blocked. It’s like I’m missing a piece of myself that makes me an adult, or perhaps even a human, and I don’t know where it’s gone.

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Okay, this really needs to stop 

Y’all, please do not reblog, interact or do anything with any posts that come from @thelinkbreath because literally every single thing they post is stolen, uncredited artwork. I could go through their entire blog and would be able to identify, 95% of the time, just who they had stolen from. They don’t have their inbox open so no one can contact them and this is the second time I’ve had to make a post about them. I’ve had to message multiple people to let them know, as well. 

Please do not support them. Don’t like their posts, don’t reblog their posts, do not do anything with them. 

However, please give this a reblog so that other people can see because I’m really tired of going through the breath of the wild tag and seeing the hard work of artists being stolen just for some notes. 

if you are thinking of putting ॐ (aum or om) somewhere on your body as a tattoo, please only do it if it has a significant meaning to you. it is very sacred and important to my religion (buddhism) and many others. i would really appreciate it if you would take that into consideration before just putting it on your body because it looks Aesthetic™. if you do find peace with it and its meaning then by all means have it as a permanent reminder on your skin. but please don’t ink it to your body or wear jewellery with the symbol just because you think it looks nice and think that it is fashionable.

.:BTS as Mysme Characters:.

Sooo… I’m trash and I’m pretty sure admin Eileen is going to lecture me later but who cares :) She loves me :D (?) Please deal with me, this is the only thing I can do to forget that tomorrow I have to go to school again… *Sigh…*

And then I remembered that the first time Leen played it she told me that she felt like she was in a chatroom with Bangtan soooo, yes


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  • Okay so
  • Do I even need to explain?
  • Both of the are narcissists so yes
  • Both of them are handsome
  • And also they both can sing
  • And act (Well I know Jin hasn’t been in any drama but I think he’ll do well deal with it)
  • Probably the others won’t say anything to him tho
  • Because mom Jin would let them starve to death if they do lol
  • Imagine Jin saying the cheesy lines of Zen tho
  • “Ah, how can you be so cute? If you continue being like this, the beast is going to come out”
  • “But Jin I only said hi–”

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  • Okay I know this may be a little cliché?
  • Like yeah, they’re both the youngest of the group 
  • but hear me out
  • Imagine that instead of not having gf for being a game addict
  • He does play videogames but he isn’t as addict as Yoosung
  • he doesn’t have one because he’s scared of girls
  • oml the best
  • yes I know he had a gf before chill ppl
  • So we know this lil bunny is actually a cinnamon roll
  • And super shy with girls, so cute isn’t he?
  • but then yANDERE JUNGKOOK
  • I don’t even know what I’m saying now forgive me ppl
  • “Uhm… Who were you talking with before I called?”
  • “There have been times I had to squeeze my pillow out of jealousy… You didn’t know that, right?”
  • “Are you worrying about me? Don’t worry! I’m a man, I can… Call the police right away”
  • I’m trash help

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Jaehee/Rap Monster:

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  • Y’all thought I wasn’t going to compare Jaehee with anyone?
  • Okay sooo
  • Intelligence? Check
  • Hard-working? Check
  • Mom nature? more likely Dad nature
  • Maturity? Check
  • Fan of Jin? DOUBLE CHECK
  • Ahem
  • So yes, he’s a fanboy of Jin but in a HEALTHY WAY LIKE JAEHEE
  • He doesn’t have tons of posters or his cd’s or his dvd’s nu
  • what u talking about
  • Ok, let’s say he has them
  • Yes, he’s a slave of some grumpy boy whose name I ain’t saying continue yet pleaaseee

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  • Okay we know Yoongi is actually a dork
  • But really, imagine him taking the place of Jumin
  • When he’s working he’s a workaholic 
  • The main reason as to why he’s rich(?)
  • I need a picture of Suga with Elly, please
  • The only difference is that he can’t fight with Jin
  • His jokes are strange as well, so yes
  • Also the savages moments omg
  • “I don’t get fan letters like you do…”
  • “That’s less likely than Jin getting a girlfriend”
  • Also poor Namjoon that has to do everything he says… Whew…

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  • I kind of wanted to put V and V together lmao but they’re so different that I had to stop myself from doing so
  • Again, do I need to explain?
  • Just look at his red hair, that’s enough
  • lmao but seriously
  • They’re “strange” in the eyes of their group
  • In a good way ofc
  • They get used to it too
  • Imagine Taehyung eating Honey butter chips while hacking
  • if that ain’t something I want to see then idk what it is
  • He’s so kind deep inside like 707
  • And I’m not saying anything more because I want this to be spoiler free

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V/Jimin: (Spoilers? A bit…)

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  • So let’s see
  • These two are too beautiful for life
  • They both would let others do anything to them
  • Even more for love
  • Imagine Jimin taking pictures too
  • I cri
  • Their soft hearts are so alike so I had to put him there
  • I still can’t believe V’s end tho…

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  • Ok, so I can see everyone’s faces right now
  • “wtf why is Hobi unknown????”
  • So considering the past of the Choi’s twins
  • Saeran used to be really soft and weak in his body
  • But he was still trying to have hope in life
  • u see what I did there
  • Jokes aside, Saeran only became rude and aggressive because of the things Rika did to him
  • So yes, it’d be the same for Hobi
  • Also V-Hope amarite
  • Imagine Hobi being so hurt because of these things
  • Actually nvm don’t imagine it, it hurts lmao
  • “I’m going to corrupt you…”
  • You already did u sexy sunshine dancing machine why

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Admin Miyu (U guys can reblog and tell me how you would put them too! I’m tired, gotta go now)

“why do you need to constantly broadcast the fact that you’re queer”

well you see buddy pal your folk have made my folk feel scared and isolated for so long and a lot of us actively broadcast our queerness as a way to form a sense of community because when we see visibly queer people we feel less alone and know that at least one person understands our identity and understands our struggle and wants to see us succeed and be happy and also we’re really tired of everyone just assuming that we’re cishet until we prove otherwise and our identities are so rarely taken seriously anyway and quite frankly we’re tired of the idea that we have to look straight “enough” and cis “enough” to be respected in society. also fuck you


heyy since it’s no shame november does this mean i can post my incredibly self indulgent au…….. ok good

ok so in all honesty wild times always reminded me of tiana’s palace and at first it was just for fun but then i got reeeally invested heheeee,,,, (also yes judy is naveen in case you were wondering bppt) hope you enjoy because i might draw more of this

also trish drew this au too so you guys should check that out because it’s a really good drawing


I’m not sure if its because people don’t care or even don’t know, but I’m really tired of this sliding. I’ve seen this community talk about how we shouldn’t sexzualize underage characters or ship minor x adult, but yet do the same thing. This is just a reminder, so I’m going to say this; Mi.ku is 16 years old. Lu.ka is 20 years old. This ship is very popular and I don’t understand how we let this just be normalized. The very fact that people are just casually reblogging this is breaking my heart and disgusting me. I’ve seen it happen way too much for me to stay silent. 

The inclusion of the twins is to show how young these popular voc.aloids can be (other than the obvious k.aii or ol.iver, but lucky the majority of you aren’t THAT disgusting) Please, if you’re going to care about these topics. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH

tbh i miss when, just a year ago, tfc fandom was small enough that literally…. every post…. was appreciated with an assload of comments in the tags. there was so little content that every new post got fantastic, excited reactions ranging from “beautiful” all the way up to a full explication of the post and why the reblogger loves it so much

like i just…. really miss when most everyone felt obligated to at least say “yes!” or “love this” every time a post was reblogged. especially on the ficlets because there were so. few of them. now us creators are lucky if one out of every hundred reblogs has something more than just the fandom tag

don’t get me wrong, i love that this fandom has gotten large because this series deserves recognition, i’m just. tired. and i’m guilty of this too, especially with edits/aesthetic posts, but i’m trying to work myself away from that again.

making shit for fandoms takes a lot of time and effort and love, and honestly telling the creator in the tags that it’s “beautiful” or that you really really love it is going to be one of the best - if not THE best - thing they see all day.

please support your local fandom providers. tell us when you like things.

if you’re a cis person, be careful with your trans headcanons, because you guys don’t actually really know what you’re talking about and i am so tired of seeing old, tired stereotypes being played off as ‘cute headcanons’

i’m so tired. can people just have a basic level of respect for aromantic and/or asexual people? i’m tired of unfollowing people who seemed really cool at first because they keep posting or reblogging vitriolic stuff about aro and ace people because they think they’re doing the lgbt+ community a solid by grinding us into the dust. i am so tired. 

hey migraine sufferers

i want to let you know that your pain is valid

the hours you spend in darkened silence are worth it if they make that pain less

migraine is a neurological condition and related to epilepsy

these are not normal headaches

migraines are something that can bring life to a standstill

and i know it’s horrible seeing everyday things - even the most boring stuff - pass before your eyes and not being able to participate

just find a comfortable corner and wait it out

if you have medicine that helps, take it

if you don’t have medicine that helps, i’m really sorry because that fucking sucks okay

no matter what, drink plenty of fluids and eat a healthy meal

breathe deep

you’re gonna be okay

Okamas ARE NOT Modern Trans Women!

In fact, they are not Trans at all.

okay, how do I start… I was talking with @mossybrows @curlysword and @shitcook-idiotswordsman about some shits and the topic about “Sanji is afraid of Okama”, “Oda does really sucks in representating Trans”, etc. popped out. And I have to say I’ve said it many times before in my reblogs, but it never gained enough attention. So here I am, making a whole post to educate you shitloads what actual, real life okamas are. And how they looks like and acts. Because I am fucking tired of you guys thinking they are trans/drag queens, when in fact, they are actual, horrible, monsters.

I know in fact you guys are not from around Asia, and we got different culture and all shit and I don’t blame you. But hear me out, I am just tired of the arguments and how no one heard me out back then so let me just get started at this shit ass essay post.

(on other note if you are not aware, this post is gonna be long so just be prepared to read a shit ass long education post)


so hear me out

this is

a real life okama pic

facts : they are men dressing in drag, wearing thick ass horrible make ups, acting like “woman”, wanting to be woman. And does that means they’re trans women? Sure. In some way, they are. But don’t let that makes you think all trans women are horrible. These are okamas, they are in fact a “special” category of men in drag.

Ok what does make them so different you wonder? They do, in fact. Are. Aggressive. REALLY. VERY. AGGRESSIVE.



in my country, you can find these kind of people around at many areas. They do have their special area that people don’t dare to step in to because man, they are filled with these people. But sometimes, they do walk around the town just like that.

Sometimes they bring around a fucking big ass stereo set and sings some old folks song while dancing (and holy hell it was loud) and they do BEG for some money from you. Like beggars.

Hmm but what would happen if you didn’t give them any or just give them a very bit of your money you ask?

and then they mock you or in rare occassion chase you to hit you with their bag and kick u and shit and holy fuck maybe they would steal your money or phone who knows no hey i am not kidding

you might think i was joking but i really am not. Also I was not done. Whenever they see a handsome men they actually flirt and catcall them and tried to get their hands on their pants. No really. My old school mate was once got his pants tugged by these shitheads and now he has a phobia on these okamas.

aND DID YOU THINK BECAUSE YOU’RE A WOMAN YOU’RE SAFE FROM ThEM? HAAA NOPE. NOT AT ALL. If you are pretty enough they would ENVY you and eyes you and fucking angry on you just for that reason alone and cough they might actually attack you (again, no exaggeration)

So yeah I pretty much can confirm Oda did shit right representating Okamas in One Piece. Because that’s pretty much how they are.

oh yeah you noticed on the pics they got boobs(and on my real life samples too). Are they real? Naaa… how do I put it. They kinda inject some stuffs to themselves without seeing consequences and consulting doctors. Sometimes those “boobs” become oh so swollen and shit. Or becomes to gigantuous. Like anime boobs. They are silicons.

And real life okamas often acts too “girly” and in fact, are like these okamas. They do walk in those style and all. And those shaved faces that are still there? Yeah. Absolutely. ANd they’re horrible with make ups. And actually colors their hairs like that. Legs hair? Yep. THey don’t even bother to shave them too.

At times they are even muscular and tall. Definitely looking like a man while dressing like a “woman”, especially with those overdone make ups. (And Oda do really just have to make them into gigantic sized huh? Nice way to represent though 8) )

Okay okay, now let’s move on to the fact that these okamas DO chase after men. Normally, they only chase after their type. And normally, they really are into “manly men”. Men that are masculine, handsome, and gentleman-looking.

Ring a bell?

To be honest, one of my cousins is one of these lots’ type of man too. (he is @dokuroskull23‘s brother) and once a fucking okama knocked on his car door because they saw him from the window. Creepy huh? It was in the middle of the road. In front of the traffic.

Oh, what do these okama do with these men you ask? Put a dress on them? Is this real?

The answer is, actually, no.

They do not chase for men for the sake of putting them in dress and make them pretty.

In fact,…

it was for the sake of fucking with them 8l

so long story short

if these okamas of kamabakka are actually more realistic and one piece is a fucking r18 series

well, it’s safe to say sanji was actually runNING AWAY FOR THE SAKE OF NOT GETTING RAPED


(somebody save this man)


ok some videos just because

before I finish this post: a reminder that sanji is actually ok with transwomen.

and note the fact that mr. 2 was their enemy on that moment too

so end note i can confirm oda actually makes sanji’s phobia of okama pretty realistic. And that’s not actually a problem.


I hope this post clears things about okama especially on debates about how oda actually sucked in representating trans women.

oh, Oda does it really good with representating trans woman. *Cough* there is Iva.

ok that’s all from me. I hope the post has been educative and fun and amusing or whatever shit XD

thanks for reading this far!!!

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special thanks to @r-for-real for the help in some parts of this post.

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Hi! I thought I would ask you this because you seem like somebody that would know. Anyways, could you recommend some of LGBT+ larry blogs? I'm really tired of hetero ones because some of them can get really feteshizing and just plain disgusting from time to time and it makes me kinda unconfertable. So could you please? I would be very greatful.

hi!!! of course!!! i’m so sorry that you were put in a position where they made you feel uncomfortable :(

you probably already follow @lesbianlouis​ but obviously her. and also phoenix @horsegirlharry​ who is easily the most incredible badass lesbian on the planet. also @hazlouquitefinished @cuethetommo @tmhboyfriends @harryisabean @philtatoslouis @samewhiteshirt @gaysilk @tightropeofhope @hrrytomlinson @silverfoxlouis @fullonlarrie @kiwipose @stubbornlarrie @justlarried

this is just off the top of my head. there are soooooo many wonderful lgbtq larries out there (the majority of us are i’d even say) and all of these people are amazing! hopefully i was able to help

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which tumblr blogs are your favorites and why?

um wow I have so many lol

@dumbass-stilinski : I absolutely love Steff. I love talking to her and talking about teen wolf cause she’s so damn funny and her feelings about Dylan are exactly how I feel lol and she’s an AMAZING writer, I recommend all of her fics!

@maddie110201 : I’ve been following her since I started this and we just started talking and I absolutely adore her! She may be younger but girl can write smut like no other.

@twsmuts : she’s literally my favorite person ever, I love Fessa so much and her blog is just the best

@fullmoonimagines / @artfulreid : THIS IS MY BITCH i’m NOT EVEN JOKING LOL she’s literally my other half we talk everyday and I’ve never related to someone as much as her

@interstellarhoodlum : oh don’t even get me started on Monay I have so much to say about her but i’m just gonna keep it short and say she’s the stiles to my scott and I love her so much also she’s hella funny so everyone needs a friend like her

@were-cheetah-stiles : okay so I started talking to Cat on my main blog and she’s been helping me so much with my writings and she has such a kind and sweet soul. Also, I highly highly recommend her series “The Recruit” and “The College Years” because my life has been so much better reading that and I’m so excited for the next chapters!

@ninja-stiles : Brittney is overall a great writer! “Strip Club” is definitely something I also recommend along with any of her writings because they’re just so good!!

@mf-despair-queen : we actually have never really talked but I reblog from her basically everyday and I’ve read all her fics like 3 times and I can never get tired of reading them

@stilinskiimagines : Taylor is such a sweetheart! She’s written so much and her writings are so creative and fun to read like I can’t stop lol

@all-alone-he-turns-to-stone : all of her writings are soooo good and her blog is teen wolf so I already love it lol and just all around a great person/blog!

@minhosmeanhoe : ugh again an amazing writer. The series “The Preacher’s Daughter” is so frickin good I’m obsessed with it & I can’t wait for what else this series has in store cause I’m always at the edge of my seat when I’m reading it

@fillthevoid-stilinski : NINE TO FIVE. NINE TO FIVE. NINE TO FIVE. So so so good I swear you will not regret reading it. It’s so flippin cute and also 10 years was just so good. The queen of making a dope ass series I’m tellin you!

There’s so much more but these are the ones that I look at/talk to on the daily and they’re just all beautiful people!

After tonight I realised how much people hated women who think like us. It also made me realise I’d been…playing at it a bit. Sure I’ll post gender critical text posts and reblog discourse but I wouldn’t say a word around my ever so nice liberal friends, I wouldn’t even show my face on my own damn blog. I posted a long rant on my Facebook this morning about my disenfranchisement with liberal feminism, from my peak trans to the events of tonight and I’m also posting my first selfie on this blog, because I’m so sick of hiding. This is me, no makeup tired as hell (who really slept tonight?) Just, yeah. Baby steps.

A little market study

Because i should have done that before opening my Etsy shop.

If you are interested in my art, it would be really nice of you if you could take THIS survey, it wouldn’t take you too much time, just 7 questions to answer.

I would like to know what you would be interested in finding in my shop (because just putting articles on Etsy cost money, and i don’t want to put articles that no one are interested in).

For the record, so far this seven drawings are available in me Etsy shop (here)

Thank you for your time and please reblog this xxx