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Hi Guys!

Like I promissed, here is my 7k Follower Gift for you. The Toddler-Set!

Thank you all so much for your support, likes, kind and lovely words and messages, reblogs etc! Thats so breathtaking! Love you all! <3

The Set inclued:

- Wallpaper - 12 Swatches

- Carpet - 6 colors

- wood Floor 10 colors

- rugs - 10 Swatches

- Pictures - 6 for Boys and 6 for Girls

- Mattress - 20 colors from my own color Palette

- Blankets - 18 Swatches

- Curtain - Maxis Mesh - need Movie Hangout! - same Patterns as the blankets

Credits for the Meshes I used: thenumberswoman on TSR ( Rugs ), @mxims for Picture Frame and Blanket, @simspirashun for the seperated Mattress. All Meshes are inclued! I hope you like my Set!

Download - Simfileshare


Andddd done! The Pet Portrait Summer Sale is over! Thank you so much to everyone who has reblogged and commissioned me!! <3

Pet portraits are still open, but the price for familiar-style portraits is now back at $40, with the normal style still at $30. The next sale will be during Christmas season, beginning November. I’ll open a limited slot of Special Edition Halloween familiar-style portraits (graveyards! skulls! all spoopy motifs!) mid-October.


my persona 5 clear acrylic charms are finally up for preorders!! after months of hard work, i’m really happy that they’re finally ready to be brought to life!

you can find them at!

thank you guys so much for the support! reblogs are very much appreciated <3

preorders will end September 23 at 10 PM PST, and orders are expected to ship around the end of October!


there are so many good kids in bnha … i love them all so much !!!

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JOHN MONROE ADOPTED: the whole point of volunteering at a cat shelter is to get strangers to take the cats that you love home. I came in on Tuesday night and found that my old man, John Monroe, had been adopted on Sunday. I understand that these things are sudden, like losing Wanda and Lieutenant Nubbins. Yet, still, I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. So here are some reblogs of my favorite gray old man. Love you <3


hello everyone! i need to do some maintenance on my car, so here are my commission prices !!! any help would be appreciated

some guidelines:
- lets negotiate NSFW
- will draw OCs and canon characters! i’m best at drawing people - this means that i cannot draw furries or mecha. 
- i get to post the piece once it’s finished. 
- paypal only!
- colored busts are 30 USD!
- you can see more of my work on this blog, and if you see something in a style you like that isn’t listed here, we can negotiate that as well!

contact info:
- @606hp / @mountainbruises

thank you so much for your time! please reblog!!! <3 

hi guys this is ewa for those of you who still remember me after i’ve disappeared for like half a century oops

anyway i’m back and turns out a lot of blogs i used to follow are either inactive or changed fandoms completely, so i’m looking for new ones

i’m gonna take anything i can get at this point as long as you’re active but i would prefer

  • HP
  • disney
  • b99/community/parks and rec that kinda fun stuff
  • photography and aesthetic blogs are also fine
  • honestly anything that isn’t game of thrones is great at this point
  • oh also art blogs are great

if y’all could reblog so the word gets out i would be eternally grateful <3<3 thanks babes


Hey all!

I’m open for these flat colored commissions, waist up starts at 45 USD, a full body is 60 USD! I will also take NSFW/Gore commissions (for extra) and commissions with multiple characters (also extra). If your character is complex I may also charge you extra.
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My very first YouTube video. I’m planning on making reviews for The Loud House Episodes and stuff.

Also, I’m gonna make a post about this soon, but I’ll be producing a lot more content from now on. So stay tuned with my Tumblr/Patreon so you know what’s to come!

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Hello there!

I’m fairly new simblr, I’ve been around for a while, but yeah. I would like to find some new simblrs (maxis match) to follow and who would follow me back and hopefully enjoy my content. I post twice every day and I’d like to say I like what’s coming up in my queue. I need interesting stories and beautiful sims to my tumblr feed! Also if you feel like it, just send me a message. I love cats, so send me a cat photo and I’ll be immediately your friend. <3

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s7x01 // rising, rising by crywolf

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