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Looking For SPN Blogs

I literally follow less than 250 people, because so many people are changing their content or have stopped tagging or post excessive wank. My dash is practically dead. So I’m looking to follow at least 100 blogs, so if you fit the following criteria, please reblog this and I’ll check out your blog.

  • 90% SPN (I might make exceptions if we share fandoms)
  • Preferably no ship hate at all or wank, but if it’s tagged I can cope
  • If you hate Cas/Misha, you’re wasting your time
  • MUST have a tagging system. I will not budge on this. I blacklist a lot.
  • I’m more likely to follow you if there’s a chance we’ll become mutuals! I love mutuals! Mutuals get cookies! :D

NEW VIDEO: “Flossing My Buttcheeks??? - I swear there was a reason why it’s called that. Reblog if you watched and now know why. Stalking people who share this by reblogging! :]

New Studyblr!

Hi! My name’s Gavin, and this here is my brand new studyblr! (๑>ᴗ<๑)

I’m 15 years old, and in Year 10! My GCSE exams are in 2017, and I’ve been getting some bad grades, so I decided a studyblr might help get me motivated!! (ᗒᗨᗕ)

Some of my favourite studyblrs are: @hayley-studies @elkstudies and @studyign, but tbh I love all the studyblrs I follow!! (^▽^)

I’d love to follow some more people, so if you’re a studyblr too, I’d love it if you could like or reblog this post, or maybe even follow me, so I can check you out!! (・∀・)

Thank you for reading! (*≧▽≦)

Any daily cute boy blogs?!

I wanna follow some more of your cute boy blogs!! Reblog this if I should check out your account and I might follow you back (: 

Love y’all so much <3

go check this out: @percabethlibrary

So I might be a bit late on this, but have you guys seen the blog @percabethlibrary yet? If not, you should go check it out right now! The blog is basically a percabeth fic rec blog that has links and a master post to a lot of quality fics! (tbh I was surprised to see so many of mine)

But yeah! The blog also has an amazing tag system so you can go get exactly what you want?? I think that the admin for the blog right now is @pichitinha (correct me if I’m wrong) and I saw a post about the blog wanting some help later down the road, so if that’s your thing, go check it out! 

The link for the master post is right here and everybody should go through the list and look through some of these amazing fics bc it’s so cool to have them all in one place. The tag page is here, and the ask box is here!

I want new blogs to follow!

Seeing as I’m changing this blog around, I wanted some new blogs to follow. So if any of you are active blogs that post about the things I’m going to list below, reblog this and I’ll check your blog out. Also, if you know any good blogs I should or might want to follow, please recommend them.

Things I would like to see on my dash:


  • Anything from 5sos, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy and Green Day to Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Nick Jonas, Bruno Mars and Zayn Malik.

The Outsiders

  • Book & Movie

80′s Movies

  • The Outsiders, The Breakfast Club, The Karate Kid (All three)


  • DC or Marvel, it doesn’t matter. Specifics: The Green Arrow, The Flash, Black Canary, Captain America, Thor and Black Widow.


  • Anything to do with Robert, Aaron (Robron) and Ross.

TV Shows

  • The Flash and Arrow. Though that one’s tricky because I don’t want spoilers. I live in England and the second half of The Flash S2 and Arrow S4 hasn’t started over here yet (and I don’t think it does until 2nd March.) And Friends, of course.


  • The City, the food, and even the football club and players if you post them. I’m not massive on football but I’m not going to not follow a blog that does. And plus, I’m one of those people who hates playing sports but loves watching sports, and I always like being updated on that sort of thing. Idk why though lol.

New York

  • Anything to do with New York.

Other celebrities

  • Selena Gomez, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Jared Leto, Hugh Jackman and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Disney Movies

  • Peter Pan, Aladdin, Pinocchio and Robin Hood in particular.

I’m currently 70 followers away from hitting my first 1000 ! Can you lovely sheerios please help me reblog this so i can hit my target! I have a bunch of masterpost thingy (i’m not sure what you guys call ‘em hehe) in my drafts that i promised to post once i hit 1000 😊

If you see this on your dash do check out my blog and kindly click “follow” if you’re interested, i might check you out too if you’re an Ed blog! Thanks!
Need blogs to follow

So my dash is currently lacking my favorite girl groups and it’s really sad so like or reblog if you actively post a lot of:
-Girls’ Generation
-Girl’s Day
Wouldn’t hurt to follow more for my boy groups so like and reblog if you also post a lot about:
I’ll try to check out everyone’s blog. Follow back would be appreciated but not necessary. (Note: I have a lot of Exo and Bts on my dash already so I might be a little picky when it comes to those.)

Note: I will follow under the name of “ladyiris” which is my main blog. This is only a side blog so I can’t use it to follow.

anonymous asked:

wilt can you give me some advice...? I just started an artblog and i just don't really know how to get my stuff ""out there"". do you have any tips?

hmm. well it took me quite a long time to get the ball rolling with this blog tbh. a few random drawings got reblogged by semi-popular ‘aesthetic’ bloggers and that was what jumpstarted my follower count. and really, thats how tumblr works. everything happens by chance, theres not logic or method to it. so i’d recommend you put your art on other sites, in addition to this one. 

the best way to get noticed, in my experience, is to draw fanart. because those are the tags that people check. and if people see your fanart and they like your style, they might just check out your blog. this is how ive found most of the artists i follow. 

and i would not consider myself to be a ‘fanart artist’, i mainly draw original characters. thats my thing. and im so thankful that people like my characters. in fact, some of my personal drawings get way more notes than my fanart drawings do. and i wish i could explain why but the reasoning behind it all is a mystery to me. 

so, since you just started your blog, its probably going to take time. tumblr is wacky and random and i admit i still get sad whenever one of my WIPs gets more notes than the finished painting. do yourself a favor, join other sites so that you can reach different audiences, and to give your audience better/easier access to your art. 

dont forget to draw the things you love, and have fun.  

new member in this beautiful family

Hello everyone, my name is Effy and this is my first studyblr ever! I’m 16 years old and I’m a sophomore in classical gymnasium which means I’m in 2nd grade.
I created this blog to keep myself motivated, find some good and useful tips for school and just to have some fun because keeping a study blog seems like it haha
Anyways, I hope you all won’t hate me and maybe with some of you I might even become friends (that would be super cool)!
See you all soon!
Lots of love, 
P.S. feel free to like/reblog this post or follow me, especially if you’re also new, so that I can check your blog out!

Just a heads up.

I am gonna start cleaning my following list, I might unfollow some blog that no longer post stuff I am interested in (or post more stuff I am not interested in than stuff I want to see on my dash)

some are mutuals? I guess.

I hope when you find out I unfollowed me… dont be upset? if you still follow me and reblog stuff from me I will still check your blog from time to time.

It’s just I am feeling really low and I want my dash to clear up.

Well, feel free to unfollow me too, since I have been really negative and blog less.

Then again, no one will care about this, isn’t it.

khyloh asked:

That art that you reblogged (the one where you put in the tags that that's you at home) is max caulfield from life is strange, its a p cool video game. Also, thx so much for the follow, I rly like your blog a lot!

Thank you thank you! I was super curious (I still am I might check it out even tho I dont play video games but you say is p good so I’ll try it) And hey I really really like your blog too its so pretty and cool and yay!  

I’m running a second blog!

And it has absolutely nothing to do with Sonic!

Basically, I’m trying to distance myself from Sonic a little bit until more news is released. I know, absolutely none of my followers are going to be in touch with this new thing I’m doing, but I might as well tell you.

It’s a sports blog.

More specifically, it’s a sports blog following in the tradition of @didyuoknowgaming and that fake DYK Steven Universe blog that got shut down after Ian JQ got all huffy. It’s all about phony sports factoids that only true sports fans will see the humor in.

Check it out here:

I’ve only got one “fact” posted so far, but I hope to have more in the near future. I will reblog that first post as a preview of what’s to come. For those who don’t get the joke, there’s always the “source” link.