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hey guys!! i wanted to make fandom family when i reach my next goal but i realized this might never happen lol i thought why wait if it’s so much fun so here it is! hope you join & enjoy ♥ [pic credit]

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» important: at this moment available fandoms are harry potter (including fantastic beasts… movies), star wars, 13 reasons why, mr. robot, parks and recreation, the office and supernatural
» you will be added to this page!


Deadline 26th Feb

Pochik’s Doodle Marathon!

To celebrate my latest follower milestone, I wanted to try a doodle challenge that I’ve seen a few variations of lately. Here’s how it works :

Step 1: Reblog this post.
Step 2: Wait patiently.
Step 3: I will check out your blog and draw an icon-sized doodle based on it!

Rules and Info:

- You do NOT have to be a follower, although I’ll be very excited if you decide to become one anyway! It’s open to everyone. If I really like your blog, I might follow you.

- I will post the doodle on my blog and tag you. So keep an eye out.

- I will pick a subject based on whatever stands out to me on your blog. Could be an OC, a theme, a variation on your username etc.

- One reblog per blog, please. For my sanity!

unfortunately, not as many people are blogging about this season so im looking for a few more active skam blogs to follow! if you blog about skam please reblog this so i can check out your blog and other people might use this as a list of people as well! you don’t have to be following me ofc, though it’d be nice 🌸

Need more Supernatural blogs

I know I’m not exactly active lately, but a lot of things are happening in my life right now.

I was away a lot, so many blogs I follow are not that active anymore or they changed topics.

So… I need more Supernatural blogs to follow ❤

Reblog this if:

-your blog is mostly Spn

-you ship something or not

-you make edits/or just reblog them

-you are a kind person

-your blog is Spn positive/hatefree

-you are active

Also, I might start a funnycasfamily thing, because I just hit 17k followers, but that’s another story for when I’ll have more time to take care of it.

For now, just reblog this and I’ll check your blog 💋

Hello! I’m new to Studyblr so I thought I’d take my first post as an opportunity to introduce myself.

  • I’m Joel and I come from the UK!
  • I’m 17 years old and I was born on the 11th February.
  • I’m a first year A-Level Student studying English Literature, History & Mathematics.
  • I’m an INFJ and a Ravenclaw.
  • I hope to study English at a University, it’s one of my greatest passions.
  • I own a bullet journal and often tend to forget to keep updating it. But, I’m trying to make Sundays my spread drawing days.
  • I’m left handed, the only one in my family!
  • I love to read, some of my favourite authors include Sarah J. Maas, Susan Dennard, Rainbow Rowell, J.K Rowling, Marie Lu & Leigh Bardugo.
  • I confess not to having read many classic novels, but I’m trying to change that this year by reading at least 15 classics.
  • I want to become an author or someone who works within the publishing world.
  • Procrastination is my worst enemy, and I suffer from it a lot! :(
  • I watch tv, play video games, listen to music or read books in my spare time. Asian dramas are the best tv, hands down.

@studyquill@focusign@studyblr@studypetals@caffestudy - @studycoffees -  @rhubarbstudies - @studylilacs - @emmastudies - @studywithinspo - @sprouht-studies

All of these studyblrs are amazing so I highly recommend checking them out (Although you might already have them in your followers list!)

Currently, I use a Muji 0.5mm Ballpoint Pen to write class notes with and I do my titles with a Faber Castell PITT Artist Pen. For added colour, I have the other colours in the Muji 0.5mm set but also a set of 50 Crayola Supertip Pens which are kind of like Mildliners. For Bullet Journaling, I like to use a Leuchtturm1917 notebook, I love the feel of the notebooks. 

I’m so excited to meet you all! Reblog this post if you’re a Studyblr too so I can follow you :D

need to follow more blogs

my dash is kinda dead rn and i dont blame you all considering the season finale (i mean i changed my url bc of it and became a literal walking pillar of salt), but it’s still a bit suprising since it’s jibcon… also i need to follow more blogs in general (though I might go on semi-hiatus in summer), so maybe reblog if you post: loads of cas, jenmish, castiel, misha, cas, cockles, deancas, my son cas, destiel, castiel, oh and i almost forgot about cas… so i can check out your blog… please? clean theme and tagging system is a big plus :) maybe if mutuals could spread the word, that would be super nice ♥

This is a post I’m going to queue up every few weeks or so but 

Do you like YA fantasy lit? Are contrived dystopian societies your jam? Do you love gay teen girls fighting monsters and also free shit? Then you should consider checking out THE DISCOURT KNIFE. It’s an ongoing, serialized web novel and it costs you a total of $0.00! (The exchange rate might be off, but that’s approximately 0€ for my non-American followers.) 

Since it costs you $0.00, that means my marketing budget is also about $0.00 and I would really appreciate if you’d reblog this or any related post if it tickles your fancy. or even if you don’t give a flying fuck about original fiction but think my fanfic is sort of neato, I’d really appreciate a reblog or two. 

(You can also check out the tumblr for the series here: @thediscourtknife )

following spree

Hey!! Ive unfollowed some mostly inactive blogs recently so I wanna check some new blogs out :00 

please reblog or like this if you post any of these (the more the better!!!)

  • Boku No Hero Academia ( BNHA ) 
  • Mob Psycho 100 ( mp100 )
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure ( JJBA )
  • Fullmetal Alchemist (FMA)
  • DGrayMan (DGM)
  • Paranatural
  • Voltron
  • Pokemon (Esp the games!!!)
  • DC comics (esp the flash fam or teen titans or blue beetle (both jaime and ted))
  • Marvel Comics (Especially the maximoff family, ms marvel, patsy walker, daredevil, young avengers)
  • original art 
  • aesthetic photos (with sources)

and its also cool if you

  • dont get into too much drama (criticizing things and discourse is cool, just not constant fighting with people)
  • only post/reblog art posted with permission or art by the op
  • are an anti for abusive ships, minor/adult ships etc
  • make your own art!!! 
  • bonus if you follow me already i love mutuals

anonymous asked:

Blog recs for new bts blogs?

general updates: @bangtan , @allforbts , @fyeahbangtaned@bangtanvideo 

translations/subs: @kimmy-trans , @ktaebwi , @bts-trans 

our saviour: @sweaterpawsjimin

personal favs: @sunkissedbts , @sunnyoongi , @bts0715  

reblogs everything: @02bts, @holdmehoseok  

amazing contents and gifs (off the top of my head): @booptae, @bwiyomi, @kths, @apgujeon , @nnochu , @yoonmin, @yoonseok@hobiswife , @hob-e, @jjilljj, @bwiseoks, @myloveseokjin , @ksjknj@kimdaily@minblush@dearmyjimin , @gotjhope etc 

there are so many amazing gifmakers, fanartists, writers etc out there. i suggest you follow network blogs such as @armiesnet and @networkbangtan. they are affiliated with networks dedicated to each member too, so you might check them out as well.

Looking for blogs to follow

Hi guys, I’m back from my hiatus, and I’m looking for new people to follow

What I’m looking for:

  • General Rooster Teeth stuff
  • Everything Achievement Hunter
  • Ryan Haywood
  • Mavin
  • Turnwood
  • AH OT6
  • Freewood

Basically, if you’re a blog that’s focused on RT/AH, I’ll most likely follow you.

Note that I blog a lot of shipping/RPS content, so if that bothers you this might not be the right blog for you to follow.

Just like, reblog, message, send telepathic messages, telegram etc. me and I’ll check your blog out!

Melt with You (reader x Bucky)

I wanted to thank everyone for your kind reception to my first fan fic ever, Accidents Happen. I’m blown away by the number of likes, reblogs, and follows I’ve received. Thank you so much! I’m glad I took the leap and hit “post” when I almost didn’t. :)

I haven’t stopped thinking about what might happen next with the characters, and have a lot of time thinking at work, so I decided to do a follow-up story! I’m not sure if this will become a series type thing, but I know there’s more possible story to tell, so we shall see. :D 

Let me know your thoughts and comments! And please check out the notes at the end of post. :)

And thanks for the encouragement @you-and-bucky ! Hope you enjoy it :)

p.s. I tie music and lyrics to every part of my life, so naturally I put them in a story too. I hope the songs fit in well like I imagined. 

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  


Melt with You (reader x Bucky)

Characters: Reader, Bucky, Steve

Summary: Occurs just after the events of Accidents Happen. Reader and Bucky become more emotionally intimate after getting physical ;) . They talk about the past and the possibility of a future.

Warnings: Sexy fluff I guess? Still not one for smut. :) One swear word (about the only time I’ll do that is in song lyrics)


You breathed a happy sigh, tired and invigorated at the same time.

Lying on your stomach in bed, Bucky beside you drawing circles with his fingers on your bare back, there was nowhere else in the world you’d rather be. It was late morning by now, the past few hours spent making love, laughing, talking, and just enjoying each other’s company in your happy little cocoon.

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My dash has been dead lately, and I’m interested in finding more friends and mutuals as well!! Like and/or reblog if you post the things below, and I might check out your blog and follow you!! ^^

- Puella Magi Madoka Magica
- Magical Girl Raiaing Project
- Love Live! + Love Live!! Sunshine!!
- Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (Kiss Him, Not Me)
- Yuyushiki
- Yuru Yuri
- Kase-san and Morning Glories
- Pretty Cure (Heartcatch is the only one I’ve seen so far)
- Undertale
- In A Heartbeat (animated short film)
- Wander Over Yonder
- Steven Universe
- Kemono Friends
- Oshiete! Galko-chan
- Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru/Washio Sumi no Shou
- Lesbian pride
- Cute and/or funny stuff in general

You can find my whole list of fandoms on my blog (only on desktop, unfortunately), and thanks for reading!! :)

Dance With Me

Commission for @shadoouge! She asked for a fluffy one-shot based on her art of Nalu’s kids, which you can find here! It is absolutely lovely, and she is a great artist! Her art is so cute! <3

I hope you enjoy, my dear! I added a couple of extra words for you at no charge since I enjoyed this idea so much! <3 

pairing: nalu

type: fluff one-shot

characters: natsu, lucy, and their children

word count: 1133

“Long day?” Natsu asked as Lucy groaned, kicking off her shoes and settling into the couch in the living room with a long sigh.

“Tell me about it. First I do the report that my boss wanted me to finish, but he said that it wasn’t good enough and sent me back to write it over again! And then my lunch was spoiled, Levy wasn’t there for me to rant to, and a couple of my coworkers were being rude to me,” Lucy said, leaning back into the couch and tipping her head back to touch the cushion.

“I know something that will cheer you up, Luce,” he said, turning on the music and taking her hand. Natsu grinned as he twirled Lucy around the room, letting out a chuckle when she accidentally stepped on his feet. The radio played a classical tune, which was Lucy’s favorite. He had planned this before she got home from work, and she was excited for their dancing time.

“Sorry!” she said as she was spun once again, and she squealed when he dipped her low and kissed her firmly. His lips felt like magic to her, and they indulged in their kisses for a few moments. Natsu also loved kissing his wife as her mouth knew how to work wonders.

When they broke apart, Lucy smiled softly. Natsu was almost as shocked from her beautiful smile as he was from the electricity of her kiss. Leaning in to give her one last peck, Lucy closed her eyes slowly as Natsu appoached. Their lips drew closer, and Lucy could feel the heat of his breath on her face. She pushed herself toward him, waiting for their lips to connect in bliss–

“Ew!” a tiny voice said, and Lucy let out the tiniest breath and opened her eyes before turning to their daughter. The small girl of three’s eyes were shut tightly and her tongue out in disgust.

“Nashi,” Natsu began gently, dropping to his knees to look his small daughter in the eyes, “What did we say about interrupting mom and dad’s dancing time?”

“That it might lead to more than dancing,” the girl answered, hopping up and down when she got the right answer. Plue followed behind her and let out his signature catch phrase.

“Natsu! You said that to Nashi?” Lucy smacked her husband on the head, and Natsu groaned at the pain.

“Well, she has to know about it somehow,” he said, rubbing the sore spot now.

“Yes, but not at three years old!” Lucy pouted, crossing her arms over her chest and turning away from Natsu.

He ran a hand through his rose locks. Uh-oh, she was mad. And he had to remedy this situation somehow.

“Nashi,” he said after thinking of a solution, “Let’s play the tickle game.”

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hi!! so i finally went and made an end of the year follow forever!! this is technically my first one, in all my years of having this blog, so it’s pretty long. but this was also a sudden decision, so i’ve decided to skip any special mentions. if i’m in a gc with you, just know i love you (even if i’m completely inactive; that’s my speciality really) and im so glad to have had the chance to talk to so many of you guys on here!!

bolded are blogs i love, and bolded and italicized are faves!! if we are mutuals, and you’re not on here, it’s a mistake so pls come talk to me so i can put you on here!!

(credit to @viplouis for the banner!!)

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So I haven’t done this in years! But lately my dash has been kinda empty(I also unfollowed a bunch of blogs that don’t update anymore…like it’s been years!) and I want to follow more awesome folks who share interests similar to mine, so that I can feel involved again and take part in more fandom related conversations.

Basically what I am asking is that  if we have similar interests and you want to share them with me, then give this post a like/reblog this post and I will check out your blog and might give it a follow if I like what I see;) No you don’t have to follow me back(albeit won’t lie that would be nice to have new mutuals, but yeah, not a necessary requirement)!

My interests include 

Harry Potter, MCU and DCU in general,

In particular

  • Carol(The price of salt)
  • Swan Queen(Once upon a time; btw I haven’t watched this show since 3x17 so I don’t care for the rest of it but Swan Queen IS MY OTP since the day the show aired so yeah!)
  • Person of Interest
  • Supergirl (not a fan of yawn hell so this one is also a similar case like Once and I am basically tumblr watching it nowadays)
  • Wynonna Earp
  • Castle
  • Agent Carter
  • Outlander
  • Humans
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine

and a whole bunch of other shows and films and celebs and books lol, check out my blog to get a better ideaxP

Anyway I hope that this will help me to expand my interests and become more active on here again, 

Thanks for taking your time and reading it and liking/reblogging it :)


follow spree

this loser here is almost at 7k i’m so damn happy omg asdfghjk   tbh i really really want to follow more of u lovelies and make new mutuals and friends!!

if you post any of the following below here, reblog this post and put what u post abt in the tags so I can check out your blog and I might follow you!

following me would be really nice but it is not necessary :D

just stole the idea from arden ( @cho-chang ) she’s great and she just reached her goal so go follow her!!!

  • harry potter
  • fantastic beasts
  • star wars and star trek
  • Marvel and Dc (comics and cinema)
  • teen wolf
  • friends
  • animation movies
  • psych usa
  • shadowhunters
  • supernatural
  • doctor who
  • aesthetics
  • photography
  • colorful stuff

also, if we’re mutuals, maybe reblog to spread the word? thank u so much :D

hey! I’m looking to make more mutuals :D I think that would be fun, so like and/or reblog if you follow me and I’ll check out your blog

things I like: animation, art, cartoons, gay stuff, funny things, science, history

things I don’t like: a lot of politics (I’m a poli-sci major so I come online to take a break from the stuff, since it’s, you know a lot of what I already do), anti-medication/recovery rhetoric, overly critical blogs (SU critical blogs are just exhausting and I don’t care about them at all)

but otherwise I might follow!

My dash has gotten very empty recently, I need to follow more people! Please reblog/like if you post any of these things and i’ll check you out!

Spring Awakening (dwsa or obc, dont mind)

Andy Mientus/Michael Arden


Smash (TV show, Bombshell or Hit List)



Bonnie And Clyde

Possibly Falsettos, I have loads of it on my dash so dont need a lot more but hey I love it

(also I post those things so if you like them then you might like my blog as well??)

saw a repost of that last touka art going around so reblogging the original instead

I don’t know where all these reposters are coming from lately- art, gifs, edits- but I’m so sick of going in the tag and having it literally half filled with stolen content :/

a few tips:

  • if you don’t recognise the person you’re reblogging a post from, take 2 seconds out of your day to go onto their blog and check if they’re legit. almost every single content maker will have their own tag- “my art”, “my edits”, “my gifs”, etc.- or something about being an artist or whatever in their description, while I have never come across a reposter who has the same. hey, you might even find someone new to follow at the same time!
  • go through their content- if they’re posting art, edits, etc. in vastly different styles then it’s most likely not theirs
  • if you see “credit to artist” its not theirs- I saw reposted touken art the other day that literally said that in the caption and it had over 900 notes smh