so really everything is fine


someone: make a decision


Do you ever read a book with a really great romance and start crying over the fact that you’ve never been kissed


“Because we are friends…”

@sinnersandsapphics replied to your post “Would you ship Jenny/Darla?”

I has never thought of this until I was staring at your ask box. You brought it out of me! And your reply definitely made me ship!

Though I definitely want some unsouled antics at least short term because fun ;)

darla and jenny have sex but the thing is soulless darla is really kinda similar to ensouled darla (and also still really admires jenny) so omg imagine soulless darla trying to hide the fact that she doesn’t have her soul because she told jenny that it was “just a fling" and…apparently it was not


I love how the members are always encouraging their awkward leader/papa bear Shownu to be more confident.

This is the power of love guys, Cyclonus took down Ravage, ripped off whatever the hell this thing is off of Megatron’s bed and then bashed his head with in all in like 2 seconds


check out the lush greenery on the set today


make me choose - prompto or noctis requested by kightsy

Ebisu Week, day six - Favorite Moment

“In the past, I would have accepted this as my fate. But because I was told not to die, now I have the desire to go on… Even the time now is valuable.”