so really


“See, when you bring people to a place they’ve never been before, and they realize they’ve finally made it, it’s this look on their faces that makes it all worthwhile”

“How do they look?”

“Well, they look like the whole world has new possibilities. It’s a certain look. I know it when I see it”

“That look, that look there. Sherpaaa”


Modern day Pokémon Trainer looks.

And a whole new batch of Kurapics. 

(full size here)

The top left one was inspired by @kurapilka‘s design. Check her blog out and art, it’s really good!

So, I’ve had this idea that won’t quite leave me…

So, it’s been a few years since Holster has graduated from Samwell, and he’s putting his Economics degree to good use as a [insert job that would use his Econ degree. I don’t know.] He’s content, but he doesn’t exactly love his job.

So, then one day, there’s a casting call for background actors for a TV show that Holster particularly likes. He signs up and gets accepted. Holster enjoys the experience so much that he does it a few more times.

He starts to want more so he starts taking evening drama classes and he loves it. He eventually quits his office job, gets himself an agent, and starts auditioning for different roles. It’s a risky move but he’s saved up over the years and it’s enough to keep him afloat while he tries to find work as an actor.

In his first role, Holster plays a businessman who gets murdered in the first two minutes on Law and Order. Afterwards, he gets typecast for the next couple of roles as the dumb jock (first in a soap opera and then in a couple of teen comedies which the team still chirp him about).

He gets a new agent and starts getting a few  bigger roles. He’s played: an asshole cop, a pool boy, the best friend to the main character (several times), and is even the boyfriend to the female lead before the show is sadly canceled after the first season.

He gets his big break when he lands a small super villain role which he totally knocks out of the park. He becomes so popular with the fans that the studio brings him back for two more sequels even though they hadn’t planned on it before. He’s great with his fans and it earns him a reputation as a fun and sweet kind of guy.

Holster goes on to show off the range of his dramatic abilities. In one movie, he plays a dad with a sick kid (some of his best crying work, hands down) which earns him a Golden Globe nomination.

After a while, Holster takes the Broadway stage because it’s always been his dream to perform on there. He does a really great job and everyone loves him. The team totally comes to watch his performance.

Holster continues on like this, winning several awards before he takes up the challenge of directing towards the end of his career.

Just… actor!Holster.

anonymous asked:

You have a comic called pulling a tooth right? Did you finish it? If not could you put a link up please?

Yes I did! You can find it in order over here

@mirriky Ok I should explain, this comic was only supposed to be a few pages long and have a cutoff ending because it was an experiment.

But it does not feel right to do that. So there IS an ending now. Don’t worry it will get done. :)

Who wants me to draw something for them?

Okay I’m bored out of my goddamn mind soooooo


• Reblog or send me a message (preferably a message, it’s easier to keep track).

• Likes do NOT COUNT

• I might draw you, or I may draw something based on your blog. I may just send you a lil flower or butt; who knows? I sure don’t.

• Maybe it’ll be chibi, maybe a cartoon, semi-realistic, it’s just what I’m feelin like

• For the RP blogs, if you ask me to draw you please specify if you want admin or your character please

• I may or may not get to everybody I’m not sure I’ve never done this before.

• Specific requests can be done, but I reserve the right to refuse and do my own thing.

• You do not have to be following me, my bros, but it is definitely preferred

Thanks guys. Feel free to send me asks about this or message me.

Title: Take Cover, Baby
Author: beyourgoodnight
Rating: NR
Fandom: One Direction
Ship: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Words: 2227
Summary: A hand on his shoulder startles him out of his thoughts, which were dangerously close to spiraling toward full on anxiety. The man connected to the hand snorts at Harry’s reaction and Harry shoots him a look.

“Never met someone so nervous to be returning from war,” Thomas intones sarcastically.

Or, Harry Styles returns from the war and he thinks he might be more nervous to step on the train platform in his hometown than he was to step on the battlefield.

Read it here.