so ready for winter!!!


The wolves will come

They met up over winter break.

Kei’s trying his best to school a face of indifference but he can’t because Kuroo’s here and Kuroo’s standing right next to me and Kuroo’s taking a selfie with me and Kuroo and Kuroo and

I apologize for the delay! I started this about two weeks ago, but then I suddenly got really, really into needle knitting and neglected to work on it (I am currently donning my freshly knit teal garter-stitch scarf I named Orange. I am content and currently in the middle of a cream-coloured mistake-stitch scarf (◡‿◡✿)). 

I drew this in celebration of my city finally getting some epic snowfall. I’m so excited for the holidays!

I used FireAlpaca to make this! Thank you to the anon who recommended this software to me ( ˘ ³˘)♥, I quite like it.

Thank you reading and uh, looking at my drawing teehee


first painting study of the new year!! a happy billy moran

i was excited because i was automatically drawn to the colors of the ref, but had absolutely 0 motivation to draw a guitar–but it’s hidden!! the guitar is hidden!! YEA!!!!

ANYWAY, first study of the new year!! wanted to use some spring–winter transition colors because i am so ready and so excited for good weather again


Red by Sharon
Via Flickr:
After Tuesday’s all day/all night snowstorm which dumped over 40 centimeters of drifting snow on us, I have to remind myself of just how pretty winter can be.  hard not to want to run like this guy considering what Snowmageddon left behind – endless unplowed sidewalks and streets, people stuck on a number of our highways from Tuesday evening until the early hours of Wednesday morning because some brainiac decided to close them for cleaning but neglected to advise that there happened to be over 800 cars stuck on that stretch of highway they wanted to clean.  I had to shovel through snow up to my waist to make a path to be able to get out onto the street which was the only walkable area and man, do not even get me started about public transit and the horror that is. Just a few short days ago, I could see my back yard’s exposed lawn and now it is completely inundated in white again. UGH!!!   I am so, so, SO ready for Spring.

thehobbem  asked:

Winter Song was supposed to have only 2 chapters?? THAT'S NOT ENOUGH!! I guarantee you that the only person crying over TWS length is you, we all feel really blessed with how long it turned out to be! ^^

Yes, it was! When I wrote that first chapter, that was me thinking I was having a brief love affair with a new fandom. I figured I’d get the whole “Victuuri thing” out of my system by having Yuuri straddle Victor and do naughty things to his necktie. That’s it. That was going to be my story.

And then every. damn. new. episode kept sucking me in deeper and deeper. This anime has ruined me. I am complete YOI trash and couldn’t be happier about it.

Victor and Yuuri make me so happy. 80k+ words of Winter Song haven’t even allowed me to properly explain all the happiness. So get ready for more. WS will easily go over 100k words.

How are you guys today?? Any plans? What are you guys doing for Beltane next week?

I’m currently at a cafe with the wife trying to get some work done since it’s technically her Tuesday afternoons are her Friday nights. 

It’s finally warming up here and it’s been consistently warmish (no winter coats) so I’m officially here and ready for spring (just in time for Beltane!)