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Strip away my conscience was definitely the sexiest number they've ever done, like wow was that great. What I really love is just how ready Rebecca is to be evil but it shows she can't ("strip away my Jew-guilt" and a Harry Potter reference? I get that he gets the reference but like it's so nerdy). Nathaniel was also great here too, he's so into her it's great to see, especially after all that pining he did in the last ep (sorry this was so long). Anyway so what are your thoughts on it?

dear, sweet megan you don’t ever have to apologize for sending me long messages about this show – and especially not about this ship.

my thoughts you ask? buckle up!

  • it’s so much more effective at being a seduction song than let’s have intercourse, though both songs make me equally starry-eyed. 
  • and, speaking of let’s have intercourse, can we talk about how nathaniel ‘i’m so removed, i had sex with someone else this morning’ plimption sings a soft, acoustic-guitar-heavy number while rebecca ‘i never cared for the chase’ bunch gets a bold and brassy song that is drenched in sexiness? i love love love how the story has inverted what these two initially said they’d want out of the relationship.
  • onto the actual number - who else chuckled at how, like, baffled nathaniel was at the dancers suddenly creeping out of his walls?
  • “my whole life, i’ve wanted to be bad” makes me emotional about rebecca. i mean, her whole life she’s been searching for all different kinds of personas to mimic, so i’m sure a part of her has always wanted to be bad. but which part? i think the desire was probably a reaction to parental stuff and people always calling her crazy. like, if there’s some actual part of her that’s bad, then that could somehow make the way people treat her make more sense? you know what i’m saying? did i take this single line in a song so obviously not about rebecca’s childhood trauma and turn it into that? YOU BET I DID
  • “so sad. so pathetic, weak, and sad” - not nearly as deep as my previous comment, but this makes me laugh. i really like it for some reason.
  • whew boy, the way rebecca looks nathaniel up and down when she sings “a certain beau”
  • “THAT’S YOU” “yeah, i got that” - more hilarious than it has any right to be
  • when she’s upside down, he’s totally transfixed on her and the way he automatically leans in whenever she’s close gives me heart palpitations tbh
  • the dancers drop rebecca in nathaniel’s lap and at first he’s like “oof” but then his expression quickly morphs into kind of an “oooh” and sdklvadnaflbskdg KILL ME
  • just…the entire time she’s on his lap and he is transfixed by the boobs. right there with you, buddy.
  • “stop hitting yourself” THAT SHOULDN’T BE AS FUNNY AS IT IS
  • and speaking of physical bits that both make me feel kind of bad for nathaniel and want to cackle in his face - THE THROWING OF THE SHOES WHILE THEY’RE INSULTING HINM IN SONG IS! SO! GOOD!
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  • (no further comment)
  • gotta love how ceg never romanticizes women’s clothing…or, like, women’s appearance when it doesn’t need to be romanticized. the thong bits aren’t my favorite part of the song, but they’re so real and so important.
  • obviously i love nathaniel’s ‘i get it!’ face when rebecca makes a hp reference, but also?? i would kill a man to see his face when she full-on straddles him.
  • let’s talk about “somehow you don’t have that sucky thing called emotions” REBECCA!! JUST LAST EPISODE YOU CALLED HIM OUT ON DEVELOPING TWINKLY HEART SPARKLY FEELINGS FOR YOU! so either she doesn’t actually believe that his interest in her is grounded in real emotion. or she’s decided to revert into some willful ignorance to get what she wants. either way, i’m not ready for the paaaaaiiiin of rebecca insisting that nathaniel is an ‘amoral sociopath’ while he’s there trying to show her how much he cares with baskets of soothing bath salts and artisanal pears (jk i’m ready for the angst. bring it, i’ll cry for weeks idc)
  • again, same @ nathaniel when rebecca’s stripping off the last of her clothes. he is shocked and aroused and i love the things he can do with his face.