so read the words in his voice and its instantly hilarious

We Got Married (M)

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8.8k words. Arranged Marriage AU. Min Yoongi.

Warning: Fingering. Phone sex. ft Kim Namjoon.

It’s hilarious, laughable, pathetic even, how love could either build you or ruin you and yet knowing this, people still chase after it like the rise of golden light beyond the horizon, or the last drop of dew in twilight, or the flutter of that one coral blue butterflies in buttercup paved meadow.

It’s frightening, daunting, startling even, how love makes your hands clammy like you’re being interviewed by the very man who founded the big shot company you’ve applied to.

And it’s utterly, impossibly, unbelievable how love comes in many ways like a bump and a spill of coffee on crisp white shirt, or a brush of hands upon a dusty leather brown book spine or an envelope obtained from a mailbox on one’s way back from grocery shopping.

Well, that’s exactly what’s happening to Min Yoongi, second son to one of the well-known elite families in Seoul. Most of the time, he couldn’t care less about family matters; business deals, dinner with alien faces and empty conversations─ those things he’s entitled to attend with mildly bored eyes and champagne he’ll never finish in one hand. But this particular matter, he can’t just not care. One, because it directly concerns him (as if the cursive letter of his name engraved in bold black against crisp white isn’t enough indication). Two, because it’s from a certain someone in his family who he’s fond of.

Dear Yoongi,

Is written on the top of the not so neat written paper.


I know you might hate me for this.

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NCT 127 + Ten Reaction : “When you’re Drunk”

Hey guys! This is a NCT 127 All Members Reaction and Ten, to when you’re drunk! Requests are open - so send them in! Hope you enjoy it! <3 Luna

Warning - If you’re sensitive to drunken scenarios/behaviour please do not read on! 

*As always, I will state which gifs are mine! And, this is only my opinion and is in now way meant to offend anyone! <3* 


*gif by me*

“Jagi, you okay?” Taeyong asked taking your hand as you clung onto his waist a the bar. You giggled loudly, unable to stop the laugh from escaping your lips. You could feel your lips moving but struggled to even know what you were saying. Instead you watched as he swayed in your vision.

“Y/N? How many fingers am I holding up?”

“Oh my god! Your hands are huge!” you screeched taking them in your own, just as you were about to stumble backwards. His arm wrapped around your waist hugging you close to him as he grabbed you a glass of water and leading you outside. 

“Sip the water Y/N, don’t gulp it,” he instructed with a laugh as he sat you down, kneeling in front of you and smiling. “Drink that and then we’ll get some food and go home, okay?”

You nodded feeling the buzz of the alcohol hit you and the world spin in turn. “Okay. Why do you look after me all the time.” 

He didn’t answer, instead he planted a soft kiss on your lips. “Come on. Let’s get some food.” 


*gif by me*

Taeil had managed to get you home. He had practically carried you up the stairs, helped you change clothes and put you into bed with a kiss on your head. Little did he know you weren’t where he left you. Taeil had been sat alone in the living room when he smelt the burning.

“What the hell?” he hurried from the room, sprinting into the kitchen where smoke was thick in the air, billowing out from the toaster. “Y/N!?” he cried shaking his head at you sitting on the floor with a jar of chocolate spread in your hands and a spoon in your mouth.

“What?” you mumbled through a mouthful of spread that coated your teeth and tongue. “Taeil why are you trying to set the house on fire?!” 

He glared down at you swatting the air with a towel just so the fire alarm didn’t go off at three in the morning. The other members would be pretty annoyed at that. “Why aren’t you in bed!?” Taeil cried pushing open every window before kneeling in front of you.

You smiled widely at him tapping him on the nose with the spoon and leaving chocolate in its place. “I was hungry,” you slurred leaning towards him and kissing his nose sloppily. He held you there for a moment grinning to himself. “And it’s lonely in bed without you.”


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“Johnny! Look!” you cried looking back to him as you stood on a wall. You were balancing yourself crazily, barely staying upright. The alcohol slurred your words but you swore you felt fine.

“What are you doing?” he gasped grabbing your waist and lifting you down. “I swear I take my eyes off you for two seconds…”

You shut him by planting a kiss on his lips. He grinned against your mouth before whispering, “You’re unbelievable Y/N.”

“Will you carry me?” you asked quietly hugging his arm. He lifted you onto his back and carried you all the way home. 

Along the way he made silly jokes with you, he kept you relaxed, trying to forget the sick feeling that was rising in your stomach. He laughed at everything you said in a drunken slur until you fell asleep against his shoulder. “The things I do for you Y/N.”


*gif by me*

Yuta was just as drunk as you. The pair of you struggled to get into a cab, and then stumbled together through the front door of the dorm. “I’m starving!” Yuta grumbled heading straight for the kitchen. 

“Mmm this is so good!” was all you heard as you finally made it into the kitchen. You kicked off your shoes along the way and only just catching him as he scoffed your secret stash of crisps into his mouth.

“Yuta!” you cried running over and tackling him for the food. “Sharing is caring!”

He was off balance and crashed to the floor, taking you with him, knocking the bag from his hands. Crisps scattered everywhere. And with a pout on your face you rolled beside him punching him in the chest.

“Ugh I’m wounded!” he cried grabbing a handful of them and throwing it at you. The laughs between you were explosive as the food fight began. Until suddenly a voice came from nowhere. “What the hell Yuta?! You can clean this up!” Taeyong shrieked from the door. “Are you two drunk?”

“Nooooo,” you laughed in a sing song voice as Yuta grabbed you.

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Behind The Story – Pt. 2

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend and also a cast member of the show and it’s her first Con after her injury in set.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 2.3k+

Warnings: PURE FLUFF.

A/N: NO HATE TOWARDS DANNEEL, SHE’S AMAZING Y’ALL! Thanks to babe @lovin-ackles for beta it ♥ Her Outfit  Feedback is always very much appreciated it.

Pics Source: @justjensenanddean

Behind The Story Masterlist


Hearing the fans shouting your name as they clapped made your heart flutter. They were as anxious as you were to get up there and have a great time with them as always. Rob and Richard were doing the intro before announcing the boys and you. The green room was crowded with the cast and staff. You stood next to the black thick curtains hearing the fans laugh at one of Rich’s comments, a smile on your lips.

“Hey,” Jensen appears in front of you holding two cups of Starbucks.

You wink at him grabbing the cup that has Sunshine written in black sharpie and licking your lower lip before taking a sip of the coffee. You glance at him when your taste approved the mochaccino. Moaning slightly, “It’s good.”

Jensen smiled and took a sip of his black coffee.

Both of you were a bit tired from last night’s shenanigans. You and Jensen thought it was a good idea to have some skin to skin fun just after a fourteen hour shift and a one hour and twenty five minute flight to DC. But who could blame you? Being pregnant had increased your sexual appetite to another level. Not that Jensen or you complained, which was pleasant and amazing as always but today both of you felt like the sheets were still on.

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Not gonna lie, Dany's speech to Jon about the Targaryen rule being one of peace and prosperity and expectating him to pledge the North to her based on vows his ancestors made to a House which later did a great grievance to them was ridiculous. But no more ridiculous than some of the shit D&D have had Sa//a say tbh. It's just hilarious that her stans act like Dany's the only one who's said dumb stuff.

tbh i couldnt help but snort when she was like (paraphrasing) “do you know how i survived allllll that shit? FAITH in MYSELF” i mean its a nice sentiment and mostly true but nobody talks like this lmao. its so forced. no character is spared from it either. d&d (and cogman) can’t write dialogue (or much else) to save their lives. its sooo bad. the speeches are always the worst. i cant think of one d&d original that didnt suck. and it gets worse every season. as they ran out of books to at least somewhat base this off. forget dany and sandra i cant stand the lines they give arya. i still dont fucking know what “”nothing is nothing”” means

but my personal pet peeve is how they make characters repeat everything. oh god i cant stand it. see above example but also such classics as “i dont wanna be a queen i wanna be the queen” “power is power” “you’re in the great game now and the great game is terrifying” i got annoyed just typing these omg it drives me nuts. you have no idea. it sucks because grrm is good at dialogue imo. his background in tv writing helps a lot with that (theres some kind of irony here) it sounds natural. he also writes a lot of dialogue that is very clever. theres double meanings and hidden meanings. hell, its just meaningful /full stop. theres no “~all men must die but we are not men~” as if that isnt the most pointless statement ever and literally the opposite of what she says in the books. because thats a huge part of asoiaf. women are no different than men. we live and die just like them. i cant with this fake ass feminism. i hate when they twist the book dialogue and i hate when they quote swap. this shit just contributes to asoiaf’s story being butchered. everyone has such a unique voice in the books too. arya could show up in another pov and i’d know her, instantly. on the show its all just…..generic garbage. so yeah tl;dr they all get crappy dialogue this is nothing new. 

and everyone says cunt too much. we get d&d you love that word. enough. 

Trouble at the Tea Shop (Part 5)

Rachael sat in her usual corner, reading a book and taking a long slip of her hot tea. She sat the cup back down on the table and went back to her book, but not before she glared daggers at the innocent cup. For written on it with bold, black letters was today’s twisted version of the nickname a certain male idiot insisted on using. Rae-bear. Just looking at the word was enough to send her over the edge. She daydreamed about tossing the putrid cup at his stupid blonde head. She relished in the idea of him yelping as the hot liquid burned his fair skin.

Okay, so maybe she was over reacting just a bit.

As she continued to let her mind drift to the bain of her existence, said man couldn’t stop stealing glances in her direction. When they weren’t arguing or teasing one another, he would often find himself admiring the young women. Who could blame him?

She was successful, intelligent, witty, and to be honest…smoking hot. Though she dressed modestly, he still noticed how incredibly shaped her body was. She had the perfect hourglass figure, with gorgeous legs to match. Her rump and breasts were round and although not huge, they were hardly assets to complain about. She was short, but he liked short. He himself wasn’t exactly towering over everyone he met. He sometimes found himself wondering how’d she fit in his arms.

His ogling was soon interrupted when she looked up from her book to glance around the café. Instantly, he looked down and kept himself busy with wiping down the counter. This wasn’t the first time he had almost been caught drooling over the women. Ever since she first floated into the small café and into his dull life, he had been entranced with her. He would pretend to be wiping the counter or a dish, while stealing glances at her whenever she buried her nose in her book. Honestly, he had no clue why he was so interested in the women. She was hot-headed, stubborn, prudish, and reclusive. She wasn’t exactly his type either.

Short, black hair, pale skin, almost gothic in nature. Nope, not his pick of the crop. However, she did have this…natural beauty to her. The way her raven-black hair highlighted her pale skin and made her dazzling, dark-blue eyes pop was very alluring. She did have an attitude problem, but for some odd reason that just captivated him more. He had loads of fun messing with her, but he could never shake the curiosity that gnawed on him like a dog to a bone. Why was she the way she was?

The sudden movement in the far corner of the shop brought his attention back to reality. He watched as she packed up her belongings and threw away her cup. He inwardly chuckled at the disdain she showed the paper product. All because of that silly rendition of her name. Man, she made it too easy sometimes. As she walked past him, she gave him the darkest glare she could muster, which only made him smile more as his eyes followed her out the door. Their little game was fun, but he decided he was ready to start engaging with this mysterious woman on a more personal level.

“Time to find out what makes that clock tick.” He thought to himself as a plan began to form in his mischievous little mind.

The following morning…

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vanillasayo  asked:

Hey dear! Your little storys are so good and sweet c: If its not bother you too much, could you write some fenhawke? Maybe with a drunk Fenris and Hawke whos worry? Have a great day! <3

Yes yes, absolutely! I’m so sorry it’s taken me a couple of days to get to this, I’ve been a super busy bee lately. I hope you can forgive me. </3

The sound of shattering glass met Hawke as he stepped into Fenris’s mansion. By the time Hawke closed the front door behind him, he heard another loud thud from somewhere within the house. He pressed further into the mansion, his senses on high alert, worried about what he would find once he found Fenris.

It didn’t take long to find him; he was upstairs in his usual study. In his hand, he held an almost-empty wine bottle. As Hawke took note of it, Fenris lifted the bottle to his lips, downing the rest of the wine. His face contorted in disgust–obviously the wine wasn’t good, just something he could drink–and when every last drop was gone, he launched the empty bottle at the wall. It shattered on impact, the glass falling in tiny shards to the ground below.

“Wanna talk about it?” Hawke asked, trying to sound care-free and failing miserably.He had seen Fenris drunk before, but not like this. Normally, he was hilarious, constantly cracking jokes and making everyone laugh, Sometimes, he could be a little confrontational, but only when someone egged him on. This was another story altogether. Fenris was pissed. About what, Hawke didn’t know, and he was almost afraid to find out.

Fenris turned his attention to Hawke, stumbling slightly as he turned around. His face scrunched again, “Talk?” he spit, his words thick and unsteady. “No, Hawke, I don’t want to talk about it.”

Hawke sighed, shaking his head, “Fine, don’t talk about it; but please, at least sit down. You’re going to injure yourself if you keep going on how you do.”

Fenris let out an unintelligible grunt, but he complied, flopping his body into one of the chairs at the table. He put his head in one of his hands, trying to steady his blurry vision. Hawke sighed again, stepping forward and grabbing an empty wine bottle sitting on the floor. He held it up at Fenris, “So how many bottles deep are you?”

Fenris looked up, squinting at the bottle, “I’m.. not sure. I stopped counting at three.”

“Three bottles, Fenris? You’re going to kill youself!” Hawke said, trying to suppress the sudden anger in his voice. What had gotten Fenris so worked up that he was drinking like a madman?

“It’s no less than I deserve,” Fenris mumbled, returning his head to his hand.

Hawke frowned, his anger instantly dissipating. He threw the empty bottle in the trash bin, then knelt down next to Fenris’s seat. He put a reassuring hand on Fenris’s knee, “Hey, now,” he consoled. “There’s no need for that. What’s going on?”

Fenris was silent for a moment, no doubt trying to collect his thoughts. Hawke watched him closely  and was surprised to see a tear fall down his cheek. Instinctively, Hawke reached forward and wiped the tear. Fenris allowed it, but turned his face away from Hawke after. Finally, he said, “I left you.”

Hawke froze, his heart picking up. They had talked about this before, he knew how Fenris felt  about it. What had changed?  Had he done something to bring this on?

“Yes, you did. But you’re here now, my love, and that’s all that matters.”

Fenris shook his head, “You are too kind to me, Hawke. You told me before how much I hurt you. There is nothing I can ever do to take away that pain. I see it in your eyes. The other morning, when you woke and I was awake reading in the corner of the room. The look of panic on your face, that you had somehow thought I had left again…” He turned his attention to Hawke, his breath starting to come in short bursts. He was scared, Hawke realized. Fenris continued, “There is nothing I can do that will ever ease that pain. Don’t you see? I hurt you and there’s no fixing that.”

Hawke shook his head, a soft smile plying at his lips. He leaned forward, pressing his forehead to Fenris’s, before whispering, “Fenris, you are all I need and all I will ever want. I forgave you the moment you left. You had your reasons, and I’ve always understood. I did hurt, but the joy of having you here now outshines any of the pain that I felt then. Do you understand?” He finished by pressing a light kiss to Fenris’s lips.

Fenris shook his head, “No, I do not understand; but I suppose some day I will. I hope.”

Hawke smiled at him, pressing another kiss to the elf’s lips before standing and offering him his hand, “Now, come, let’s get you in bed before you end up hurting yourself by falling down the stairs or something equally disastrous. I’ll stay tonight, if you’ll have me.”

Fenris took Hawke’s hand, standing too quickly and falling forward into Hawke’s sturdy arms. Fenris stayed there for a moment, moving even closer to Hawke’s reassuring hold. After a moment, Fenris nodded, “Please stay. I think that’ll be best.”

Hawke smiled, pressing a kiss to the elf’s hair, “Whatever you need, my love. I’m yours.”

2016 Kylux Fic Recs! (one-shots)

So here is part two of my 2016 fic recs! (long fics are HERE) Sorry its late so late, but I was kind of under the weather this week ugh. Anyway, as I said before these are just listed as from oldest to newest in my bookmarks and this isn’t all of them. Just some of my favourites. (And once again most of them are either mature or explicit.)


The Taste of Copper On Your Tongue by thatviciousvixen | @that-vicious-vixen

Kylo Ren confesses his love like he does all things - with a straight face and loads of unnecessary circumstance, as if everything he is, was, and ever will be hinges on one moment.

One of the first fics I bookmarked, back in the early days of the fandom. A good enemies to lovers piece that takes place during TFA.

I tell you miserable things after you are asleep by kitseybarbours | @huxes

Hux and Ben are falling apart.

One of my favourite modern aus where these two are utter messes and everything hurts. Highly recommended if you like unhealthy relationships and angst. 

Warning by llyn | @nightsofllyn

He loved him so terribly that he had to say it out loud.

This fic is in reverse chronology and it’s so well done and steamy and so them. 

Shotgun by betts | @bettydays

Without Ben, the house was just a place. With Ben, it was home.

Takes place in the Honeycomb au. It’s hot and full of feels like wow look at hot mess Hux. Great fic that shows the progression of their relationship.

Missionary Impossible by ofamaranthlie | @ofamaranthlie

Kylo and Hux learn to mix treacherous business and pleasure in order to work toward a common goal: overthrow Snoke without him finding out first.

Written for this prompt on the kinkmeme: “Kylo and Hux have decided to work together against Snoke, for whatever reasons you like. Plotting against someone who can read minds is not an easy thing, but luckily they know that Snoke finds sex (or at least m/m sex, maybe) distasteful and so doesn’t rifle through those memories very thoroughly.

Conclusion: Kylo and Hux must do all their plotting while having sex.”

I love this fic because it’s funny but isn’t pure crack. I’ve very well written and the smut is great and the puns? A+

Week Three, Day Two by hollycomb | @hollyhark

Kylo comes back from a three week-long away mission that ran two days over and finds Hux asleep at his desk.

Everyone loves reunion sex. I adore established relationship fics + fics where they’ve been together and snarking for years.

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Somebody Else

Prompt: Somebody Else

Dean’s One Week Writers Challenge 2.0

Dean x Reader

Summary: You’re a super shy woman who just got divorced from your cheating ex-husband. You were dragged into a bar by your best friends to celebrate your divorce. There’s when you meet Dean Winchester and your entire life changes for good. Plus, you had some similar features of one of his ex lovers.

Words: 2,059

Warning: None, pure fluffiness & some depression talk but it goes away.

A/N: Yes, I took the names of the Sex and the City girls. This is the first prompt of the challenge, hope everyone had fun writing theirs cause’ I sure had some fun writing this. Enjoy, xoxo.

Tags: @the-mrs-deanwinchester, @noviadecoltonhaynes,  @sourwolfs13, @latinenglishfandomblog, @ tiffanylynnca, @winchesterforever12, @ mrsjohnsmith, @ fandommaniacx, @dean-in-the-devils-trap


“I really don’t want to go” I sighed, sitting half clothed on the edge of my bedroom. The one I used to shared with my late husband who I filed for divorce after catching him with another woman on this exact same bed. Today after two years of back and forth trials we’re finally divorced but this depression is still here, intact.  My door cracked when my best friends already dressed walked in.

“Ah sweetie” Carrie knelt in front of me her curled golden hair got dragged away by herself to see my miserable face. “You have to get out of here, it’s been years and today you’re finally free.”

Samantha sat next to me, while Miranda sat down on the other side, both of them with their arms around me. “It’s time to let go and celebrate.” Samantha said.

I looked at her, she’s very funny – we’ve used to make hilarious jokes and I was much like her before I got married, the flings stopped but the jokes didn’t. They stopped when I found him breaking a vow in my own bed. “I want to move, would you help me?”

“Of course I will” Samantha replied with a wide smile.

“We’ll all help you but let’s get you ready first.” Miranda said, “Yeah – leave it to me, you’re going to look perfect.” Carrie added, she’s the fashionista of us four. I nodded and let them take care of my appearance.

After not taking so long as I’d imagined, we took off for this bar. The ambient in here was pleasant, everyone had smiles on their faces so you thought it was nice to fake one even if you didn’t mean it.  The martinis came over and my girls started to get happier with them, the alcohol helped to increase your mood and when Samantha and Carrie said jokes it was impossible not to laugh.

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Until Dawn: Chris x Josh

The Stars

Word Count: 2,400 (Sorry its so long!) 

     He drove himself over to Josh’s house with single-minded determination, he was going to make his friend feel better. To bring him a sense of self as he cried or laughed or let out whatever pent up emotions he was holding back from the world. Josh needed a release, and Chris would be there.
     Three months had passed since Hannah and Beth’s disappearances, and Josh was barely holding himself upright. He seemed alright. He would smile at the right times, but not as big as he usually did. He would laugh, but it wasn’t as contagious. He was still Joshua, but he didn’t act like it. He acted like a replica, a thing that lacked some vital piece that let you recognize it as the real thing. Chris thought that he held within himself the piece that would complete the replica, thus bringing forth the real Josh. His best friend and partner in crime and hilarity. He had to have the piece. If he didn’t he had no idea what would happen to Josh.
     It was dark out, cold as September often was, and when Chris looked at his car’s dashboard clock, it read 12:08AM.
     He pulled his phone out of his pocket as he parked at the end of Josh’s driveway. It was a long twisting thing that lead up to a massive and prestigious looking white house. For a kid that should have had everything, Josh always seemed to get the short end of the stick. 
     U better b home. He texted, and within a few seconds he got a response.
     Uuuuh why do u ask?
     Look out ur front hallway window.

     As if on cue, right when Chris looked up to the window, he saw Josh’s body come into view. As they made eye contact he saw Josh smile and shake his head as he always did when Chris did something that confused him. Chris smiled back whole-heartedly, for a moment forgetting that he had a bigger goal in mind other than simply seeing his friend, but when Josh looked to his phone Chris did the same.
     What do u want lol. Texted Josh, and Chris shrugged to himself. What did he want? Something in his gut was telling him that it was more than just to see Josh and make him feel better.
     Come find out! He texted back, proud of himself for seeming so mysterious.
     Well where are we going?
     Good question.
     Dude you r so up 2 something.
     When am I NOT tbh?

     Chris looked up at the window and saw Josh smiling at his phone as he turned and ran back down the hallway, and within a few minutes he saw him come running toward the car from around the corner of his house. He must have snuck out through the back, his parents hated when he went out to late.
     As he reached the car and pulled the passenger sides door open, the boys smiled at each other as they put their fists up and bumped them into each others.
     “Alright you got me man, now whats up?”
     “Meh, now don’t kill me, but I don’t know actually, I just wanted to go for a drive.”
     “Well ‘where to miss?’” whispered Josh, his voice low and hilariously seductive as he imitated Leonardo Dicaprio from Titanic.
     “The stars,” Chris whispered back as he closed his eyes, and Josh’s laugh made him crack up as well.

     Chris let Josh play his music as he drove down the road, and eventually he turned down a back road that lead to another, and then another. They were now traveling down a dirt road - if it even counted as a road - seemingly cutoff from society as they drove through a heavily forested area.
     Just as Chris accepted the fact that he may have gotten lost, he looked to Josh, and saw that he was looking up and out the window. His navy blue vest caught the moons light every so often, and it made Chris look to the Josh’s chest much more than he wanted to.
     “Chris,” said Josh, jolting Chris out of his silent staring contest with Josh’s chest. “We’ve done some crazy stuff on these late night escapades, but none of em have lead us to the Amish Country. Where are we?”
     “Good question,” Chris shrugged, and Josh shook his head as he leaned forward and swiped hard at the car’s volume switch, making AWOLNATION blast through the car.
     Josh could sing, and it was mystifying. He loved this band, and Chris had grown into it over time as Josh played the album over and over again. He knew this song. Not Your Fault. It made him feel like he could take on anything, and with Josh in the passenger seat, maybe he could.
     The song blasted through its chorus, shaking the car’s foundation as Chris finally gave in and screamed along with Josh. It was a miracle, driving with Josh down a forest road that lead to God knew where. It was almost romantic. And then came a clearing, the dirt path opening up onto a steppe the likes of which neither of the boys had ever seen. It was massive, the grass not as high as it was in the forest, and wild flowers grew in bundled heaps as they fought against the chill of October air.
     “Dude,” said Josh. “What’s this?”
     “The stars, apparently,” Chris said, but he wasn’t looking at Josh as Josh was at him, instead his gaze was fixed on the upper half of his window.
     When Josh did as Chris did and looked out his window, he instantly broke into a smile.
     “Did you plan this?” he asked, and Chris looked back to him as he shrugged and smiled.
     “I actually didn’t even know if this place existed till now, Jessica said Mike brought her up here once, and I had no idea that it would be this… Stunning either.”
     They both brought their attention back to the night sky as they rolled their windows down, letting in the breeze that swept across the field, stirring up leaves and flower petals as it did so.
     The sky was something that neither of them could describe, a mix of beauty and wonder. The moon was a big ball of orange in the sky, but the light it cast across the field was pure and soft and white. The smell of decaying flowers, usually overpowering at that time of year, was mellowed out by the scent of freshly mown grass and rain soaked earth. Stars dotted the sky, a myriad that burned so brightly against the violent black of space that it looked almost surreal.
     “It’s like… HD or something,” said Josh, stealing the words straight from Chris’s mouth.
     “1080P res,” Chris added, and Josh held his fist up close to Chris, and without looking the two bumped fists.
     Then a song came on shuffle from Josh’s iPod that Chris hadn’t heard in a long time. Like most of the songs he had come to love, he heard them first from Josh.
     “This song always felt so sad to me. Alleyways right? By the Neighbourhood,” he said, and Josh looked over at him as he seemed to come back to the present moment for the first time.
     “You’ve been studying young Padawan, nice one. Thats great and all but seriously bro, why did you bring me here, and… I’m alright, really. I hope this doesn’t turn into one of those emotional movie moments.”
     “Well it doesn’t have to, but… I don’t know, maybe its more selfish than that,” said Chris, and his eyes dropped to the steering wheel. 
     “What do you mean?”
     “I took you out here to try and break you out of whatever funk you’re in, but-”
     “Well you’re twin sisters pulling a Houdini tends to make a guy a little glum,” he said with a smirk, but the humour behind his words didn’t have the affect he was hoping for as Chris sat back in his seat and rolled up his window.
     A cold wind swept across the plain once more, and Josh rolled his window up as it crept into the car. It was getting colder, and as the song reached its chorus, a heavy cloud of silence fell over the boys.
     Chris listened to the words as he stared down at his hands on the steering wheel. Him and Josh had been friends for a long time, longer than they had been friends with anyone else in their lives. Josh was always the thoughtful one. Always the kind one. Always the brave one. And Chris was the outgoing kid who never kept his mouth shut. It got them into trouble, but trouble was always their thing. If things were different, he thought to himself, just as the song had said the same thing. I’d remember.
     He wanted more than anything for things to be different. He wanted Hannah and Beth to be back home and for Josh to have the family he deserved. No more parents running off and shooting movies. No more annoying boyfriends that Hannah and Beth would bring home. He deserved Hannah and Beth, and Chris wasn’t enough. He knew it. Josh needed family.
     “You put on a brave face,” said Chris, surprising even himself when his voice broke the silence. “You know you don’t have to pull that shit with me. I told myself I was bringing you out here so I could get my best friend back, but… I just wanted to feel like I was- well, enough for you.”
     Josh didn’t respond for a long time, only giving Chris a look that he couldn’t read, and it made Chris anxious. Had he said the wrong thing? No, Josh knew that he was there for him. The song shuffled to Sweater Weather, and Chris looked to the AUX cord that connected Josh’s phone to his car, and as he reached down to change the song Josh’s fingers gently grabbed hold of his chin, tilting his head to the side so that he was looking Josh straight in the eyes.
     “Don’t move,” he said, and he closed his eyes. Josh suddenly leaned in. There weren’t any words inside of Chris’s brain that could possibly convey the emotions he was feeling. There was panic, and then a small, holy realization. Chris liked Josh. Like… A lot. Their lips came close, and Josh touched his to Chris’s.
     He pulled away quickly, and for a moment it was as if the kiss had never happened as Josh let his fingers fall from Chris’s chin. Silence stretched on once more, and Josh was looking down toward the cupholders between himself and Chris, while Chris was staring at Josh. All his life, ever since the day he met him, he knew Josh wasn’t just any regular friend. He was perfect, his tan skin always clear, his personality warm and welcoming, his jokes always well timed. He complimented Chris in a way that no one else ever did, and as Chris remembered all these things, a feeling of inadequacy made him feel sick to his stomach.
     “I- uh. Josh I don’t know what to say, but… I’m mean. Oh God… I wish I could give you what you really needed, you know? You- you need family.”
     “Chris don’t even start me on that shit man,” replied Josh, his voice soft and tired as it filled the car with a sense of peace. “You are family.”
     “That was pretty damn cliche for Josh Washington,” Chris murmured, feeling awkward as heat rushed to his face. What else could he say when Josh was so close and after what they had just done? Would they ever talk about it again? His brain was buzzing with questions, but his body was shutting off.
     As if he could feel Chris retreating into himself, Josh moved in close to him again, making Chris notice just how nicely Josh smelled. It was almost embarrassing how interesting he found him, and even more embarrassing when he remembered how much he loved being close to Josh. He always had some sort of scented body-wash that he was testing out. All summer he was into this Mango Hurricane scented stuff, but now that it was fall he had switched to something Beth had gotten him once a few years back. It smelled like peppermint and a deep forest after a heavy rain fall, a weird combination when Chris stopped to think about it, but on Josh it was perfect. He could smell it on him as he leaned in closer, nearly lighting Chris’s insides on fire as the anticipation of another kiss ripped him apart.
     “I never thought in a million years that this would happen, never like this,” said Josh, his voice an odd mixture of discomfort and content emotion. Chris understood what he was feeling, since he was feeling it too. They were friends, and had been for a long time, but were they really this close? Did they really care for each other in that way? Having enough of his internal argument Chris brought his attention to Josh’s eyes as he bit the inside of his lip. They were the sort of brown that no writer could put into words and no painter could ever hope to capture the essence of.
     “Don’t even get me started,” Chris said, and Josh smiled as he closed his eyes.
     “I remember when I first saw you in that stupid uniform we had to wear during gym in high school. I knew then that I really liked you.”
     “No way.”
     “Yes way.”
     “That’s when I knew that I really liked you, too.”
     “Hell yeah seriously,” Chris said, and he watched as Josh’s eyes flickered from his eyes to his mouth a few times before he finally leaned in once more.
     And they kissed, hard and soft all at the same time, Chris’s heart skipping beats in his chest as the warmth of Josh’s hand on his cheek made him dizzy with emotion.
     The kiss felt perfect. The song felt perfect. This moment, their moment, felt perfect.
     Above them, the sky glistened with countless stars. Beads of white against the black fabric of space. The stars weren’t the only things burning up on the inside that night.
     They didn’t pull away for a long time, and as the kiss deepened, Sweater Weather fell silent. 

Ticklish Affection

A/N: So here it is! (Super Lovers (Ren/Haru) - 25: “Don’t touch me.“) - I really really really need to make my drabbles shorter haaha but omg I enjoyed writing this Super Lovers tickle fluff!<3 Thnx anon, since this is your first request I hope the result won’t disappoint!

Warnings: story is SFW, but this series includes boyxboy love, non-blood related incest + big age differences. If that disturbs you please don’t read this^^

Summary: Haru comes home to a grumpy and neglected little Ren, and he’s sure tickling him will do. With Ren not being that cooperative, this gets even more fun!

Word Count: 1240

“Guys! I’m hooome!" Haru came home and the big smile on his face stiffened at the silence he was greeted with. Upon entering the living room, he could see something that looked like a moody ren, on the couch with his White Fang book in his hands.

"Ren, I said I’m home. Greet me properly,” Haru sighed, walking up towards his younger brother and spreading his arms.

“Welcome home.” It was monotonous and totally Ren-style, but Haru could already guess what was wrong. His arms dropped at the rejected hug and he frowned at the little guy.

“Where are Aki and Shima?” he asked first, thinking of how he should handle his adorable neglected brother; It was probably Ren feeling neglected that made him this way, since Haru had been very busy the past couple of days.

“Out.” Ren didn’t even look up from his pages. Heh, he really was like a little puppy that needed to be spoiled with attention!

“Are you really gonna be like that Ren?” Haru asked. No reaction.

“Aww come on Ren. Renniee. Ren-Ren!” Haru bent over him and poked both his sides, making the grumpy boy squeeze his elbows against his sides and slide down as a way of useless defense.

“N-no! Don’t touch me.” Haru smirked, and Ren’s eyes that had been filled with boredom and grumpiness slowly moved up to finally make contact, and Haru could now see a hint of nervosity.

“I know what you neeeed,” Haru sang, and he teasingly wiggled his fingers towards him. Ren’s eyes widened and he instantly dropped his book and was quick to escape.

“I said don’t touch me!” he yelled, and Haru just failed to catch him as the shorter boy leapt off the couch and darted across the room.

“If that’s how you wanna play it…” Haru said, and he playfully chased after him,

“No stay awahaay!” Haru could hear a faint giggle as Ren blurted out protests and ran around the dinner table. Circling around the dinner table and making his younger brother squeak in anticipation, Haru had the look of a predator, and he smiled when Ren couldn’t help but giggle in anticipation.

“It’s either you getting over here or I’m coming to get you,” Haru warned with his teasing voice, but Ren shook his head heavily and made it for a fast sprint towards the stairs.

“Noohoho!” he yelled, and Haru went to chase him up the stairs. Funny enough, Ren chose to flee into Haru’s bedroom, and he hastily looked for cover by crawling under the bed. Ha, big mistake.

“Gotcha!” Haru laughed, catching Ren’s ankle before his foot could follow its owner to hide under the bed, and he didn’t waste a second: he peeled off his sock and scribbled his sole with all five fingers.

High pitched laughter sounded from under the bed, and Ren’s foot twitched against Haru’s touch.

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Exo Reaction To The Gender Of Their First Child


Thank you for the request! And sorry for the extreme delay! but I always love your requests so please don’t be discouraged from requesting in the future!

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/



He enters the room after you did all the hard work and runs like a little kid to the incubator. With his eyes focused on the small infant he says, distracted, “Sorry babe the crowd was mental and I couldn’t get through, then the traf-” he stops once he makes eye contact with the small boy. He looks over at you with a gaping mouth, “I TOLD YOU SO!” he says smugly. With a huge grin he picks up the boy swaddled in blue cloth and says to him in a sing song voice, “Your mum didn’t believe me when I said you were a boy…she even insisted in bringing pink clothing to bring you home in…but don’t worry my boy I snuck in a dinosaur can thank me later”


He bursts in the room, with eyes gleaming. He sees all the pink balloons cluttering the tiny space and would drop his head back with his eyes closed and heave out “Thank you..” He runs over to you and grabs you face, giving you a gentle kiss. “You’re amazing” is all he would whisper repeatedly into your hair as he hugs you. He then jumps away from you as they roll your little girl in. With a heart warming grin, Suho picks up the little girl for the first time and with love in his eyes he takes in every inch of his princess. He then plants a kiss on the sleeping babys head and whispers to it, “Thank you for being a girl…I really didn’t need another son…especially after Sehun, he would get jealous if you got all the attention for being the maknae” 


He gently opens the door to find you holding the small child in your arms. He can’t help but beam at the two of you, he’s that immersed in the scene playing out before him that he didn’t even take note of the rose coloured fabric that his little girl was wrapped in. He stumbles over, his eyes never drawing away from her small frame. His large thumb makes a trail on her forehead, tracing all the way over her full cheeks and to her plump lips, which she obviously inherited from him. He chuckles lightly whispering, “My little girl, appa loves you so much” You hand her to him and he smiles like a lunatic for every second he has her. Once the nurse arrives she asks Jongin for the baby and he reluctantly hands her over and only you notice the water building in his eyes.


He gently knocks on the door and opens it after you approve of his entering. You can tell he feels bad disturbing you after all the hard work you had just done but he couldn’t wait to see the child that was half genetically his. You point him in the direction of the baby and his head snaps in the direction and he just freezes, “my baby girl..” You look on fondly at the gawking Kris. The rest of his wolf pack aka EXO bound through the door and all in chorus say “Awwhh” in a singsong voice. One of them jokingly says, “Eh she’s not as cute as Jongins how could she be, she’s half yours” they lightly chuckle and Kris joins in but suddenly stops giving the poor boys a look of death making them squirm, and just says, “no.” 


They boys all enter together and you immediately tell them to be quiet as the baby is resting. They tip toe over to you, with Lay leading them, still in concert gear, obviously they immediately rushed over not having time to change. He places one hand at the back of your neck rubbing his thumb over your skin and hair and kisses the top of your head lingering there for a moment and you feel something wet touch your scalp. You hear Yixing sniff and say quietly, “Thank you for our little boy, you are the most amazing woman in this entire world” He looks down at the small boy and chuckles at the face he’s puling. The other memebers make their way over and one of them points out the small dimple that appears on the infants right cheek when he smiles. You have never seen Lay happier and he has the biggest smile plastered on his face while the others cheer for passing on the good genes.


He timidly approaches you and the slumbering bundle of joy. When he reaches the two of you he mouths, “Boy or girl?” You smile and mouth back, “Girl”. He looks at you in disbelief and his jaw practically hits the floor. He begins happy dancing and you chuckle lightly and whisper for him to stop or your laughter will wake her. He complies with a smile and stokes your cheek and says, “I love you, you know that right” You nod with a small smile emerging on your face. Later the other boys try to enter the room when the little girl is awake and you say to him to let them in cause she’s awake, “Oh I know she’s awake but I need to protect my little girl from every guy out there even if it’s my band members…they’re all threats…I don’t need some freaking Jacob imprinting shit happening” he says while pushing Kai out of the room. You aren’t sure if you’re more surprised at his protectiveness of the new born or the fact he read Twilight…


He sees the banner draped on the wall and you look at him waiting for him to see the “BOY” part. You can see in the way he just stopped everything when he read the word boy. He looks at you to check this isn’t some kind of prank because you know how much he has wanted a boy, even though he wouldn’t admit it. He starts snapping his head in random directions, like a dog trying to catch its tail, “he’s with the nurses, he’ll be back soon” You saw the fear glimmer in his eyes when you said he was with the medical team. You hold out your arm to him beckoning him towards you and he walks to you slightly dazed, “he’s okay LuLu, stop worrying.” He just nods letting you know he heard you. You see the bag he’s holding, “What’s that?” He follows your gaze and gives you a full grin pulling out the contents of the carrier bag. Of course it’s a baby sized Ronaldo shirt…The baby finally comes back and Luhan’s face is priceless, “OH MY GOSH! HE’S SO FRICKING TINY?! dang he’s not going to fit into this shirt for a while is he…”


He comes into the room with his arms folded and his nose in the air, same old Sehun. “Sehunnie…come one, stop being immature and say hello” You say laughing lightly at his childish behaviour. “No that thing is going to take all of your attention and you won’t pay any attention to me” He says turning his back on the two of you. “That thing is half yours and a she, for your information” When you say that he reaches you in a flash, forgetting all of his worries and focused on the petite girl nestling in your arms. “Sh-She…..” It’s the first time you’ve ever seen him so speechless, that is until he finally admits in defeat, “She’s beautiful…I love you little girl, with every inch of my heart” He’s lost in soaking in the small girls distinct features which causes her to resemble him. You poke his cheek chuckling at his complete infatuation with the new born, which causes him to become embarrassed, he never did do well with loving things or people…like he didn’t admit that he loved you for four years! “Okay she’s the most precious thing I’ve ever seen” he says thinning his lips.

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He sprints to the incubator holding his little girl and beams at her with a face full of joy, “I’m a dad…like this little thing will call be dad” After repeating that sentence to himself several times he begins to get used to it and you see him puffing out his chest, trying to take on the protective father role. You role your eyes at his immaturity but you find it amusing. It’s also hilarious when he tells off the other EXO members when they visit and are rowdy when she’s napping. He scolds them and they all apologize and he even has sent a few out off the room for their behaviour, maybe he will settle into this new father role welll after all!


He impatiently waits at the room door for when he is allowed to see the two of you. “Where is my little man?!” he squeals when he gets into the room and you hold up the little boy to him. He instantly holds out his arms for the boy but you say to him, “uh uh, you have to promise not to mess with him, I just fed him and he seems to be getting tired so I really don’t need you doing any kind of flying with him…okay?” He nods quickly just wanting to hold him. You pass the little boy with a smile and when Chanyeol gets him rested in his arms a content smile forms on his lips. You go to sleep and when you wake up, you hear Chanyeol speaking so you focus on what he’s saying, “..App-a..try it son Ah-pa” You look at him, “Are you seriously trying to teach him to talk he’s not even a day old Chan” He would just avoid eye contact with you as you laugh.


He looks at the little girl whimpering softly in her incubator, with so much love and happiness. You wish you could live in this moment forever, with your little family. He doesn’t stop smiling at you and the little girl. “I always wanted a daughter..I never told you that because I didn’t want you to be upset if we had a boy, I would have loved the baby regardless of gender, I just have always wanted a daughter” he would say while rocking the infant. You would feel your heart flutter when you hear hing sing softly to the small girl and would look on in awe as her cries soften immediately as Kyungsoo began singing. A small smile appears on his face as he just lets the world melt away, all that is important to him is you and your little girl.


Like a kid in a candy shop, he would come bounding into the room with an infectious smile on his face. “Is it a boy? Please tell me it is!” He pleads with his hands held as if in prayer, you just nod smiling and he starts running around the small square room cheering. This causes the baby boy to squirm and erupt in howling cries. You try to hush him and rock him, whilst telling Tao to pipe down. He instantly becomes quiet and makes his way over to the red faced small boy and takes off his hat and places the over sized accessory on the boys head and he immediately stops crying, “YES! He appreciates fashion…we can go shopping together! THINK OF THE GUCCI BABE!” You look at him in complete horror thinking of how much the two are going to cost you.


DUDE! I loved doing this! I think it turned out really well, it was super cute and I’m super happy with this!

I hope it’s what you wanted! Thank you again for the request!


Inspiration-Kim Namjoon Scenario

/Warning: some cursing/

Absolute silence.

Thank God, you thought. Writing had always been easier for you when nothing was interrupting your thoughts.

You gave an imperceptible sigh of relief as you sat, staring down at your faded, worn notebook. Raising your head to look around at the other people in the small café, you tried to note down distinct features of theirs for character profiles- after all, your final project of the semester at the local college was to write a romance, one of the hardest genres to pen.

None of them seemed of any interest to you- there was a higher chance of you being abducted by aliens that of you writing a boring character- and you felt your shoulders drop, with them one of your last hopes for gaining an idea to begin your project on. At least it was quiet, maybe you could think of something-

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

Stiffening your shoulders, you drew yourself up in your chair. The tapping noise was coming from behind you, in the one place you hadn’t glanced by earlier. You turned around to face the annoying sound.

“I swear-” you began in perfect Korean, faltering once you saw his face.


Black shirt, black skinny jeans, red converse, and a beanie that had Rap Monster scrawled on it. Running a hand through his perfectly styled platinum blond hair, cute face scrunched up in concentration, he drummed the other hands’ fingers against the table. It was then you realized that he was drumming out a beat.

“Um,” you started again, knowing that you really never were good in awkward situations. Maybe he hadn’t heard you through his huge headphones?

No such luck. He took them off his head and shot you a dimpled smile.

They were so deep, you could swim in them.

Hell, you WOULD swim in them.

“Yes?” He said smoothly, causing red to bloom across your face.

“I- my name is… (Y/N)?”

‘Stupid, stupid, stupid. How can you end that with a question? Do you not know your own name, you-’ Your thoughts were interrupted by his voice cutting through again, but this time in English, as he could see from your appearance that you weren’t a Korean native, but almost definitely another exchange student (you were).

“I’m Kim Namjoon. Or Namjoon Kim, the way I guess you’d say it.” He smiled, holding out his hand for you to shake. “You swear-?” He asked, arching an (perfect) eyebrow in reference to the first words you said to him.

You’re startled at his English- it sounds even smoother and deeper than his usual voice, if that’s even possible- and a bit like a stereotypical American gangster. For a moment, you’re taken aback by his voice (as if you weren’t taken aback by his appearance earlier). So surprised, you almost forgot to reply. In fact, it took you a minute to realize he was waiting for you to speak. Suddenly, you were sheepish.

“Well, um, your tapping was distracting and I have a paper due in a couple of weeks. I say paper, it’s more like 50 papers. One assignment.” You awkwardly laughed at your own (very lame) joke. Thankfully, he laughed with you.

“I’m really sorry, it’s just that I’m working on a type of project myself.” He smiled at you. Suddenly, it all fit together.

The laptop in front of him.

The large headphones.

And, more than anything else, the tapping.

“You’re a music major?” You yelped. Now you felt terrible- you interrupted somebody else’s work in your quest to find the best workplace for yourself! He shook his head.

“Not exactly, you see I-” The door to the tiny café burst open, practically off its hinges. Six boys walked in, laughing and talking. You sighed, and you saw Namjoon groan quietly.

“Do you not like them?” You asked, lowering the volume of your voice.

“No, worse,” He began. “They’re my best friends.” As if they heard him, the boys made their way towards Namjoon. At the sight of you talking to Namjoon, one of them began smirking, like he knew something absolutely hilarious about what he saw in front of him.

“So you finally got up the courage to talk to your ‘muse’, have you, Namjoonie?” The smirker laughed, obviously thinking you didn’t speak Korean. You blushed. Muse?

Namjoon went red too and opened his mouth to speak when another, younger boy spoke. “Jimin! Don’t bother Namjoon hyung like this!” Namjoon sighed in relief.

“Thank y-”

“It’s not his fault he comes here everyday to stare at the ‘cafe girl’ and says she’s his inspiration for his new rap or something so he can get away with it.” He snorted.

“Jungkook!” Namjoon reprimanded, beet red.

The boy who seemed to be Jungkook laughed while Jimin seemed ready to fall over in laughter. You raised an eyebrow at Namjoon. He wouldn’t look you in the eye.

What a cutie.

“Hey, we didn’t try to talk in English at least!” Jimin said, tears forming in his eyes from laughing too hard. “She doesn’t understand so we haven’t embarrassed you in front of anyone but yourself-”

“Hi, I’m (Y/N). Was the thing about being his muse true?” You said in near perfect Korean, smiling. The boys instantly quieted in shock, and, soon after, reddened in shame.

“I’m sorry Namjoon.” Both of the boys who had spoken simultaneously winced. Namjoon sighed, scratching the back of his neck.

“Yeah, it’s true.” Namjoon confessed in English. “I was having trouble writing my rap for our next song,” he started, gesturing towards his friends and himself, “which happens to be about liking a foreign girl, actually, and I was having trouble writing and-”

Suddenly you had a thought. You knew what to write for your final project.

“You just gave me an idea!” You exclaimed, cutting off Namjoon. “A story about a guy who’s in like a band or something who writes music about the literature major girl he sees everyday until he has the courage to ask her out,”

Namjoon looked surprised, and then recognition dawned on him. You wanted to make your final project about what happened at the cafe!

Suddenly, he realized what you meant. “You’ll go out with me, really, if I asked you you would?”

You raised an eyebrow. “I was going to say, she asks him out first, though.” Turning back to your notebook, you quickly scribble something on a piece of paper and tear it out. Standing up, you pass by Namjoon’s table and through the six of his friends.

“I have to go write, but I’ll see you here tomorrow?” You dropped the piece of paper in front of him and walked out, blushing red and trying to control it.

Namjoon stared dumbfounded at the piece of paper. “Did you guys just land me a date by embarrassing me in public?” He looked up at his fellow BTS members. They all had varying degrees of confusion across their faces.

“Yes?” One of them asked.

“What does the note say?”

Namjoon read the paper, and smiled. “It says 'Meet me here at 7? After getting something to eat we could go to a park or watch a movie or something?’ Her number is under it and she signed it as 'Your Muse, (Y/N).’” He grinned.

“You know, I have an idea for my rap.” Namjoon smiled.

“Finally.” Suga rolled his eyes and slid into the booth besides Namjoon. The others followed suit. Jimin grinned.

“But before that, we have to talk about what you’re wearing tomorrow.

-Admin R

The Interrogation Scene

So with the Interrogation scene floating around now in rather nice quality video; I was able to watch it a couple of more times(Mostly to study Kylo’s expressions) before I noticed two things I hadn’t seen mentioned before in other metas(Please correct me if I am wrong); so I thought I’d share my thoughts on these two particular lines spoken by Kylo Ren.

  • 1: “You’re my guest.”

This line. Kylo says this with a smile. I don’t know if its indicated that he’s smiling in the novelization as I am not quite there yet; but in this movie, he says this one line with a smile. I know, he’s wearing a mask, how can you tell?

I have been acting since I was very, very small. And I have had interest in becoming a voice actress, so I have practiced that quite a bit. One of the things that a lot of people fail to realize is that, voice actors do not just go in and read their lines and be done with it. They have to get emotion across using just their voice. And that is not as easy as it sounds. So voice actors have to be very, very animated in the booth; just as much–if not more–than actual actors in order for the emotion to get across to the viewer. In other words: If your character is smiling, you gotta smile too, even if no one will see you do it.

That being said, I’ve done quite a bit of voice over work; and I’ve learned how to, quite literally, listen to people’s expressions. I can now tell when someone is smiling because you sound different when your lips are tightened with a smile as opposed to being relaxed. If you try it, and listen for it, you’ll hear it!

So when Kylo Ren delivers this line, he is most definitely smiling behind that mask of his; be it with amusement or not I do not know. Because almost instantly, the following line “you mean the murderers, traitors and thieves” is said far more darkly, grimly, and with more bass. Because the smile is gone, and he is annoyed and possibly even disgusted.

(Also the line itself could be taken as a hilarious nod to the song Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast, but that is just a silly little personal preference.)

  • 2: “You. A Scavenger.”

This line here comes across to some as being hostile and bitter; and while there is some hostility present in him… To me; the line comes across as jealousy.

He(a prince by birth, a Skywalker by blood and heir to Darth Vader’s legacy) has hunted this map for who knows how long and has probably done who knows what to try to find Luke Skywalker. And he has failed. Multiple times. How many times has he failed to get this map? How many times has he followed trails to find Luke and always returned a failure? We don’t know.

And yet, this little nobody from a desert planet, managed to get the map no questions asked. It’s gotta sting the pride just a bit, and make the man quite jealous that she managed to get such important information without even trying, where as he has been bending over backward to try and find that dang map and has only ever gotten close.

Everything else I noticed in the scene had already been mentioned in many other posts; such as him eyeing her up and down, his growing fascination as the scene progresses, his awe at her power at the very end. He’s definitely fun to watch.

nancywheelsr  asked:

bellarke for mortal enemies accidentally showing up in matching costumes every fucking year, please? (btw i love you and your writing)

Her first year of college brings about the following things: a 3.9 GPA, the dreaded freshman fifteen, and a nemesis.

(The latter being the most unexpected. And the most unwelcome.)

His name is Bellamy Blake, and it all happens in the split second it takes for him to utter a soft, disapproving scoff in the middle of her speech on censorship policies.

She stops short at the sound, crushing her meticulously written note cards in her fingers. “I’m sorry, do you have a problem with this?”

He snorts, somehow manages to convey defiance and smug superiority all at once with the tilt of his chin. “Even if I did, I highly doubt you’d let me express it without attempting to shut me down at least twice.” Then, as if smirking at his own cleverness, “Pretty ironic judging from your topic of choice, princess.”

“Well, I think it’s hilarious that you think so,” she says, beaming with mock enthusiasm, “considering you’re the one who disrupted me mid-speech to share your opinion on the topic. But, please. Do go on.”

They regard each other in tense, fraught silence, eyes narrowed and arms crossed, and just like that, a rivalry is born; interactions antagonistic and unpleasant, arguments hissed between teeth or shouted down corridors.

And it would have been easy if it had just stayed that way, really; if Halloween hadn’t come around and turned everything on its head.

The first time it happens, it’s at a costume party hosted by a Alpha Tau Omega.

He scowls upon her arrival, adjusting the metal plating on his left arm; the bleeding red star painted over the dingy silver exterior serving as a testament to his poor art skills. “Oh, hell no. Did you do this on purpose?”

“Me?” She counters, shifting her Captain America shield to her other arm. “I’m convinced that you did this just to spite me.”

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anonymous asked:

How about MonsterHaus NurseyDex♗:One falling asleep with their head in the other's lap. :D (this is probably the most obvious combination ever, but I am the most predictable person, so...)

I’M SO GLAD. This is so fuCKING WERID GET HYPE. It also got very long.

♗:One falling asleep with their head in the other’s lap.

Part of This AU. Dullahan Dex and Vampire Nursey. 

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Approximately 38% of the time -Dex knew because he had done the math- Nursey decided to forgo his bed and instead hang upside down in the closet. Though his memory of the previous night was foggy, Dex thought he vaguely recalled Nursey attempting the feat the night before. If his memory was true, and he wasn’t just remembering things as more hilarious than they had actually been, Nursey had made at least three fateful attempts to get himself upside down on his bar, and had come crashing down on a pile of his own shoes each time.

“Maybe we should just watch a movie.”

Dex had no idea whose idea it has actually been, but the last memory he had was of himself sitting shoulder to shoulder with Nursey in the bottom bunk of the attic. The movie had been something animated and light, with bright colors and high voices but beyond that he couldn’t remember much. He definitely did not recall curling up in his fellow D-man’s lap and falling asleep.

In the early morning light he could see the laptop on the floor. Forgotten, its screen was black and a wayward pillow was covering most of the keyboard. The laptop was instantly forgotten as the arm tucked around his chest tightened. The heat of embarrassment flushed down Dex’s chest, but maybe that was just the natural feeling of his blood warming back up after spending the night cuddling a vampire.

Cuddling. He felt his stomach roll at the thought of the word. Actually that was probably just the hangover. At least he didn’t have a headache. And, praise be whatever gods above or below were watching, because he had woken up before Nursey.

It took Dex a minute to peel himself out of his friend’s particularly clingy grasp without waking him, but the moment he was free he was stumbling towards the door. Despite the lack of pounding in his head, he still felt too light, and his mouth was dryer than he could ever remember. All he needed was a glass of water and maybe a shower and Nursey never had to know that Dex hadn’t made it back to his own bed.

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How to Avenge 101 [Part 18]

[Master list]  [Part 17] … [Part 19] 

A/N: This is a MONSTER of a chapter. Not kidding. But it’s to say thank you to everyone who’s been so patiently awaiting this part :) You are all fantastic. Really. Also…sorry to all the Steve shippers – you might want to go and re-read Cold Showers after this one. I promise he’ll be back soon!  (Plus I’ll also re-read this over tomorrow and probably edit the bits which obviously don’t make sense…right now I’m too tired!)

Word Count: 8,313

Warnings: Slight cussing, mention of previous injuries.


“So tell me exactly what stealth training you’re up to today?” You asked, eager to avoid the subject of Clint’s payback, in the vague hope that it’d mean he’d also forget about it. You’d noticed the huge crates littered across the room, as well as the various other obstacles places on top of each other, but that wasn’t unusual to see in here. Your eyes were immediately trying to remember the placement of all the obstacles.

“Nocturnal Hide and Seek.” Clint casually folded his arms across his chest. “No powers though.”

Ah – this was always fun.

“Assume you’re hiding? Doing a poor job of it Hawkeye.” You joked, smiling at him.

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Reading Buddies; Part 2

{Part 1}

Part 2 of ?? for my Hancock x F!SS fluff series. This one focuses a bit more on the other characters around Goodneighbor because I love those beautiful train wrecks so much.

It was later in the evening; dusk having already settled its hushed presence over Goodneighbor. The neighborhood watch had started to light the lanterns that littered the tight alleyways and open plaza of the town; with a musty fog dusting eerily over the cobbled and cracked streets, as it always did. 

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Be My Baby Pt.11 *Psycho!Ashton*

sadly this is it, the last part. hopefully it will all make sense to you. also if you want you guys can follow me on twitter at @band_food_sleep and my wattpad is @i_do_not_care (do you want this story on wattpad or nah)

You sat on the couch for hours, just sitting there staring at the wall. The room was quiet, you waited for Ashton to return home. You wanted to tell him about the odd encounter. Or maybe not, you didn’t want him to think you were going insane. But, you also wanted to discuss leaving the house soon. You haven’t left in ages You haven’t seen the sun or felt wind or smelled fresh green grass in months. You hated it, you hated being cooped up. You hated it to no end and the fact that you’ve let Ashton keep you like this for so long surprises you. You didn’t even have the urge to runaway and leave him. You didn’t want to leave him. Its like there was something holding you back, keeping you in the house. Not that you were complaining, Ashton was nothing but a gentle sweetheart now. Everyday when he came home, he would make sure he had a large bouquet of whatever flower he saw that day. He said they reminded him of you, beautiful and full of life. He nursed you back to health as well, your wounds healing quickly. More quickly than they should’ve. Bullet wounds, especially those breaking bones, don’t heal in just a few weeks, but yours did. He would always be the one to cook, or clean. Do anything really, you were the ultimate princess. Speaking of, he walked through the door. “Hello, baby.” He kissed your cheek and shrugged his jacket off his shoulders. Hanging it on the rack he turned back to you. A single rose present in his hand, “They were out of the bundles.” He shyly smiled as you took it from his hand. “Its beautiful, Ash. I love it.” He placed a sweet kiss on your lips. “I was thinking today, we order something. Pizza sound good?” He didn’t wait for an answer as he already began dialing the number. You observed him from the afar. He’s changed a bit in the last few months. He seems taller, more built. More mature and serious, you can see the stubble forming around the sharp shape of his face. His hair was most definitely longer as he now used a bandana to keep it out of his eyes. He was tanner as well, compared to your powder white complexion (lol) he was very dark. He just seemed to carry himself more confidently lately.

“Can I talk to you, Ash?” He smiled at the nickname you have given him. Although you didn’t see it as much, it was just a shorter form of his name. But if it made him happy, then so be it. “Of course, sweetheart. What seems to be on your pretty little mind?” He asked, taking your much smaller hand in his. Even his hands has changed, they were rougher and calloused. You thought it over for a second and realized it was ridiculous, and he would only laugh at you. “Nevermind, its stupid.” You attempted to retreat but he held tighter. “Its not stupid if its bothering you. Tell me.” His voice was stern but gentle. You looked up and saw him already staring down, a soft expression donning his usually hardened face. You melted instantly and told him everything, you told him about at first just hearing the voices. Then you told him about the apparition that had looked exactly like you. He stood there and listened, taking in every word. You finished felling as if a huge weight has been lifted from your chest. He chuckled softly at your current state. You knew he would laugh, think you were a crazy fool. “Theres a good explanation for all that.” He tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. “Really?” You asked. He nodded and continued his explanation, “Cabin Fever. You need to get out of the house. Tell you what, tomorrow I’ll take you out.” A huge smile spread across your face. You squealed and jumped on him, kissing all over his face. “I love you.” He rubbed your back as his smile grew as well. “I love you.” The ringing of a doorbell interrupted you both as Ashton went to pay for the pizza. “I’ll grab the plates if you can turn the television on.” He bargained and you waved him off, knowing full well you couldn’t reach the damn plates. He insists on putting everything on the top shelf. Leaving you hopeless and having to ask him for help. You found it to be a dick move, he found it to be hilarious watching you struggle. You turned the television on and the news popped up.

The headline read ‘Body of Missing Girl Found in the Woods’. That immediately caught your attention, as you had no idea that there was even a missing girl to be found. You turned it up and listened closely;

“The investigation for abducted teen Y/F/N Y/L/N has come to a heartbreaking conclusion. Police say they resumed the search after weather had cleared up and deep into the woods, was the body of the young girl. Her family and friends are devastated at the findings. However there is a suspect in the case. A young man by the name of Ashton Irwin. Sources say he was the last person to have seen Y/N alive and was with her the night she was abducted. He has also been connected to the death of her boyfriend, the same night she was reported missing. Ashton hasn’t been seen since and lab reports will say whether or not he killed Y/N or not. In other news…”

That girl was you. You sat on the couch wide eyed and terrified. What was she talking about? You were alive, you were right here. Breathing, seeing, touching doing all the things a person does, and alive. There must have been a mistake. You weren’t missing or dead at all. Ashton wasn’t a bad guy, he may have hurt you. That is all true, but he didn’t kill you. Your boyfriend was dead? You didn’t have a boyfriend. This news reporter was obviously getting bad sources as she was very wrong. Ashton walked in and saw the news on, there was still a headline about your death underneath. He seemed just as confused as you were. “What the hell? You’re right here?” There was a banging on the door, “Ashton Irwin! Open the door now, this is the police!” He ran over to you as the door was broken down and crumbled under the weight of a swat team charging in. They threw him to the ground and pulled his arms behind his back. You screamed and begged for them to let him go, or at least be gentle with him. But to no avail, no one even noticed you, It’s like you didn’t even exist. Police were walking past you and you reached out to one, attempting to grab his sleeve. Your hand went right through him, not being able to grab anything. You looked down and to your horror, you were actually fading. You took one look at Ashton and whispered, “I love you.” Then you faded away completely.
Ashton woke up screaming and thrashing round on the cold, hard metal surface. He screamed and pulled hard on he restraints until he saw the blood trickling from his wrists. “Are you done?” A deep voice came from the corner of the room. He lifted his head and saw his old friend, Luke. He was dressed in a suit and tie, legs crossed and clipboard resting on his lap. He also now wore thick glasses over his blue eyes, making them larger than before. “Where is she? What did you guys do to her?” Ashton asked, struggling some more. There was a panic in his voice. He was scared, not for himself but for you. He didn’t know where you were and he was worried at what these people might have been doing to you. “Who? Y/N?” Luke asked, clicking his pen and writing a quick note on his board. Ashton nodded his head vigorously, screaming so much made his throat hurt and we was too frightened to speak. “Ashton we have this discussion everyday. You were having another dream.” Luke seemed exasperated, but that didn’t answer Ashton’s question. “Where is she?!” Ashton screamed once more, Luke stood from the hard chair across the room. “Ashton, you killed her ten years ago. Right now you are currently residing at a mental hospital. She is no longer real, you were having another dream.” Luke then opened the door and exited. Leaving Ashton to sit in this new information. Dead? He killed her ten years ago? “Liar! Where is she?” Ashton refused to believe he would ever kill her, she was his whole world. He would never hurt her. She wasn’t dead. She just wasn’t.


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Especially One of You

It was a little past 11 pm when she finally reached her hotel room. Even though she was tired as hell for being shooting almost the entire day, she managed to take a shower before passing out in bed.

Before entering the shower, she checked her voice mail just to make sure she wouldn’t miss any important messages. The inbox signaled three messages, one of which she instantly knew who was from. 

“Hey. I’ve been trying to reach you all day. Guess you’re still shooting. I… I, um, I just wanted to say how much I miss you. You know how much I dread doing this, it’s just so not my scene. You make things easier when you’re there with me. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re gonna say…’but David, you won’t be alone, the guys are gonna be there with you…’”. She laughed at that. His attempt at impersonating her was hilarious. She continued listening to it, her heart warm and a little tight. She missed him. “…well, newsflash, I don’t need the guys, I need my girl. It’s not the fucking same, ya know? Who am I gonna share my jacket with? Or gum? Or do improvs? I swear to God, babe, this is the last time I let you convince me to do this shit without you next to me, you got it? You know I can’t say no to you at any given day, but especially when we’re in bed and you’re doing that thing with your hand that drives me crazy and I can’t think coherently or deny you anything. You’re an evil, evil creature, G-Woman.” She heard him chuckle and it made her insides flutter. “Shit, okay, I’m rambling. I, uh, I have to go now. Just wanted you to know how much I miss you. I, um, I hope you miss me as much as I miss you. So, uh, talk to you later, then? Love you, babe.”

She smiled.

If only he knew.

If only he knew how much she fucking missed him. He clearly had no idea and she could sense a bit of insecurity behind his words. She had to constantly remind him how important he was in her life these days, especially when hours and miles were against them. 

If only he knew. 

If only he knew how it sucked to be so far away from him, not seeing him in almost a month now, after practically living together for three. They had tested the waters. And passed the test with flying colors. One more the reason it was so hard to listen to him other than feel him. On her and in her.

If only he knew.

She checked the clock on the nightstand and a quick math told her it was almost time for the guys’ panel on the Comic Con. She pulled her tablet from inside her purse and tried to get a hold of a live streaming. While waiting for it to turn on and connect, she listened to the other messages.

“Hey Gill, I’m out for the night. I ran all the errands and picked up your dry cleaning. It’s all in the closet. Piper said the boys are good, aside from fighting over a missing Lego piece, you know, the one David got them in Vancouver?Oh, speaking of, he tried to reach you earlier. You, um, you should definitely try to give him a call ASAP, he sounded a little… I don’t know, off. I dare to say a little sad, perhaps? I don’t know, just… just call him when you can, okay? By the way, the panel will be live streaming at XFiles News website, in case you manage to get back in time. Well, that’s it. See you tomorrow. Bye.”

Her PA. She didn’t know what she would do without Katie in her life. Her words worried her a little, tho. He sounded sad? Jesus. What else would it take to make him see how invested she was in him? In them? Damn David for being so thick. But fuck it. If reassurance was what he needed, reassurance was what he’d get.

Blessing the wonders of technology, she was soon greeted by the live streaming on the screen. And there he was. In all its hot and sexy glory. Damn, he looked good. But Katie was right. There was something not quite right about him. She could read him like a book. The jokes were there, together with his usual charm and sarcasm. Nothing unusual for the ordinary, outside eyes. He did put on a good front. But she could tell. He was fidgety, she could see that much. Changing positions, drinking water all the time. All those telltale signs she knew by heart. He was right. It was different when it was just them. They were usually both at ease and could handle anything thrown their way.

Without missing a beat, she grabbed her phone, logged in to her Twitter account and wrote what her heart told her to. For once she managed to keep her usual trolling out of it. She loved to yank his chains, but she needed it to be different this time. This time the message had to get across and he needed to understand it for what it was. A sincere, heartfelt declaration. Of some sort, at least.

And she was sincere. She was lying in bed. She did miss them all. The guys in her mind. But her guy in her heart.

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