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i’ve been thinking so much abt the right things in the wrong time, when you feel you’re too young/old to be fully enjoying something, like the tv show i’ll hear about when im 27 and not pay attention while 16 yo me would stay up late to read theories abt it, finding a book series when im 34 but hating it already bc of how long it is while 9 yo me would have read it on its entirety in one sitting w/o blinking an eye, the person i met when im 17 seems like the most annoying being on the galaxy but on the eyes of 18 yo me they’re practically my soulmate, im so scared of this, and the worst part is that it happened already and it will keep happening and i cant do nothing about it

Things Not to Do in a Tarot Reading

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Most readings go over great! However, there is definitely some level of etiquette expected. Here’s a list of some things that can instantly turn a reading sour!

For the Querent…

💎 Be Disrespectful. This should really go without saying. If you’re getting a reading, treat them with respect! They are providing a service just like anybody else you would give money to. Even if they’re doing it for free, they’re still taking time out of their day to help you out.

💎 Cram Questions. Typically, it goes one question, one card, with more cards providing more insight or addressing different facets of a single question. It makes a reader’s head ache when someone purchases a single card draw, but sends the reader a billion questions. They’re trying to get the insight of a ten-card spread for basically a dollar, and from the reader’s end it feels like they’re being slighted. It’s simple: if you want more insight and more detail, choose a reading that fits your needs.

💎 Fight the Reading. There are two ways people do this: fighting the message, and fighting the reader.  In the first, if the cards say something the querent doesn’t like, and they get upset, trying to get the reader to “fix” their answer. This mostly comes from people who wanted a tarot reading for self-affirmation, rather than insight into a problem. If you want a feel-good tarot sesh that’s fine; be sure to either purchase a reading designed for that, or let your reader know you’re not up for bad news right then. The second comes from fellow readers! The reader will be going about their business and the querent will say, “I read tarot and that’s not what that card means.” It may seem like a kind gesture at first, but not all decks have the same meaning for every card and the reader’s intuition and unique interpretation are just as important as the card. If the meanings were set in stone for every card, we wouldn’t need to go to other readers!

💎 Treat the Reader Like a Hack. Skepticism is understandable. Skepticism is completely fine! A lot of skeptics end up getting tarot readings either for the novelty of it, or because their friend dragged them into it. It’s okay to approach a reading with a healthy amount of reservation, waiting to see what’s in store before totally investing in it. However, there’s a line between being skeptical, and being a jerk about it. Don’t spend the whole time trying to “expose” your reader as a fraud, constantly critique on how vague or not they’re being, and just steamrolling over the message they’re trying to give you so that you can feel superior somehow. It doesn’t make you look like a hero, it makes you look like someone I impersonate with an annoying voice to my friends over dinner.

💎 Ask Questions that are Clearly Out of Line. Tarot can get pretty heavy sometimes. A lot of experienced readers have at least one story of someone who really opened up to them about dark subjects, and they worked through it together. A lot of different subjects are acceptable, but some just… really aren’t. My friend had a querent approach him online, all but straight-up saying they were meant to be together and asking for a reading about their future. I’ve had people approach me asking for me to diagnose their illness. If you have a question about a potentially triggering subject, please please ask your reader if they are comfortable reading for that topic before just unloading a graphic description on them. Also, don’t hit on your reader. It’s the occult equivalent of hitting on your waitress.

For the Reader…

💎 Minimize the Querent’s Concerns. This person came to you with a question in mind, and is putting their trust in you. What seems trivial to you may be a big deal to someone else! If someone approaches you asking what they can do to bond with their cat more, don’t make them feel silly for choosing that question; that’s their prerogative. If they’re concerned enough about it to get a tarot reading, maybe there’s more to it than meets the eye!

💎 Judge Their Question (to their face.) I won’t say “don’t judge them at all,” because often that’s impossible. We’re only human, after all. Let’s say your querent is considering leaving their long-term relationship for a sketchy but passionate fling. You might think this person has garbage priorities, but I promise any lecture you feel like giving them, they’ve already heard. They’re not paying you to nag or bestow your personal ethics onto them. They’ve already done whatever they’ve done, and now they would just like some insight before moving forward. It’s not a reader’s job or a reader’s place to place moral judgement on a reader. (It’s a lot like being a therapist… everything is neutral and confidential, unless there’s evidence of abuse or potential harm to the querent or someone else. If the querent did/is doing something illegal, that’s a different matter.)

💎 Be Disrespectful. Again, this should go without saying. Our querents deserve a little dignity! It’s okay to laugh with them, should the atmosphere allow for it, but never laugh at them. A querent’s feelings are perfectly valid and should be treated as such. They are not inherently foolish or less wise than you, so let’s all agree to not present ourselves as these sages of wisdom helping the poor little mortals.

💎 Half-Ass It. Someone is actually giving you literal money! We get that you’re tired. We get that you hate the question, but literal shapeshifting master of darkness Aku could kick down the door to your Tarot Shack, slap down a five dollar bill, and ask for a reading on his love life. You would still be ethically obligated to actually try and give a reading based on what the cards say, and in a reasonable amount of depth that someone who doesn’t read tarot would feel like they got a sufficient amount of insight. Basically, you’re offering a service. Give it your all!

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Sneaky bastard - Bruce Wayne x Reader (NSFW)

Since I have no shame, yet another smutty story (it’s been a while). It’s not just smut though, there’s a plot, and there’s lots of fluff@whovianayesha hope you’ll like it and don’t think it’s total shite, because as usual, I feel like it’s pretty badmaybe I rushed things a bit too much ? I mean, actions gos by too fast and don’t make sense ? EEEEEH I’M ALWAYS SO STRESSED YOU GUYS WON’T LIKE MY WRITING WHENEVER I POST SOMETHING, sorry for being such an annoying angsty woman, I just hope you’ll like  :

WARNING NSFW (smut, don’t read if it makes you uncomfortable, go read my other very safe for work stories instead ;)), LANGUAGE. It’s long, sorry.

(My masterlist blog here :


If someone would have told you a few weeks ago that you’d save the goddamn Batman, you’d probably would have laughed in their faces. It seemed so ridiculous, that a rookie such as you, who literally joined the forces not even a month before, would ever save a man like the Dark Knight. 

And yet, it happened. And it was wicked awesome.


He was fighting a bunch of thugs in a back alley, when you came by. You weren’t even gonna intervene, you knew the man, you already saw him roaming Gotham City before you became a cop, he could definitely handle himself…But then, you noticed one of the guy he was fighting take a few steps back, and draw a gun. It was pointed right at the bat’s head and he was going to pull the trigger in a matter of seconds ! 

You didn’t think, you acted. You jumped in the alley, surprising all of them, and with an expertly done high kick, you got the gun out of the man’s hand, knocking him down with a mean left hook. Damn, you turned into a total badass under the adrenaline ! 

Batman quickly got rid of the las few thugs, and turned to you. Suddenly, you didn’t feel that excited anymore, the man was impressive. So tall. Large. Muscular. Yeah ok, he was totally sexy. 

He turned his weird glowy white gaze on you, and, with a voice too rough and low to be human, asked you : 

-Are you alright ? This was very foolish to jump in like that, I didn’t need your help. You could have been very hurt. 

-Yeah I’m alright, and like Hell you didn’t need my help, I totally saved your life dude, be more thankful ! Jeez louiiise. 


-Wow. Ok. So you’re an ass. 

-The ass can give you a ride to the nearest hospital, you’re bleeding. 

-What ? 

He pointed to your arm, and…oh. Yeah. You got shot. Damn. 

-I didn’t even feel it…

-Must be the rush of epinephrine in your blood. Come on, follow me. 

-Wow wait, you’re gonna give me a ride…in the batmobile ?! 

-Do you see any other car ? Climb in, and do not touch anything. 

You tried to keep your cool. To act like it was no big deal…but the adrenaline in your veins doubled in volume as you sat in the car you so often dreamt of riding when you were a child. Fuck this was great ! 

He drove you to the nearest hospital, without saying a word, and almost threw you out of the car. Ass. 

Your wound wasn’t deep, a bullet just grazed you and you only needed a few stitches, you were out two hours later. You went home by foot, because walking always cleared your mind, and damn it needed to be clear right now. Anyway, you weren’t living too far away. 

You just saved the Batman ! YOU JUST SAVE THE BATMAN !! 

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Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrator Russ bus.

Author’s note: Here you have it, angels. As usual, a big thank you to Alyssa, @imyourliquor-youremypoison, for being the best beta writer in the world. I don’t even know what to say so, good reading, and if you feel like it, just give me a little feedback so I won’t freak out thinking you guys hated it hahahahah

Part 1.

Part 6.

Masterlist ❁


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guess it’s time for my first follow forever with this blog! :’) I could never imagine I would reach this milestone so fast, especially after remaking and turning my writing around. and even if numbers are not really that important, it is still heartwarming and incredibly touching to see 6,000 people giving me and my writing a (second) chance.

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Boy Friends

Imagine~ You and Kol being best friends and Kai getting jealous. 

“Kol, you did not.” you laughed, entering the grill with your best friend. You and Kol had been best friends for as long as you could remember but there had never been any intimate feelings between you. 

He’d helped you when you turned, especially since you were a witch before you were killed. Kol was always the one to protect you which was why he was skeptical when you started dating Kai, but soon he learnt to accept it. 

“He was annoying me.” Kol shrugged, sitting down in a booth as you sat opposite him. You rolled your eyes, calling over Matt to order some food. 

“I’ll have some potato skins, mate.” Kai smiled when Matt reached your table. “Cheesy fries.” you grinned to Matt as he smiled back, completely ignoring Kol. 

Kol rolled his eyes, knowing that Matt hated him. “By the way, your lover boy’s over there.” Matt frowned, glancing over to the bar. 

You quickly span around to see Kai glaring at you and Kol, who just so happened to look like a couple right now. Giggling and telling jokes whilst sitting across from each other in a diner. 

You looked over at Kol, asking him with your eyes and he simply replied with a small nod. Kai’s eyes remained burning into you as you had the small exchange with Kol, and it was only now you’d realized how much his eyes were searing into you. 

Swiftly, you got up from your seat, giving Kol an apologetic smile before walking towards Kai. As soon as you reached Kai he turned his head, sipping on his drink, completely ignoring you. 

“Kai.” you sighed, sitting down on the stool next to him. He carried on ignoring you, sipping silently on his drink as he swirled around the ice. 

“Stop ignoring me.” you said, clearly irritated. He turned to you, his eyes still burning with anger. 

You could immediately tell he was annoyed that you were spending time with Kol and you couldn’t blame him but it would’ve been good if he accepted the fact that you and Kol were just friends. 

“What?” he spat, glaring over his shoulder to where Kol was sitting innocently. 

You rolled your eyes at Kai’s immature response to you hanging out with a friend. “Why is it such a problem for me to hang out with Kol?”

Kai looked back at you, clearly annoyed. “What makes you think that’s why I’m so annoyed?” 

You scoffed, staring at him with your brows raised waiting for any form of explanation. But he said nothing, instead he continued whirling around the ice in his glass. 

“Kai, I love you. Okay, not Kol. So can you please stop being so jealous because it kills me to feel like there’s a barrier between us.” you sighed, not bothering to respond to his question. 

Kai’s eyes flickered up to meet yours, a form of relief in his eyes but his emotions were hard to read but you knew he’d softened up at your words. 

He let out a sigh, glancing back at Kol who was still waiting patiently at the table, most probably listening in on your conversation. “I don’t trust him, that’s all.” 

You gave Kai a small sympathetic smile, hoping he would find some comfort in it. “If it makes you feel any better, he feels the same about you.” you chuckled. 

But to no avail, Kai continued to be tense, not wanting you to return to the waiting Original. “Look, go home. I’ll be there soon and we can spend the night watching films in bed. Sound good?” you smiled. 

Kai sighed, realizing his attempts to keep you away from Kol would be no use. “Fine, be home in an hour otherwise I’m going to find a white oak stake and kill him myself.” Kai grinned sarcastically, respecting your decision. 

You chuckled silently as you stood up, giving Kai a small kiss and a smile before watching him leave the grill reluctantly. 

Just as you returned to the booth, Matt set your food down as he gave you a small smile when you thanked him. 

“He does realize he couldn’t kill me if he tried.” Kai laughed, stealing one of your fries. You rolled your eyes, knowing he’d be listening in on your conversation. 

“Yeah well, whatever he wants to believe.” you giggled, grabbing one of Kol’s potato skins. 

“Yeah yeah.” Kol chuckled. 

The rest of the hour was filled with laughs and typical you and Kol talk, but you soon remembered your promise to Kai. 

“I should get going. Kai’s already annoyed at me.” you sighed, standing up whilst leaving a tip on the bill Kol had already paid for. 

“I know, I know.” Kol chuckled, “See you tomorrow Y/N” 

You gave Kol a quick hug before rushing out of the grill and hopping into your car. 

It didn’t take long for you to reach Kai’s apartment, and you were excited to spend the night cuddling with your boyfriend. 

The door clicked open as you unlocked it and walked into the apartment you’d grown so familiar with. As you entered the smell of Chinese food flooded your nostrils and you could feel yourself almost start drooling. 

“Kai?” you called out, making a rustle sound in the kitchen before Kai came into view, a large smile on his face. 

“Hey, I got take away.” he smiled, approaching you. You returned the smile, happy to see him happy. 

“I can tell.” you grinned, as he stood in front of you. Looking down at you and grinning. 

He pressed his lips against yours, only for a moment but enough time to make your heart flutter. After he pulled away, he rested his chin on the top of your head, leaving a small kiss on your head top. 

“I’m sorry for over reacting.” he sighed, and a small smile formed on your face at his apology. 

You said nothing in response and simply pulled his head down and pressed your lips together again. Showing acceptance for his apology. 

(a/n) don’t overly like this one, but it might be because it’s midnight and I’ve been up since 7am. so that might be why this one isn’t the best. 

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FUCK coworkers that repeatedly ask me of I'm bothered by being a vegetarian. I was raised vegetarian, so don't ask me if I feel like I'm missing out when I haven't even had reason to feel so, stop asking me after the 35th time. I understand that some vegetarian/vegan people can be annoying but so can the mega meat people. Like those that repeatedly try to get me to eat meat. I'd get sick! And I don't talk about it v much bc I see no reason to. Why are you so concerned about my eating habits?

Unrelated, but I’m reading a zombie apocalypse book based on this very thing(meat eaters vs vegetarians). lol It shows the extreme of each side. Anyone interested, it’s called Apocalypse Cow by Michael Logan. Your post reminded me of it.

Now that I got the sidetracking out of the way, it definitely is none of their business. Just because you eat this or that doesn’t mean your way is the only way. Same goes for a lot of things. People just love forcing their beliefs and what not onto others and I just don’t get that. -Abby

Bath Time Paladins

I’m in the tub and I started thinking about how nice a warm and relaxing bath is. And that got me thinking, which of the Paladins enjoys warm steamy baths? This is a useless headcannon but I’ve gone and made it anyway.

Not Sorry, 


Shiro: Being the team’s Space Dad is difficult and he often has a lot on his mind. Prefers showers because they are more efficient and therefore he has less time to get lost in his own head. Would maybe take a bath with you if you begged asked really nicely. 

Keith: Like Shiro, prefers showers over baths. He doesn’t really see the point of wasting time sitting around in a tub full of water, slowly pruning as the minutes tick by. 

Hunk: Not huge into long baths but will occasionally draw himself one if he’s got a good book or article to read. Sometimes experiments with additives like essential oil (Yellow likes the way lemon and sage smells) or tea leaves, supplied of course by Lance.  

Lance: This. 👏🏻 Boi. 👏🏻 Goes. 👏🏻 All. 👏🏻 Out. 👏🏻 💯 Steam-activated facial mask? Check. Multiple scented candles? Check. A ridiculous amount of bubble bath and/or bath fizz? Check (seriously his bubble bath to water ratio is like 100:1) And you’d best believe he’s got fuzzy slippers and a warm bath towel for when he’s finished soaking 5 hours later. Will 100% have Spa Days, and will invite you to join in on the fun if you are so inclined. 

Pidge: Don’t get her wet she is a gremlin. (Really, though, enjoys being surrounded by warm water and steam it makes her feel safe. Is only slightly annoyed when her glasses steam up when she’s trying to read in the tub, eventually just tosses them to the side. Makes Rover wait sadly outside until she’s done relaxing, but he’ll play music for her to listen to anyway.)

fucking sawamura




“men’s honor”

“yours truly’s”

“my fair lady”

sawamura is so happy about this that his brain lost its function

sawamura.exe has stopped working

^ this is so me seriously

look at how happy sawamura is hahaha

okumura doesnt look that annoyed at him either

who else would come up with these puns??? haha
fucking sawamura

yes. agree. finally

honestly im just being here like

“im proud of u ma frend. the hard-working warrior sawamura eijun has finally leveled up, though he has yet to reach his max level. my dear little warrior, you surely must have felt overjoyed when you read these words phrased with kindness.“

reading this official translations, i feel like getting goosebumps tbh man

shit, who wouldnt get goosebumps??

sawamura moved by kataokas words

so blunt into the face (honestly i enjoyed it a bit)

but honestly, this is the best way to make him realize a few things about himself. it was needed. kataoka had to point this out.


well this chapter was by no means bad, it was actually one of the most unexpected chapters (everyone on mangafox thought that it was just a filler chapter based on the spoilers)
im always astound at how formal and encouraging kataokas words are.. i mean, of course it should be like this.. but just reading this makes me think that he deeply respects and trusts his players and that he is very proud of them. i really like it!

so then.. i also get bad vibes from this too, because of this

im pretty sure they have mentioned injuries a lot (well of course they would, in every important tournament someone got injured)

if he can do well, he would be the preliminary ace..
from all the pitchers.. sawamura is the only one who didnt get injured (physically).
furuya was injured twice, his first spring tournament (cracked nail) and fall tournament (his ankle was sprained)
kawakami was “injured” when he hit raichis pitch - his fingers were numb so he couldnt pitch properly anymore
and sawamura? well, he had yips… i mean from this is a huge mental problem and kept him from playing like he wanted to.. but im talking about physical injuries.

this is a huuuuge red flag here. “if he can show good results”. i really have a bad feeling about this
everything is going way too smooth for sawamura.. i think that sawamura will get injured. he probably takes good take of his shoulder (cuz chris) so i doubt that he will strain his shoulder..
my gut feeling also tells me something is going to happen, my gut feeling is quite on point… (not always tho)

You know me so well!! thank you!! (and and!! @ten-semi i love your icon!!)

It’s time for me to talk about the most wonderful and marvelous pairing EVER!! (in my oppinion ahem) TENSEMI!! o(≧∇≦o) nena

-When or if I started shipping it:

It was beautiful, love at first sight! i didn’t need more xD that “Now now” was enough to made me stop reading, thinking “Okay i give up i ship them just a little” HA! good joke past me (?), also! i remember that i wanting to read the latest chapters of HQ!! but i didn’t have time, then one day i saw a fanart of a pretty boy standing next to Tendou and i wanted to know who was him and!…thanks god for this!!

-My thoughts:

About them? together? being a perfect, funny and adorable couple that i would love to stalk if they were real? oh nena is my fuckin’ HQ!! OTP!!! they’re perfect for each other!

-What makes me happy about them:

Well, that! they’re perfect for each other, i think it’s totally canon what kind of relationship they have, Tendou being playfully mean with Semisemi but cheering up him always, and Semi ignoring it or reacting with bad temper, but in the end they can understand each other and be friends! (coffcoff lovers coffcoff), i love their relationship!! they complement each other very well!!

-What makes me sad about them:

WHY ARE THEY STILL A RARE PAIR!!? i cry every day over this ‘cause i can’t understand!  Ahem…they’re third years do i need to say more?

-Things done in art/fic that annoys me:

When one of them are so mean to the other and them feel sad or bad, it’s not like that annoys me ‘cause in the fanfics i read there’s always a happy ending and they have a reason for that, but if that’s not the case i wouldn’t like to read it honestly…okay i lied, i would read it i mean, it’s Tensemi! but wouldn’t enjoy it at 100%. And for fanarts, someone draws Tensemi once in three weeks do you think i could possibly complain? xDD

-Things I look for in art/fic:

Sappy content, a healthy relationship? Tensemi being Tensemi and being dorks in love, I love a Tsundere Semisemi or teasing Tendou, and, AND! last but not least, comfort?! maybe?!! a fanfic with Semisemi being replaced as the team setter or Tendou feeling insecure and the other making them feel better with love and sweet words!!…#iknowhowtolive

-Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:

…this is a hard one 'cause i don’t ship them with anyone else xD uhhh…well, maybe i…c? xD

-My happily ever after for them:

I would LOVE! if they could go to the same University, keep playing volleyball, flirting in classes or in the court making everyone feel uncomfortable with their love!! and a even happier ever after! i want them to get married, buy a house, adopt a dog/cat and later a baby…and when they die, i want them to flirt in heaven making angels feel unconfortable!!! xD

-What is their favorite non-sexual activity?

Besides volleyball, watch anime or read manga together, i guess? although Semisemi doesn’t know much about anime he tries really hard and Tendou is so happy about that! ohh that pic is so cute in my mind I LOVE TENSEMI!!

I love my OTP they will give me diabetes and i know i’ll feel thankful!! i really love them i can’t express it in words!! ahh!! (♥ω♥ ) ~♪ I! NEED!! TO SEE THEM!! AGAIN!! Furudateeeee you gave us twins A LITTLE TENSEMI MOMENT IS SO EASY FOR YOU!!

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How do you make simblr friends? I'm a very awkward/anxious person and I find it really hard to start conversations and/or continue them. I always feel like I am being annoying and I am unwanted.

I feel the same in total honesty, while yes I do have friends here I actually refrain from messaging them out of fear that I’d be annoying them.

I mostly speak to people on streams where the conversations are never really serious so you can just say whatever.

you could look out for things in common, let me use zoë as an example, before we started messaging I’d seen through asks that she was 21 and really liked to read, and hey me too, so I figured why not start talking, and we did and it turns out we have so much more in common than those two things, and now we’re like the best of friends, it’s great.

I know my advice is lame, but it’s kinda how I do it, push through your anxiety it’s worth it! :)

‘im annoying,okay? like i will want to kiss you all the time. i love hugs so let me cuddle you and you’ll have to bribe me to want to stop. i’m sleepy all the time too so your lap might be my pillow. i like to know you’re there so playing with your hand while i’m reading or we’re watching something is something i’ll do. i’ll trace parts of your body while you lay on me. holding hands makes me happy. i like being close so you can feel my love. that’s all.
Flowers In A Bottle - miamaroo (BFTLandMWandSek) - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“When unrequited love runs too deeply, a flower may bloom in your lungs. You may cough up petals until the love is returned, or the disease may kill you. Surgery may remove the infection, but your feelings will be removed along with the flowers, and you will go back to feeling nothing for the person.”

Jesse desperately, undeniably, painstakingly loves Hanzo. But he never thought he would get hanahaki disease. Flower-spitting diseases happen to other people, not him. He doesn’t even know how Hanzo could ever possibly love someone like him in return.

Here it is folks! My hot-off-the-press, brand new hanahaki McHanzo fic! Thank you so much to @silverbearclaws for being a #pal and @noirsongbird for giving permission to write my own version of McHanzo with hanahaki disease. 

I’m personally pretty excited about this one , so please go give it a read. If you regret it, hit me up with your complaints. 

If you like this fanfiction or even the annoying way I’m advertising it, please feel free to reblog this post so that others can find it! Thank you and have a great Mother’s day!

Text From An Ex

It wasn’t like she purposely went searching through his phone and found the text. The entire thing had been an accident. She was searching for a picture that he had taken the other day, one that she wanted to steal for her Instagram because they both looked adorable. And then a message had come through, just from one of the boys, but she’d accidentally hit it, and it brought her to the other messages.

She didn’t mean to look at his other chats, she’d been trying to go back to the photos.

But Y/N had seen it. It was kind of hard not too since it was the second one from the top.

Maybe it wouldn’t have been as bad if Joe hadn’t replied, but he did.

Nothing special, just a hey in response to her flirty little hi. It was more the fact that he did bother to reply at all.

She thought he was done with her.

Wasn’t he?

There was nothing else in the chat, only those two messages, but they had occurred only that morning, so there was plenty of time for it to continue.

Which meant that for the rest of the day, every time Y/N heard Joe’s phone go off, her entire body would tense up.

Was he texting her? What were they talking about? What if she wants to meet up, and he agrees?!

Those were just a few of the different thoughts going through her mind, and she couldn’t help the jealously that had flared up when she saw the message.

Because Joe had been with that person for quite some time, longer than he and Y/N had been together so far, and everyone knew relationships like that took time to get over.

What if he wasn’t over her, what if he wanted to get back with her.

Y/N couldn’t help but compare herself at times to the woman that previously occupied Joe’s heart, because she had been such a large part of his life. Even Zoe and Alfie still occasionally mentioned her name.

So seeing Joe texting her again, it was worrying.

“You okay today, love?” Joe asked as they both got ready for bed that night.

“Fine.” Y/N replied quickly.

“Then why have you been so distant?”

“Have I? Sorry.”

“What’s going on, Y/N?” He had stopped what he was doing and stared over at her, arms crossed.

“Nothing.” Except that was when his phone went off again, and she couldn’t help but jump slightly, eyes darting over to the device sitting on the nightstand. “You want to check that?”

“No, because I want to know what’s going on with my girlfriend.” Joe’s eyes never left her, and Y/N knew she had to come clean.

“Why are you texting her?”

“Her? Her who?” The question had thrown him off, leaving an adorably confused look on his face.

“Your ex girlfriend.” She mumbled, feeling her cheeks grow warm. The entire thing was starting to sound ridiculous.

That’s what’s been bothering you all day?” Joe laughed, moving across the room to her. “Oh, love.” He continued to laugh as he pulled her into a hug.

“It’s not funny, Joe.” Y/N mumbled into his shirt, suddenly feeling embarrassed for being jealous.

“But you get so cute when you’re jealous.”

“Shut up.”

“Hey,” He pulled back enough to look her in the eye, “You have nothing to be jealous of. I don’t even like her. I only replied to be nice. And I know how annoying she would get if she saw me read the message but not reply. Turns out she just wanted a CD she had leant me back when we were dating. That’s all.”

“I’m sorry for getting jealous.”

“Don’t be, just shows how important I am to you.” Joe smiled down at her, “I probably should have told you she texted me anyways.”

“No,” Y/N shook her head, “You don’t have too. I trust you. You don’t have to tell me everything.”

“Then how about I just tell you how much I love you?”

“Now that,” She smiled at him as she reached up to kiss him, “You can tell me repeatedly.”

No You’re My Bitch {Lisa Drabble}

114 (No, you’re MY bitch) and Lisa from bp

Note: Gahh my bias of black pink slays me! Thank you anon for all the feels! Hehe~ anyway, enjoy! ♥

  • Warning: This is smut, it also contains swearing. Read at your own risk.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

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It’s that time of year again where people put up the Christmas decorations too early, and pound your head with Christmas songs while you’re still recovering from bonfire night. Being in the Black Pink dorm room is no exception to the rule.

Jisoo, however lovely, can be the most annoying person at Christmas because she gets so excited. You may sound like the Grinch, but you really couldn’t care less, especially when all you can hear is the reciting of each and every word of ‘home alone’ from the living room.

But on this fine evening, you’re not getting away from it all so easily as you find yourself underneath a fluffy blanket beside your girlfriend on the sofa, watching an over sized man in tights prance across the TV screen.

“I just love elf.” Jisoo sighs happily.

Though you’re not concentrating on her words. You don’t have the willpower to retaliate with a smart ass comment, not when Lisa’s hand in trailing along your thigh, smirking as if she’s doing something to be proud of. Any moment, one of the other members could clock onto what she’s doing, and that would cause more chaos than Christmas in November.

“I can’t believe this.” You commented, biting the inside of your cheek as Lisa’s hands slid underneath the waistband of your jeans, still looking smugly at the TV screen.

“I know right, Christmas is just amazing.” Jisoo continued, not at all getting what you were truly implying.

“You’re my bitch.” Lisa whispered suddenly, winking at you as her thumb rubbed against the soft skin of your thigh.

You swallowed hard, trying to concentrate on the film, but that was becoming increasingly difficult now her fingers were brushing inside of you. It took everything in you not to moan, or make any noise at all.

“Are you okay, {y/n} you look a little flushed?” Rose questioned, somewhat worrisome.

“Well actually, I’ve just thought, I need to finish off some work for college tomorrow. Mind coming to help me Lisa?”

“Not at all” Lisa shrugged, pulling herself away and standing up. Smiling, because she knows what she’s getting once the two of you were out of there.

Once the door was securely closed behind the two of you, Lisa smirked at you, pulling you in. “What did I say? My bitch”

“Just shut up and kiss me.”

“As you wish, Jagiya.”

10 of the most beautiful words in different languages



(n) the wordless look between two people who both desire something, yet are equally reluctant to initiate.



(n) a longing to travel, missing a place you’ve never been.



(n) the glimmering, road-like reflection the moon creates on water.



(n) a joke so poorly told and unfunny you can’t help but laugh.



(n) just the right amount.



(n) an absence of anything annoying, taking pleasure from the presence of gentle or soothing things.



(n) the feeling of being alone in the woods



(n) a friendship bonding two girls together for eternity as kindred sisters.



(n) the ability to gauge mood of others, read the atmosphere, and react appropriately.



(n) the bittersweetness of a brief and fading moment of transcendent beauty

Advise for Extended Essay

Yesterday all IB2 students at our school handed in their final drafts of Extended Essay. 

I am very satisfied with mine and the work I put into it, but I know that some students are not. I have some easy and general tips for you when it comes to the extended essay:

Put effort into your First Draft

The first draft is very important, because that is the only draft you will actually get feedback on. I wrote 3200 words for my first draft, because then I would have space for writing more, but I was still pretty much done with it.

Read the criteria

This will help you SO MUCH! Reading the criteria and fully understand what you are to do makes it easier to break the essay down into smaller, manageable parts. It is difficult sitting down to write an essay of 4000 words just like that, without guidelines.

Talk to your supervisor

If you have any questions - ASK! Don’t feel like you are being annoying. Your supervisor is there to help and guide you. If you have any questions regarding referencing, what to include, something you are unsure of - ask your supervisor.

Write your final draft as soon as you have gotten feedback on the first one

It’s so easy to forget what you were supposed to change or add, even though you have notes. I would really recommend writing the final draft as soon as possible so you don’t forget.

Read it over and over again

It may seem boring, but it does help you a lot. When reading it through, you will find sentences that may be changed or words that could be replaced. Print your essay out, read it and underline everything that you may want to change, or possible misspellings etc.

Ask someone else to read it and give feedback

This helped me A LOT. I asked my parents to read it, and underline everything that seemed unclear or didn’t make sense. This helped me to see mistakes I had not noticed myself. It also gives you another point of view, since you yourself may be able to understand the essay but others has to be too.

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Here's a feel that's annoying. When a hot girl tells you that you look pretty and you can't tell if she's being friendly or putting the moves on you so you have to hide your violent blushing lmao

I read this as “violet blushing” and was like “oh shit that’s like the 7th shade of gay”

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Raikage A pregnant so hcs

Raikage A With a Pregnant S/O Headcanons

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• It’s not a problem if fatigue hits you during your pregnancy and you simply can’t find the energy to even walk back home because you have a big, strapping man like A. A doesn’t mind giving you a piggy back ride when you aren’t feeling great. In fact, he considers it good exercise and he secretly kind of enjoys it.

• A probably wouldn’t be very nurturing or inclined to shelter you. He’s a tough sort of guy, and he expects you to be a tough girl who knows their limits without him having to interfere. The only exception is when it comes to lifting heavy objects – he insists that you wait until he gets home to go grocery shopping so that he can carry the bags for you, and you can forget about moving furniture. He will guide you to a corner out of the way and do it all himself. You know he’s strong, but it’s still kind of awesome to see him lifting a couch with one arm and carrying it around like it weighs no more than a pillow.

• This might be bordering on nsfw, but he loves pregnancy sex. The swollen breasts, the fuller hips, the shiny hair and long nails from the prenatal vitamins – he just loves it okay. All of it. He would keep you pregnant if it was his decision. He thinks you’re so lovely all round and swollen with his child, and it fills him with this masculine pride to know that it is his child growing inside of you and you are completely his.

• A is so very, very proud of his glowing, pregnant wife. Everywhere he goes, he has you on his arm and introduces you like he’s boasting. Even with people you already know, most of his conversations center around your pregnancy and your preparations for the arrival of your child – it can be kind of annoying, but everyone recognizes it as his version of being happy and in love so they let it slide.

• Towards the end up your pregnancy, when you’re complaining about feeling like you weight 1000 pounds and just wanting the baby out, A went on a reading spree to find out how to help. He found that walking can induce labor, and since he is great at exercise this is this method he chose to help you. Every day, once in the morning and once at night, he walks with you around the village, slowing his steps so he doesn’t leave you waddling behind him.

• Is a mess during labor tbh. So annoying. He should have just turned away, but he chose to look at what was going on and wouldn’t stop pestering the doctor with hysterical questions like, “is it supposed to look like that?” or “half of his head is still stuck in there – can he breathe?! Get him out now!” He made the doctor and all of the nurses so nervous and was very nearly kicked out of the delivery room altogether.