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10 of the most beautiful words in different languages



(n) the wordless look between two people who both desire something, yet are equally reluctant to initiate.



(n) a longing to travel, missing a place you’ve never been.



(n) the glimmering, road-like reflection the moon creates on water.



(n) a joke so poorly told and unfunny you can’t help but laugh.



(n) just the right amount.



(n) an absence of anything annoying, taking pleasure from the presence of gentle or soothing things.



(n) the feeling of being alone in the woods



(n) a friendship bonding two girls together for eternity as kindred sisters.



(n) the ability to gauge mood of others, read the atmosphere, and react appropriately.



(n) the bittersweetness of a brief and fading moment of transcendent beauty

‘im annoying,okay? like i will want to kiss you all the time. i love hugs so let me cuddle you and you’ll have to bribe me to want to stop. i’m sleepy all the time too so your lap might be my pillow. i like to know you’re there so playing with your hand while i’m reading or we’re watching something is something i’ll do. i’ll trace parts of your body while you lay on me. holding hands makes me happy. i like being close so you can feel my love. that’s all.

No You’re My Bitch {Lisa Drabble}

114 (No, you’re MY bitch) and Lisa from bp

Note: Gahh my bias of black pink slays me! Thank you anon for all the feels! Hehe~ anyway, enjoy! ♥

  • Warning: This is smut, it also contains swearing. Read at your own risk.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

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It’s that time of year again where people put up the Christmas decorations too early, and pound your head with Christmas songs while you’re still recovering from bonfire night. Being in the Black Pink dorm room is no exception to the rule.

Jisoo, however lovely, can be the most annoying person at Christmas because she gets so excited. You may sound like the Grinch, but you really couldn’t care less, especially when all you can hear is the reciting of each and every word of ‘home alone’ from the living room.

But on this fine evening, you’re not getting away from it all so easily as you find yourself underneath a fluffy blanket beside your girlfriend on the sofa, watching an over sized man in tights prance across the TV screen.

“I just love elf.” Jisoo sighs happily.

Though you’re not concentrating on her words. You don’t have the willpower to retaliate with a smart ass comment, not when Lisa’s hand in trailing along your thigh, smirking as if she’s doing something to be proud of. Any moment, one of the other members could clock onto what she’s doing, and that would cause more chaos than Christmas in November.

“I can’t believe this.” You commented, biting the inside of your cheek as Lisa’s hands slid underneath the waistband of your jeans, still looking smugly at the TV screen.

“I know right, Christmas is just amazing.” Jisoo continued, not at all getting what you were truly implying.

“You’re my bitch.” Lisa whispered suddenly, winking at you as her thumb rubbed against the soft skin of your thigh.

You swallowed hard, trying to concentrate on the film, but that was becoming increasingly difficult now her fingers were brushing inside of you. It took everything in you not to moan, or make any noise at all.

“Are you okay, {y/n} you look a little flushed?” Rose questioned, somewhat worrisome.

“Well actually, I’ve just thought, I need to finish off some work for college tomorrow. Mind coming to help me Lisa?”

“Not at all” Lisa shrugged, pulling herself away and standing up. Smiling, because she knows what she’s getting once the two of you were out of there.

Once the door was securely closed behind the two of you, Lisa smirked at you, pulling you in. “What did I say? My bitch”

“Just shut up and kiss me.”

“As you wish, Jagiya.”

I’ve been feeling productive so I’m taking a picture of myself

Advise for Extended Essay

Yesterday all IB2 students at our school handed in their final drafts of Extended Essay. 

I am very satisfied with mine and the work I put into it, but I know that some students are not. I have some easy and general tips for you when it comes to the extended essay:

Put effort into your First Draft

The first draft is very important, because that is the only draft you will actually get feedback on. I wrote 3200 words for my first draft, because then I would have space for writing more, but I was still pretty much done with it.

Read the criteria

This will help you SO MUCH! Reading the criteria and fully understand what you are to do makes it easier to break the essay down into smaller, manageable parts. It is difficult sitting down to write an essay of 4000 words just like that, without guidelines.

Talk to your supervisor

If you have any questions - ASK! Don’t feel like you are being annoying. Your supervisor is there to help and guide you. If you have any questions regarding referencing, what to include, something you are unsure of - ask your supervisor.

Write your final draft as soon as you have gotten feedback on the first one

It’s so easy to forget what you were supposed to change or add, even though you have notes. I would really recommend writing the final draft as soon as possible so you don’t forget.

Read it over and over again

It may seem boring, but it does help you a lot. When reading it through, you will find sentences that may be changed or words that could be replaced. Print your essay out, read it and underline everything that you may want to change, or possible misspellings etc.

Ask someone else to read it and give feedback

This helped me A LOT. I asked my parents to read it, and underline everything that seemed unclear or didn’t make sense. This helped me to see mistakes I had not noticed myself. It also gives you another point of view, since you yourself may be able to understand the essay but others has to be too.

Jikook Internet Friends AU 14


Where Jimin has a bad day

Anon I hope you liked it because I can’t angst tbh I feel more proud of my silly part. Low quality pics and shitty edits RISE. I put Jimin as being the one who’s more sad about it bc he’s just so smol he must be so cuddly and clingy. I also have a feel this contains a lot of grammar mistakes :D SUCH SPAM OF PICS :) As always if you have some request, you want to ask or say anything, go ahead! //posts irregularly 5ever

Sorry for the small mistakes and I hope you like it!


All Semester Long (Jin)

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I’ve had this idea for like a week now and it’s been bugging me that I haven’t written it yet so, enjoy some Jin smut.

Warning: Smut Involved & It’s a pretty long read. No swearing but obviously there’s some suggestive language.

You weren’t quite sure what you were doing here. Loud places  and big groups of people tended to annoy you. Being so hot that you felt sticky was disgusting you, and having random men trying to feel you up as you walked by was not your idea of a good time…

Club’s had never really  appealed to you and you and your friends could never figure out why. At your age most people were enjoying going out every night. Getting drunk was like second nature to them, and letting go of inhibitions didn’t bring on a sea of what if questions. Dating, hook-ups,  and friendly conversation with someone of the opposite gender, was a normal, and you had trouble doing all of those things.

But not tonight. Tonight your friend gave you no choice. All day she’s made you here little Barbie doll. She waxed and plucked, and applied until you were sure her fingers might fall off with all the work she was doing. Tonight you legs were smooth, and being showcased through the slit in the burgundy dress you were wearing. Tonight you hair was in beautifully big curls that flopped from side to side whenever your head moved. 

Tonight it’s your personal mission to hook up with someone, but not just anyone. He needs to have a nice smile and kind eyes, he needs to come up and greet you respectfully, and he needs to be able to hold a conversation with you. So far, no one has met those standards.

This club is full of idiots who thought catcalling and smacking your your ass is an appropriate way to get your attention. You’ve had a grand total of two drinks in the 3 hours you’ve been here, and you’ve bought each of them yourself. When would one of these guys realize that you weren’t going to respond to just anything and offer to buy you a drink?

“Y/N?” A smooth voice called. You turned around to see Jin, a boy in your sociology class.

You gave him a big smile and did something completely out of character for you. You hugged him. He tensed up in surprise before quickly hugging you back and pulling away to look at you.

“You look… wow.” Jin says with wide eyes, and for the first time you realize how pretty his eyes are.

“Well thank you,” You laugh. “Glad I could leave you searching for words.”

He smiled at you, and held out his hand. “Do you want to… maybe… u-um, dance with me?” He asks nervously.

You grabbed his hand and practically yanked him to the dance floor. An electronic song was playing. Not really your style but who cares. Jin surely didn’t. He danced along to the fast paced song beside you keeping you laughing with some of his awkward body movements.

After dancing for about two or three songs (you couldn’t really tell because they all began to sound really similar) Jin leaned over and yelled to you over the music. “Are you thirsty?”

You nod and he grabs our hand and leads you to the bar. You order what you want and he does the same, and as you wait the two of you make pleasant conversation. He asks you about your major, your friends, and your childhood, and listens attentively as you delve into story after story about your past. Your drinks are drunk and the night at the club is coming to an end. You frown as you realize you’d failed in your personal mission, because you’d gotten so caught up talking to Jin.

“Why are you frowning?” Jin asks as he walks out of the club beside you.

And then a light goes off in your head and you’re looking at Jin with a wide smile.

“Can you smile for me Jin?” You question sweetly.

He looks at you confused but does as you ask anyway sending you an awkward smile that still shows his awesomely straight, white teeth. Maybe you hadn’t failed quite yet.

“My friend is gone.” You pout.

Once again Jin is looking at you confused by your change in subject. You giggle at the cute expression and smooth out his eyebrows with you thumb.

“Walk me home?”

Without hesitation Jin is agreeing and wrapping his arm around your shoulder. The walk to your apartment was filled with laughter, smiles, and more stories, this time from Jin.

“We’re here!” You call as the door to your apartment comes into view.

Jin smiled and moved his arm from your shoulder. You turn to face him with a big smile spread across your face.

“I had fun Jin.” You say as you take the initiative to grab one of his hands.

He quickly grabs your other on is own and nods, “Me too.” He says and there’s a pause. The both of you burst into laughter at the awkward silence.

Before the laughter fully dies down you find yourself on your tippy-toes and your lips connected to his. He let’s go over your hands and surprise and uses one of his hands to catch your weight and the other to steady himself. After the initial shock wears off he’s kissing you back with much more fever than you had expected. The kiss turned from something sweet to something that could only be described as needy, or desperate within a matter of seconds.

Your lips moved in sync with one another which surprises both of you because the kiss is so rushed. You found yourself pushed against your apartment door with a leg lifted around Jin’s waist. His hands, no longer occupied with keeping balance, found their way to your hips. He rubs circles into the covered skin and uses his teeth to nip at your lips. You’re quickly pulling away for air.

“We should go inside.” You breathe.

Jin nods and hurriedly reconnects your lips, but you’re pulling away once again. This time to open the door. Once it’s open you’re quickly pushed inside. The front of your body meets a wall close to the doorway and Jin’s heavier body can be felt behind you.

You hear, rather than see, the front door close and lock. Gentle languid kisses and heavy breathing can be felt against your neck

“I want you so bad…” Jin sighs and turns you around so that you’re facing him once again.

Your lips mold together in a slower kiss. This time it makes sense for your lips to be in sync. He gently uses his tongue to probe against your bottom lip, and you open your mouth allowing him the access he didn’t need to verbally ask for.

Your hands slowly travel up his chest to reach for the buttons of his shirt. One button undone… two… three, and then your impatience kicks in and buttons are flying everywhere.

Jin breaks the kiss to laugh. You giggle and pull him back before pushing the shirt from his shoulders. Once the material falls his hands are making their way to your back and searching for the zipper to your dress. You laugh and move his hand t the side where the zipper is actually located. He laughs but continues to kiss you, and slowly pulls down the zipper.

You feel the dress go loose, and quickly shimmy out of it. Jin steps back and looks at you.

“Can I be honest?” He asks. Your eyebrows knit together in confusion, but you still nod. “I’ve had the biggest crush on you since the semester started.” His hand reaches out and touches your side. His cool fingertips touching your heated skin make you jump slightly. “And this is a dream come true.” He smiles and chuckles.

You smirk and walk toward him. “What else do you dream of?”

He groans and pulls you to him. His lips find your neck and kisses around trying to find your sensitive spot. He finds it rather easily and you sigh in content. He sucks on the skin wanting to drag more sounds from your delicate mouth, but you quickly push him away, against the wall opposite of the one you had been against.

You drop to our knees and unbuckle his belt. He’s quick to help you unbutton his jeans and pull down his zipper. You release him from the restraints of his underwear not wanting to tease him. You pump him a few times before placing him in your mouth. He lets out a loud groan and runs his hand down the side of your face and watches himself disappear into your mouth. You run your tongue along his slit and hollow your cheeks as you begin to take more of his length.

He moans as you look up to make direct eye contact with him. The innocent look makes drives him just a little insane and his hips buck forward. You gag sending vibrations against him, and he moans once again. You watch as his eyes roll back and his head rolls. The erotic sight makes you moan around him again and Jin is quickly pulling your mouth off of him.

“Your bedroom.” He says as he helps you to your feet. You grab his hand and lead him.

Once the two of you have entered the somewhat spacious room, you push him backwards onto your bed and help him fully remove his pants and boxer briefs…

He watches as you raise back up and unfasten your bra. He lifts himself up and reaches out for your breast. He fondles them and lets his thumbs lightly drift over your nipples. His mouth descends to one and he licks and nips at it. His hand reaches down to the front of your underwear and he begins to rub against your clothed heat. You moan and grip at his hair.

He slowly removes your underwear and plays in your slick folds. You moan out once again this time from the double stimulation. His mouth moved from one nippled to the other and his hand pinched at your clit. You feel forward, which made him fall back against the bed once again.

You force his lips from you ceset as you shimmy down so that both of your centers are aligned. Your hand travels down to grip him and much to his surprise you push him inside of your heat.

He moans and throws his head back in pure bliss. You gasp at the slight pain from him stretching you, but moan at the feeling of actually being filled. A hook-up was what you wanted, and it’s exactly what you got.

His hips rocked into you and you pushed back. The room began to fill with the collective moans from the two of you. You’d moan and he’d grunt, so pleased with the sound. He’d moan and you’d gasp. Your skin slammed down on his and his hips thrust up toward yours. The two of you chased after your peaks that were fast approaching.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum…” Jin groans out.

He wasn’t aware that you were already doing so. Your muscles tensed and released without much warning. You turned into a moaning quivering mess as he continued to pump into you. He let out a loud grunt and stilled inside of you letting his seed fill you. You moaned as you rolled to the side and removed him from your sex.

He moved over a bit and placed his lips against yours. You kissed him back and smiled into the kiss.

“A dream come true.” Jin smiled.

You laughed and turned to cuddle him. So maybe you didn’t just get a hook-up… There’s plenty of time to figure out where the two of out stand in the morning… after morning sex. ;)

I just needed to write this. It’s been on my mind since I heard this new song by Trevor Jackson called ‘All Day’. I just kept imagining Seokjin in a club and a girl approaching him about sex. Anywho I hope you enjoyed. Request are open! :)

- admin aj

anonymous asked:

it kind of hurts being mutuals with you when you say things 'i hate the straights'. i would understand if you said something like 'straight people need to figure this out' or 'are annoying' or even 'can fuck off' because somehow i can separate myself from that because i'm doing the best i can to know my place and how i know I don't know what its like to be lgbtq+... but reading something so /direct/ like 'i hate straights'... it feels so personal. i cant help it and im doing my best :( sorry :(

ok first of all…

It’s called metonymy, when anyone who is oppressed makes an exasperated statement like ‘i hate straight people’, they are substituting straight people for the concept of a system and a culture that teaches, incentives, and legitimizes homophobic acts and normalizes homophobic acts so that straight people constantly do homophobic things without realizing it and that’s really fucking annoying.

second of all, truly being an ally means putting aside your own feelings and realizing that this is not about you. this homophobic society was built around a system that works actively against the lgbtqia community. being straight in this society means that you benefit from this system, whether you choose to realize it or not. when i say “i hate the straights” i am talking about the system that works for you and against us. by getting upset at thinking that you’re “doing the best you can” and that you can “somehow seperate yourself from that” means that you don’t understand what it truly means to be an ally. being an ally means understanding the part you play in this society and working alongside us to fight against it. it’s not about excluding yourself from the issue and asking me to watch my wording when dealing with my own oppression.

and third of all, anon, if we’re mutuals (and even if we weren’t mutuals), you should have messaged me off anon about this. i don’t know what you wanted to accomplish by hiding behind an anonymous face to complain to me about how i talk about issues on my personal blog. we could have had an actual conversation about this, but instead i’m now here explaining myself to a blank face. this is an important conversation to have, and i’m still willing to have it, but i’m not going to say any more here to an empty void.

okay but on the list of obvious and awesome but totally underexplored discworld brotps adora and susan have gotta be pretty high up 

I mean…two terrifying women with an affinity for pointy objects and the colour black who exist in a state of near-constant fury with the world at large and are really bad at making friends. what more could you ask for in a brotp tbh? also I read a comment somewhere about adora basically being a less interesting expy of susan and that annoyed me so this was also an exercise in making two quite similar women look as visually different as possible

why is susan pulling that expression? well as its 100% canon that adora is utterly shameless when it comes to sex and sex jokes (see: making money and raising steam) and seeing as susan is really not very good at interacting with anyone over the age of ten, I feel like susan probably pulls that face a lot during their initial interactions…

How I’ve grown

Hi, this isn’t the usual thing I post on my blog, but this is more serious than normal

Today, I have 50 followers. This is huge to me, as when I posted my first story, I had a mere 14 followers. To put that in perspective, that’s 36 followers more. I’ve never been the most amazing person, being small and annoying, but just knowing that 50 people are behind me, supporting me. It feels like a million dollars

You guys, though it might seem like nothing, are basically what keep me going. I have many psychological problems; anxiety and depression my most prominent. You 50 people out there, even if only a few of you are actually reading this, are what have kept me from killing myself. Or from having anxiety attacks. Or from falling into a state of pure sadness. All because Tumblr has given me so much support.

Thank you all so, so much. I love you all, and you guys are the best. And, I know, 50 followers isn’t half as many as many as most fan fiction writers are getting, but this is something very important, to me at least.

Thank you guys. You are awesome.

little things that annoy the signs
  • Aries: when someone keeps telling you to talk slower and stop being so loud
  • Taurus: wanting to go out but not because you feel like you don't have enough money
  • Gemini: when someone read your text and doesn't respond
  • Cancer: when your friend tells you to stop complaining when you didn't feel like you were
  • Leo: when someone you're talking to isn't really listening and being a little a shit about it
  • Virgo: stressing over which filter to use
  • Libra: when your squad doesn't back you up
  • Scorpio: when someone keeps asking you for dumb favours
  • Sagittarius: not getting invited to a party when you later see pics of all your friends at that party
  • Capricorn: that look people give you telling you to clearly shut up
  • Aquarius: when someone asks you if they can copy your homework
  • Pisces: loud people getting all in your face

handwriting tag

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I don’t know why but I always have this feeling like everyone is uninterested in me, like I don’t know why I put this on myself but I take text things so seriously as in I can read emotion through it, so I feel like this person doesn’t like me because I’m being annoying or clingy.
I hate when I think that, but like I have no one in real life to be around to help me or to chat to, so everything collapses on me when I can’t keep a conversation going.

I feel like I rely on others too much and that I’m not interesting at all, I can see why since I’m not a very interesting person. I bully myself a lot, like there are an other different person talking to me and judging my every action, that I’m always being put down by this ‘thing’ I don’t know.

I keep things up in my head a lot, so it builds up inside and I feel so terrified if I break down because of this building up. I can’t express my feelings because I know if I harm myself or do anything suicidal, I’ll get shit for it by my parents but I feel it’s the only way to express and to feel like I have a sense of reality again.
I really don’t know what to do honestly.

ifellforfandoms  asked:

ok i know i've praised your writing before, but i really need to say this. i finished reading im not in love like an hour ago, and i needed to ramble about it. so fanfics and novels don't always make me feel insanely emotional, but guess what, this amazing piece of art quickly became an emotional roller coaster for me and easily made me laugh, smile and cry. i'm in love with it, seriously, and i'm so happy that writers like you exist. and i hope this isn't getting annoying hahaha :")

You keep killing meeeeee jfdjdfkjkdfjkdf <3333333 omg You’re so sweet whaaat.

Thank youuuu. To know that I made you feel things through my words means so much to me. Thank you so much for investing your time into reading my little verse and for leaving me the sweetest messages and just being such an adorable person overall. ILYYYY <3333 (this is not annoying AT ALL. You make my days <333)


“Stop being stubborn, Cinderella,”, he tells her, annoyed, taking her into his arms.
“I’m not some sort of damsel in distress, nor I am a spineless princess,” she tells him, twisting in his arms so that he will let her go, but he just holds her tighter against him.
“No, you’re not the princess, you’re the witch and the witch never gets to the last page,” this is what he realized earlier. What he realizes now — looking into her wary green eyes —  is that he wants to make sure she’ll be the first witch who does.
                                                                                  — Dormiente, excerpt chs. 6-7, by Swamy.

anonymous asked:

Would you ever be down to do a review/critique of the 2k12 series when it wraps?

My apologies anon, but my current answer would be a firm “No”.  This is partially because my mind has already been made up about the quality of the series (as you probably already guessed) and even if I did watch it I would probably spend the majority of the time annoyed to the extent that I would get a headache.  I might check out the episode(s) featuring Usagi, but if I do I expect I would have to rant about that but otherwise…I’m just not interested

It’s rather nice to think you would like to read a critique of mine though, so to make up for it here is a collection of gifs that illustrate my feelings on the show:

And finally my response to it being cancelled and rebooted:

does anyone else feel so much relief when you’re friends with someone and they’re the one to initiate a conversation because those fears of whether or not you’re annoying them and them not liking you behind your back disappear

Just so you know, I am going to start apologizing in parentheses, amongst other things.

If you see the parentheses, that means it is supposed to read as me thinking/whispering the words within the parentheses, and it means that if you do not feel like reading it, you do not have to, or that it is meant to be read in a softer voice.

I started doing this sometimes recently. I don’t know why. I just feel… secure? When I do this.

I apologize a lot, I mumble a lot, I rant a lot. I have trouble shutting up, and that tends to turn others away from me.

I am a very insecure person, which might stem from my childhood when people preferred my twin over me and openly expressed this, or just disliked me in general, therefore I want people to like me now, but in doing so, I just made more people hate me.

(I feel I may annoy some of you, especially with this post. I am sorry for that. Please don’t hate me.)

To sum it up: the parentheses is kind of a security thing. I do it to make myself feel.. safer? I’m not sure. God, (sorry). I rambled on again. (I’m so sorry.)

Also, I am going to make a new tag: Shiloh’s Stupid Rambles for when I make posts like this (that may be totally useless and most people may not pay attention to).

Thank you for reading. (Though I doubt anyone read/finished it.)