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Signs crushing ❤
  • (Use your Venus & Sun sign)
  • Aries: Is happy and it shows.Their face beams and most of the time their crush knows.If rejected in the past,they might try to hide their emotions and seem awkward.
  • Taurus: They will come close to you when they get the chance,will smile and generally they are touchy-feely when they like someone or at least they’ll be around that person a lot.Body language says it all.
  • Gemini: They will tease you,talk to you,ignore you then treat you like a treasure. Their mind is quick and their ideas witty so they search for the best way to catch your attention,and before finding the best one,they’re going to try multiple ones making you confused.
  • Cancer: subtle and sensual and sometimes shy,a Cancer will drop soft hints that they like you.They are most likely to look at you during class or when there’s a group outing and daydream. They seduce by the way they look at you and soft flirts.
  • Leo: they will laugh more around you and make jokes to which you’re expected to laugh. They are proud but affectionate people so they will find a way to touch you.They are extremely generous so whenever they have something,you will be the first person they will share it with.
  • Virgo: shy or mean.You will think they hate you. Cold or sarcastic remarks which will make you confused when they try helping you in trouble.They are actually not mean but believe in that person whl can go beyond the wall they’ve built.Cautious lovers.Definitely treats you differently and quite odd,as they would do anything for you but when it comes to talking it’s mostly harsh.
  • Libra: Their extremely feminine and sensual vibe is felt when around their crush.If they are talkative,a aloss of words around them is only natural and they might even laugh when it’s not necessary making them look awkward.They won’t miss a chance to touch you,but it will be a subtle touch.
  • Scorpio: quite playful and will make you feel noticed in a unique way.They are going to drop hints about liking you but will not say it first. They love deeply and will not have a radom crush,so before showing anything,they will try to be your friend first.
  • Sagittarius: they will act hyper around you and will beam with happiness at your notices but will keep a distance until they are sure you reciprocate their feelings. They won't miss a chance to hug you and sometimes will act moody-something you'll quickly notice.
  • Venus in Sag is most likely to chase the other person if it's love at first sight.
  • Capricorn: they would want to befriend you before making any moves and will notice things about you others don't. They will want to talk to you more but not all the time since they want things to move slowly but surely.
  • Aquarius: they will try to get noticed by being unusual and witty. They like their freedom so they won't always be beside you flirting but will invite you outside,to do any quircky activity they can think of.
  • They can give you handmade or really personal little gifts to show they care.
  • Pisces: most likely to make romantic gestures and show you they care through shy,little touches.They will pay attention to what you say and are extremely considerate but quite jealous,so don't give them mixed signals.

anonymous asked:

A scenario where Levi's SO fangirls over some radome celebrity dude. (maybe some jealousy? IDK hahahaha)

not sure if this matters or anything, but the celebrity is male in this particular scenario, just because those were the pronouns used.

“Ah, he’s such a pretty man.” ____ sighed to no one in particular, not noticing Levi walking into the room. He looked at them with a deadpan expression, knowing exactly who they were talking about. Some new heartthrob celebrity that had been all the talk had stolen the hearts of many, including Levi’s partner.

The man usually had very good patience, especially when it came to his lover’s interests. It was in his best interest that they were happy, so he usually didn’t question the things they were into. In fact, when they first showed him the countless pictures of the celebrity, he couldn’t have cared less. It made them happy, so what?

But no, it was like that guy was the bane of his existence. Levi didn’t really understand how his partner could get so immersed in a person they had only seen through a screen.

He’d caught them ogling at him many times, and whenever they smiled at their phone it was a telltale sign that they had once again seen something to do with the beautiful man. “Him again, huh?” Levi sighed, sitting on the opposite end of their shared couch.

___ jumped a bit at his sudden appearance, feeling their body temperature rise at the small sequence of events. “Y-yeah! I was just watching some clips from a charity concert he did recently.” Even though Levi had never personally expressed his distaste to the celebrity to them, they found it quite apparent that he didn’t enjoy their… extreme interest in him.

Their beloved nodded curtly, eyes focused on the television they had been ignoring due to their interest in their phone. It was turned onto a popular news and pop culture network, something Levi didn’t particularly enjoy.

He reached for the remote, getting ready to turn the channel when a certain man popped up on the screen. Without looking at them, he could hear ___’s slight gasp before feeling their gaze on him, silently praying that he wouldn’t change the channel. Grinding his teeth together, he set the remote down, slightly glaring at the young man who had taken over not only his partner’s life, but his own TV.

“How does it feel knowing you’ve stolen everyone’s heart?” The interviewer asked, a fake smile plastered on her face. The man laughed before leaning into the microphone someone held toward him. “Ah, I wouldn’t go that far!” He laughed, eyes crinkling upward due to how big he had been smiling.

“Oh, but all the jealous boyfriends and girlfriends would!” She teased him. He looked slightly uncomfortable, as is all of the threatening messages he had received from jealous couples had appeared before his eyes at once.

Levi felt himself slowly loosening the grasp of his cool. The small interview had set him off, and his partner could tell, almost as if he emitted a dangerous aura. “Please don’t be jealous, hon. I love you and only you.” ___ pouted, crawling over to his part of the couch. He glared at them, bothered by the fact that they assumed that he was jealous even though he knew he was.

“Don’t look at me like that.” They sighed. “Sorry I can’t smile like your charming heartthrob.” He shot back, one eyebrow raising upward in a silent challenge for them to counter back.

Oh, and they did counter back. In their own way of course. ___ lunged forward to kiss his lips, not clinking teeth by some miracle. Levi didn’t refuse, but he did tease them a bit, because he felt like keeping some integrity. When they pulled back both of them were slightly shorter of breath.

“I’m glad you don’t smile like some generic pop star. Surprisingly, your resting bitch face is a lot sexier.”