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John Egbert  Style Rating

time for my son

Sprite- John has the most expressive sprite, for sure, so while the base isn’t amazing, the occasional change in mood can lead to some really cute expressions. 5/10

Zoom- the early attempts at varying from sprite were not amazing, with too thick lines and an even goofier appearance. 2/10

Replacement- The more common sprite replacement looks great. 8/10 

Human- Not my favorite, but the change in style worked for the drama of the situation, and the lack of expression can be chalked down to the fact that this is consistently what John’s face looks like when people close to him die. 4/10 

Teeth- This John retains his cute teeth, even without his mouth wide open. They look really good. 8/10

Details- It’s a genuinely well drawn John, but I think the more cartoony/simplistic Johns work a little better for scenes that aren’t close-ups. 5/10

:D - Admittedly, he’s quite cute. 7/10

Protag- this John looks like he is there for you. He has your back. The shapes in this drawing are really good, and the soft shading looks nice. 9/10

Snaps- This john is really cute. His glasses look nice as grey rectangles, his teeth are kept, and he looks friendly, as he should. 10/10

Ajin Week Day Seven: whatever goes
The two ajin I want to be happy and healthy and safe the most, Izumi and Tanaka. Also time to come out and admit that I ship them a lot ahaha 

A big thank you to those who organized the Ajin Week and to all those who participated! I was super happy to take part in it and bask in all the beautiful fan works everyone produced! Bless this wonderful fandom!  ( *¯ ³¯*)♡

He Was

Author: Zoe

Word Count: 803

Trigger Warning: Death, period typical racisim (which no one important condones don’t worry pals)

He said each word like a note. Sentences were songs. Paragraphs were symphonies.

You were entranced by them.

You were entranced with the words. Not the man who spoke them.


Not after what he did.

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The aftermath

Haikyuu!!, post-S2E25.
Characters: Oikawa Tooru, Iwaizumi Hajime
Warning: contains spoilers for Haikyuu!! season 1 and 2.

Author’s note: this idea came to me in a whim, and I couldn’t get it out of my head until I wrote it down. Since it’s my first time writing fanfiction, I apologize if any of the characters seem ooc. Enjoy ^^

They had lost.

No one had expected them to. Nearly everyone who watched that match thought Aoba Johsai would take the win. 

But this time Karasuno had been stronger. And before Oikawa realized it, the sound of the ref’s whistle signified the end of the match. 

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Sometimes I feel like we, the collective the Star Wars fandom, want to know stuff so badly about the upcoming film but at the same time aren’t even sure what we want to know that we’re reduced to looking like Luke staring at Yoda the first time he went to Dagobah like????


prince of stride: alternative step 10 // stand up - because you were there


rhett (offstage, mockingly.):