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Neels Visser looking like a mermaid

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John Egbert  Style Rating

time for my son

Sprite- John has the most expressive sprite, for sure, so while the base isn’t amazing, the occasional change in mood can lead to some really cute expressions. 5/10

Zoom- the early attempts at varying from sprite were not amazing, with too thick lines and an even goofier appearance. 2/10

Replacement- The more common sprite replacement looks great. 8/10 

Human- Not my favorite, but the change in style worked for the drama of the situation, and the lack of expression can be chalked down to the fact that this is consistently what John’s face looks like when people close to him die. 4/10 

Teeth- This John retains his cute teeth, even without his mouth wide open. They look really good. 8/10

Details- It’s a genuinely well drawn John, but I think the more cartoony/simplistic Johns work a little better for scenes that aren’t close-ups. 5/10

:D - Admittedly, he’s quite cute. 7/10

Protag- this John looks like he is there for you. He has your back. The shapes in this drawing are really good, and the soft shading looks nice. 9/10

Snaps- This john is really cute. His glasses look nice as grey rectangles, his teeth are kept, and he looks friendly, as he should. 10/10

80s Kylux AU -As you walk on by

This is bit of self indulgent post. I was talking on Twitter about how my Kylux 80’s AU ‘As you walk on by’ art here had taken on a life of its own. So I promised to write up the plot I had about it as it spans from the 80’s to the 90’s. Like in the art it starts in 1996, the era of great music, fun films and frankly bonkers fashion.

Hux joins the school as a transfer from England, right of the back of his father moving his company to the States. Not knowing bugger all about US High School etiquette the snooty, geeky mod lover clashes with surly, new age rocker and general bad boy Ben Solo. It’s punch up at first sight. Principal Lei Organa reads the both the riot act. fed up of her son always staring trouble she forces them to either attend detention every day for a month. Or Ben has to show Hux round the school and town. Ben reluctantly chooses the latter, dragging Hux off behind him trying to ignore the taunts of 'friending’ the 'posh boy’. They slowly get to know each other and discover there’s more to their facade than they think. Hux is mad on sci-fi and engineering, he’s always talking about the stars and how one day he’ll be up there. Ben loves art and fantasy and slowly they create their own little world. And even more slowly fall in love. Though being the 80’s that’s not so easy to admit. Ben has a crisis and in a panic asks his friend Phasma to the school dance. Hux is not at all happy and they fall out spectacularly. Ben realises he’s an idiot and misses Hux. The night before the Dance he invites Hux to the football field at night. Hux turns up but he’s a mess and still mad. Ben begs forgiveness saying he loves Hux. He gives Hux a present and it turns out to be a telescope he’d sold his art equipment to buy. Hux’s father broke his last one because he wants Hux to take over his company not waste his time on petty fancies. Hux is over the moon and sees how much Ben really means it. They make up and finally go to the dance together. Dancing to heaven ids a place on earth.

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Today’s Good Morning Post (4/28/17):

At some point in everyone’s life, there is loss. People come into our life, and sometimes, it seems like they vanish just as quickly. It could be family, friends, people closer than we sometimes realize. Maybe they have passed on from this life to the next, or simply drifted from us. Maybe it as mutual. Maybe it wasn’t. But there is something of value to the impermanence of those we love: we never completely forget. And whether the memories we have are kind, or maybe not so kind, we learned something from the experience. About ourselves, and about others: we grew.

Take care of your heart. It may be sad, or tired, or lonely, but there is so much beauty there. Your connections to others in this strange world we live in are what makes life worthwhile. People may be impermanent, but our experiences and the effect we have is not.

passionatebutterflyartist  asked:

psst i love ur art and i saw ur takin requests??? can i ask for silvally!Gladion?? ike, gladion as a silvally?? thankie and have a wonderful day n keep up the wonderful art!!!!


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Pia!!! Why are you so amazing, seriously it's killing me!!!! 😍❤ My appreciation is a lot like a cat putting a singular paw on your face.

Given my cats regularly do put a singular paw on my face, I love this message, I appreciate your appreciation lol fdsalkjfsda

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Why are you anons so awesome!!! Omg. Have a great week and weekend! <3

You say sorry for everything. For speaking slightly to loudly, For accidentally interrupting someone, for making a mistake you had no control in, for showing your emotions, for “ Being annoying, Even for simply existing you say “ I’m Sorry “

And now i’m the one who wants to say “ I’m sorry “ but not for the same reasons, The reason I want to say those two words, that have now been horridly torn away from their original meaning of sympathy, compassion, condolences, and expression ones regret for a situation, is because i want to express my sympathy

I want to express my sympathy because this world has done nothing but told you that you need to say “ Sorry “ for whatever you may do, even if it’s extremely insignificant, or out of your control. Apologizing for everything day in and day out, I’m sorry for being tired, i’m sorry for not being able to go with you, I’m sorry for never leaving my room, I’m sorry for being a bother

Those i’m sorry’s usually have a lot more to say though “ I’m sorry for being tired but i can’t sleep with the nightmares “, “ I’m sorry for not being able to go with you but i get scared in social places and shut down “, “ I’m sorry I never leave my room, but it’s the only place I feel like I can control my life which feels out of control “.

A lot of those things people don’t understand, and it’s hard. Having to apologize to others because they can’t take a moment to understand your problems or your suffering because they only see everything at a surface level, which only causes you to spiral downwards more, thinking “ If I keep saying this and they keep getting even angrier at me for apologizing then what do I do ? “ and you say your sorry again for saying your sorry, and they get upset again, and you apologize again, it’s a cycle and it’s hard to break.

I’m sorry that the world has made you apologize for these things, Purely because they won’t take the time to understand and instead will say things like “ Life goes on “, and “ Suck it up “ to you, which makes you withdraw inwards more and more

Which just leads you to say you’re sorry again for other peoples actions when you didn’t do anything wrong, and that’s not fair and I want to see i’m sorry that the world has taught you to do this

and i hope one day that you will realize that the world has been teaching you wrong and you’ll learn your own way.


Circa 1968: These are some photos of Bob Dylan and his wife, Sara, with their children at their home in Woodstock, New York.

Photographer Elliot Landy commented on the photos he took of Bob and his family around this time, stating that “…he was very happy…in love with his lovely and gracious wife, Sara, and with his family. He was hiding from the world, savoring the magical experience of having young children. That’s why I didn’t publish these pictures for many years. He cherished his privacy and didn’t want any media attention on his family.”

Me: *sits down to write*

Me: *ends up writing 10 tumblr posts*

Me: Technically, it is ‘writing’.

Ajin Week Day Seven: whatever goes
The two ajin I want to be happy and healthy and safe the most, Izumi and Tanaka. Also time to come out and admit that I ship them a lot ahaha 

A big thank you to those who organized the Ajin Week and to all those who participated! I was super happy to take part in it and bask in all the beautiful fan works everyone produced! Bless this wonderful fandom!  ( *¯ ³¯*)♡


Tokyo Ghoul Week — Day 5 :: Emperor
↳ Favorite Male Character

"Remember me, as vivid as I used to be."

prince of stride: alternative step 10 // stand up - because you were there

He Was

Author: Zoe

Word Count: 803

Trigger Warning: Death, period typical racisim (which no one important condones don’t worry pals)

He said each word like a note. Sentences were songs. Paragraphs were symphonies.

You were entranced by them.

You were entranced with the words. Not the man who spoke them.


Not after what he did.

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