so qt i am in love

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SANDYYY i love you and finding Marley so much!!!! you're such a qt! Please just keep doing what you're doing though bc everything you do is amazing! You're such a beautiful person inside & out never forget it bb

ANONNN i love you too! I’m glad you like my story heheh :)) dw!! I’m not going anywhere any time soon!!! d’aw!! this is honestly so sweet, thank youuu!! :’) the way you to talk seems so familar!! who r u!! <3 


Towards the end of their performance of Freely, Jae and Sungjin put their guitars down and moved to the extended stage, hyping up the audience (omg look at Dowoon at the back on the second gif!!!). Idky but seeing this makes me so proud :’). They’ve grown so much over the past year and a half. I just feel like I am finally seeing them gain more confidence in themselves and their music. I hope they will always have this much fun whenever they perform. (x)


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To our Daesung who has worked so hard over these eleven years, thank you for always smiling because your smile has the power to brighten up bad days. Thank you for always trying your best and making everyone laugh. Thank you for being such a beautiful soul. Thank you for continuing to sing. Your vocals are a great source of comfort for many. Thank you for not giving up being a singer despite the 2011 incident. I am so proud of you for overcoming those rough times. Look how far you have come and how brightly you are shining now. Lets only walk on flower road from now on. Happy birthday to Big Bang’s angel, Kang Daesung. Thank you for being born. 


Hello guys! Here is the much anticipated, but most likely not at all awaited, Question Time video. I’d like to give a round of applause to iMovie, with which this would not have been possible, and to my beloved iPhone who came through in a pinch to make this movie what it is (my camera and laptop decided not to show up to work that day). Regardless, I hope you enjoy!


00:00-1:38   Intro/Origin Story/ AMA’s 2013

1:39-3:18      Babygate/ Brett/ How I’d End It

3:19-3:57      Dream collabs for Harry and Louis

3:58-4:22      Message from Lexi- @idareyoutotakealook

4:23-6:09     RBB/SBB

6:10-8:05      Twitter/SM Control

8:06-9:11      What’s gonna happen next?

9:12-10:21    Little Mix/5H

10:22-10:47  Tattoos

10:48-11:10  Birthday Travels

11:11-11:37  Do they do drugs?

11:38-12:11  Coming out?

12:12-12:35  Larry and Promo Season

12:36-14:58  Favorite Fics

14:59-17:37  5 Least Favorite Popular Fic Tropes

17:38-18:05  What shows am I currently watching?

18:06-18:38  Favorite music

18:39-19:39  My thoughts on Fool’s Gold

19:40-21:15  Cass’ Questions- @larryappreciation

20:22-22:33  Zoe’s Q’s (1D in Hogwarts Houses)- @oiiiioiiii

22:34-23:00  What does IDK My BFF Jill mean?

23:01-23:45  Why do you love Niall so much?

23:46-24:57 Just Hold On Promo thoughts

24:58-End    What are your 1D tattoos?/Coming up/ The End

hopefully i will have some new stuff to post soon, but in the meantime, here is a collab between me and the lovely cloudedart that we finished quite a while ago and i .. f orgot to …  p o st…….. haa aha…. she did the beautiful lines and i colored !

thank you for collabing with meeee, this was sUPER FUN !

Athletic shit

I noticed that I tend to like boys who are athletic/kinesthetically active. Ha ha ha ha. So my ex boyfriend plays basketball. My first one-sided love plays soccer. Well my recent crush or ex happy crush (lol what are you labelling crilet) plays basketball. One of my qt crushes from red batch (younger than me betch child abuse asf) plays basketball too. I also liked someone who bikes a lot.

Now what???? Why am I getting involved in their everyday living? Or their past? Or maybe future???? Future ex wife charot. Kathryn bernardo pa. Lol oki nvm

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Today's letter of the day is Q. Q as in quiet. Q as in quickly. And Q as in QT because you're a big QT ;) Thanks for all the lovely art and reblogs. Have a wondrous day!

O goodness, I C what U did there! 

*SQUEE* Thank you very much! I am so glad people are enjoying my blog, haha. I hope you have a wonderful day too!


Ugh, I had this idea in my head for weeks and I just needed to draw it out.

I wanted to practice on Rhys a bit more, so here is some practice. Buuut this image wouldn’t be anything without that dork down there. UGH ♥

This is me when I text my fiance in character we are dorks and I love it. ;A;


btw i don’t care if this isn’t how echos are used it just happened and there is that. dontcareatallbackoff.


so i thought i couldnt love joe trohman any more than i already did but then he just

Notice how, as of now, Chouchou and Sarada are:

-not competitive with each other at all

-capable of talking to each other about things other than boys besides their fathers (Not that discussing boys is a bad thing, but it is surprising for me to see in fiction.)

-both qt

Perfect princesses~

And before anyone starts, I am not shading other female relationships in the manga (like Ino and Sakura’s), which I love. I just like the variety and how Kishi has not just copied the dynamics of the relationships in the previous generations so far.

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I submitted, and in the last month or so I have come to terms with the fact I’m not genderfluid, but rather I’m trans. And in light of that, I’ve also started to go by a different name than Jaysen.

So, hey everyone, I’m Logan and I am a very awkward trans child who eats way too much mashed potatoes and really loves plaid shirts!

if you would like, you can find me here. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!