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Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

(Oldest post is here, and here’s the first content for the ship. I don’t know who picked the name “Techienician”, please tell me if you know! I’d love to credit them here :D).

so you only care about eleanor’s safety when video evidence surfaces of her literally being attacked…interesting.

When you pause the livestream at the right time -dabs-


I visited Jo-Ann’s (the fabric and craft store) today and saw all these nifty containers that would be so cool for spells & charms! The tiny vials were only about 2in tall & were super cute! I particularly liked the corked domes, they’d look pretty cool for jars that include small crystals or something. The bottom domes & pocket watches both have a loop so you could put them on a necklace which could be cool for charms, though they don’t seal like the others do.
Just wanted to share with my fellow Tumblr witches since I always see people asking where to find stuff like this 😊

Dude, where's my eyes?

World of Darkness, Changeling: The Lost. To become a Seer, my character has to replace her eyes with another seers.

DM-“Alright, you walk up to the melon baller. It’s been sanitised for the occasion. Roll to take out your eyes and replace them with the ones in the jar.”

Me-Rolls 8 successes on 5 die.

DM-“Wow, okay, you’ve succeeded. You can do it as easily as you want.”

Me-“Oh, cool, so I take out both my eyes, and…”

DM-“You can’t put them in if you’re blind!”


eleanor guthrie walking into a room and having two grown ass men quivering in fear on the floor in under ten seconds is my aesthetic 🙌

Congratulations to Harry Shum Jr. & Matthew Daddario for winning the Award for Outstanding Drama Series!!!

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I’m so damn proud of both of them because they put so much effort in portraying their characters and their relationship as real as possible. There is no other TV couple/actors that deserve it more than those two!! I hope they continue to make history and touch people with their story. So again, congratulations to Harry, Matt and also the writers for bringing that epic couple to life!  

I can’t tell which I like better because both are so good: 

a) Chidori teaching Tenga to cook


b) Tenga teaching himself to cook for Chidori

Reasons why option 1 is great:

-Chidori getting embarrassed when she notices Tenga paying REALLY CLOSE attention to everything she’s showing him (he’s a surprisingly diligent student)

-Tenga getting all flustered when Chidori compliments him or tells him he’s doing great (gotta impress his cute girlfriend)


-Tenga pretending to be on a cooking show to make Chidori laugh

-The two celebrating when the meal is finally ready

-arguing over who should do the dishes, each insisting that they should do it. (Tenga claiming that Chidori taught him so he should do them. Chidori arguing that Tenga did most of the actual cooking so it’s only fair that she cleans up)

Reasons why option 2 is great:

-Tenga really wanting to repay Chidori for all the meals she’s cooked for himself and their friends (team mom deserves to have someone take care of her for once)

-constantly looking at his phone to make sure he’s following the recipe right

-painstakingly making sure that every measurement was 100% accurate to the recipe

-getting all worried that he’s done something wrong 

-definitely practiced the recipe a few times just to make sure he can do it perfectly before inviting Chidori over for dinner

-getting all nervous when she takes the first bite and then just breaks out into the biggest grin when she tell him it’s fantastic

Things I Have Been Reading... (March)

March has been absolutely EPIC for amazing fics!  I am thinking I’m gonna have to go back to posting twice a month because this list is becoming a monster BUT I still think you should go read all the stuff.  This month I have limited myself to only 10 recs for each of my fandoms but there were so many more I could have added.  So here you go, this is my much debated and agonized over list of recommendations for March 2017.

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Turtles Imagines :First Date

Leonardo: Near midnight, walk though central park. Not close enough to be holding hands yet, but sneaking a few glances at each other as they walk though the quiet night. Is there a kiss at the end? Oh no… but he gets to hold their hand. And that’s more than enough for him.

Donatello: Dinner inside an old abandoned train station he found last week. You’d think it be gross and dusty, but in one week, this guy went all out. Marble was scrubbed clean, the lights rewired, and not a speck of dust to be seen… Never before was cleaning a romantic gesture, but this guy managed it!

Raphael:Shoos everyone out of the lair, orders pizza and chills with his SO on the couch, about a foot apart from one another. Its awkward, but sweet.

Michelangelo: Instantly after picking them up, Mikey literally picks them up, holding bridal style, and telling them to hang on. Then, the turtle is off across the rooftops, maybe doing a few flips, despite his SO protests. Their both laughing by the time he puts them down, which is a sucess.