so proud to call against me one of my all time favorite bands

A Mostly Decent Proposal, Cat/Kara, Rating: PG

Kara tries everything. She drops Cat’s name. Lena’s name. Supergirl’s name. The snotty publicist turns her down each time with increasing relish. 

“The tastings are for engaged couples only, Miss Danvers.”

And it’s not like she doesn’t try Alex. It’s maybe a little insensitive to ask given that Maggie hasn’t exactly given an answer to the spur-of-the-moment proposal yet, but dammit Kara is feeling sorry for herself. Now the best cake on the entire West Coast is being kept from her by the sad fact of being single.

Not that she would have married Mon-El. Honestly it had been effort enough to teach him to chew with his mouth closed. But it had been less lonely, less Kara left behind, less table for one and going to bed early and alone. 

She posts to Facebook in desperation, hoping Winn or James will volunteer to play her fake fiancé and grab one of the exclusive tasting appointments. There’s only four left today, and Kara wants one with a need that’s bordering on obsession. 

Before anyone can reply and save the day, a text from Cat arrives. 

Assistant AWOL. Have my car out front in 5. Meet me there.

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Open Letter to the Clique from Mark

Dear Skeleton Clique,

We are slipping.

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun use their many talents to send a message of hope and community to those who feel hopeless and alone. The band’s mission is for this message to reach those who struggle (usually with depression, since this is the struggle they (specifically Tyler) understand best), in hopes that it will also help the listener overcome the obstacles they share. They do send other messages, but this is the most immediate and by far the most important.

When a fan base selflessly rallies around this kind of mission and message for the sake of helping others to stay alive, it’s unspeakably beautiful and actually lifesaving. When that same fan base selfishly rearranges its priorities to put fan-status ahead of the mission, it’s unspeakably ugly and detrimental to everything it stood for to begin with. It isolates the message from those who genuinely need it most. It’s an ego-driven, life-threatening mentality.

If there wasn’t so much at stake, I wouldn’t care enough to write a single word about this. The reality, however, is that a truly lifesaving message is getting heavy pushback from many who claim to believe and live out these truths – all in the name of self-glorification. When that happens, we withhold goodness from so many people. Again, we withhold aid from those who need it, and I refuse to just sit here and watch that happen.

I’m not just assuming this negativity and selfishness exists, but rather watching it unfold firsthand. Furthermore, I’m not just assuming that people could really benefit from the message. How many times have you read “Your music saved my life” in the comments? Has it saved yours? Would you want it kept from you?

Let’s take a look at some (paraphrased) attitudes we constantly see:

1) “I’ve been a fan since [album title/year]”
I completely understand why somebody would be proud to have watched a band grow from the beginning. In that case, there would be few who could claim to have seen what you’ve seen, and that’s special in and of itself.

However, it’s not meant to be a trophy for you to shove in anybody’s face. The most likely reason somebody would do this is so that others might acknowledge and validate some high-level of fandom that they possess. Instead of seeking this approval for no good reason, acknowledge your fandom to yourself and move on. Validate your fandom by being a fan. Support the band and its mission.

Honestly, you’d be hard-pressed to find more than one legitimate instance in which you should bring up how long you’ve been a fan. The only one I can think of (and it’s rare as hell) is if somebody asked you directly, but even then, just tell them and move on. Somebody was a fan before you, and there’s likely a band you’ll love that – through no fault of your own – you haven’t even discovered yet.

Boasting the number of years you’ve served in the clique doesn’t drive any of your points home. Not a one. Instead, it divides us, which is foundationally against the message and mission of the band to come together and stay alive.

2) “I hate that they’re getting famous.”
If that’s the case, you simply don’t love or support this band. Let me clarify.

There are only two cases (that I am aware of) in which it makes ANY sense to be upset about your favorite band getting famous: 1) They did so by way of “selling out.” In other words, they sacrificed their mission and message and abandoned what they once stood for as a means to an end (but even in this case, you’d be more upset about the means (selling out) than the end (fame)). 2) Their concert tickets are now much more expensive, which makes it more difficult for you to see them live. In these two cases, absolutely be mad.

The reality you need to accept is that if you love this band, it should bring you unspeakable joy when fame allows their message to reach more people. Otherwise, you’re pushing back against the mission of the band, likely because you just don’t want to share, which brings me to my next point…

3) “This is my band.”
I believe the “this is my band” mentality is responsible for a lot of the issues I’m discussing. When you link your personal identity so heavily with something that is fundamentally meant to be shared, you will inevitably forfeit your identity to the public when it actually becomes shared. You will lose yourself entirely.

4) “I hate how people call themselves fans but they only know Stressed Out/Tear in my Heart/House of Gold/Car Radio.”
Show me even one person who claims to be a Twenty One Pilots fan while simultaneously admitting to only knowing one or a handful of song(s). Seriously, if you see somebody do both at the same time, comment it below. Let’s see how many actually exist.

In other words, those who are upset about self-proclaimed fans only knowing one song likely have no way of proving that the person actually only knows the one song. Rather, they assume the worst of a stranger based solely on whichever song they listed as their favorite. If it’s a radio hit, they often call out the poor soul who simply said they like Stressed Out. Even if they do admit to only knowing the one song, in most (if not all) cases, it’s paired with something like, “…but I love this band,” suggesting they expect to dig further into the discography based off of how much they love what little they’ve heard.

The truth is that these songs are powerful enough for one of them alone to move somebody. If you’re not willing to accept that truth because you feel somebody isn’t doing the entire catalog justice, you don’t even understand these songs, let alone support the mission they drive. No matter how ideal it would be for someone to know the whole catalog, no matter how cohesive and intentional each album is as a whole, that can’t possibly diminish the fact that each song can speak volumes by itself. It’s no crime for somebody to recognize that. In fact, it strengthens this community and allows it to grow.

5) “It’s ‘Twenty One Pilots,’ not ’21p’ or ‘TOP'”
I actually agree that we should spell out the band’s name. They requested that we do so out of respect. However, we need to realize something.

Those who abbreviate the band name are almost never doing so to diminish what Twenty One Pilots is. Abbreviating is common with band names, and people are usually just being people. If you’re seeking to invite the person to understand the spelling-out of the band name, do so kindly and in a way that fosters community. This is usually the route the clique takes, and I’m grateful for that. This is just a friendly reminder.

Again, this is no time to take people’s innocent ignorance personally (see point 3). There is never a need to prove how much you know just for proof’s sake.That divides the fan base and pushes back against the band’s mission and message.

EDIT: Since this article was posted, Twenty One Pilots has released official merchandise with their band name abbreviated in nearly every way imaginable (2NTY ØNE PLTS, TØP, etc), which I have to imagine was their decision. Do what you will and remain inviting.

6) “Vessel is not their first album”
Again, those who suggest Vessel is the band’s first album almost never do so just to get under your skin. Don’t let it anger you. Instead, realize that it actually makes a lot of sense for someone to believe Vessel is their first album considering the difference between independent releases and label releases (some of their work isn’t actually allowed by law to be sold commercially or publicly). Be welcoming and kind. Nurture the clique. Let it grow.

7) “Twenty One Pilots is not indie/rock/pop/rap/whatever.”
The lines separating genres have become so blurred at this point that it’s almost pointless to even try to assign one to a band anymore. There’s no reason to get upset if you think Twenty One Pilots has been misrepresented by genre. That being said, by all means have a discussion about what you think it might be. But don’t get upset. That just doesn’t make any sense.

For the record, they’re self-declared as “Schizoid-Pop” and I have no idea what that’s even supposed to mean. Discuss.

Being a part of the skeleton clique should make you feel proud. We are the foot soldiers in places the band can’t reach alone. By spreading this message, you help the band help others, and that’s all they want. That, and to see the clique grow.

If somebody flat-out disrespects the mission and message of Twenty One Pilots, by all means fight back. Don’t be rude, just be real. Defend the truth with more truth.

In that same vein, spreading this message is crucial. Let it through. Do not keep it for yourself. This band is not yours, it’s ours. Not everyone in the clique is guilty of this selfish mentality. In fact, I’d say the vast majority is still on track. However, I say again, we are slipping. Let’s find our footing.

Stay alive, friends. |-/

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I've spent the last few hours just reading your work and omg I love the way you interpret the prompts! You're making the long hiatus so much better already and I can't wait to read more! I have a prompt request as well: friends with benefits to realizing they like each other (with some angst added in!) thank you!!! :)

First of all thank you so much, that’s so sweet of you! Second of all, here it is! This is more playful than angsty but I still hope it’s okay!

AU: Jughead never went to Riverdale High and never became friends with Betty and the gang the way they were supposed to. Archie, Jughead, and Betty were close in middle school, but once they parted ways and Jughead followed in his father’s footsteps of becoming a Serpent, their relationship was never the same.

Betty brushed past Cheryl Blossom as she hurried her way down the freshly-mowed lawn of Riverdale High’s courtyard, nearly snagging her baby blue sweater on one of Cheryl’s particularly sharp insect brooches as their shoulders slammed into one another.

“B, where the hell have you been?” Veronica called to her from their usual picnic table at the end of the quad, her prized set of pearls shining elegantly in the mid-afternoon sunlight.

Ignoring the icy glare that Cheryl tossed in her direction, Betty maneuvered her way through the crowd of chatting classmates to slip her way onto the bench of the picnic table next to Kevin, just as Veronica turned to narrow her eyes at Betty. “I’ve had to listen to Cheryl’s incessant ramblings regarding the subpar quality of her brand new Louboutins for the past half hour and trust me, when I reach the point of boredom beyond repair talking about designer shoes, you know there’s a problem.”

“Sorry, something came up,” Betty mumbled, shrugging off her pale pink backpack and placing it on the wooden surface in front of her.

“There have been a lot of things ‘coming up’ lately,” Veronica pointed out. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say our little, not-so-innocent Elizabeth Cooper has a man in her life she’s been hiding from us.”

“Yeah, right,” Betty scoffed, unzipping her bag and rummaging through its contents to find the salt and vinegar chips she didn’t eat at lunch. “You know how terrible I am at keeping secrets. Remember your surprise birthday party last year?”

“How could I forget? You asked me to come over to help you with an English paper,” Veronica recounted the event in question, shaking her head in shame at Betty’s failed attempt at such a classic form of surprise. “The day Betty Cooper asks Veronica Lodge for homework advice, you know there has to be something else going on.”

Betty’s lips curled into a slight smile, her expression distant as she reached into the bag of chips and popped one into her mouth, repeating this process for several minutes without blinking or acknowledging that there were other people sitting at the table with her.

“Kind of like now,” Veronica mumbled, waving a perfectly manicured set of nails in front of her in an attempt to snap her out of the trance she had fallen into. “Look at her face, Kev. There’s something wrong with it.”

“You’re right, V,” Kevin concurred, leaning in close and tilting Betty’s chin towards him with a flick of his thumb. “There’s an actual smile on it. Hell must have frozen over.”

“Hey, I smile!” Betty defended herself, her too-tight ponytail nearly smacking Kevin in the face as she whirled around to look from Veronica, to Kevin, and back again.

“Not since Polly-” Kevin started to explain, but before he could get the words out, Veronica lunged across the table to place a hand over his mouth, nearly knocking various textbooks and papers onto the grass in the process.

“Shhh!” Veronica quieted him. “Kevin, we agreed that bringing up such events should be handled as if one were at Hogwarts and in the position of saying the name Voldemort - you just don’t do it!”

“Sorry,” Kevin shrank back onto his spot on the bench. “Let me rephrase. You’ve been a little down the past few months, but lately-”

“You’re happier than Kevin during a Brad Pitt movie marathon,” Veronica finished for him, her eyes dancing wildly as she leaned in to point a finger in Betty’s direction. “And that can only mean one thing.”

“Betty Cooper: number one in her class, editor of the Blue and Gold and all around girl next door, is getting a little ‘Fifty Shades of Freaky’ with one of Riverdale High’s finest young bachelors,” Kevin concluded, his arms crossing in front of his chest as if he were proud of himself for solving such a complicated riddle.

“I am not!” Betty protested. “You two have way too much time on your hands if you’re speculating why I’ve been smiling more lately.”

“What kind of friends would we be if we didn’t notice such things,” Kevin pointed out, his gaze suddenly leaving his friends to focus on the parking lot in front of them. “Kind of like how I’ve noticed Jughead Jones’ massive biceps lately, holy hot and bothered Rolling Stone-meets-Abercrombie you can actually see them bulging through that leather jacket.”

The boy in question stepped out of his midnight-black 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner, his dark hair falling effortlessly over his eyes as he moved to shut the driver’s side door.

“Joining the Southside Serpents has really sat well with his upper body muscles,” Veronica admired, her mouth hanging open slightly as he pulled out a cigarette and lighter from his jacket pocket like he was plucked straight out a scene from the Outsiders. “Too bad he doesn’t go here anymore, I would love to run my hands up and down those-”

“Veronica!” Betty’s eyes went wide as she turned to glare at her friend, whose mouth was practically watering as she took in Jughead leaning against the classic car and taking a drag from his cigarette like she was watching the most sensual thing she had ever laid eyes on. “Last time I checked you still have a boyfriend, or have you forgotten about our good pal Archie Andrews. You know, captain of the football team, lead singer of his very own rock band, Riverdale High honor student. Ring any bells?”

“Oh please, I’m allowed to window shop as long as I resist throwing anything into my basket,” Veronica muttered, picking up her copy of The Sun Also Rises and fanning herself with it, even though it was a perfectly cool fall afternoon that didn’t even come close to meriting such actions.

“That’s wrong on so many levels,” Betty mumbled, pushing her half-eaten bag of chips away from her and wiping her greasy fingers down the front of her sweater.

“What’s Jughead doing here anyway?” Kevin wondered. “I thought he and Archie stopped talking once he moved schools a few years ago.”

“He’s here to see me actually,” Betty admitted, turning in her spot on the bench to look at Jughead for the first time since he had pulled into the parking lot. “He was the best writer we had at the the junior newspaper in middle school and no one’s ever come close to filling his shoes, so he’s helping me out a few times a week after school at the Blue and Gold.”

“You sure he’s not helping you out with a few other things too?” Veronica wiggled her eyebrows at Betty suggestively, her lips creeping up into an amused smile as Betty narrowed her eyes at her.

“Just friends, Veronica,” Betty assured her. “Jughead isn’t Archie’s favorite person right now and after everything that’s happened with their fathers - I just - I wouldn’t do that to him, okay?”

“Whatever you say, B,” Veronica shrugged, still looking unconvinced as she reached underneath the table to retrieve her cheer bag. “Okay, I have to go find Cheryl before River Vixens practice so I can warn her that the choreography she’s been throwing at us is too 90′s cheer routine and not enough Beyonce video like we were going for.”

“Yeah, and I have to go witness the bloodbath of bitchy, yet impressively clever insults that is sure to occur as a result so we’ll see you later, Betty,” Kevin followed Veronica’s lead as she made her way away from the picnic table, the giddiness in his expression made even more evident by the enthused squeal escaping his lips as he bent down to pick up his backpack.

“Bye, guys,” Betty called out to them, shaking her head in amusement as she watched them round the corner to head back into the school.

Betty kept her gaze focused on the chemistry textbook resting open in front of her as she saw the movement coming from the parking lot out of the corner of her eye. Jughead had pushed off his car and was slowly making his way onto the sidewalk leading up to the courtyard. Her breath caught in her throat as he took a step closer. And another. And an-

“And then there was one,” Jughead announced, his leather-clad sleeve brushing the soft fabric of her sweater as he slid his way onto the picnic table next to her. “What’s it like without chatter mouth one and two attached to your hip?”

“I don’t know,” Betty sat up straight, turning slightly on the bench to quirk a challenging eyebrow in his direction. “What’s it like without your manhood to back up that newfound edginess that drives all the girls crazy? Wanna find out?”

“Betty Cooper,”Jughead beamed, one leg tucking underneath itself so that he could turn his body to face hers completely. “Throwing the banter back at me like we’re in a 1940′s black and white screwball comedy. I like it.”

“You’re early,” Betty noticed, her eyes focusing back on the periodic table displayed on the inside cover of the chemistry book.

“I ditched the last two periods,” Jughead shrugged nonchalantly, scooping up the abandoned bag of chips on the table and tossing back a handful into his mouth. “I figured that I’ve already learned as much as I needed to know about 17th Century England and the Taming of the Shrew to pass with at least a C in both history and English and still function in the real world like an adequately intelligent human being so why not skip out early and come see you?”

Jughead crumpled up the now-empty chip bag and tossed it behind him, missing the trashcan completely as he looked back to watch it roll onto the grass. Leaning in close, Jughead rubbed a hand on her knee resting underneath the table, his breath tickling the exposed skin of her neck and nearly causing a thrilled giggle to escape her lips.

“Jug,” Betty warned, reaching down to remove the hand slowly creeping its way up her thigh and turning to give him a leveled glare. “We agreed, remember?”

“You agreed,” Jughead corrected. “I said friends with benefits was a dated form of emotional torture that benefits neither party in any meaningful way.”

“Isn’t that the point?” Betty reminded him. “To not get attached in a way that lets you mean something to the other person?”

“I think that ship has sailed,” Jughead admitted, his eyes flicking to hers with a vulnerable state of truth-turned-worry when he realized that she might night have felt the same way. “At least on my part anyways.”

“You know that we can’t be anything more than what we are,” Betty explained. “At least not right now.”

“Because Archie blames me for my father’s involvement in his father’s shooting and he would love nothing more than to see me strung up on the mantle of his nice and cozy family-sized home,” Jughead recalled, his eyes rolling backwards dramatically sliding his leg back underneath the table and facing the empty set of picnic tables across the courtyard. “Yeah, you said that when we first started - whatever you want to call this. Doesn’t mean I understand it. And it doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

“Juggie,” Betty whispered, resisting the urge to reach out and caress his cheek affectionately the way she had grown accustomed to since they had started their relationship nearly eight weeks before.

“You know how I feel about you, Betty,” Jughead told her, his eyes softening slightly as his head turned to smile weakly down at her lips. “And I think that if you were being completely honest with yourself, you know exactly how you feel about me too.”

Betty knew he was right. She knew that she felt more than just lust, coupled with the added bonus of orchestrating their clandestine meetings, for the boy from the Southside who was more than just his leather jacket and tough demeanor. But she couldn’t risk her friendship with either boy in her life by making things official. Not yet.

“This is the way things have to be right now,” Betty sighed. “At least until Mr. Andrews gets out the hospital and everything just - settles down. Please, Jughead. I don’t want to lose you. But I don’t want to lose him either.”

Betty held Jughead’s gaze, her bottom lip jutting out slightly as her teeth automatically reached out to bite down on the tender skin there, a habit she had formed around the time she had started seeing Jughead in a little-more-than-just-friends kind of way.

“God, why do you have to do that thing with your bottom lip,” Jughead mumbled, his eyes flicking down to her pink lips with a fleck of longing in his gaze. “You know that drives me insane.”

“I know,” Betty beamed, her eyebrow quirking flirtatiously up in his direction. “Why do you think I do it so often?”

“Okay, if we’re still playing by these ridiculous rules you’ve set in place then we better get to the Blue and Gold room because I’m feeling the overwhelming urge to kiss you,” Jughead breathed, his heart beating wildly as Betty’s leg brushed against his, making his palms sweat in the best way possible. “Now.”

“Then what are we waiting for,” Betty leaned in close to Jughead as if she were going to meet her lips to his, but swung her legs out from underneath the picnic table at the last second and stood in front of him with her hands on her hips. “Race you.”

“You’re on.” Jughead grabbed Betty’s bag off the table and sprinted after her, not even noticing that there had been a figure lurking in the shadows who had witnessed their intimate exchange with a devious smile plastered on her flaming red lips. Turning on her less-than-adequate Louboutin heel, Cheryl let her waist-length red hair swing playfully behind her as she sauntered her way to cheer practice, already scheming and plotting how she was going to use this juicy new development to her advantage.


→ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader / Namjoon x Reader
→ Genre: fluff, smut, angst, humor
→ Words: 2,659
→ Rated: NC-17
→ Warnings: language, sort of unintentional sexual innuendos
→ Summary: A text message sent to the wrong number turns into a long lasting affair between two people completely opposite one another.
→ Note: Ok, so the interim parts are gonna be from Jungkook’s POV (to show how intertwined their lives are without them knowing) and I hope you remember the last paragraphs from the first part since they kind of hold significance in an early conversation in this one lol. Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy! :) 

(Also, these parts aren’t that important really (but this one is). They’re mostly because I love to write from everyone’s POV to make things more complicated lmao I’m sorry)

Parts: 01 : interim : 02 : coming soon


  • jungkook pov

Quick question
Is it socially acceptable to just get up and leave a discussion?
Maybe punch someone on the way out?

It takes a little bit of courage to send it, but when he finally lets his thumb press the send button and the message flies away with a sort of satisfying whoosh, he smiles and pushes it down the pocket of his tight jeans. He thinks it’s a little ridiculous, but it feels nice to message her again. It’s been three days after all.

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Can I request a couple headcannons on how life with eight kids goes? :)

I accidentally deleted this when I was done and then had to redo it (:

UT!Sans: It’s almost too much for him. He never gets any alone time, and that kind of bothers him since he gets exhausted a lot. But he really loves his kids. And every time one of them runs up to him saying ‘’Dad! Dad! look what I made you!’’ He feels his soul swell with pride and joy. He’s good at raising them, and he has a lot of patience so he almost never snaps at them. He’ll raise them to become full of mischief though. And they’re always pulling pranks on each other, and you and Sans. He’s just as proud every time they get him good.

-PTA SANS. Omg he is sassing the living daylight out of anyone who dares go against you or him. They are never ready for his passive aggressive humor and retorts. They think that they can prepare, but he ge gets them every time.

-He’s very happy that their birthdays are on the same day. Because he could never remember eight separate birthdays. He does come up with great gifts for them though.

UT!Papyrus: This pure force of energy is no match for eight kids. He has never known exhaustion like this one. Waking up more than five times a night to feed eight hungry babies. Who also wake each other up with their crying is almost too much for him. Almost. And just when he thinks he’s handling the first few months perfectly. They start to crawl and run around too. He realizes that the first few months were just a test run. Nevertheless, he is truly a great father. Paying attention to all of his children. And always encouraging them to do and be their very best. He is constantly validating them and reminding them of how great they are.

-Their birthday is the biggest party ever. Because he wants them all to feel special and unique. Prom night is also a hell of a deal for him. Because he feels like he has to organize it all by himself. He’s helping them pick out dresses and suits and he’s exhausted, but oh so proud, He might even shed a tear as he sees how much his babies has grown.

UF!Sans: And he thought one kid would be hard. He swears, his kids doesn’t know how to chill. Which is weird considering they’re related to him. If it weren’t for the monster human thing, he’d doubt that they were even his. (They are literally crawling on the walls half of the time, he’s thought about calling and exorcist) But their snarky attitude makes up for it. They still behave, but he isn’t the best at raising kids. And if one of them hears him swear, they teach it to their siblings. And soon you’ll have eight one year olds all saying ‘’shit’’ and ‘’fuck’’ whenever someone speaks to them. You’re going to have to deal with teaching them some manners. And maybe get Red in on the lessons while you’re at it.

-But oh my god does he love them. Every single one of them. And any boy or girl who dares break one of their hearts are going to have to deal with him after. (Some advice to them would be run)

-He’s the kind of parent who tries to show interest in their interests, but he really doesn’t get what kids are into these days. Still, he’ll sit through their long rants about youtubers or actors. And he’ll grumpily get them tickets to their ‘’favorite band in the whole world omg dad you have to let me go see them!!’’

UF!Papyrus: HE THOUGHT THAT HE WAS READY. But nothing could prepare him for the horror that is eight children. His sleep schedule is so messed up now. And he has never know exhaustion of this sort before. He insists on helping you raise them, even though his job keeps him away most of the time. If you really don’t want to stay away from your job for longer than you have to, he agrees to take a break from his. Until they are old enough to go to daycare. Small advice, don’t let him do that. He’s a responsible adult but with his sleeping schedule so messed up, there really isn’t anything that says he wont forget that it’s eight and not nine children. And then he’ll go on a hunt for the last one before panicking because he lost one of his children oh my god what will he do now.

-It’s better if you take care of them during the days, and leave the nights to him. He wakes up quickly and always hushes them before they wake their siblings. If you wake up and try to find him during these nights, you’ll find him standing in the nursery with at least two of the kids in his arms. Talking in a quiet voice while rocking them gently.  

-He is such a mother hen. They can’t do this and they can’t do that. He wont let anything harm his little heirs. But for a guy who’s so protective, he tries to start training them as soon as they can stand. Please stop him.

US!Sans: He tries to raise them to be polite and nice children. But there are freaking eight of them and how is he supposed to do this? He’s really trying his best to be there for all of them. And if he misses even one’s first step he’s heartbroken. Until they waddle over to them. Then he feels better again.

-The nights are horrible though. Because he needs his sleeping schedule. Without it he can’t function. And you’re both equally tired for the next year. He tries to take the night feedings, and to rock them back to sleep every time on wakes up. But he is way too tired for that. You’ll find him sleeping in the chair in the nursery. Kids in his arms. Sure he got them  to sleep again, but at what cost?

-He wants them all to try out new and fun activities. And if they’re not as social as he is, they might argue a lot. He wants them to try new things, and he wont understand why they wont listen to him. It’s not going to harm them if they go to one dance practice or one soccer game. You’ll have to talk to him about that. If you don’t they’ll just get a lot of unsaid things building up between them. He just wants them to be happy and have something to bond over.

-He will respect any interest or hobby though. They’re not into sports? That’s fine. If they want to practice drawing instead, he’ll happily support them! Anything that makes them happy.

US!Papyrus: The early years went by in a blurr. And he honestly doesn’t remember them all that much. His anxiety made him nervous all the time. And usually he felt like a spring ready to go off. It got better the older they got. Still, with eight goddamned kids you don’t get much rest.

-But he’s the kind of dad who takes one or two of them to McDonalds at 3 am if they happen to be awake at the same time he is. He still has a fling of insomnia. Which he is a little scared might have carried over to them. But he goes on these late night adventures with them a lot. It’s great bonding sessions. Going to a 24/7 Walmart and wandering around. Or maybe taking a drive out to the pier if there is one close by.

-He’s also the kind of dad who lets them try alcohol at home. He figures it’s safer for them to do it while he’s around than out at some party. People could take advantage of them, and he’d rather he knew what they were doing and how much they were drinking. It’s not like he’ll actively get them drunk. But if they want to try some liquor he gives them a little.

-When they first started asking he just bought alcohol free liquor and gave them that. They still do not know that they weren’t actually drunk. But he found it hilarious.

The only thing he really doesn’t want them to try is drugs and smoking. He quit getting high for good when you were pregnant with them. And he stopped smoking for a few years. He took it up again when he figured they were old enough to be okay with him smoking. But he’d never do it within a 50ft radius of them. That’s why teleporting is really handy. He also washes his clothes more often. Smoke doesn’t stick to him, so he doesn’t reek of it.

SF!Sans: He loves showing them off. And he’s often seen pushing them around in an eight seat stroller. They are his little heirs, and he loves them dearly. And even though eight kids are a lot to take care of, he’s actually doing a great job. He hates taking care of them when they cry at night, and sometimes he wont even wake up even though you try to shake him awake because it’s his turn. He does his best, but putting them to sleep isn’t his strong suit. They somehow end up crying even more.

-He always makes sure to spend time with each and every one as they get older though. Even if it’s just a few minutes during a car drive or out shopping groceries. He listens to their rant. And he’s always on top of the school drama.

-His secret to telling them apart when they were kids were the accessories they wore. Green socks for child number one, pink for number two, blue for three and so on. No one realized this, and they thought he was just the best dad ever. Only you knew his secret. And I mean with eight kids you’re going to need it c’mon.

SF!Papyrus: He works himself to death so that you wont get overwhelmed with the situation. He’d raise them all while working a full time job if he could. Just so that you wouldn’t have to. But he’s not going to shun you away. You’re obviously the better parent. Out of all the skellies he’s the one who looks after you the most. The others still make sure you’re okay, but he’s always been very protective of you.

-If anyone ever messes with one of his kids, they’re gonna regret it. And if there’s a bully in their school, he’ll take care of the problem. Have a little chat with them when they’re on their way home. Nothing too threatening, they’re just a kid even though they’re a brat. But that kid isn’t going to ever bother anyone again.

-Like Swap Papyrus he quit smoking when they were born, but took it up after a few years. He needs the coping mechanism.

-He is the best at putting them to sleep. His voice is very calming, so he’ll always read them a story and it knocks them out in a few minutes. He does all the voices without exaggerating them too much. And every time one wakes up from a nightmare, he’s there before they even cry out for him. Quiet and calm, he’ll sit on the edge of their bed. Rubbing their back to comfort them. He’s not a fan of your own bed getting crowded by the kids. But if someone has a particularly bad nightmare, he’ll lift them in and have them sleep between him and you. He’s a quiet dad and sometimes stern. But they all love him.

too cold for you here

pairing: reader x jung hoseok

genre/components: fluff // in which hoseok realizes he may be going crazy (in love with his best friend)

count: 1391 words

a/n: just wanted to write something for my sunshine boy; inspired by rhode island’s sweater weather & bf jackets

Hoseok had had three permanent fixtures in his life.

First was his family. He couldn’t really change family unless his parents decided to sprout out another offspring to give him a chance to be the older sibling for once in the spur of a moment, which at the rate his mother complains about his and his sister’s “leaving shit all around the house” and “stupid, incessant bickering” is highly unlikely.

The second was his friends, the bangtan boys they called themselves. The name stuck for the seven talented men (not by choice because Yoongi had decided for all of them that it was a tacky name but it was one that worked) who clung together since they started practicing their individual skills when Hoseok was a wee sophomore in high school. He was surprised that their competitive streaks hadn’t led them to strangle each other and instead directed them into a more productive progression.

And the third and final one was dance which had gotten him through most of his rebellious, teenage angst phase in a healthy way (fortunately enough for his parents, they didn’t have to deal with death metal blasting from the living room speakers and instead was graced by the smoothness of Justin Timberlake’s ”Sexy Back“). Of course, dance continued to change but his passion for it never wavered once.

What he didn’t expect was the addition of a fourth: you. The day you spilled three scorching cups of coffee on his brand new sneakers (white ones at that) and managed to flop a red velvet cupcake with extra cream cheese frosting on his recently washed hair, Hoseok never would’ve guessed that the woman he cursed to the pits of hell with a forced smile would be an important part of his life. Or that he’d like the way ”oh fuck shit I’m sorry goddamn it thanks Jesus“ left your mouth.

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Live From New York, It’s Saturday Night!

Title: Live From New York, It’s Saturday Night!

Request: Hi! Can you write an imagine kinda like “I have a crush on you” but for SNL? P.s. I love your write so much!!

Characters: Josh Dun x Reader, Tyler Joseph, Jenna Joseph, Lin-Manuel Miranda

Warnings: None

Originally posted by nbcsnl

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1. Your days are usually a back and forth yoyo, I’ve been trying to string my words into your form, into your moves and into your play– it’s a brand new day, you don’t need to spend it alone, you’ve got me, you’ve always got me.

2. You know the worst sounds aren’t always scraping against a chalkboard or a fork against a dinner plate– the worst sounds begin in the throat, and you know the fucked up part? It’s usually not a sound, it’s just a whimper, it’s just the thick silence that follows after all those hours of crying, I’m sorry that you’ve been hurting for so long, low key and high key, I just want you to feel okay. Those memories are like shrapnel pierced deep into your veins, you’ve been trying to cut it out, I know. The blood will flow, but it just hurts some more, doesn’t it? Hey, this isn’t the end, it just looks like it. The sound of your crying? It just means you’re getting to a point. A point that you’ll be proud of. A sound that you’ll be proud of. A sound of you getting better.

3. You used to smile a lot more, you used to be the happiest person that I know. That scares me, because whenever I see you, you’re always smiling, but I know that you’re not okay. I mean, they don’t know, but I do. I see right through you, you’re paper thin. But I mean, that doesn’t mean that you’re fragile, you’ve got all of these words under your eyes, right next to your bags, you’ve got these words right under those long sleeves, right next to those scars, you’ve got these words all over your heart, right next to the bleeding– we’ve just got to lend an open ear, I’ve just got to listen some more. I care about you, you’re my favorite, favorite. You used to be so happy. It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to feel. Let’s just listen to the way you’ve been hurting.

4. My favorite flowers are roses, but I once ran across these flowers called snapdragons. When they’re alive and blooming, they look like dragons that can breathe fire. When they’re withering and wilted, they look like skulls. You’ve been so morbid lately, I remember when you were full of life. Death and life, they’re lovers. They kiss each other and sometimes, they die together. I think that’s why my favorite flowers are roses, love… it doesn’t really die. I guess in some way, I’ll always love you. Even if your thorns are sharper than most, I’d still hold you. Stem to stem, I’d bleed with you.

5. Those razors are just adding heartstrings that you don’t need, you’ve got plenty– so I’ve been listening, that’s all you need right? Someone to hear you out. I’m here. You don’t know those fake veins to make you feel. I’m here. I’m here. I’m always here for you.

6. Your lips form a whole garden of flowers that still need to be watered– so I’ve been watering. I’ll be the bees, so please– grow.

7. Memories can kill us– let’s build the bad ones a paper boat, let them sink into your ocean, let those tears rip through the ugly, let your drowning devour everything painful.

8. You don’t smoke cigarettes like I do, but every time that I smoke one– you past through my mind and I wonder… if you cut as much as I smoke– your wrist must look like my lungs. Maybe we share the same kind of guilt, the same kind of pain, the same kind of self-torment– shit, I love you. We need to quit our bad habits. Is there such a thing as wrist cancer? Probably not, let’s never make it a thing.

9. I use pens, you use razors. I write poems, you write pain. I write starry love, you write love into your own scars– hey, those wounds won’t heal properly if you don’t let them scab up. Someone’s got to remind you to love yourself. I’ll be that person, hey you. Look. It’s going to get bad before it gets better, I still believe in you. I’m hopeful about you. I am.

10. I need you. This isn’t a metaphor. This is a flat out truth. This is something I’ll never let be a lie. I fucking need you. I need all of you. Every little piece of you. Every broken piece of you. Every lovely piece of you. All of it. All.

11. I know that feelings can lead us to extremes– I know that trusting people can lead to insanity… but we’ve all been mad, Alice is still there waiting to kiss us goodnight. It’s okay, she’s found of teacups and your madness. Let’s just relax a little. So what if you do drugs? We all need some sort of get away. Just watch out for anything too much, anything too deadly. Hey, you’re in good hands.

12. You’ve been crying again… right? Teardrops are just tiny beds we haven’t slept on yet, so maybe you’re just tired. Tired from the crying, tired from the feelings, tired from everything that’s just not comforting– let’s focus on the pillow shaped tears, the softest kind of kiss me back to bed, you can focus on that. Don’t let this be another bad dream, k?

13. I once watched an anime and there was this one character that said something very specific that kinda fucked me up, they said:
“If you’re going to get hurt, at least get hurt properly. Let yourself feel everything.”

14. Our highs, let’s fly it into every kite– let’s float with the butterflies, let’s hurt a little less.

15. Our lows, let’s keep it beneath those band-aids, let’s keep it at a minimum, let’s be okay.

16. Your smile is skipped breakfast. You never skip breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day. Always have it. Your first smile for today? You’re alive. You’re fucking toasted. You’re fucking lit. You’re here. You’re scrambled. You’re a little burnt, but fuck it, I’d eat it. Okay, I wouldn’t eat your smile, this is just a metaphor. You get what I’m saying, have at least one, it’ll change your whole day.

17. Your eyes are letters you never send out. I would ask you why, but I know better. You keep them down, you’re looking for words upon the floor. The words that say everything, but also nothing. Depression keeps us strangled. Depression keeps us anchored. Depression seeps into us like tea that’s just too bitter, so add a little sugar. We all need a little love, we all need a little letter. I need your eyes to do more than crying, I need your eyes to be smiling. Yes, smiling is more than just lips.

18. I don’t know if it’s about love or if it’s about family, I don’t know if something messed up happened to you, you don’t talk about much… and I want to be there for you, I do. But I can’t be there if you close everyone off, those inner thoughts? Our inner demons… it gets the best of us. There will never be a metaphor that’s stronger than ourselves looking back at ourselves in such defeat. Hey, you may lose today, you may lose tomorrow… but this war? It’s far from over. Everyday that you wake up. Everyday that you’re alive. You’ve already won.

19. Hope is a car with a flat tire sometimes, and although you’re the deer caught in the headlights– don’t worry, you won’t die today. Stay hopeful.

20. Some of the best poetry comes from the heart, I no longer know why I write to be completely honest. It’s just love requests, but occasionally I get people that don’t know how to live this life anymore… and suicide isn’t poetic, but hope is, love is, and I guess in some way… I’d like to just help. Maybe this one poem might change someone forever, maybe it won’t, but at least I tried. That’s the thing about words, it does things for people. Maybe it’ll do something for you. Hey, I love you.

It’s only a day, so cheer up– and if you can’t.
Then cry, crying is bravery. You are a warrior.
You’ve made it this far, I believe in you.

I believe in your survival.
I believe in your recovery.

And if nothing else,
I love you.
—  20 things for those who can’t go on

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How would the boy band feel about a (fem) s/o who's super girly? Like she's not shallow or mean she just cares about her hair and her makeup and she likes wearing heels and painting her nails and going shopping (but bonus points if at the end of the day she's just as tough in a fight and can kick as much ass as the boys 😌). I'm super girly 100% of the time and people always seem to think it makes me weak when it really doesn't! Girls can be badass AND like pink!

This ask is my reason for living NO JOKE


  • Noctis is one of those people who loves shopping, but not for other people
  • As in, you want to go shopping? That’s cool, he’ll come, but he’ll mope around and complain until you’re in a store with a men’s section and then he’ll wander off
  • Sorry but now I’m imagining Noctis in Forever 21 Men and I can’t stop laughing goodnight
  • Anyway! He’d definitely have this impression of you that he’s got to be your knight prince in shining armor and save you from the mean old nasties running around Lucis
  • Until he sees you absolutely wailing on a graulet and he’s like…..okay
  • He won’t run over and try to save you. He won’t get mad that you’re fighting. He’s honestly just going to watch because wow this is surprising in a good way and she clearly doesn’t need my help
  • You’ll come back to camp and he’ll be standing there, leaning against a rock or a tree or something (like he has been for about 20 minutes because he wanted a really cool, really suave pose)
  • “Did you bring back dinner for us, (Y/N)?”
  • And you’ll punch him in the shoulder


  • He is all for this because Ignis is a man who values independence, and it makes him feel better that you’re along for the journey and you know how to defend yourself
  • Iggy would rather be dead than force stereotypes on you, so he’d just take you as you come–like he does with everyone he knows
  • You like makeup? Awesome, he appreciates that there’s art on your face
  • You can take out an anak all by yourself? Cool, he’ll make some fresh kebabs
  • He’ll be the first one to tell you how beautiful you look when you put in a little extra efort one morning
  • He’ll also be the first to tell you how epic that roll-dodge you did looked while Noctis was kicked into a tree by a spiracorn 
  • No matter what you like to do or what you look like, Ignis will always be proud of you and the things that make you, well, you
  • He’s going to encourage the heck out of you, too. You’ll go makeup shopping and he’ll look at all the things and maybe buy you something that he saw you pick up and put down a few times, just so he can surprise you later
  • He’d honestly just buy you a nail polish in a color he likes because that’s the easiest gift to get right, believe me


  • He’s kinda mad that he didn’t get to teach you how to defend yourself, so he gets picky about your technique
  • Gladio just wanted to bond over hitting each other with wooden swords, is that too much to ask?
  • So he tells you to get up really early because your technique is trash and he wants to fix it, even though that’s an outright lie
  • He’s just trying to find some kind of weakness in what you know so he can 1) figure out how to protect you, 2) fix it, and 3) have something to teach you please gods
  • So he’s making you use all kinds of different weapons and obviously the greatswords are not your cup of tea
  • By the end of this you want to kill him
  • You’re cranky, tired, starving, and you’ve broken a couple of nails
  • So you fling a wooden dagger at him and tell him he’s going to learn how to give you a damn manicure
  • He does a remarkably… Okay job. It’s a little messy and it chips after like an hour, but hey it’s fine he tried and, well…
  • He made you do his thing, so it was only fair!


  • So he’s going to want to learn how to do your hair, which isn’t all that weird because he does style his own hair
  • But the picture he comes to you with is this ridiculous braided bun that takes you a few hours to work through before you can properly teach him
  • He messes it up really badly, but you kind of insist that it’s okay and decide to wear it all day so you don’t break his spirits
  • And, to be honest, having your hair braided and pinned out of your face is kind of nice when you’re in the thick of battle with the guys
  • This becomes a thing now. You go back to the motel and let Prompto go at your hair after you take a shower
  • Eventually he starts getting pretty good at braiding. Dutch braids are his new favorite thing, and he likes doing them while you hair is wet so it’s all wavy when you let it down
  • But it’s up during the day when you’re out there doing hunts and kicking Nif ass–with really cool hair thanks to your awesome boyfriend
  • He’s going to take a ton of pictures of you at all different angles, too. More than usual, and it’s totally not because he’s really impressed with his own handiwork
  • The other guys tease him. Rather than call you girly, they call him girly, because at least you don’t stand in Noctis’s magic and let yourself get burnt/frozen/electricuted 

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Hey I'm like literally crushing on you so bad lmao but I've come to deliver a simple prompt. Nicky making vines of the foxes. So many brotp moments with him and matt. So many sassy comments at Allison. So many sickeningly cute vines with Erik. He has a collection called "me just videoing Neil because he's beautiful." And "Andrew before he tries to kill me." And "Inside the life of Kevin Day" end me Nicky I'll forever love you


au where tfc takes place during 2016? yes pls

  • nicky hemmick vines
  • in fact, nicky is a POPULAR viner
  • he has so many vines
  • nicky vines almost everything the foxes do because he wants to document it ALL
  • neil josten showing up? He takes a vine and saves it to his drafts for when neil is announced and he can actually post it
    • the vine is just nicky whispering “oh no he’s hot” and zooming in on neil’s face
    • there’s also the infamous neil zoom again where nicky’s whispering “i’m gonna fu
    • ck him” and aaron says “ur not gonna fuck him.” and nicky whispers “gonna do it”

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Prequel (Quiet Moon)

A/N: It’s late and I have work tomorrow at like three in the morning but I managed to whip out this little think about life before Mara was born and a little few things about right after she was born and I wish I could right more but I have to go to bed soon. So in honor of anarchyaustralia’s singledad!5sos night, here’s more about Calum’s little family. Also I didn’t edit but what else is new

It had been too long.

Calum was tired of all of the screening tests and the lawyers and the psych tests. All he wanted was to start his family, but without the drama and the wait of a woman. He knew it sounded impatient and stupid, but he just wasn’t sure there would ever be anyone who he really loved and he wanted so bad to be a young father. But the whole process was tiring. Interviewers always pestering him about it, people looking at him funny on the street, fans throwing themselves at him with the hopes of being his baby mama. The only people who weren’t getting on his nerves, surprisingly, was the band and his family. They supported Calum’s want to be a father and his parents even encouraged it. But he was starting to lose hope in having his little family. He was starting to think he would never be a father, and that broke his heart more than anything.

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This one isn’t from the reader’s point of view, which is rare for me but I hope it still works!

HC: “Love” is my favorite pet name for dear, precious Chilty to use because he really would fall in love in about 3.8 seconds and he’d think it sounded sophisticated and worldly, like he could flawlessly blend into British high society.

Ugh, he’s such a little asshole. I love it. 


Can I request an imagine for Chilton like all the guys in his office are like picking on him and stuff and teasing him saying that he probably goes home alone but then his girlfriend who like happens to be a model or something cool like that comes and surprises him at work and makes all the guys who were picking on our poor Chilly jealous.

He was in a grumpy mood, he knew it, knew he shouldn’t snap at his poor, incompetent secretary. Although now that he thought about it, he wasn’t sure why the fool still had her job. She always burned the coffee, always forgot to tell him about his missed calls, always was late.

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You ran into the nearest coffee shop, clutching your books to your chest. You check if any of your textbooks were wet and, seeing that they’re still readable, shrug your bag off of your shoulder. You pulled off your hood, sighing in contentment at the cold air.

“Bad day?” you whipped your head around to see a guy sitting at the table you put your bag on. “Oh! I’m so sorry, I’ll move.” You move to get your bag but the stranger holds up a hand and stops you. “No, it’s fine. We can share.” You tilt your head in confusion but smile gratefully.

“The complete opposite actually, just finished my mid-terms.” you answer his previous question, doing a little happy dance. He chuckles at your enthusiasm. “I’m Cole, by the way.”

You stop dancing at the mention of his name. You knew that name. 6 years ago, you would have been squealing at only the sight of him. 6 years ago you would have fainted in this very spot. “Cole… Pendery?” you ask shakily, clearly not processing the moment. He smiles sheepishly, running a hand through his hair. It grew slightly longer and a few strands of white were peeking out.

“Yeah. That’s me.”  You wince slightly at his tired tone. You sit down next to him, pulling your knees to your chest. “What’s wrong?” He looks at you strangely, copying your position in his chair. “Nothing’s wrong… It’s just that.” He takes a deep breath before speaking.

“I didn’t think anybody would recognize me after everything… you know.” he gestured wildly with his hands and you nod in understanding. “It’s just a lot to process that I’m not in the band anymore.”

“Do you miss it?” You ask, shyly taking his hand in both of yours. To your delight, he squeezes them tightly, finding comfort in your touch. “I miss it everyday. The fans, the singing, performing, my brothers…” You listen to him talk of his time in IM5, nodding at the right times and patting his back whenever there was a moment of silence.

He wipes a single tear from his eye, letting out a silent sob. “Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who regrets ever leaving.” You stare at him in shock, almost at a loss for words. “Hey… That’s not true.”

You take your laptop out of your bag, pulling up tumblr in just under a minute. You type in the IM5 tag and he stares at the screen in confusion before transforming into the smile that was in your dreams years ago.

I wish IM5 were still together!!! :(( But I still love them!

Look at this picture of baby Cole! Ain’t he cute?

Why have I never seen this cover before? This is amazing! #5er5ever

“You see? The fans will always support you. Past, present or future.” You say and he smiles even wider. You close your laptop and place it on the table in front of you. “Now why don’t you give the boys a call? A reunion is long overdue, no?”

You never thought he could grin even wider but he did as he pulled out his phone and clicked the contacts he’s been dying to call.



It was a busy day at the diner. Dinner rush was a bitch sometimes but you needed the money to continue college. You sigh as your boss yells at you to cut your break short and serve a customer that came in. “I’ll go deaf every time he talks.” you mumble to yourself, getting a notepad and a glass of water before going behind the counter.

Your fellow waitress points towards a guy at a bar stool and you walk over to him. “Good evening, sugar. What would you like?” You ask the guy in the snapback and he looks up at you. “Yeah, can I get a black coffee? I have a lot of work to do tonight.” He gestures towards the sheet music next to him and you nod.

After setting his black coffee in front of him, you glance at the sheet music he was working on. “You writing a song?” He chuckles at that and shakes his head. “Nah, just going through a few songs. I have my first concert next week.” You raise an eyebrow at him and maybe internally squeal that you’re serving a celebrity.

“Oh? Are you in a band?” You ask, leaning against the counter. He smiles sadly, shaking his head again. “Not anymore. Going solo since 2017.” He says, doing some unenthusiastic jazz hands. You look at him in confusion. “That’s great Mr…” You gesture towards him and he smiles.

“The name’s Dana Vaughns." 

Your eyes widen at his name. "Dana? From IM5?” you ask, your breath catching when he nods. “Correction: I was Dana from IM5. Now it’s just Dana.” That sad smile crept up to his face again and you couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

IM5 split up last year and you were one of their biggest fans. The ironic thing was, 2016 was one of their biggest years with a world tour and 3 albums released since 2012. They were more talked about than any other celebrity that year and was dubbed as IM5 Heaven Year by the fans.

In the middle of 2017, they had a falling out and went their separate ways. Will wrote an entire album and climbed up the charts in under 3 months.  Gabe was currently making a rap career and is slowly building up the charts as well. Cole was an Oscar winning actor. David had his own chain of dance studios world wide. 

You slapped yourself when you didn’t recognize Dana. He was your favorite, being the one who was closest to your age. You never saw him in news unlike Will or Cole. He didn’t post any youtube videos like Gabe or David. All this time, you thought he may have retired or gone to school.

But the reality is that he is a struggling artist and that made you want to cry. You didn’t want to believe it but the evidence was right in front of you. You took his hand in yours, smiling at him comfortingly when he looks up at you. When he returned your smile, you grabbed a plate of cookies behind you. He raised an eyebrow but you continued to smile.

“Where’s the concert? I might just be in the first row.” you say, laughing at his shocked yet grateful smile.



“And one and two and three and… Hold your balance Y/N.”

You blush when David lightly reprimanded you. You were slightly star struck because you were taking a dance class with David Scarzone. David Scarzone the former member of IM5 and overall amazing dancer. You didn’t know that it was his class you were signing up for until he entered the room.

Now it was your 3rd week in class and you still couldn’t learn fast enough.

You nod at him when he looks at you questioningly. You pull your face back into a serious and concentrated expression before starting the routine again. This time, you made sure to get the timing right, hold your your balance and let the rhythm flow through your body.

After the routine was finished, you felt the most exhilarated than you have ever been since day one. Once David dismissed the class, you bounded over to him. You told yourself that you would get a picture with him before the class ended next month. The earlier the better.

“Um excuse me?” He turns around and gives you an easy smile. “Good job today, Y/N. You’ve improved and I’m proud of you.” He places a hand on your shoulder and you beam at him, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Thank you. And for being in of the best teachers ever…”

“Aw you don’t have to say stuff like that.”

“But it’s true!” You say, fumbling for a bit as you tried to reach your phone buried deep into your bag. “I’ve always wanted to learn dancing from you. Even before you joined IM5, I have loved the way you dance. You inspired me to pursue dance in college.”

You were almost rambling when you finally got to your phone. So much so that you didn’t notice his head drop and his reminiscing smile at the mention of IM5 but even if you did, it was gone before it even happened. “So… I was wondering if we could get a picture? I want to remember these moments.”

You bounce excitedly on the spot, holding your phone tightly. He chuckles at your enthusiasm and nods. You squeal silently and hold up your phone for a selfie. “To the best dance teacher ever!” You say as you take the picture, his arm around your waist and his smile wide.



You were late.

“Excuse me!” You mumble repeatedly as you tried to get to your job quickly. The people going in the opposite direction were definitely not helping. You glanced at your watch and gasp, running faster in the direction of the local day care.

You curse silently when you finally arrived to your classroom. You lean against the door to catch your breath when it suddenly opened. You collapse to the floor with a loud shriek and land on your butt. “Oh come on…” You say, looking up to see the new teacher looking down at you.

You blush as he offers his hand to you, apologizing for his actions. “Sorry, Y/N. I just had to find out where you were. The kids are sleeping right now. Took me 5 songs.” You take his hand with a laugh and he pulled you to a standing position.

“Thanks, Gabe. I appreciate it.” You pat the dirt off your pants and gave him a grateful smile. He returned the smile and gestured towards your classroom. You shake your head, taking a little peak at the sleeping angels in the room. “They won’t wake up for another hour. Wanna grab a coffee in the lounge?" 

Gabe hesitates for a second before nodding. You lead him towards the teachers’ lounge, heading straight towards the heavenly coffee maker. "Do you take sugar?” you ask him and he shakes his head. “Just creamer, thanks.” He leans against the counter, watching you prepare your cups.

After 5 minutes, you were both sitting in comfortable silence at one of the tables. Gabe has been working at the day care for a week now. You never really had a real conversation with the guy. You never really heard his speaking voice, just his singing voice. When you would pass by one of the classrooms, you would hear him sing the kids to sleep but you would walk away before you heard him speak.

“How are you liking the day care? Kids not giving you a hard time?” He chuckles and shakes his head. “Nah. I’m great with kids. After my band… went our separate ways, I figured it would be a nice break taking care of kids.” He shrugged, sipping his coffee.

You noticed the dark expression when he spoke of his old band. You knew of them, of course. You still had a few posters up in your room. You never told him about it because you didn’t want to make things awkward. You just wanted to be his friend, not a crazed fanatic. So you mellowed down the fangirl in you and focused on being that friend.

“It’s nice, actually. Being in the day care. It gives me time to think about things. Think about what I want for the future.” He finishes his coffee and sets it down on the table. “Have you thought about it lately? You know, your future?” He looks at you and you stare back at him. You still see that boy in IM5, just older and maybe just a little lost.

“I have… And I want to just settle down. Get a beautiful wife. Have a kid. Continue working here. Maybe I’ll continue a small music career. It’s a nice change from what I used to do.” You smiled at him and nod, placing your coffee cup next to his. 

“Yeah. You deserve a break.” He smiles at you gratefully and you smile back. “Why don’t you help me wake up the kids. They’ll love to see you again.” He nods again and you both walk to your classroom, just when the hour passed.



“And this was a song from my days in IM5. Bet you guys remember that time.” The crowd cheers as Will starts to play Superman. You sing along, feeling a few tears sting your eyes. You were at VidCon, watching Will perform on the main stage. After IM5 ended, he continued to work on music on youtube.

After many a year, he finally got to perform on the main stage. You were happy for him yet at the same time sad that he wasn’t performing with IM5. You knew that they still talked to each other. Heck, Will even collabs with them in his videos. You just wished that they could perform together, even for one last time.

Maybe that would make Will truly smile again.

Sometimes you feel like you were the only one who knew. The way he would smile in his videos never reached his eyes. You could hear the raw emotion as he sang on that stage. Your heart ached for him. He was usually the happy one of the group, so full of smiles and an angelic voice.

He still had the angelic voice. Time made his voice more mature and his vocal range varied beautifully. If only time healed his wounds too. He finished the song and bid goodbye before exiting the stage. You push through the crowd, trying to find him. You finally spotted him at his meet and greet table, texting on his phone. You knew that people would go to him any minute so you took your chance and walked towards him.

“Hello.” He looks up, placing that smile you knew was forced on to his face. “Hello.” he said, putting his phone down. As if on autopilot, he grabs the album he released recently and a marker, ready to sign it. You shake your head and push the album away, making him look at you in confusion.

“I just want to talk to you. You seemed down lately.” You went for the straightforward approach, knowing that you wanted an answer. His smile faltered and he hung his head, scratching the back of his neck. You went around the table, grab a chair and sit next to him. “Will? Please talk to me. I just want you to be happy.”

When he finally looked up, he couldn’t look at you. He looked around and stood up, closing the curtains that surrounded his table. “What do you mean?” he asks almost shyly and you felt your heart constrict in sympathy.

“Your smile never reaches your eyes anymore. And though your voice is still amazing, it doesn’t have the soul it used to have. I know you’re not alright, so tell me and I’ll help you.” Years ago, you never would have had the courage to do this. Years ago, you would be too blinded by his body rolls or perfect pitch to care about his feelings.

But this was right now. And right now, he was unhappy.

He took a deep breath and sat down next to you again. He turned his chair to face you and you did the same, taking his hand in yours. “Maybe it’s stupid. Me missing the boyband days. I knew it was never going to last. But I just hoped that we would be together as a group, as brothers forever. I let myself hope too far.

"I still can’t process that I’m alone now. I’m getting by on youtube videos and a part time job in Barnes & Noble. I still see them, you know, my band mates but… It’s not the same. I want to perform with them. Feel that rush of adrenaline as the crowd cheers for us. I want to hang out with them and jokingly complain about the hectic schedule when in reality, I absolutely live for it.”

He pauses, letting the tears fall down his face. “It must seem selfish of me to think of this.” You shake your head and pull him into a tight hug. “It’s not selfish, Will.” You say on to his shoulder. You pull back and cup his face into your hands, making sure he looks at you straight in the eye.

“You will always be part of IM5, in your heart. You still see your brothers, maybe not as frequently as you like but at least it’s better than never speaking to each other again. You still love and care for each other. That’s what the fans loved about IM5, you were a down to earth boyband who just loved making music together. No matter if you were not that famous. We loved you for you and I’m sure the band will still love you as well.”

His tears were falling freely now and you felt yourself tear up as well. “You mean that?” Your only answer was to hug him again and this time, he hugs back fiercely. Clutching on to you like a lifeline. 

“Thank you.” he whispers into your ear and, finally, you hear the smile in his voice.

Woo… That was a tough one. I hope you guys liked it! :3

Single Dad!Woozi

I started this like a month ago in my phone memo when we were driving somewhere but I completely forgot about it up until now ;; Idk if I like it but I hope all of you guys do

Rain hammered against the windows of the dimly lit and rather empty convenience store, the harsh sound rivalled only by the ruthless wind. The black clouds in the night sky ominously loomed over the small shop, the dull bulbs within the building barely lighting the way for the small man inside, who trudged through the aisles tiredly with one hand in the pocket of his large dark grey hoodie and the other closed around a young child’s. Jihoon sighed lightly and shrugged the thick material further onto his body, rejoicing in the warmth it provided; a shield from the bitter cold that tested the barriers of the automatic doors. He looked down at the boy beside him, who was perhaps a quarter of his height despite only looking around five or six years old, and his rather grumpy facial expression became one of fondness as the child reached out for the shelf on his right, making incoherent moans and protests of some sort. Jihoon turned his attention to the shelf in question to find that they were in the sweets aisle, chocolate bars and colorful bags of candy teasing the small boy as he tried to break away from his father and grab something.

“If you stop whining, I’ll buy you a candy bar when we leave. Right now we just need a few things to restock the freezer.” the elder bargained, making the younger one beam up at him and stop struggling.

“Okay!” he cheered before huddling up to Jihoon, his happy mood fading almost as soon as it had appeared; “Daddy, it’s cold.” Jihoon sighed heavily.

“I told you to wear your coat, but you went against me.” He raised his eyebrows at the child, who pouted. Another sigh. “I can’t really do much about it, Jaehyun-ie. We’ll be leaving soon anyway.” Jaehyun nodded reluctantly and detached himself from his father, the bright energy returning as he hurried away down another aisle. Jihoon groaned and laughed lightly, quick to pursue the child in large strides, He followed him to find him head-first inside one of the small store freezers. Jihoon laughed again, louder this time, at the sight of the boy who mere moments ago had been complaining about the cold, with his legs hanging out from the entrance and the top balanced on his upper back as he tried to reach something.

“You needed these frozen meals, right?” Jaehyun asked as he withdrew himself and slowly wiggled back until his feet were back on the ground, batting his eyes and smiling with childish innocence at his father as he held up three frozen microwavable dinners - all of Jihoon’s favorites. Jihoon’s eyes disappeared, with the wideness of his smile as he reached out to pat his smaller counterpart on the head.

“Yeah, good job, buddy.” he said proudly, taking the boxes from the equally proud looking boy and gesturing towards the fruit section. “Whilst I get a basket to carry our stuff, why don’t you go get us some apples?”

“How many?”

“The same amount we usually get.” Jihoon responded, leaning closer to the boy and speaking in a hushed whisper as if this was some extremely important secret mission. “You know how many.” Jaehyun nodded with a determined smile before hurrying off yet again, Jihoon marvelling at the way he could move so fast on such small legs. Jihoon headed for the stack of plastic baskets at the door, placing the boxes of food inside the uppermost one when the doors slid open, taking him by surprise. He looked up from where he had leaned down to grab the basket and found his mouth dropping open slightly when he saw you, strolling in calmly despite being soaked from head to toe. Wearing only a band tee, blue jeans, and thick boots even in this weather, with your hair wet and sticking to the sides of your face and your skin glistening with droplets of rain, it was amazing to him how unfazed you seemed by it all. Needless to say, he was interested immediately.

You caught his warm brown eyes as you entered and smiled briefly before taking off towards the ice cream freezers by the nearest wall, your expression becoming one of concentration as you looked for a particular flavor. Jihoon stood straight, basket now over his arm, and found his eyes still fixated on you. You looked around his age and, even though you were drenched and he barely knew you, he was inexplicably attracted to you, and it was confusing him to no end.

“Pretty…” he murmured before he could stop himself, not realizing that Jaehyun had made his way back to his side with a clear bag of apples clenched in his small fist.

“Pretty? What? Who?” It didn’t take long for him to know who his father had suddenly become so struck by; it was nearing midnight and, besides the cashier who slept peacefully at the checkout, there was no one else in the store. Jihoon didn’t miss the mischievous glint that flashed in his son’s dark eyes, his own widening as he remembered that Jaehyun had a knack for spilling everything. He could not keep quiet. Lost in thought, Jihoon didn’t realise that the boy was now tugging on the hem of your shirt, fruit still in his other hand.

“Hi there!” you greeted the young child suddenly by your side cheerfully, crouching to around his height and giving him a little wave. You pointed at the bag and smiled widely.”What have you got there?”

“Fruit. By the way, my daddy thinks you’re pretty.” He replies rather bluntly, his childish innocence returning in his grin. You frowned, confused for a moment, before looking up to find a red-faced man who you could only assume to be the boy’s father standing before you both. You couldn’t help but chuckle as you stood back up - even in this light you could see the color in his face, his eyes flickering over yours as he ran a slightly shaky hand through his chocolate brown hair and smiled shyly at you.

“Aha, kids, right?” he asked in a mumble, scratching the back of his neck as Jaehyun lost interest and ambled away to look at the flower display nearby.

“Yeah, they can’t keep anything quiet, can they?” you grinned, moving a little closer. You had to admit he was incredibly cute, and his current shy state was endearing.

“I’m so sorry about that.” Jihoon grumbled, growing redder by the second and looking down at his feet, clearly embarrassed by the situation.

“I’m not offended by you calling me pretty or anything, you know.” you laughed, stepping closer and placing a tentative hand on his shoulder. “I’m Y/N, and if it makes any better, I think you’re extremely adorable.” you said, a smirk playing your lips. Jihoon’s face lit up and he looked at you in shock, chuckling softly and cocking his head.

“Really?” At your nod he seemed a lot more at ease, his bashful demeanor becoming more relaxed and chill. “I’m Jihoon, and that’s my son, Jaehyun.” The young boy waved wildly at you when he heard his name, making you giggle and wave back with just as much enthusiasm.

“He’s almost as cute as you are.” you murmured, Jihoon only able to smile and shake his head in response by this point. “So are you single?” You felt at ease with him despite only just having met him, and you felt an uplifting hope within you when he gave you a positive hum as a response. He turned back to steal a glance at his son, who was poking the heads of the delicate red roses and smelling his finger afterwards. “Ah, a single dad. That must be tough.”

“I do get busy sometimes, so I feel bad for the kid. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me, you know?” Jihoon smiled tenderly at both you and the child, looking between you both and shoving his hands in his pockets.

“Maybe you’d like to go on a date sometime?” you suggested, knowing you sounded as hopeful as you felt.


“You’re sweet, he’s sweet, and you think I’m pretty.” you laughed yet again, Jihoon revelling in the soft sound, music to his ears. “I feel drawn to you, as cheesy as that sounds. So let me take you out sometime?” Jihoon didn’t reply, making it seem like he was deep in thought when in reality he knew what he wanted to say.

“You free next Friday?” he responded as nonchalantly as he could, trying not to show his burning excitement and stay calm. Then again, it had been ages since he had dated.

“It’s a date.” you smiled gently, pulling a tub of ice cream, the one you had been searching for, from the freezer. He pulled his phone from his pocket and unlocked it, handing it to you on a new contact so you could give him your number. He searched your eyes with his as you took it, admiring you as you quickly put your number in and headed for the counter. You awoke the cashier and paid for your treat before going to the doors, about to leave.

“See you later, cutie.” you hummed, pecking Jihoon’s flushed cheek and winking at him before turning to head out into the now clear night. Before you could pass the doors you felt a hand envelop your wrist, pulling you back ever so gently. You turned to find Jihoon now sporting a thin white tee, his hoodie balled up in his hand which was extended to you.

“You’re all wet and it’s still cold out. I don’t want you to catch a cold.” You raised an eyebrow at his explanation, gratefully accepting. Upon first meeting him you hadn’t expected him to be so considerate, yet here he was, handing you his clothing and holding his son close to his side in a protective manner. You smiled, sighing in relief and happiness at the warmth now provided. It was cozy and homely and smelt of him, making you feel at peace as you bid him one last goodbye and thanked him once more before leaving.

“Well, Jaehyun.” Jihoon began as he put his basket before the cashier, walking back to the flowers and taking up the red roses Jaehyun had been so fascinated by and looking down after not hearing a reply to see the child waiting for him to continue. “Looks like you’ll be staying at uncle Soonyoung’s house next Friday…”

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You// Park Jin Woo

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Pairing: JinJin x reader

Genre: Angst

Summary:Anonymous said:
I just found your page and I lovey to death omg. Can I request a bit of angsty JinJin? Maybe where he has to choose between the reader and the group?

Author’s Note: Not gonna lie i’ve dreamed about scenarios like this, just not with astro sO this one is definitely half based on a dream that ive had. Enjoy~

xoxo Sara

You had been dating JinJin for a while now, about nine months. The boys of Astro had debuted and they had done their final show one or two months ago. They were allowed to have a tiny break before they began to record again, which meant that JinJin would always be at your apartment with you, cooking dinner with you, watching movies, trying to make you laugh. JinJin was the boyfriend that lived to make you smile, no matter what the cost.

The only problem about you and JinJin was that the public was not allowed to know. He’d have to sneak over at two or three in the morning, just to leave a couple of hours later. You two would always text, but when in public he was never allowed to call you. You weren’t allowed to wear any of the sweaters he left at your house in fear that the fans may recognize it.

And to put it quite frankly, JinJin was sick of it. All he wanted to do was show you off, take you out on dates to your favorite places, like the park or the coffee shop. But, being the leader of Astro, he wasn’t allowed to disobey the rules at all. He had to set a precedent for the younger boys, so they won’t act out when they have girlfriends. But the fact that he was unable to take you out somewhere nice on your eight month anniversary made him angry beyond belief.

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Just Perfect

HAPPY BIRTHDAY brooke-to-broch!

AN: This fic is based on one of my fave scenes from a movie Pitch Perfect. I kind of always wondered how that scene would look between Emma and Killian and here is the result. Have fun. Titanium is not mine I’ve just borrowed the words from David Guetta. A big thank you goes to my lovely beta: captain-k-jones and my music consultant the-captains-ayebrows

Rating: M-ish.;P

Emma Swan had always been a loner. Being an orphan and drifting from one foster home to another hadn’t left her much of a choice. Take care of yourself so you can never get hurt had been her motto. And it worked, for the most part, that is. Then she met her college roommate, Ruby Lucas, on her first day at Storybrooke College. From that day on, her life changed drastically because Ruby was a party girl, and somehow she managed to drag Emma along with her from time to time. She actually made her have fun, which explained why they were sitting in a local karaoke club listening to bunch of people sing out of tune.

“This is so great.” Ruby bounced in her seat, screaming to be heard over a red haired man butchering Nothing Else Matters.

Emma scrunched her nose. She had amazing hearing. Bat-like even. She hated karaoke bars. Most of the time the people who sang were terrible at it.

“Well hello there, love.” A smooth, accented voice pulled her out of planning a way to murder the man performing a blasphemy on Metallica. “Didn’t expect to find you here, Swan.” Killian Jones raised his perfect eyebrow as he looked at her. Not that she would ever admit to anyone she thought he was in any way perfect. He had an ego the size of Texas anyway, and didn’t need her reminding him of that.

“Jones.” She rolled her eyes at him. She could not let her eyes linger on his skin tight jeans, hugging his ass in a delicious way. If he ever noticed, she would be screwed. Throwing him an annoyed look, she played with her drink. ”What did I do to have a displeasure of suffering your company tonight?“

He smiled cheekily at her, his white teeth a striking contrast with his dark perfect stubble. Damn! Why did the word perfect seem to be the first thing that came to her mind when she thought about him?

Touche, Swan.” He bit his bottom lip, blue eyes dancing with mischief. “But, I’ve been coming here since freshman year, and this is the first time I’ve see you here.” He leaned in so that his scruff brushed her cheek. “So it’s you who is invading my territory, not the other way around.” His breath tickled her earlobe, sending a shiver down her spine.

She heard Ruby snickering to her left. Killian must have heard her as well because he nonchalantly pulled away from Emma, as if he hadn’t just tried to turn her into jelly a few seconds ago.

“Ruby.” Nodding his head, he welcomed her friend with a warm smile on his lips. “Nice to see you again. Are you going to hit the stage tonight?”

“Nah.” Ruby waved her hand, her red lips lifting in a flirty smile. “The stage is all yours.”

Emma kept looking from her best friend to Jones. They seemed to be quite good acquaintances, if not friends. How had she missed that?  And since when did Ruby sing?

“Are you going to sing, Swan?” His question caught her off guard. Was he expecting her to go on the stage and actually perform? Her instincts screamed at her to run.

“No,” she replied quickly, praying he did not hear trembling in her voice. “I can’t sing.”

He tilted his head, considering her for a moment.

“Well that’s a shame.” He leaned in again. “I could use a singing partner,“ he whispered against her ear, his voice low and hot, and totally not bothering her. No, she did not want to grab the leather collar of his jacket and smack her lips against his. Not at all. She found herself finding it harder to breathe. He smelled so delicious, like chocolate and rum.

His name being called from the console broke the rapidly building tension. Killian pulled away and winked at her with a cheeky grin, then swaggered towards the stage. He looked like he belonged there with a microphone in hand and fangirls screaming from the audience. Before Emma could even wonder if he was actually good, the first few notes from Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door brought out a loud shierk from the audience, confusing her even more.

“He sings in a band, you know.” She heard Ruby’s amused whisper against her ear.

And when his velvet voice filled the room she knew she was screwed.

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The Band Sister (part 2)

Summary: You’re Calum’s cousin, and eventually you become the band “sister” but you want more than that with Luke

Part 1

The boys had been on tour for what seemed like forever, and the one visit we had been able to plan where I could meet them on tour before they had a break fell through due to an emergency recording session for their first-ever real album. But now they were finally coming home on a two week break before the second half of the tour with One Direction.

So much had changed since the last time I had seen them. I had never considered myself ugly, but I just never really cared about my appearance. I wore sweatpants or running shorts along with a t-shirt almost every day. I threw my hair up in the mornings and rolled out of bed with just enough time to eat breakfast so makeup was a definite no. I had never had much interest in boys, besides Luke and he had seen me at my worst so why did it matter if I looked nice for him, but after deciding that I needed to change how Luke viewed me I decided maybe a makeover would get him out of his ‘brotherly’ mindset.

Even though I was Calum’s cousin, I wasn’t blessed with his beautiful, tan skin, and I didn’t like spending much time in the sun as I got extremely hot, extremely fast. However, this summer had been so unbearably hot I had no choice but to spend my time in either an ocean or a pool, and as a result I had gotten tan, and let me just say I looked great when I was tan.

I had also started putting slightly more effort into my appearance than I had before. I would do my hair rather than just throw it up into a ponytail, and put on minimal makeup just to make me look like an improved version of my normal self. I even went out and bought clothes that didn’t consist of workout clothes, or lounging clothes! I still opted for comfier clothes, but now I wore form-fitting jeans or leggings along with either crop tops or band tees. 

Along the way of making these outwardly changes, my insides began to change too. I was happier and much more outgoing than before. I went to parties and made friends with a group of girls who I had never even considered talking to when the boys were here, but without them I got lonely and the girls were actually amazing people. They even helped me meet the guy who definitely didn’t see me as his sister, and he even kept my mind off of Luke.

It was about a month and a half after the boys had left on tour, and the girls - Laura, Mia, Izzie, and Kalia - had finally convinced me to let them take me to a party. 

“Y/N, you have to look amazing, no MORE than amazing for this party. It’s practically you’re coming out party!” Mia was ranting at me because I didn’t want to wear the outfit she picked out for me.

“Umm, her coming out party?” Laura asked, as we all shared confused glances with each other.

“Uhh duh! Barely anyone in our grade knows who she is, and now is the first chance everyone is going to have to meet the new and improved Y/N!” now Mia was the one looking at us like we were dumb, “Meaning, she has to look drop dead gorgeous.”

I heard a gasp from the left side of Izzie’s room, where we were getting ready. I turned to see that it was Kalia, she had a love to create drama for attention. “That’s like, so true. I mean what if the man of your dreams is at this party.” 

“Guys, you know that I have feelings for Luke, who will definitely not be at this party considering he is thousands of miles away.” I said, while flopping back onto the bed, frustrated at how big of a deal they were making this.

Laura decided to come to my rescue, “Okay Y/N, how about we let you pick out your outfit but you let us do your hair and makeup.” I sat up, and agreed knowing this was the best I was going to get out of them. 

A few hours later I was walking into the party in high-waisted disco pants, a loose flowing crop-top tanktop, with my hair in beachy waves and my makeup done minimally, but amazing. As soon as we walked in to the party I could see that almost everyone from our class was here. The problem was I could recognize faces, but I knew almost nobody’s names.

“Iz, I hardly know anyone’s name here, how am I supposed to socialize without knowing who they are!” I may have been panicking just a bit.

I think Izzie could see the panic on my face, and unlike the other three girls she decided to stick with me, “Okay, here’s the plan. I’ll stay with you and introduce you to some people and if you feel comfortable enough to be alone you just give me the nod.” Izzie loved ‘The Nod’. It was her code for everything she did.

“Thanks Iz.” 

“Okay, first things first let’s get something to drink!” Izzie rushed off, pulling me through the crowded room with her.

Izzie and I had been talking to a group of about seven people for the last hour or so, and I kept catching one of the boys - his name was Tucker, I think - staring at me whenever I looked over at him. He was quite cute, and had dark shaggy hair, extremely tan skin, and wide-green eyes. I was wondering just how someone could get such nice eyes, when suddenly everyone around me was disbanding.

I must have had a very confused look on my face because the next thing I knew Tucker was clearing things up for me, “They’re going to get a game of beer pong started before we run out of beer.” I just nodded my head at him and he shot me a gorgeous lopsided smile, “I’m Tucker by the way.”

“I’m Y/N, nice to meet you.” I smiled shyly back.

Tucker held out his hand for me to take, “Want to go find somewhere quieter to talk?” I grabbed his hand and followed his lead.

That party had been almost two months ago, and since then Tucker and my relationship had kept growing stronger and stronger. He was caring, funny, and always interested in what I had to say. Whenever we went out we had such an amazing time, and he kept me on my toes for what adventurous thing we were doing next. I was even beginning to forget about my crush on Luke.

My phone started ringing, and before I even checked the caller ID I knew who it was. “Hey babe! What are you up to today?” whenever Tucker called me babe the butterflies in my stomach exploded.

“Hey, the boys are actually coming home today and I was hoping you would come over to my place later to meet them! It’s going to be a barbecue with a bunch of people, so I promise you won’t get bored. And if for some reason you end up bored there will be plenty of food.” 

He chuckled on the other end of the line, “Of course I’ll come, even if there wasn’t food I would still be there because I know how important they are to you.”

Tucker was always saying things like that, and it never failed to make me blush. Luckily we were on the phone so he couldn’t see it and make fun of me. “Thanks Tuck, so I’ll see you around 6 o’clock then?”

“See you then, babe.” I hung up with the biggest grin on my face.

Getting dressed when I didn’t have anywhere pressing to be always turned into one giant dance party for me. I would turn my music up all the way, while I tried on whatever I could find until I was satisfied I had the perfect outfit.

Today was no different. I had picked out the shirt I wanted to wear, which was an oversized blink-182 shirt, but I couldn’t decide if I wanted to wear leggings or jeans with it, and in true fashion for me I was currently dancing and singing to my Beyonce and Nicki Minaj playlist rather than making a decision.

“Mayday mayday, earth to bitches, slap these hoes like we birthing bitches, uh, the queen of rap slaying with queen Bey, if you ain’t on the team you playin’ for team D” 

I was in the middle of flawlessly rapping Nicki Minaj’s verse on the Flawless Remix when I finally turned around in a dance move and faced the door. There I saw none other than Luke Hemmings leaning against the door frame, smirking at me. “Uhh, how long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to know that Nicki would be very proud if she heard you singing that.” He couldn’t have wiped the smirk off of his face if he tried. Which may have had something to do with the fact that I had been attempting some serious Nicki Minaj dance moves before I realized he was there.

“Shut up.” I said with a smile, then ran over to give him a hug. His arms circled tight around me, and when I took a breath he smelled exactly as he always had and it felt like home, warm and safe. I could tell that he had been working out while on tour as his arms were strong around my torso, and when we finally pulled back I felt his back muscles flex and contract with his movements.

I took a moment to take him in. He was wearing almost all black, except for his maroon snapback that I noticed he wore almost all the time on tour. His hair was curling out the sides of his hat, and he definitely had some scruff he didn’t have when he left. But when I finally reached his eyes, I realized that those were what I had missed the most. They were the most beautiful shade of blue, and whenever I looked into them I could see the kindness and warmth behind them. It felt like I had been staring at his eyes for ages, when I realized that he was staring back with equal intensity.

Finally, we broke eye contact and I realized I was still not wearing pants, “So uhh, I’ll go and, uh, put on some pants and meet you and the rest of the boys downstairs?” I said as I scrambled around trying to find my leggings.

“Yeah, sure.” he said, I was startled when he spoke again thinking he had left, “Hey Y/N? I’m so glad I’m back, I really missed you on tour…”

“I missed you too Luke.”

I had managed to finally find my favorite pair of black leggings, and ran down all three flights of stairs ecstatic to see my favorite group of boys. I heard them before I saw them, Calum was laughing over something Mikey had said. Damn had I missed these boys. When I turned the corner I saw Cal leaning against the kitchen island, and I ran straight for him.

He let out a gust of air from the impact of me throwing myself at him, “Hey cous, long time no see! Did you miss me?”

“Of course I did you idiot!” I held on for a few seconds longer, then let go of him and made my rounds to hug the other two boys. “I missed you all like crazy. Now tell me everything and anything about tour.”

“Well, first of all you HAVE to find a way to come out and meet us on the second part of tour, the One Direction boys are the best and I think they would really like you! Niall is hilarious, he was telling us all about the time,” Cal was engrossed in telling me a story about Niall, but I was focused on Luke who was currently getting a glass of water, and I could feel all of my old feelings come rushing back.

The front door opened, which snapped me back to reality, and I realized that that must be Tucker. Tucker who was my boyfriend, and a guy I really cared about. I shook my head to clear my mind and when I looked up he was right in front of me looking amazing as usual. He had on dark skinny jeans, and a white t-shirt that made his tan stand out, and his hair was mussed up but not in the usual way, in a way that showed he put in effort. 

I stood up and gave him a quick hug, and when we pulled apart he pecked me on the lips and then threw his arm around my shoulders. “Tucker, these are my best friends - Calum, Luke, Mikey, and Ashton. Guys this is my boyfriend Tucker.”

Next thing I knew I heard a glass smash from right where Luke was standing.

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Daddy 5SOS Preference: First Day of (High) School - Luke

“Can you do a preference where the dads baby their kids when they’re preteens/teens and they’re out in public and the dads baby them and the kids get embarrassed/mad”

“could you please do a 5sos one where it’s their kids first day of high school and the dads are upset so the mums have to like calm them down lol and the kids are like “dad ur embarrassing me””

A/:N: I hope you enjoy this one! It was so cute and fun to write, and slightly different, I think. Let me know what you think of this prompt, don’t be afraid to message me! I’m still taking NON-ANON prompts! Love you guys! xx

“Mom, please!” Kayla begged you. “Please don’t let Dad go to swim with me. Are you sure you can’t go?!”

“Sorry, love,” you smiled sadly. “You know I can’t. What are you so worried about? He’s been to plenty of practices before.”

“Mom, he always starts the cheering.” Kayla deadpanned. “It was cute when I was ten, but now it’s just embarrassing.”

“He’s just proud of you,” you explained, patting her shoulder. “I’m sure it’ll be fine.” Kayla huffed, giving you a side look.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

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recklesstomorrows  asked:

Percabeth. Royalty AU. :)

Jason is crowned king. His coronation ceremony is long and dull and tedious, as they tend to be, and Annabeth stands at the front of the hall and arranges her face into a suitably rapt expression. As Jason’s sister—and the kingdom’s princess—she is required to stand dutifully by his side. That part she doesn’t mind. They have always been a pair of contrasts, a balanced team, and as he is the eldest, she’s always known that this day was coming. She supports him. Jason has the heart of a ruler, and she would not stand by if he did not have the interests of the kingdom in mind.

Annabeth knows, however, that she is the brain.

So she stands nearby as a gleaming gold crown is placed upon Jason’s head and he stands in front of a cheering crowd. He looks for her—for approval, support—and she smiles. Her brother is king, and it’s entirely too difficult to breathe.

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