so proud to be related to her

kyotowolfberg  asked:

In the safe harbor au, Where is inko in all this and how does aizawa find out [ I love this thing so much]

to be honest, I hadn’t given Inko much thought in this AU. I mean the nice clear cut answer is that Izuku still needs a mom in order to be born so…  she could be “dead anime mom”. Meaning she and Toshinori were married at one point and she passed away. 

But I’m really tired of that solution and Inko is such an amazing character (unlike other anime parents) that I’m would rather find a role for her to be so she can actually be around. Sure that means she’s not related to Izuku but look, she can be Aizawa’s mom friend/neighbor who is like “You’re finally dating Shouta! I’m so proud of you!” 

Shouta: “But… I’m not?” 

Inko: “Let me know if you need anything. Do you have enough food? Wait, can any of them cook? I know your cooking skills, Shouta. Tell me you’re not feeding them takeout?” 

Shouta: -sweats-

I’m so proud of Disney’s Team of Researchers when it came to making Moana, because it made me, a proud Polynesian girl feel relatable to a Disney character. Now Polynesia consist of many islands, each with their own unique style. I thought it would be nice to share some of the elements used in Moana from my own Polynesian culture, the Maori culture, so that Moana fans can understand the significance or just something new. 

Te Fiti’s Heart

This Spiral Pattern is known as a ‘Koru’ and can be found in many types of Maori Art including: Carvings, Jewellery, Tattoos and Paintings. It is inspired by a plant native to New Zealand known as ‘Ponga’ or ‘The Silver Fern’.

Her Heart is also inspired by a rock precious to our people called ‘Pounamu’ or ‘Green stone’ which is a variant of Jade. We use it mainly for Jewellery nowadays but it was also used to make weapons back in the day. 


A Hongi is a traditional greeting and farewell used by Maori people by pressing noses. It symbolises exchanging the breath of life to one another.

Moana uses the Hongi several times in the movie but her Hongi with Te Fiti seems like the most important and special to me. 

Moana’s Necklace

Moana’s Necklace is made out of a Abalone Shell which we call ‘Paua’ and can be found throughout many countries around the world, however the featured shell here is a type you find in New Zealand  once you polish back its nacre. The shell is used in our arts including: Carvings and Jewellery.

There are so many more elements used in this movie from the other Polynesian Islands that I cannot name but hopefully someone else can add to this post to share our beautiful and rich cultures. 


hope everyone enjoyed last night’s episode of OK KO! i wanted to round up some of the initial stuff i did for enid & elodie’s middle school designs as well as my thoughts about the episode itself

as soon as stevie & i were given the outline for this episode, i knew we’d be able to do something really special with it (despite still being pretty deep in the throes of imposter syndrome haha) i can’t speak for stevie, but i pulled a lot from my own experiences in middle school (and some of college) when writing enid & elodie’s relationship, and their falling out. i think most of us can relate to the weird way kids tend to hurt each other in middle school. i’m really grateful to ian & toby for giving us the ability to tell a story about two girls with an incredibly strong bond, who end up with a bitter rivalry because they’re young and fallible

and i’m so SO proud of my incredible board partner, stevie, for handling the entire flashback sequence SO WELL!!! she gave an intense sincerity and realness to their friendship. her writing sensibility is always so impressive to me

i’ll try to post some of the boards/animatic from the end fight sequence, but for now i gotta get back to making cartoons

p.s.- check out some of the final designs by julia & brandon!!

some more thoughts on the sensates, season 2:

  • will: this boy has TOO MUCH heart he cares about everyone so much i cannot believe a str8 white male character can give me so little grief everyone take notes. cheekbone game is also still strong, but with too much time covered in stubble imo
  • sun: SUN FUCKIN BAK i cannot believe how far my soft baby bird kickass diamond of a character has come she’s so GOOD, but she can also break your neck i love her so much. in more important news however she got reunited with her dog. heckin yes 11/10.
  • lito: continues being the absolute Most™ and we all love him for it. ”i’m practicing””for what?””for my future as a homeless, unemployable failure”. i mean what a fuckin Leo- also relatable as all hell. my beautiful proud gay son. what a gem.
  • riley: sweetest bean in the entire universe, most unrealistic part of s2 is that no one would trust her. she loves a dopey police officer from chicago so much and most importantly she really likes boning him. also shout out for her immense knowledge of graffitied hovels, v impressive.
  • capheus: my newest kid hit it out of the park. he doesn’t have a clue how he got here but he’s still the best person i know and if he doesn’t end up as the president of the world by the end of the series then what are we even doing here?????? also hell yeah my boy got some proud of u bud.
  • nomi: what the hell is this radiant angel and how is she making money. i can’t believe she’s responsible for all of the sensates not being in prison, mvp of the whole fucking show. she’s basically r2d2 if it was a hot, genius woman who fuckin OWNS it. 10/10 five stars would watch again.
  • wolfgang: “he doesn’t really talk” except when he does he BREAKS MY HEART. still the most problematic of all my children but i don’t care i just want him and kala to be happy god fuckin damnit. also i can appreciate the commitment to both his Look and his woman. good one dude.
  • kala: the rambliest and also the smartest, god bless her. honey thinks too much about good and bad when it’s so obvious that she’s a Hoe for the bad boys- specifically German bad boys with unresolved anger issues. also shot a gun and it was pretty fuckin hot tbh.

other thoughts on other characters:

  • whispers: hey man FUCK YOU and also FUCK OFF
  • jonas: what is the point of u doesn’t naveen andrews have better things to do honestly.
  • daniela & hernando: sometimes a family is two gay dudes and their drama queen best friend and that is beautiful..
  • amanita: QUEEN of supportive spouses also she loves nomi so much, can relate.
  • diego: i found myself whispering “no diego no” to myself and it made me laugh so there u go.

“It’s very difficult for Maggie,” Lima tells EW. “This is a [part] Maggie’s story line that… is so complicated, deep, and painful, and something that so many people can relate to. After he kicked her out, she built herself up, she was very brave and she evolved into this very proud, strong, gay woman. She’s at this point where she’s very terrified that seeing him again, she’ll feel his rejection again. She isn’t sure that she can hold onto her strong self when they reunite.”

Though the story line proved emotionally exhausting, the actress praises Bernard for what he brought to the role in Monday’s upcoming hour. “First of all, I love Carlos,” Lima says. “I was ecstatic when they told me they cast him. Working with Carlos, I was so lucky. He’s such a committed guy and actor. You’re going to see that he’s really great in this role. He gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. It was very fun to play as an actor.”


“In the beginning, Maggie wasn’t really supposed to be a big, huge part of the show,” Lima says. “It was supposed to be season 2, but then because of the amazing fans of Sanvers caught on and really loved the story line, we went on to do multiple episodes to continue the story as much as we could. We went back and forth on how long it would take to wrap up the story, and what would they need from me. I said, ‘Absolutely, this is what I would do for the story line.‘”

However, the Supergirl bosses are leaving the door open for her to return in the future — something Lima says she’s interested in doing. “Yes, definitely,” Lima says. “I love this story, I love the cast and the show. Chyler and I have a really strong bond. I’m so glad that she was the person in the role, because her and I connected really well, we understood what we wanted to accomplish as people for the role, and we felt very responsible for this story, so I love that Chyler was just as game as I was in trying to make this a meaningful, progressive and hopefully in the smallest way possible — or the grandest way possible — somewhat change the world a little bit.”


reasons to watch the bold type

(i know this has been done before, but seriously…)

  • the three main characters are young women — best friends who work at a magazine called scarlet 
  • main character #1 — kat edison: black girl magic, confident af, spontaneous af, takes nobody’s crap. she literally took pictures of guys’ nipples (with permission ofc) and posted them on twitter as a sassy response to their shitty ‘no nipple’ policy. also, she’s questioning her sexuality.
    - memorable quote: “i’m going to destroy the patriarchy.”
  • main character #2 — sutton brady: supportive bean (!!!), ambitious and stubborn and she knows her worth, demands respect and to be treated fairly when she works. 
    - memorable quote: “i can screw whoever i want!” 
  • main character #3 — jane sloan: she’s more reserved than the other two, but kicks ass nonetheless. she’s wrote articles on gender-neutral fashion, not having had an orgasm and sexual assault. 


  • adena el-amin: proud muslim lesbian, literally a precious sunflower and activist. 
  • jacqueline carlyle: the main characters’ boss who crushes the ‘mean female boss’ stereotype, because she genuinely cares about her employees and gives them valuable advice. she shows that a woman can be strong and kind at the same time. 
  • basically, there are so many well-rounded and amazing female characters on this show 
  • DID I MENTION THE INTERRACIAL, BEAUTIFUL WLW SHIP??? (that is also written realistically, might i add.)
  • THERE ARE SO MANY HILARIOUS MOMENTS. and a lot of them are some that many people would find relatable in some way.
  • A+ acting 
  • the show covers countless important issues, such as: breast cancer, islamophobia, sexual assault, sexism etc. 

I’m literally all of them after Harry performed.

Like, Sharon looked in awe and wouldn’t sit down after giving her standing ovation, so Louis had to yank her down lol

Simon with his two thumbs up and mouthing ‘well done’

Louis is relatable af here 

And Nicole looking like a proud mama, honestly same 😂

Requested Otayuri prompt

Prompt: “Will your parents be proud of your gold medal?“
Pairing: Otayuri
Warnings: Yuri’s bratty mouth, hurt/comfort, sfw
Word count: 1,756

Another season, another year. Another competition in another city and a new gold medal hanging around his neck. It’s so new that his name isn’t even engraved on its backside yet. It weights against Yuri’s chest like he was born to win it, reflects the golden shimmer from his hair like they are one. Meant to be.

Yuri is proud, satisfied. The hunger inside him gone for the moment because all his efforts, all his hard work paid off. He’s no longer the Russian Fairy, the wonder child, the next Viktor Nikiforov. He’s Yuri Plisetsky - the ice tiger of Russia and his stripes are golden. The world knows that by now.

And everyone wants a piece of him. Including the press.

Yuri just turned 18. He’s blond and handsome, tall and athletic. His eyes are the colour of the stormy sea on a sunny day and his mysterious charisma is sexy and unpredictable.
At least that is the kinda bullshit they write in teen-magazines about him after they slapped his moody face on the front cover. Pissed of and rude is apparently the new interesting and desirable.
Which is only one of the reasons why Yuri hates dealing with the media.
Of cause he’s also grateful for the opportunities it gets him: Brand deals, sponsoring, advertising and modeling - a shit ton of money he can send home to his grandpa and spend on whatever the fuck he wants.

It’s the interviews he dreads. The personal stuff he can’t deal with.

He isn’t like Viktor. Viktor can happily chat with the media for hours without revealing the tiniest bit of his private life if he doesn’t want to. He can endlessly chatter and has everyone giggling and nodding in agreement. He’s a master of distraction and in the end half the spread is about Makkachin and every poodle in Russia gets adopted.

He isn’t like Chris who turns the tables around and makes the press-people blush and stutter. He can’t charm and flirt his way through every interview, making everyone drool until they forgot their original question.

And he certainly isn’t like Otabek who always keeps a pokerface, no matter how intrusive and rude the questions get. He couldn’t keep calm and cool like him. Otabek simply told the people if it was none of their business, that he wanted to protect his privacy. In a polite way of cause.

No, Yuri isn’t like them but he tries to be better. Tries to not snap and curse, to not throw a tamper tantrum anymore whenever he’s pissed of. He tries to act like a professional or like a grown up at least.

He still grits his teeth as the lady in the chair across from him asks one personal question after another. She’s not interested in his training or diet, doesn’t want to know what his next goals are and how he will surpass his own achievements. No, she’s very intrusive.
Yuri takes a deep breath, feels the medal move against his sternum. He can’t stand her, from her bright pink lipstick that stick to her teeth to her fake laugh, the look in her eyes reminds him of a shark he saw in a horror movie a while ago.

The journalist asks about Viktor and Yuri’s private life, which triggers something similar to protection inside of Yuri. She asks if he ever had a crush on Mila or maybe one of the hockey players at his home-rink. He huffs. She asks about his relationship with Otabek and wiggles her drawn-on eyebrows, looking over her shoulder at Otabek who is leaning against the wall just a few feet away from him. He’s playing with his phone while waiting for Yuri to finish up so they can go and grab something to eat.

Yuri glares at her, it’s getting harder for him to act like he doesn’t despite her and her cheep perfume that starts to hurt his head. But still, he tries to stay calm, grinding his fingers painfully into the armrest of his chair and giving her vague answers that she doesn’t want to hear.

Then she goes one step too far. "Will your parents be proud of your gold medal?“

Yuri’s blood runs cold. No. „Next question.“ He hisses out but now her eyes are gleaming and she won’t let die topic slide. Hot angers starts forming inside Yuri’s stomach at every new question she fires at him that is relating to his family. She wants to be the one to write the reveal of the Plisetsky-family-secret so, so badly.

She’s gonna be disappointed because Yuri is no idiot. He’s been skating alongside superstar Viktor Nikiforov for half his life, was a child prodigy to his home country that grew into another Russian athletic legend, he’s used to press and media. To be constantly watched and photographed.
His first kiss with a random girl was on the front cover of every Russian newspaper hours after it happened. The internet knows how much his cloths cost, which club he leaves with who and how he drinks his coffee. There are theories and gossip about his parents but he has never said anything to anyone besides Yakov and Viktor, Yuri doesn’t know if anyone guessed right yet.

The reporter doesn’t get her scandal story because Yuri snaps 20 seconds after she asked the question. Will your parents be proud of your gold medal? It’s echoing through his ears. What follows isn’t pretty. Yuri screams and says some ugly things, kicks his chair over and pours a cup of coffee over the notes the journalist had scribbled down during her interrogation. It’s probably all gossip and conspiracy theories anyways, this has nothing to do with figure skating!

Then Yuri storms out, his eyes starting to burn dangerously. Otabek follows after him, having watched his outburst.

He finds Yuri back at the ice-rink, sitting on the bleachers that are completely empty by now. They are alone, spare for a janitor that cleans up at the other side of the rink. Yuri has managed to swallow his tears but his expression is still grim, jaw clenched tightly. Otabek sits down next to him.

„I’m sorry you had to see that.“ Yuri says bitterly, not looking at him but staring at the ice.

„I’ve seen worse from you.“ Otabek shrugs and it’s true. Not that it bothers him, that’s what best friends are for. Right?

Yuri doesn’t laugh like Otabek had hoped. „That Bitch asked about my parents. If they’re proud of me.“ His voice is stained.

Otabek and Yuri are as close as they can get without becoming the updated version of Viktor and Katsudon and yet, Yuri had never mentioned his parents once to Otabek.

„I’m sorry.“ Otabek says honestly, not knowing what else to say.

„She wouldn’t stop prodding.“

„You don’t have to explain yourself, Yuri. Not to me.“

Finally he looks at him, his eyes full of anger and pain. „Don’t you want to know?“ He asks, almost as if he’s daring him.

Have I ever asked for more than you were willing to give? Instead Otabek answers: „I’ll listen if you wanna tell me, if you don’t then I won’t push you, Yura.“

Yuri swallows and looks like he struggles. Then he grabs Otabek’s wrist and unclasps the leather bracelet he gave him for his last birthday. He plays with it and doesn’t look at him when he starts talking.

„People think that there must be one big secret or scandal involving my family. That something tragic happened but the truth is much more sobering and uninteresting. I suppose it wouldn’t even make a good story or headline. Truth is that my father is an asshole and my mother a coward. I’m nothing like my Dad, he’s a big bulky Russian man with knuckle tattoos and a beer-belly. He’s very closed-minded and ignorant but my mother worshipped him for whatever reason. You can imagine his disappointment and disapproval when his only son turned into a prima ballerina, dancing around in glittery costumes and leaning alongside Viktor - king of the gays and shame to mother Russia - Nikiforov.
He practically disowned me. Now, I don’t know if my mother agreed with him or was simply scared of him, hell, I don’t even know if she wanted me in the first place.
I can’t remember either of them ever being very loving towards me or encouraging me. Fact is that they simply didn’t want me, they dropped me like a hot Pirozhki and left it to my grandpa to raise me. I can remember that my grandpa fought a lot with one of them on the phone but he couldn’t change their minds. I haven’t seen them in years. I thought they would come crawling back once I gained attention and made some money but nothing. I should be grateful that they are leaving me alone because no one needs people like that in their life but still … even now I’m not good enough.“ Yuri sniffs, angry that he still cares. Sad that he didn’t even had the chance to prove himself before they decided that he wasn’t worth sticking around for. „I don’t know if they keep an eye on me or even know what I’m doing but I know that they wouldn’t be proud, Beka. They don’t even care.“ His voice is small when he finally looks back up at Otabek and his eyes are wet.

„They are missing out, Yura. They threw away gold.“ Otabek says and doesn’t mean the medal and Yuri knows that, it causes his tears to silently fall from his lashes.

„I hate that sappy shit, Beka.“ Yuri says weakly.

Otabek ignores him. „You don’t need them. I’m proud of you instead. Your coaches are proud. Your skating family and rink mates are proud, so are your fans and thousand of strangers. Fuck them.“ He swears and wipes Yuri’s tears away.

This time Yuri does laugh because Otabek almost never swears and it’s delightful. „Yeah fuck them.“ He repeats and puts Otabek’s bracelet back onto his wrist. „I’m the motherfucking ice tiger and everyone wants a piece of me.“

„Do you know what I want a piece of?“ Otabek asks with mirth and Yuri shakes his head. „I want a piece of pizza. I’m starving.“

Yuri’s eyes go wide and the idea of the forbidden fast-food immediately cheers him up further. „Pizza.“ He moans and Otabek laughs.

„Come on then, golden boy. It’s my treat.“


One of my fave things ever to do is dance to her music !!

Sorry for the excessive sweat on my face, I fell out of my work out routine lately but here I am back at it !! Love you @taylorswift

someone in the tags said they liked the way I draw Rand’s hair, and I was like !!!! yes, that’s the thing I’m super proud of!

should i use it as my new icon?…


10 (anti) parallel of Emma the believer / Emma the skeptic  

Dedicated to the wonderful @ludgatess

I am so proud of Emma for that journey she went through to become a believer. Emma not only didn’t believe in fairy tales and magic, she didn’t believe in family, in people, in love, or in herself.

Through six seasons now we see how she became little by little someone who believes in all those things and cherish them. Someone that believes that not only these things exist, but that she deserves to have them all in her life.

Seeing Emma embrace her family and having true loves in her life, allowing them to make her even a stronger figure than she was without them is one of the greatest developments that happen on the show, and as someone who relates to Emma so strongly, I couldn’t feel more proud for her accomplishments.

Send me a parallel/anti-parallel and I will turn it into a 10 parallels gifset

the 10 parallels project  

i did this with the comics and the previous seasons so here we go:

season 3 keith and pidge interactions

listen, this seating arrangement was not in relation to their voltron positions, otherwise keith and lance would be on the left side and hunk and pidge on the right. it’s not even limb related otherwise lance would be next to hunk. the only other possible conclusion would be that they chose to sit next to each other.

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You know, social media is like the mirror of your heart. When you post on your status, write on your caption, post as a picture, tweet, or reblog, that means you #relate to that quote, picture, or whatever you post. So it reflects your feelings.

It seems like Lauren is deep in thought right now. Hmm..

This is what she liked on Instagram a few hours before KCA. Credit to @anissanf

And this is what she reblogged before KCA.

Then, after KCA, before she went online on Twitter and spam us with her selfies, she reblogged these.

If she wants to find a validation for her feelings but she doesn’t want it to own her and get the best of her, that means her feeling is not something she’s proud of or she’s feeling upset or sad.

Being a swiftie is not just going to her concerts or listening to her music.

Being a swiftie is being by her side no matter what , supporting her when she’s killing it but also when she’s feeling down. Being a swiftie is relating to her music and learning lessons from these. It’s loving her like she’s your big sister. It’s sharing inside jokes with her. It’s being proud of where she is. It’s loving her personality.

Being a swiftie is not just being a fan, it’s being part of the most beautiful family. And I’m so happy to be part of it.

You don’t have to buy tones of merch, buy 99 copies of her albums or go to every concerts. What really matters is the love you have for her, because she loves us just as much.

Love you @taylorswift

sana for season 4

If you guys have been following me for while you know that I’m the the biggest sanafors4.

So I honestly hope sana is the season 4 main because she is such an interesting character. Like she is such a role model for so many western muslim girls especially me because she is unapologetic muslim and she is so proud of her faith and confident in herself.

But at the same time you can see her struggles, the microaggressions and the islamphobic/xenophobic people she faces as muslim girl in an european country and it is relatable for so many. I honestly believe season 4 is sana’s season due the fact that the show’s format is focusing on the ‘99 kids but that is just me. Sana is the first real muslim rep I got for her to get her own season makes me so emotional just by thinking about it.

A sana season also means :

  • different muslim characters
  • MEET HER FAMILY !!!!!!!!
  • vilde & sana moments (you know their friendship is the cutest)
  • sana & isak brotp moments
  • and so much more


anonymous asked:

Why do you love Nesta so much?

How do I even answer this without going on a full on rant about Nesta?

Okay, so first of all, I get why some people don’t like Nesta and in my opinion a lot of that is because Nesta’s character is all about actions and not words and you have to read between the lines to truly understand her. She’s mean and hateful, especially when we first meet her but, the thing is, she has every reason to be. She doesn’t have to step up and be the hero and take care of the family after what happened with her parents just because she’s the oldest. She’s just as affected as everyone else and being hateful is her coping mechanism. No one ever says anything about Elain, but her mechanism was to simply ignore everything that was going on and she didn’t help Feyre any more than Nesta did. But Nesta grew so much from who she was when we first met her and if you look at Nesta as a character there are so many clues that point to the fact that the version we first saw of her was not exactly an accurate representation. 

Keep in mind that almost everything we know about Nesta so far is filtered through Feyre’s lens, and Feyre tends to be quite biased. Nesta wasn’t affected by Tamlin’s charm and she never forgot Feyre and she went alone through the woods possibly for the first time in her life to get to the wall and find Feyre (!!!). That’s such an important moment and Feyre barely acknowledges it. Even more than that, she tells Feyre that the reason she ended things with Tomas was because she realised he wouldn’t have gone to the wall to help save Feyre. Again, that is such an important moment. EVERYTHING about Nesta’s character is about what she does, not what she says. So when she confesses something, you can bet the feelings that made her express that sentiment are A LOT STRONGER than you can imagine. Even so, there are so many moments when she says things that reveal her true character. The moment in ACOMAF when she begs the Queens to help them and the servants, and admits she made the calculations (which shows how worried about the war she really was), in ACOWAR when she admits she knows what Feyre meant about the fae food, when she says she’s going to go and speak to the High Lords because she doesn’t want to be remembered as a coward, when she tells everyone that had it not been for Feyre, her and Elain would have starved - all these moments which apparently seem like nothing, and which Feyre brushes off instantly, are SO IMPORTANT. They show so much about who Nesta really is. And that’s only what she says directly which as I’ve said is extremely rare and a lot more meaningful than most people imagine. 

There are so many other things she does that show how much she really cares. The most important thing about Nesta is that she’s all about the actions and not the words. And I get that some people are not satisfied with that and want a full on apology which is okay, some people think that if you don’t say the words too, your sentiments are not genuine. But I relate to that side of Nesta so bad and it’s 100% clear to me that everything she’s done is a lot more meaningful than saying ‘I’m sorry’ ever will be, and it’s her way of making amends.

But apart from all that, which I believe is the main thing that hinders people from truly grasping Nesta’s character, she’s got so many amazing traits which are praised in some characters (especially male characters but that’s a rant for another day) but people hate her for them. She’s unapologetic about who she is and what she stands for and she’s proud, she’s angry, she’s hard and cold and ‘unlikeable’ and so many people give her shit for it when they praise Aelin, for example, for those same characteristics. She is a flawed character which makes her so real and interesting and somehow people seem unable to look past her mistakes. She’s been thrown into this new world, she’s been made into a fae which consequently means she’s lost a big part of her sense of self and she has to live with beings she’s been taught all her life to hate. Her reactions to all this are so genuine and real. And if you look back to ACOTAR, Feyre reacted the same at first. 

I could rant about this forever and I haven’t even gone into Wings and Embers which is the one bit where we get to see Nesta from Nesta’s perspective but the bottom line is that Nesta’s character is so misinterpreted. I personally want to read more about characters who are flawed and make mistakes, and feel guilty for them and learn and grow and make other mistakes and I want to read more about unapologetic, ‘unlikeable’ female characters who are not all sunshine and rainbows and pretty smiles. 

Listen here you lil shits I love Taylor Swift and this album is about to drop soon and I need y’all to keep that in mind when you read these incoherent and obscure posts relating to the impeccable amount of care and creativity put into ever line of these songs I am sO HAPPY TO SEE HER THIS HAPPY AND PROUD OF SOMETHING SHE HAS DONE AND YOU KNOW WHAT I ALMOST FEEL IT’S A PRIVILEGE TO GET THIS ALBUM SOON LIKE DUDE HERE WE GO GET READY BABIES