so proud of youuuu

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OMG ANIA I'M SO PROUD OF YOUUUU TWO VIDEOS IN ONE DAY AND BOTH OF THEM BEING SO AMAZING?! HOW US THIS POSSIBLE?!? (btw tho, they really were amazing. your tiis cover was so good I'm in love with your singing)

Let’s just say I might fail my Psychology SAC

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it's so cool seeing great things happening and being made in stl like i was so excited coming home from work earlier tonight to see smugglecraft got funded!! congrats to all u involved i cant wait to see what u guys are doing!

Thank youuuu we’re so proud to rep the game development scene in STL as much as we can, and we’re so excited to see that folks love the game enough to fund it on Kickstarter 💙


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okay i just need to scream about how much i loved hooked queen this episode

because the moment they met at the docks and regina tried to convince him not to go through with this was dark hook’s “oh shit son” truth bomb moment for her. he called her out for always deriding him with snarky nicknames (”captain guyliner,” “one-handed wonder” and acting superior to him, as if they hadn’t been in the exact same place of revenge and being willing to do whatever it took) and told her straight that there would be plenty of people in the underworld happy to see her. and she knew he was right. but she still knew it wasn’t who he was.

regina and killian’s shared past as villains slowly finding their way back to heroism is just really important to me. regina not being able to look when emma ran killian through; when she knew enough to step forward and challenge the real killian to emerge from the darkness, which it then did because of emma. because of regina stepping up at once to back up emma and say it was possible to rescue killian with half of her heart.

because regina in the past was what drove killian into embracing his revenge (i have another post about that in a sec). because that was brought full circle.

because this is what they were always really meant to be, and they’re finally getting there. because i expect to see regina fighting second only to emma to get killian back and to know exactly what is at stake and why it matters. to move past snarky frenemies to real friends. to understanding each other. to supporting each other and fighting as part of the same family. because you can bet if regina did not consider that pirate her family, she sure as hell would not be the second in line to head to the underworld to fish him out.

it’s so perfect.

so so so perfect.