so proud of these boys ;~;

BTS reaction: Them being to their child’s concert and when the little one sees them, send a kiss.

A/N:  This was so cute. Now I am thinking of making dad BTS scenarios. I hope you like this and sorry for any mistakes made. Requests are open.

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Request: “  Hi can you do bts reaction to them being on their child’s concert & when they exchange looks the little kids sends them a flying kiss or something like that ? 😚 


  Jin will be screaming, so proud of his baby. “That is my boy!” he will yell out loud and you will have to control your husband. Of course he would send back a kiss.

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Min Yoongi/Suga: 

  Yoongi will be taking pictures non stop. At a certain point you will start thinking that the camera became part of his face. When your child sends the kiss, Yoongi will start taking even more pictures and waving at the same time.

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Jung Hoseok/Jhope:

  Hobi will scream out like a little girl and send back to his lovely daughter many hearts. He might even stand up and start jumping from happiness.”You are papa’s little princess!

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Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster: 

  I feel like he would smile and wave, sending a kiss back, but won’t be as flashy as the other guys. Yet still a lovable father. “Look how cute she is.The boys better stay away from her.” he would tell you 

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Park Jimin: 

  Jimin will grab his chest and fall back onto his seat, making it look like he was shot with love. There will be a moment where he might even yell out and his boy would smile.

   “You see that jagya?Our little man kills the ladies with love.”he would wink at you ”Like I did with you.”, his words will make you laugh “You mean like I did with you.” you would poke his side and continue looking at your baby boy.

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Kim Taehyung/V:

  Tae will be smiling and super proud of his son and the way he sings. The moment the kiss flies over to him, he will start jamming even harder and sending random kisses, smiles and hearts. At a certain point you will have to keep him still in his seat.  

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  Jungkook is the cool dad ,that wants everyone to know that that cutie in the dress is his little princess.He will send back the kiss 10 times, but still keep it cool.

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the girls as quotes my teachers say
  • hungary: [talking to the new kid] "basically there's only one rule in this class, and that is to do whatever i tell you to."
  • belgium: "i know teachers are not allowed to give food to students anymore but no one ever said anything about teachers eating in class." [rips open a bag of thin mints]
  • ukraine: "mr. (history teacher) is a bright young boy that i'm proud of. i'm old enough to be his mother."
  • belarus: "yes, you have to have in text citations. actually, let me rephrase that. you don't have to have in text citations, but you bet your mother i'll mark you down for it."
  • liechtenstein: "what is a meme?
  • monaco: [passing out tests] "by the way, this is a non-calculator test so i hope you studied without one."
  • seychelles: "woah she's ho- i mean [coughs] has a great personality."
  • taiwan: "i used to ask myself why i decided to teach, and i realized it's because... ... shit i forgot"
  • vietnam: "i know its monday but if i dragged my 50 year old ass out here, you can suck up 6 hours of school."
  • wy: [when asked whether or not pineapples should be on pizzas] "i hate pineapples."

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I can not stop watching Robert and Aaron's first dance I think it's my favourite Robron scene ever,it's so perfect they look head over heels in love with each other. Honestly I never thought we'd get a first dance their wedding was prefect and so true to them. I can't believe Aaron Dingle (Mr Sugden) the boy who never wanted to fall in love danced at his wedding to a man he adores and he kissed his hubby infront of all their friends and family and was not shy or embarrassed but very proud



Watching their crush doing aegyo on TV


He would be watching you with Jin, a proud smile never leaving his lips :

<< Look at her, she is pretty, nice, she has a good voice, she is a good dancer AND she is cute ! >>


He would be sitting with the other boys, so he would try to keep his poker face, but he wouldn’t be able to refrain a little smile.


He would find you super cute and would imitate during the whole day, making everyone else going crazy.


He would watch you in surprise and admiration :

<< Wahou… She is so pretty… >>


He would be so exited to see you doing aegyo, he would run around the house screaming about how cute you were.


He would smile widely with his both eyes closed, feeling a bit flustered to react like that to your aegyo.


He would find you really cute of course but he would not be surprised (he actually has at least fifty gifs of you being cute on his phone).

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seohyun asked if theres any couples in the audience, taeny raised their hands and seohyun said "girl-girl couples too of course, or boy-boy"

after seeing taeny doing that, hyosoo did the same, but thats less important because taeny did it first cause they’re so stupid for making my ass ship them even more and seohyun saying “girl-girl couples too of course” got me dying why is taeny real and killing me


Does anyone

Has goosebumps when see something related with Sebastian and wants to cry because he’s doing the coolest things ever and it makes you feel so proud, or it is just me? This boy makes me feel so many emotions that I thought I would never felt and makes me smile like he know me and vice versa. That how Sebastian makes me feel, I love him so much.

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Congratulations April on your ultimate victory I, May wan einter am so proud of you and the boys and jones and hopefully now I was rather Hoping that I may call you a friend. I guess his smile was pretty cool wasn't it especially when he was showing with that smile how proud he was of you all now celebrate and say hello to your dad for me see you around May

Thank you May. It was hard, it was scary and it was intense but we did it. I’m so proud of my clan. And the healing process is definitely easier without thinking about the Shredder being out there. Now we can grieve in peace

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have you noticed that harry has never recommended a white movie?? it's always movies/shows that are important to representation of poc

OF COURSE I’VE NOTICED, and it makes me so proud!!! our boy is on the same wavelength as us and it’s beautiful :’)