so proud of the result

“Let’s go practice medicine.”

Medic seriously reminds me of Schneeplestein. I mean, c’mon, they’re both psychotic German doctors. So, this is the result of that thought. Honestly, I’m super proud with how this turned out! I hope you like it!

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Turnout for 18-24 year olds in 2015: 43%
Turnout for 18-24 years olds in 2017: 72%!

Honestly, I’m so proud of my generation for this result.

This shows just how powerful the youth vote is in swinging the entire election in a direction no one predicted. Your vote DOES make a difference!
Stay informed, stay politically active. We are the future.

@chemicalnimu asked me to draw very flustered Julian for her birthday present, so I deliver! It turned out great, if I can say so myself, I’m proud of the result. And I had lots of fun doing it.

As it’s a pretty suitable piece for a bootleg merch, I added a watermark, sorry about that. NO BOOBS FOR THIEVES! Nimu, I’ll send you a version without it, it’s bigger too.