so proud of that nugget


Happy Birthday, Dylan “skinny little nugget” O’Brien!!! (Born August 26, 1991)

Yeah, I’ve only been acting since I was 18 out of high school. I’m never offered any sort of roles. I need to audition in a typically lengthy process to receive roles. I don’t really give much thought to the roles that I’d ideally love to play. I just want to work with good filmmakers and do good projects that mean something to me and play interesting characters. That’s really it.

Human Sunbeam. She must be protected. At ALL costs!

Yvonne Strahovski attends the Premiere Of Hulu’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome on April 25, 2017 in Hollywood, California.

rowan dadthorn
  • me: rowan whitethorn would be The Perfect Dad™
  • everyone: it is 4 in the morning not again—
  • me: i mean my beautiful hawk son [lost] his [[baby]] he lost his child (and blames his punkass younger self) and you know my guy was pumped okay like he's frosty and all but he was level 10 ready to dad and then he lost his lil baby birb
  • everyone: who are you even talki—
  • me: aND he lost his baby mama??? like both at once??? that's some tragick shit right there but gUeSs what hey!! guess what happened though like a century later guesS
  • everyone: wait are you seriously aski—
  • me: {dAmN RIgHt} i meant queen aelin motherlovin' ashryver galathynius. she cartwheeled into my honey's life, and they soulmates forever and ever amen like don't tell me they wouldn't have the most badass l'il Draco Malfoy Blonde™ children of all time
  • everyone: i didn't say—
  • me: and rowan would be 100% dad, he would be so damned proud of his little nuggets and would lowkey (highkey) brag about them and would tell aelin to let them grow their hair out and braid it and he'd teach them to fight with sticks and stuff and oh my gOd what if they had powers too?? like one day lil Sam Rowan Jr. burps and it starts snowing inside or some shit? and like yeah he'd be concerned but he'd be so stoked like "that's my ice baby, that's my son" or maybe it'd be Lyria Nehemia first—
  • everyone: this has to stop

Okay but when Carol is hunting in 7.09 (I mean WOW is it me or is this great cos DARYL CLEARLY IS GON’ BE SO PROUD OF HIS LIL NUGGET FENDING FOR HERSELF WITH LIFEEE SKILLSS) what if she finds a Deer in the forest just like in The Grove?! (probs won’t happen, but what if?) Would she shoot or not? What if it reminded her of Lizzie and Mika, which is interesting because she seemingly runs into Ben the Kingdom Kiddo whilst out there :o 

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The Best Day

So, I had to update you guys and Taylor. The little did something new today that he has NEVER DONE. A NEW SKILL!!!! We were on our daily car trek to McD’s before school, and I had Love Story playing for him in the car. It’s one of his Taylor favorites. He has 3 or 4 very favorite Swift tunes that we rotate in the car. He HAS NEVER spontaneously asked for one of them by name but he will pick one if I give him choices. I can say “Do you want Love Story or You Belong With Me” and he will answer with his shortened version of his choice. Today, during Love Story, he said loudly “TAYLAAAA”. I replied that Taylor was already playing Love Story. He did it again. He said loudly “TAYLAAAA”. I repeated myself. When he yelled it for a third time, I said “Oh, do you want a different Taylor song”? Guess what he said?


I almost fainted. He asked for a specific Taylor song spontaneously for the FIRST TIME EVER!!!!


I am beside myself with excitement. This is HUGE for him. We played The Best Day on repeat all the way to school. I’m so very proud of this little nugget. He works so hard on a daily basis to master new skills. Thanks, Taylor, for inspiring him in acquiring new skills that will serve him well in life. WE LOVE YOU. ❤️❤️

read the first part (x) - Warning: swearing at finest 

Being the best friend and roommate of Wade Wilson can be exhausting. Like really fucking exhausting. Your typical roommate probably wouldn’t make you helping them stealing chick nuggets from McDonalds because you forgot your money at home. They would be nice and respect your privacy. Do their homework. And definitely not get you into trouble with the police and some completely crazy people who try to shoot you. Well, all of that you can’t ever expect from Wade Wilson. 

“I am never ever going to do that again” you said as you grabbed one of the stolen chick nuggets, which was kinda ironic but you had to admit you were quite hungry. 

“Oh come on, that was fucking awesome. They almost shit their pants!” he sounded so proud of himself for stealing a box of chick nuggets that it made you laugh. “But I swear, I forgot something”

“You’ve been saying that the whole day now. Calm down, you probably didn’t forgot anything” you replied and walked confidently over the street. This wasn’t the first time Wade and you walked through the streets, him being costumed as his alter-ego Deadpool. That might be weird for some people but you were so used to it. 

“It was something important.” he mumbled and looked around, stopping himself as if he noticed something unusual. 

“Wade, let’s go. I need to shower and if we hurry the fuck up, I may let you play Wham without complaining tonight again.” you whined. It was late and after this long day you yearned for a hot shower. Little conviction promise wouldn’t hurt him. 

Suddenly Wade turned around to you, grabbed your hand and screamed. “Fucking RUN!” Within seconds shots were fired, scaring the shit out of you but you kept running as Wade told you. So, he indeed forgot something and that something didn’t look like a good situation for both of you. This piece of shit, you thought. 

“Next time, remember when you have unsettled differences with anyone who tries to fucking shoot us!” you screamed. 

“Run to the next block and wait for me” he told you. “If they try to shoot you, run as fast as you can, sweetheart.” 

This wasn’t exactly the right time to call you with any of his sweet names for you but you did what he said. Other people may wouldn’t leave their best friend behind you but other people don’t have a mutant with a high healing factor as best friend. That’s why you ran - for your life. 

For the fact that you absolutely hated running, you were quite fast to reach the next block where you hided yourself from the unknown shooters. Kind of helpless you looked around. He didn’t even gave you a gun or something to protect yourself, although you know how to use it. “I’m gonna fucking die” you swore and grabbed the next best thing you saw, which turned out to be the cover of a trash can. Great

Shouts. Loud footsteps. More shooting. Probably just like any other day in the life of Deadpool but not in yours. The shouting came closer, causing your body to start shaking. You remembered his words and tried to calm yourself down as you got out of your corner and took a swing with the trashcan cover, hitting a guy in the middle of face. Aching he hold his bloody nose, looking at you raging yet surprised. You caught yourself out of astonishment and kicked him straight in his dearest friends. 

Abruptly Wade stopped as he ran around the corner, catching the moment as you kicked the guy who felt to the ground. Your glaze met. “Are we safe?” you asked panicked. Wade kicked against the guy on the ground, who groaned in pain. Without hesitation he pulled one of his guns and shot him twice in one leg. “I guess now we are” 

For a moment you stayed silent. Being his best friend didn’t mean you justified every of his actions. “Did I ever mention that I absolutely with fully and purest passion hate you?” you said as you glanced up to Wade. 

Wade shrugged with his shoulder and took a huge step to step over the guy on the ground. “A couple of times” he answered and laid his arm around your shoulders to go home with you. 

“Are we going to leave him there?” 


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No need to apologize about the TsubaHono, I understand ;D can I get that same prompt but with NozoEri perhaps?

Final prompt! Thank you for being super super patient with me ;w;!

annnddd because @skiretehfox suggested it, this is set in hot nuggets verse.

I hope you guys enjoy it c:! 

27. Accidentally Sleeping In

The sound of a loud, upbeat idol song plays and Eli sits up abruptly, disoriented from the loud noise and scrambling to find the phone to turn off the music. 

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“It’s just crazy, I feel like it’s my birthday again […] and it’s just the best feeling… the best feeling, seeing so many tweets of people that have gone out and bought my book or preordered my book and it’s arrived, the signed ones. Like, seeing you taking pictures with it and stuff, you all look like so so happy and I’m so happy that you’re happy, that you’re happy with the book. […] I feel really really good right now.”