so proud of our girl

Hey sis,

I hope my letters have been reaching you and dad. Handwritten stuff’s never been super reliable, but I guess it’s all we’ve got these days.

Anyway, in case you haven’t been getting them, I want to say I’m sorry for leaving the way I did. I know you told me it was a reckless idea and after everything I’ve been through I can definitely say you were right. It’s been hard. On all of us. And I’m not just talking about the monsters we’ve fought out here.

Every step we made took us further and further away from the things we knew. And every morning, we woke up wondering if just over the next hill would be something good, or something terrible.

It’s scary, not knowing what’s going to happen next. And the things we do know now - just how bad it can get… it almost makes it all worse. 

You told me once that bad things just happen. You were angry when you said it, and I didn’t want to listen, but you were right. 

Bad things do happen. All the time. Every day. Which is why I’m out here. To do whatever I can, wherever I can, and hopefully do some good.

We’ve all lost something. And I’ve seen what loss can do to people. But if we gave up every time we lost, then we’d never be able to move forward. 

We’d never have a chance to see what beautiful things the future might have waiting for us. 

We’d never have the strength to change, whether it’s ourselves or the world around us. 

And we’d never be there for other people who might one day be lost without us.

This is what we were training for, Yang. To become Huntresses. To be the ones to stand up and do something about all the bad in the world. 

Because there are plenty of people out there who are still lost, and even more who will try to gain everything they can from their sorrow.

Believe me when I say, I know it can feel impossible. Like every single day is a struggle against some unstoppable monster we can never hope to beat. But we have to try. 

If not for us, then for the people we’ve already the people we haven’t lost yet.

I miss you so much. I miss Weiss and Blake too. But I think you’d all be proud to know that I made it to Mistral. All of us did. And we even ran into Uncle Qrow along the way. 

He’s going to take us to see Professor Lionheart, the Headmaster of Haven Academy. And, he told us some things that you’re going to want to hear. Things I can’t trust will make it to you in this letter. 

But maybe, if you joined us, he could tell you himself. With Beacon gone, they’ll need dad at Signal more than ever. And I know you need to focus on yourself before I can expect you to come out with me. But it sure would be great to get Team RWBY back together again.

Until next time.

Your loving sister,
Ruby Rose

P.S. I’ll be sure to give you the address of where we’re staying in Mistral. I’d love to hear back from you and dad, and I can’t wait to fill you in on whatever’s going to happen next.

@wanaynay: I pride myself on being humble, but am making myself take a moment to reflect on all that is happening. So proud to stand by my girl, always. Our lives are a rollercoaster (in the BEST possible way), but we just conquered the SUPER BOWL, GRAMMYS #MetalliGa, earned her 14th top 10 hit with #MillionReasons, AND just sold out every date of the tour in North America when we went on sale this morning. Proud isn’t even the word. Love you @ladygaga This photo is the best depiction of us: LG serving a look at every moment, and me on my phone… at every moment 😬🙏🏼😎❤😘
Muslim Women's Day
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Inspiration // Jaehyun

genre: fluff

pov: 2nd

word count: 1,278

author’s note: a close friend of mine convinced me with a lot of effort to post this, so i hope you guys enjoy!~ if you manage to really enjoy, you can always request~

Taking another sip of coffee, you sit at your desk, your free hand tapping on the dark wood. Though your mind is filled with ideas for the script, none of them work. It’s either too crazy, too bland, or just perfect—but with the wrong plot. “I can’t do anything…” you eventually mumble, burying your face in your hands while releasing a frustrated sigh. Lifting your head from your hands, you frown at your laptop screen, where all you can see is an empty document, absolutely nothing on it. “I’m going to get fired at this rate.”

You soon stand up, straightening out your pants after doing so. You pick up your phone and dial the first person you see; Jaehyun. He is a close friend, so he can hopefully help you get through this mess of work. Well, nonexistent mess of work, that is. After the first three rings, he picks up, though it feels like an eternity for you. “Hey, what’s up?” he asks.

“Well,” you start, a pout forming on your lips unconsciously. “You know that movie I’m writing the script for?” Jaehyun lets out a hum of acknowledgment. “Yeah, well, it’s not going as planned. See, I have absolutely nothing written down, so I was wondering if I could come over and maybe have a break for a little while. If I stay cramped in my apartment, I’ll just keep going back at it and losing my mind.”

He chuckles before answering. “Yeah, sure. I’m free for today and I’m sure the guys won’t mind, so feel free to. I missed having you around anyways.” You can sense the smirk on his face; he knows how easily you get flustered, and he’s constantly doing it.

With a small blush painted on your face, you quickly reply with a “thanks, you’re the best,” before hanging up. Jaehyun laughs on the other end, amused by you abruptly hanging up.

You exit your car and walk up to the front door, ringing the doorbell and patiently waiting. You don’t do too much waiting, as, pretty much as soon as you rang the doorbell, it’s being opened, and you’re greeted by the one and only Jung Jaehyun. “Hey!” he says, grinning brightly.

“Hi,” you sheepishly reply, still as awkward as you were the day you met him. You can remember meeting him as if it happened earlier today.

As you were peacefully writing away at another script (one that wasn’t important, since you were just hoping to pass the time), the ringing of your phone easily grabbed your attention, especially since it looked to be the number of another entertainment company. Since it wasn’t often you got calls like this, you pick the phone up almost right away, your heart beating rapidly with excitement. To your surprise, it was an actual entertainment group, but this time it wasn’t another accident. They actually wanted you to help write something for their newest group, NCT, the unit being NCT 127.

Excitement coursing through your blood, you gratefully accept, proud of yourself for scoring such an honorable job. Okay, to most it might not seem honorable, but for a small screenwriter such as yourself, you couldn’t help but want to jump up and down and let out so many squeals like a eleven-year-old girl going to see One Direction live.

You ended the call with a “thank you,” and immediately called your friends, telling them the exciting news. They all congratulated you, all of them saying something along the lines of “I’m so proud of our little girl, going so far in life!” which made you roll your eyes, considering you were only a few weeks younger than the next youngest.

You were told to meet them the next day at their building. You looked up how to get to the building and couldn’t fall asleep for almost four hours, far too excited to peacefully drift away to your dreamland.

You woke up the next day feeling hurried, rapidly getting ready, your normal shower being cut down to just five minutes, as you woke up a little later than you hoped for. You eventually were ready, cursing at yourself as you ran out the door. Once you reached S.M Entertainment, you scurried inside and was greeted by their secretary, who walked fastly to the meeting room you had to be at. Though she was very quiet, you were still extremely thankful for the help you got.

The meeting went by smoothly, but they were nervous about you writing anything, since you knew almost nothing about the boys, so they set up a scheduled time to meet them later that day. And when you did meet them, you were a stuttering mess, but Jaehyun and the others were helpful, and the rest was history.

Breaking out of the silence, Jaehyun realizes the two of you had been staring at each other silently, apparently too scared for once to talk to each other. “Oh, um, come in!”

Once the two of you are inside and lounging on the couch, he speaks up again. “So, what’s got you so frustrated?” he asks, noticing the, admittedly adorable, pout on your lips, which you only did if you were frustrated or focused, and clearly, you are not focused at all right now.

You sit up and lean forward, resting your elbows on your knees while your hands a clasped together. “Basically, this stupid movie has such a cheesy ass plot I have no idea how to write anything for it.” He laughs.

“How is this a ‘cheesy ass movie’ exactly?”

You take a deep breath before responding. “Basically like any love story is, except the two lovers are both male. I could easily write for that much, but how the fuck am I supposed to script a kiss? I have no idea how to script a kiss. Isn’t it just, like, I don’t know, they know when they’re supposed to kiss and how to, but when I told the director that he said it wasn’t enough, that I didn’t make the kiss heated enough or descriptive enough!”

“It seems like you’re struggling a bit. Say, Y/N, have you ever kissed anyone?” You blush and look down, timidly shaking your head no. “See, that’s why!” You tilt your head in curiousity, not understanding what he means. “What I’m saying is that you have no idea how to script a kiss because you’ve never kissed anyone!”

“Oh! That makes sense. But who am I gonna kiss? The guy I like clearly isn’t interested, so I have no idea what to do…” You notice Jaehyun frown at that last sentence, but you figure that it’s just your imagination making things up, so you mentally scold yourself for easily coming up with things like that, but not things that are necessary for your career.

Jaehyun has a war with his mind, unsure if he should do what he wants to do. He hesitates, but he slowly finds himself leaning in towards you, and you’re soon doing the same. His lips end up on yours, his thumb rubbing against your cheek as you slowly kiss him back. He remembers you mentioning the kiss needing to be heated, so his tongue swipes against your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You let him enter your mouth, and your tongues dance together in the now heated kiss. You’re the first to pull away from the breathless kiss. You smile, blushing yet again.

“I don’t think I have enough inspiration yet,” you say, which is quickly interrupted by multiple short pecks all over your face, before he pulls you in for yet another kiss.


their debut mv (why not) gained one million views in less than a month - for a girl group coming from a tiny company, this is a huge deal and i’m so so proud of our girls for doing well in such a cut throat industry. there have been so many kpop debuts this year and so many new groups end up disbanding because of a lack of attention (kimi was a former member of a girl group called scarlet that unfortunately disbanded after only two releases) so the fact that they’re getting to perform on music shows, getting views and garnering interest is so, so important and completely fantastic.

bulldok, congratulations, and may you have many more successes

Oh, Connie look how far you have come...

At first Connie was a shy, lonely girl believing she was nothing, always obeying what her parents said and thought she would never make a single friend but now…


I’m so proud of our home girl Connie, she’s come so far in the series! It just goes to show you it takes one person to change you, one person to make a difference in your life… and one person to save you!

jesus why is it so hard for men to realize that it’s literally SO easy to keep me happy by occasionally acknowledging my existence as their girlfriend on social media

anonymous asked:

I'm so proud of our girls tonight! They cheered on Normani and they all looked so proud. Tbh I don't think I even care about Camila after that. My girls are happy and close, what more could I want?

Exactly!! Last night the girls looked and sounded beautiful. They looked so proud of Normani, a GG. The new and improved 5h. Get ready.


Scenario: You’re in your third trimester, and you can’t seem to get your emotions under control. Luckily, you have JB taking care of you.

Genre: Angst, fluff

Length: 938

Requested by @aurora-vii

Your feet hurt, and they were so swollen that you weren’t sure if you’d be able to even take off your shoes. That was the worst part about being pregnant. Your body ached all of the time, and you couldn’t seem to get a hold on your emotions. It didn’t help that you were in your third trimester, and you had a huge belly throwing your center of gravity off and making you run into everything. The best part, however, was being with JB.

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So proud of our girl. She doesn't let hate comments keep her down. She totally rocked thr dances at Radix and Millenium.

I agree! I absolutely loved all her dances and I love how much she’s taking class and improving! :) Also yes, let the haters hate, I mean, she’s taking class, so like, she’s trying to get better and people have nothing better to do than make fun of her. She has a teacher in class who will tell her what to work on, so like, why do people on the internet think they have to use every chance to bash her?? She’s going to dance class for a reason, I want to see all those haters react when someone bashes them when they attend class for something. It’s like punishment for trying to get better lol this is so dumb.

Baby Steps.

It was still hard to believe that Nora was now 12 years old. Who was once the little girl with the pigtails clinging to her father’s side was now close to being a teenager. I swear the years of a child’s life flies by because I could remember when she was just a baby and then when she was a toddler whining for Fernando’s presence when he was away.

I think that was the hardest part about being a parent: watching your child grow up. Because soon enough you knew you wouldn’t be able to protect them like you’d wish. They would be off in high school dealing with the mean girls or the popular crowd or maybe they’d unfortunately be one of those mean girls. Then they’d be off to college exploring serious relationships and their identity. It was something I thought about often even though Nora was just 12 and Leo was just a few years behind her.

I knew Fernando thought about the fast growth of our children a lot too because right now he was harping, nearly going insane, as he loaded the last few things into the neighbor’s truck.

Nora was about to head off to summer camp for a few weeks and a few weeks with her away would feel like months for me.

For Fernando, it would feel like a year.

It was obvious he was nervous by the way he kept scratching his fingers through his hair and yelling questions to Nora.

“Did you pack your bathing suit?”

“Did you grab those extra pairs of sneakers?”

“What about snacks?”

“Do you have everything?”

He had been spitting off questions like that for the past hour as he rummaged through the home making sure Nora had every little thing. I think he was realizing our little girl wasn’t so little anymore. This was our first taste of what it would be like when she went off to college and though we had a few years to prepare for that, if this was any indication, my husband would be a nervous wreck when that day came and probably for the first few months after.

“Nora, you forgot this.” I looked up from where I was standing to see Fernando rushing down the steps with a small teddy bear in his hands. It was ‘Pinky’. The neon pink teddy was Nora’s favorite as a kid. She carried it off everywhere from her bed to our bed on those nights she was too scared to sleep alone and even her father’s matches when she wanted something to cling to as she watched the guys run up and down the pitch.

Nora groaned. “Papá, I haven’t needed that thing in years. I’m not taking it.”

“Are you sure? You used to love this thing.” He looked down at the teddy in his hands and smiled, probably having memories of her with it coming back to him now. His daughter just rolled her eyes. The memories weren’t enough for her to carry the small teddy with her to the small cabins she was going to.

“That would be so embarrassing if I brought that. I’m not five anymore.”

Fernando let off a defeated sigh before placing the stuffed animal to the chair next to him. It would just have to stay here for him to stare at for hours on end in place of him bothering Nora with his usual cheesy jokes and forcing her to watch a movie with him every Sunday night.

“She’s right, you know?” I chimed, an amused smile on my face as I stood looking at my husband with my arms crossed over my chest.

Nora really was no longer five. She was a lanky, near-teen with a short cut, those long locks that used to flow down her back now replaced with a simplistic cut that had her strands stop right at her shoulders. She insisted she get the cut to look like me as I had chopped off my tangled locks a summer ago. It made her look her age and less like the kid image she was trying to escape.

Fernando hated it.

In fact, he didn’t talk to us for an entire four hours after we came back from the salon.

He got over it though… I think.

“I’m just saying she should take a few keepsakes from home. To make her feel comfortable,” he tried to reason but Nora simply shook her head.


“She’s packed more than enough, Nan.”

He should have known. He was the person who had to stuff all of the over-packed suitcases in the trunk. Leo offered to help but he only ended up throwing the bags down the steps which resulted in his sister yelling at him.

He just shrugged and went back to playing his video game.

I could tell my husband wasn’t quite ready to utter his temporary goodbyes but the moment was coming even sooner than he wished as Nora had convinced him into letting her ride with her best friend from the neighborhood, Catalin, who was also going off to the camp and whose parents were taking her.

I just think she didn’t want her new friends at camp to see who her father was.

It wasn’t like she was ashamed to carry the Torres name but I could see how it could be bothersome to always be labeled as Fernando Torres’s daughter. Hell, I had to deal with it as his wife everywhere I went.

“Oh, are you married to Torres?”

“I saw you visiting Stamford Bridge in the papers the other day. Is he looking to become a manager?”

And the worst…

“Can you introduce me to your husband?”

But I got used to being identified as just his wife because well, he was a kick ass guy to be associated with. Nora had to deal with the same as everyone around here knew her as his daughter. She could escape that shadow at camp and step out into her own. I encouraged her to do so.

“We should probably get going. It’s an hour and a half drive and we want to get there a bit before the other kids. Plus Catalin and her parents are waiting outside,” Nora suggested before picking up the small backpack she had at her feet and putting it on.

“Right,” was all Fernando said before he slowly followed her out the door while I tried to get her brother to escape from his games and say goodbye to his sister.


“Yes?” he yelled back.

“Come say goodbye to your sister!”

“Bye Nora!”

I rolled my eyes and yelled to him once more, “Leo!”

I could hear his groan from all the way down here. “Fine,” was yelled to me before being followed by his fast steps from his room above and down the steps. I waited for him, nudging his head playfully when he arrived at my side before we headed outside.

Catalin and her parents were already inside the car, probably much to Nora’s insistence that they not stick around outside and watch these awkward goodbyes.

“Bye, mamá.” Nora pulled me into a hug and I couldn’t help but hold her a little longer and squeeze her gently. I may have been the less overprotective parent but I could admit I was a little nervous about letting her go as well. She would have a phone on her to contact us, mainly incase of emergencies, but I knew she didn’t plan on spending her nights on the phone with us telling us about her day.

“Bye, sweetie,” I said before placing a kiss to her cheek. Finally I found it in myself to let her go and she went next to her brother who though younger in age practically stood at the same height as her. Rather than sharing a ‘cheesy hug’ as they liked to call it, they exchanged one of their signature, far too complicated for their uncool parents to replicate, handshakes. Once finished Nora tossed his sandy hair between her fingers. “Bye, punk.”

“Bye, feo.”

Sibling banter.

Nora then moved onto her father who had this pitiful, adorable pout on his face that made me chuckle to myself. He pulled her into an overbearing hug, probably wanting to tackle her into his arms and never let go because that meant she would be off in that car heading down the street leaving him to count the seconds until she would be back.

Yes, seconds. Nan was dramatic.

He began to pepper her face with kisses much to her chagrin. “Papá,” she whined but whining wouldn’t stop him and she didn’t have the strength to overpower his hold.

After a few more, he finally let go. “I’m sorry. Be safe okay?”

“You act like I’m swimming across the Atlantic or something. I’ll be fine.” She didn’t waste any more time to start skipping off to Catalin’s parents’ car, giving us an enthusiastic wave as she turned over her shoulder. We just watched and waved back as she disappeared into the backseat. I could practically hear the enthusiastic chatter of the two girls from here.

Her parents gave us a wave as well before beginning to back out of their parked space, slowly moving from the driveway until they were backed out and heading down the street with a beep of their horn but not before Nora yelled out the window, “I love you! I’ll miss you! Don’t miss me too much!” Though the comments were made to the three of us watching her leave, I knew the last portion was more specifically for her father.

Fernando moved closer to my side as we continued to watch the black vehicle disappear while Leo seemed much more delighted by the departure. “Great. Back to my game,” he said before running off back inside.

Nan just wrapped his arm around my waist and when I looked over to him, I could see the faint hint of a tear making presence in the corner of his eye. “Are you crying?!”

“No,” he said defensively. “I’m just…I have something in my eye.” He tried to play it off by wiping at his wet eye and I just giggled, using my hand to help him with the task.

“Awww. Poor little Torres.”

“She’s growing up too fast,” he whined. “I don’t like it.”

“Well get used to it, big shot. Our little girl is growing up to be her own woman.”

Our little girl that made us both so proud.