so proud of our baby


Mark is happy where he is and enjoys what he likes best: rapping!

We are so proud of you Tarjei!

I just really need to express how proud I am of Tarjei (I think we all are). This little 17 year old piece of sun just never fails to impress us. We don’t really know much about him, and I love that he is a private person. Most teenage boys at his age would LOVE the opportunity to get praised by tons of girls (and/or boys) and jump right at it. But he doesn’t. He seems so shy in fan videos and like he doesn’t really understand why so many people love and idolise him, and it almost embarrass him sometimes. 

In that interview he did last year, he acts like what he does isn’t a big deal. He seems so ambitious and like he is his own worst critic. I hope the people in his life tells him how proud he should be. He seems like he doesn’t care about fame (and maybe doesn’t really like it), but is just passionated about acting. He is a theatre geek! 

He has now signed with this big swedish agency, who has a lot of amazing Scandinavian actors, and I think we can all agree, that this is a fucking big deal. He is pursuing his dream, and I’m so happy for him. I hope they will guide him in the right direction. And from the short interview Henrik did, we know that Tarjei cares about his own limits and comfort zone and is not afraid to express that, and that is so important. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to increase his acting skills even more, and decides to attend an acting school, even though he could get big roles based on his popularity alone.  He deserves all the succes in the world, and I can’t wait to see where this will bring him. Go Tarjei!

Oh and btw, how fucking adorable does he look in these agency photos? I mean… come on!


an embarrassed chanyeollie (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

thoughts on the 97 line stage

- jungkook got a solo spotlight I’m so proud of our baby
- he aced it hit all the notes slaughtered the audience
- kookie standing in the centre
- it just hit me that JEON JUNGKOOK is the SUNBAE within that group on 97 liners!!!?!?
- this sort of makes him the 97er sQUAD LEADER HE GONNA TURN IT INTO THE MEME SQUAD they be WILDIN’
- I flipped when jungkook sang with yuju it was brilliant
- but also can u imagine how much pep talk he had to give himself in order to stare her straight in the face while singing?? I’m laughing our baby kookie managed to overcome his fear of female idols for that short span of time true professional
- overall a very nice feel-good stage👏🏻 go 97ers👏🏻


I’m so proud to be an army. I’m so proud to be in this fandom , for real. Bangtan are kings , they are the best Human beings you could ever know. I’m so blessed for having them in my life. Yoongi is basically my reason to live and my reason to smile , he looked so good in both not today and spring day mvs . I’m so proud of him and I’m so proud of our babies’ work💖

my thoughts on cursed child nobody asked for

i’ve stayed up until 2am finishing the book and i just have to let this out. i wanted to be excited for this story, i really did, but in my heart i knew that jk rowling would never let the characters be how i imagined, and how i think many other fans imagined. i genuinely liked some parts of harry potter and the cursed child, but i feel as though both i and the fandom have just suffered an enormous letdown.

the plot: okay, i know i’m not the only one who believes that the plot was just ridiculous. bizarre. overdone. we already got to see harry defeat voldemort, and we were so proud of our lil teen baby saving the world. but i thought “all was well”?? obviously harry and everyone else’s lives would never be simple or perfect, but we just didn’t need another world-threatening voldemort figure. the buildup to the deathly hallows was beautifully and intricately crafted, and cursed child was just a rushed mess which did injustice to the concept of time travel and, most important, the new generation of characters.

harry’s characterization: something i think we can all agree on is that harry james potter, victim of years of abuse, neglect, and deprivation from the dursleys would NEVER TREAT HIS FAMILY LIKE HIS FAMILY TREATED HIM. i know harry can be horrible with communicating, especially when it comes to emotional matters, but he is not cruel to those he loves. harry and draco are portrayed as horrible father figures to albus and scorpius, so is this just supposed to pass as normal, jkr? i’m not buying it. i think jkr has seriously lost touch with her characters and story and i’m shocked and angry that she would go so far as to make harry an abusive father. 

draco’s characterization: i love draco with all my heart and i am so beyond happy that he and harry are finally friends in canon. seeing him on the same side as harry and his family is something i’ve wanted for years, and i was moved to tears by his and harry’s bare-all, no reservations heart-to-heart in act 4.4. i especially love that draco is the first to react to/comfort harry in a few scenes, including 4.10 when he immediately questions harry transforming into voldemort (he’s the most vocal about the situation, too). i love draco and harry’s interactions so much. however, i can’t accept how jkr writes draco as a father. in this story, draco calls scorpius his “sole heir” before he calls him his family, and when they reunite in godric’s hollow in act 4.8, they don’t even share a real embrace. i just can’t accept that draco wouldn’t give scorpius all the love he deserves and the affection lucius never showed draco. i thought that act 3.3, the au in which voldemort is in power and scor and draco talk about astoria, was a seriously poignant and telling scene for the malfoys. in the wake of astoria’s death, draco is beginning to see light within the darkness, inspired by his son, so when they exchange “for voldemort and valor,” we can see the true nature of the malfoys: that their love runs deep, and that they love each other so powerfully that they can’t help but survive.

everyone’s characterization?: i actually really didn’t like how most of the characters were portrayed…they just felt so different from how i’ve read them for years. ron is wacky like arthur, ginny is way too passive most of the time. hermione was fairly good imo, but that’s probably bc she’s jkr’s favorite

albus severus potter: omg i flipped shit when i read that al was in slytherin (i’d been saying that i wouldn’t even finish the book if he wasn’t) but that was basically the “curse” so that sucked ass. sad boy deserves the world

snape: why the fuck is snape in this gd story. after all jkr has said in an attempt to de-idolize snape, this sets him up as a fucking hero who died for love. not buying this either joanne. draco’s beautiful talk with scor about astoria being the light in his darkness is trashed by gross sneep in act 3.9 and it makes me want to vomit

motherfucking queerbaiting: i’ve loved the idea of scorpius x albus for a while, and while i knew that it wouldn’t become canon, i was extremely upset with how jkr taunted their relationship. their relationship drives the entire story; they cannot function without each other, they fight dark forces alongside each other, and they help each other develop acceptance, kindness, and honesty throughout the years. act 1.10, they’re 14 years old, just starting their fourth year, and scorpius tries to flirt with rose, and it just feels so forced and predictable. then, albus finds him and hugs him “with fierceness,” holding on. they’re self-conscious as they pull apart. act 2.4, scorpius “looks at his friend talking to a girl–and part of him likes it and part of him doesn’t.” act 2.14, delphi tells scor that albus needs him and that they belong together (even though delphi ends up being an evil manipulator, i tend to agree with this). two scenes later, albus tells scor that he makes him stronger, and can’t even finish his sentence he’s so upset at the idea of them being apart (goddammit these boys are so beautiful). just to put the (gay) cherry on top scor says in act 4.5 “still, if i had to choose a companion to be at the return of eternal darkness with, i’d choose you.” come on. no platonic friendship was ever this emotionally charged in hp. some of their conversations even parallel harry and draco’s bonding in this story, but you all know how i feel about drarry lmao. my lil gay heart was so happy, i couldn’t believe this was actually happening?? i felt so hopeful, but of course we get a huge NO HOMO in act 4.14. all that buildup of a deep, loving relationship for a foreseeable jk rowling-style heteronormative bullshit ending. 

scorpius hyperion malfoy: i’ll try to end on a good note here, so i’ll just say how much i adore scorpius! omg! beautiful cinnamon roll, he is perfect as an awkward, dorky, super intelligent, yet kind malfoy. he deserves so much more than what jkr is willing to give him, and my heart breaks for this boy. 


“But minutes ago I was cheating on you”

holyfuckingshit. niall james just dropped his first fucking solo single song. fml. it’S SO AMAZING, I ALREADY KNOW THE LYRICS. THEN THAT INTERACTION WITH LIAM ON TWITTER. OOO MATE, I’M LIVING. I love life rn. I can’t wait for Niall’s album and tour next year omfg. it’s gonna be so amazing!! I’m so proud of our baby sons! they’re doing what they love and it makes me sosososos happy and just emotional lmao. okay, I shall stop now lmao. I hope you guys enjoy this imagine/text, I still dk what to call them lol. don’t forget to leave recommendations/requests and have a nice day bbz. X

Request -  Can you do a fake text about Harry and the reader having a fight because of some rumor they made about the reader. So the reader has enough of Harry accusing her about the rumor and stops talking to him. He then realizes his mistake and apologizes?💕