so proud of my friends and crew and boats

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To everyone who is only going to see the film for Harry; please remember to be respectful of the history of the film. As someone who's grandfather lived through WW2, it upsets me knowing that people are only going to see the film to fangirl over Harry, and aren't going to respect the history of the film, and remember the soldiers that died for us. I don't mean to be a downer, but it's a subject very close to my heart :)

I get it, I feel the same :) I am genuinly SUPER interested and respectful of this story. My grandfather lived through WW2 as well. He was a chief engineer on several ships throughout the entire war. He was in charge of one of the most important and dangerous jobs for England during the war; his boats carried petrol for the airplanes. So his ships were a BIG target. His boats and several of the convoys he sailed in were torpedoed and bombed many, many times. He was shot, he fought, he saw his friends die one after one and he did everything he could for his crew and boats. He has because of that been given a medal from the king here in Norway, he’s been named the ‘war hero’ of my city, his efforts and bravery has been written about in books, magazines and papers. I am extremely proud of my now late, grandpa, who suffered badly with PTSD after the war… So I have the utmost respect for this story. 

However, people are still allowed to go and see this because of Harry. That’s their choice. But hopefully they’ll learn a lot by watching it, and maybe it opens their eyes to a story and a time in history that they maybe didn’t care or knew much about beforehand :)