so proud of bb ;~;


👨🏻‍🎓❗️jungkook’s graduation day❗️👨🏻‍🎓

So I hit 1,290 followers and I wanted to celebrate early instead of at the next hundred so here’s a ‘lil something for the future occasion!! 

Thanks to everyone, this one’s for you ✨

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LEE DAEHWI. The trainee who endured being away from his family
to chase his dream in Korea . Competed on the reality show and had to go through all
the hate and criticisms thrown at him at the beginning. He accepts all of them  
and worked harder to show his positive side and talents. It must hurt a lot to
see his rank drop and change so much yet he  never cried during his acceptance speech.
I am always amazed how he can handle all of of those alone and with maturity. He is always a 
ball of sunshine and  didn’t use his story to gain symphaty votes. 

Seeing this scene with his mother,reminds me that he is just a teenager and will always be a baby in his mother’s arms T_T.
So happy that he managed to change the public’s negative perception on him, acknowledge his
talents, finish the competition in a high rank and his mother was there to witness it ♥ 

Fact: Pidge is the most badass Pilot of Team Voltron

Pidge is fuckin Batman! 

Keeps tabs on her teammates so she can take them down when she needs to! 

“But What about Keith?” 

Not a chance! Bye Keith! 



my girlfriend bought me dlc for this game that we play together and in the notes of the gift she left a YouTube link but steam wouldn’t let me copy and paste it so, being the good girlfriend I am, I decided to just type in the whole YouTube video link into my address bar so that I made sure to watch the video she wanted me to see… so I type it in and hit enter and what do I see??? The video to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up.. she fucking rICK ROLLED ME! I DID THE WORK OF COPYING A YOUTUBE LINK BY HAND JUST TO GET RICK ROLLED. SHE TROLLED ME SO HARD AND IM SO FUCKING PROUD.