so proud let me cry

have i mentioned how much i love my beautiful fashionista son

because i love him a lot


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He leaned in, giving me time to pull away. I could feel his breath when he said, “I love it when you quote me.”


{13/08/16} - pretty sure i spent my entire afternoon making notes for to kill a mockingbird and prepping for my essay on monday rip… anyway!!! CONGRATS TO JOSEPH SCHOOLING for beating michael phelps, coming in FIRST for 100m butterfly, and GIVING SG THEIR FIRST OLYMPIC GOLD!!!! so proud to watch my flag being raised and hearing my national anthem being sung!!!!!! :”) honestly though how motivational… literally working til your idols become your rivals. (#schooled)

also check out my new studygram @/grangergrades u beans <3

minhoinator  asked:

4-6, 34-36, and 50: What is your favorite drama that Minho has been in?

ty for asking. From this

4. Who is your kpop twin? (out of everyone you know, who are you most like?) I’m assuming this is like a “what celebrity are you most like” but like….I don’t even know. Not to be That Guy™ but I feel like I have a really weird personality and weird-for-my-agegroup hobbies (my mom describes me as equal parts Ms. Frizzle from Magic Schoolbus and like Suzy Homemaker). @jinkisbelly​ if I remind you of any idol…pls tell us

5. First Bias? My first bias ever…was that brat…Super Junior’s Kyuhyun…the friend/teacher that got me into Kpop literally sent me a bratty Kyuhyun compilation video and it was just Over after that. I miss my brat. For SHINee my “original” bias was either Onew or Taemin…for like 10 minutes.

6. Favorite girl group? This is so hard…my most listened to are probably Red Velvet and f(x) but I also love EXID and Girls Generation and I miss Sistar and Wonder Girls already…

34. First KDrama you watched? OK so truth be told I’ve never actually fully finished a drama yet but the v first was I think Boys Over Flowers and my mom wanted to kill me. I don’t think I got even halfway through it. The first Minho drama I started was Salamander Guru and the Shadows…which I need to finish for those soft sherlock era cheeks if for nothing else 

35. First Movie you watched? If you count it as a movie…Super Junior’s Attack on the Pin-up Boys was the first Korean movie I watched. If not, Derailed was the first Korean movie…@ minho whyd you have to hurt my heart like that…if anyone wants to yell with me about it pls…

36. Favorite Kdrama?// 50. What is your favorite drama that Minho has been in?  Like I said I’ve never finished one, and Boys Over Flowers is the only drama I’ve watched without Minho in it so I’m gonna answer these together. I really like Hwarang (I’m like halfway through it so it’s the drama I’ve seen the most of) but the love triangle tends to put me off but for his Looks™ and bromance with Do Jihan I’m willin to deal  I’ve only seen the first two episodes but I’m gonna say Because It’s the First Time is my fav that he’s the “main” in he’s so gorgeous in TTBY but I’m having a really hard time getting into it


Hey! Maybe you haven’t been keeping up with current events, but we just got our asses kicked, pal!

Yurio’s support squad

we have mama yuuri as expected, speaking to his son in his native language

we have proud grandparent watching it live from russia

we have prod coaches… look how happy they are with yurio! they are even smiling!

(we probably also had some other skaters rooting for him and, of course, the entire audience)

but most important of all

otabek, his friend. Look at him! He just wants yurio to succeed so badly.

He just looks so happy with him. So please with his performance. Even though Yurio doing well meant that he was left of the podium, he is so proud of his friend… let me cry a bit at how perfect and healthy their relationship is


Connor leans forward, his wrists on the counter, fingers skimming her arms. “Rien du tout.” Nothing at all.

I flinch in surprise with the candy bag in hand, chocolate chips sailing through the air. Everyone turns to me, and I redden. Still I point at Connor. “I understood you! Ha!” My French translation book is finally paying off.

And Connor gives me one of the most genuine smiles, and then he claps, not in sarcasm, like a real applause for someone who aced a test and deserves an A-plus.

It fills me with more confidence that I think I’ve ever had. I can be on the same level as the two smartest people in the house. It just takes a little ork and dedication. Things they excel in – things i’m learning.

SUPER JUNIOR D&E「Let’s Get It On」MV [Short Ver]

leo has been waiting for this award since what’s eating gilpert grape and he uses his speech to raise awareness about climate change and the importance of indigenous peoples and their history. i am so proud of this man and i love him so much

Once Upon A is my ship winning or no ?

I think all the plot holes and shipping wars are kinda distracting us all from one of the most important relationships on Once. A relationship that was one of the main focuses back in the good old days. 

They have grown oh so much. Henry went from disrespecting and avoiding Regina to loving, trusting and believing in her without hesitation. Regina went from manipulating and lying to being open and honest with him.

It’s so beautiful and I guess I needed to remind myself how far they have actually come and how special these moments really are. 

I’m just so proud of my babies okay LET ME CRY