so proud for you baby


D-0 until #HAPPYRAVIDAY ravi’s ranking of VIXX’s cute member [#6 RAVI]

161116 baekhyunee_exo: 기분 너무 좋다!!!!! 더 열심히 해야지!! 고마워사랑해또고마워사랑해!!! 또! 또! #에리들짱#에짱 #상이다섯개!! 아 ! 깜빡할뻔했다 ! 에리들 고생많이했어! 쪽

I am so happy!!!! I have to work harder!! Thank you i love you and again, thank you i love you!!! Again! Again! #Aeris jjang  #Ae-jjang  #5 awards!! Ah! I almost forgot! Aeri-s, you’ve worked hard! Chuu~


Mark is happy where he is and enjoys what he likes best: rapping!


shy Dream cuties  introducing their song ♡ ♡

Happy birthday, Billie Joe! ♥

I hope you have an amazing day, not just today, but always. Thanks for the music, the lyrics and the beautiful memories. The world is so lucky to have you. Thanks for still breathing. Happy birthday ♥


“수고했어 오늘도 ❤️️ You guys have worked hard”

From little, mini concerts on the rooftop to stadium concerts, I can’t express how proud I am of not only how much the boys have grown but also how much the fandom has grown as well. We all know how hard they’ve worked to achieve all of this success. I can’t think of a better group that deserves all the love and support that they’re getting. Thank you for taking all of us, carats, along with you on the ride. We’ll continue to support you forever!

Group hug guys group hug

Just imagine. It’s finally the day Dino has waited for… graduation. He finally feels like he’s growing up, like he’s not just the youngest of the group. The moment has come. They call his name. He gets up, standing tall and proud. Suddenly in the distance, a familiar voice sounds. “DINO! WHO’S BABY ARE YOU!?” It’s Jeonghan. Dino sighs. He can’t overcome it. It’s primal instinct now. Quietly, he accepts his fate, and replies, “Jeonghan’s baby.”