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You exhibit heart and empathy in many situations. Also, the passion that you bring to your role as Pathfinder does not go unnoticed by those who work alongside you. In fact, it may be a component in drawing others to you.


#watchfuturama meme [8/10 scenes]: Greatest Opera of All Time Sucks

“Your lyrics lack subtlety! You can’t just your characters announce how they feel! That makes me feel angry!” 

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BRO this was a challenge!!! Thank you

15. Alternate evolution

Pokémon: “Axolagoon” (Axolotl + Lagoon)

Type(s): Water/Psychic (:OOOOO)

Evolution: With level 40 Wooper (is that even possible) and Psyche Stone

Main Call: “Ax! Ax! LaaaGOON” (or somethin’ like that idek)

Main Differences: Third eye, intricate feelers, more/sharper stripes, tail stripes, HANDS, lighter base color, darker stripes, taller/larger, Psychic, blue feet

Region: Alola (hehehehe idk)

Special Abilities: Psychopath (any Water/Psychic Pokémon in battle, including Axolagoon, are paralyzed for one turn)

Attacks: Psyshock, Scald, Bubble Beam, Slap :3, Double Slap :3 :3, Tail Whip, Waterfall, Tsunami, Psywave, Water Gun, Third Eye, Futuresight, Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail, Water Pulse, Whirlpool, Amnesia, Confusion, Mirror Coat, Psybeam

Height: 5.5 ft. Weight: 35 lbs.

Details: Axolagoon was recently discovered and named when a Pokémon professor in Alola brought to his lab a few Psyche Stones to study and, losing his grip, dropped them by accident. A resident, standard male Wooper (who was remaining at the lab because if his inability to evolve even at level 40), jumped on one of them and suddenly evolved into what did not look like a Quagsire. After informing the local news, the same professor did an experiment on a shiny female Wooper in a similar situation, which got an Axolagoon with patterns different than the male, and different colors as well. Axolagoon are extremely rare and difficult to breed, with the same chance of encountering one in the wild as shiny Gyarados. Axolagoon, if evolved from tame Woopers, are very friendly, loyal Pokémon who are willing to protect their trainers and fellow Pokémon. If evolved from a Wooper that wasn’t the most obedient, Axolagoon quickly run away into the wild and do not return. Their water attacks are more powerful than their psychic attacks, and it is the only Pokémon discovered with the special ability Psychopath.

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you gotta love how he tian went from smiling and replying to the girls’ questions……

… still indulging them but being distracted by guan shan and leaving the girls immediately to go to him…..

……to completely ignoring them to go kick she li’s ass for what he did to guan shan……

……to walking with guan shan and being so engrossed by him to not even notice or care that the girls aren’t greeting him anymore

The Gaston Curse

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 *Curse to knock someone off of their high horse and make them feel the pain they have inflicted upon others and/or you*
**pretty strong curse as most of the few curses I have written are, so beware and keep track of the reversal in case it is needed**


-a jar or container of some sort that seals well
-red candles (optional but not absolutely necessary) (you can change the colour if you wish red just reminds me of Gaston so-)
-a small piece of bread or something that can get mold (or has mold if you have something like that around-)
-Something that can rot (I usually use a part of a banana peel)
-Salt water (think of putting salt in a wound and the sting that it brings, especially in deep wounds)
-two pieces of paper
-Pen to write with (permanent marker works better or water proof makeup if you have any)


~on one paper write the name of your target very clearly, then below it write what they have done wrong or what quality of theirs is the worst (write them pretty close together no space in between)

~ on the other piece of paper write out Gaston, then underneath that write down a quality that the target shares with him. (preferably the worst you can think of, like his ego, his anger etc)

~use the scissors to cut around the words, cutting as close as possible without cutting through the words, imagine boxing that person in tightly, making it hard for them to escape the energy of the spell

~put the papers into the jar, folding them if necessary

~put the mold catching object into the jar along with the rotting object

~ you can add some additional things if you wish (cigarette or incense ash, rusted nails or pennies)

~ pour the salt water into the jar, enough to cover most of the objects

~Close the jar and shake the contents a bit, putting all of your negative energy into the jar

~ if you really want you can make lyrics to the Gaston song but rather than naming good qualities, name bad qualities of the target as you shake the jar. You can think it, say it or sing it whichever works for you

~If you have a candle lit, pass the jar over the flame (but be careful not to scorch the jar or burn it or anything else!! remember your fire safety!) imagine it sending your energy it the target

~if you did the above step, seal the jar with the candle wax

~put the jar in a dark, isolated space and do your best not to come into much contact with it

~put up wards and such if needed

~remember post cursing cleansing etc

**In order to reverse or remove the curse simply retrieve the jar, and bury its contents as far from your home as possible**

It’s only been a little over a year, and we’ve gone from this 

to this

and I couldn’t be more proud of our boys. We’ve gone through so much, and I really hope we can continue to grow as a fandom to love and support our boys who deserve the world. <3333

headband tae??? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

(ref cr. mbc)

Matt spending 2 minutes listening to Lance talk before cutting him off with “dude you and Shiro have like the same personality and it’s weirding me out right now” but everyone’s just super confused because they only know Shiro in the power dynamic of being older and in charge

Matt sees Shiro giving out orders and starts laughing so hard

Bonus #2
when ever Matt walks into the room Shiro becomes a difernt person and it weirds everyone out


those cheeky shits


Wait a second.

Tonpa has been taking the hunter exam for 36 years.
And Ging is 34(or so says HxH wikia which I trust to be informed) and took the hunter exam at about 12.
WHICH MEANS. Tonpa knows Ging! He met father and son!!

I mean damn Gon should have just gone to Tonpa to know more about his father: I bet in the process of trying to crush newcomers the man learn a lot about them.

And not only Ging!
Thinking about it, Tonpa knows 35 freaking generations of Hunters! He’s like, a walking bag of infos!

Kite, Shalnark, and probably many of the people who even examined him later on! He took the exams along with them!

Can you imagine Tonpa trying to have Ging or Menchi or Shalnark dropping out of the exam?
Can you imagine him actually succeeding with people like Menchi, who’s freaking impulsive and was probably very bratty when she started as well, so much that she could fall for idiotic traps just because she understimated his plotting skills?
And then having those same people examining him but, like, now they are stronger and look freaking dangerous and he better get away from those kitchen knives of hers because she still holds a grudge for being tricked.
Bet she fell for something like the drugged can. She was too eager of tasting something new.

Idk guys this is just too funny.


…the world cracked open.