Guys…this is it!!!

Took me a month to finish it, not counting past six months of doing my “first try”. But…hard work pays off, and I see it myself. Well, hope you’ll enjoy it!😊

When Jungkook is not even fluent in english but he takes time and effort to make us covers so that International ARMYs feel included for once … And it is not Rapmon who featured in the song this time it is JIMIN. The same Jimin who stayed glued to Namjoon the whole time in the US because he was so scared. I am sure they kept trying a thousand times with the weight of all the insecurities they felt. I mean they released a song that the whole world gonna listen to, knowing that more english speakers joined the fandom after the BBMAs. 
How to not be proud? How to not get inspired by them? How to not feel more confident to go against your weaknesses for once when you follow BTS? I stan the right group. 

if the sm privilege is real then it wouldn’t take nct 127 nearly a year to snag their first win. nct and nctzens literally worked their asses off just so we could see this day finally happen. smh at all the hate nct’s been getting for their hard work