Whenever I see Juuzou in RE I’m always thinking about how different he is and how much he’s changed. He’s still childish, but he’s no longer the creepy little psychopath he once was. He’s matured so much, he even leads his own team! Seeing him makes me so proud of how far he’s come <3

But can you guys imagine if Shinohara just one day woke up from his coma, and met Juuzou as he is now? If you think I’m proud, then imagine how Shinohara would feel.

Gods this is giving me so many feels.


The person who was gonna come to NA with me tonight bailed and I had a total freak out and started beating myself up for not wanting to go alone because I was so scared. KEPT BEATING MYSELF UP TILL I WAS ON THAT TRAIN AND MADE IT TO THE FUCKING MEETING!!! It’s my new home group, met a bunch of awesome people and we went out to a diner after the meeting was over. I found my home amongst others who struggle just like me one day at a time. I’m so fucking happy and proud of myself holy shit!!!!!!!!!


My little babies at Death by Chocolate :)


He killed it.