so pricey and delicious


*Pats self on back and pins a red ribbon on shirt*

You guys. You guys I hosted a dinner party this evening! I know, right? How fancy. (Editor’s note: it wasn’t fancy at all.) I have a tiny, tiny dining room nook, which I finally put to good use tonight by hosting dinner for two of my favourites.

Fun facts:

  • Having people over is excellent incentive to clean your home. I scrubbed, and swiffered, and mopped, and cleaned the place before their arrival - and now as I type this, I have no house chores to do, because ta-da!
  • Hosting isn’t that much fun. Why? so much pressure. I just wanted to sit, drink wine and gossip, but alas - I had to cook up a storm in the kitchen.
  • I made a spinach, chicken salad tonight, complete with potatoes (and Angela brought the yummy quinoa salad, and Court the dessert & wine).  BTW, these were the first potatoes I’ve ever cooked (I know, I know.), but they were so easy, and delicious. 
  • Umm. So. Cheese? PRICEY. Like, whoa, pricey. I feel like I need to write my mom a cheque for $100 for all the cheese I’ve mindlessly consumed in her house. Cheese needs to be taken seriously. Take a seat. Cut a slice. Add a cracker. Pour a glass of wine. Savour it. Hmmm fromage.
  • I don’t have a dishwasher. Know that. Remember that. UGH.
  • After our bellies were full we ventured to a bar on Bloor West to go watch a comedy/improv show (my boss was in it!), and then went and got coffee (because we’re old now). I blame the coffee for the fact that it’s nearly 1am and I feel wide awake as I type this. (Poor life decision on my part.)
  • Over coffee I confessed life lately has been so hectic I believe that that thing called “anxiety” may be kicking in.  I had actually already spoken to my mom about it earlier this week, and she told me I was too hard on myself - but that little detail has always been what’s pushed me forwards, pushed me to the next chapter of my life. It’s made me a better person, made me achieve more. But… but my constant “you need to be doing this. or that. or this. stop being so lazy” mentality is taking a toll on me. So… yea. There’s that. I think this next chapter of my life will be all about balance. The balance of pushing myself (at work, running, life), while still living in the moment and accepting things, and not constantly feeling like I’m failing. So yup. This was a random fact in a dinner-party post, but bamn, that’s the truth.
  • Anywho. I’m looking forward to tomorrow - Sunday - where I simply have lunch plans with friends, and then coffee with another friend. Easy peasy lemon queasy. Gonna be a good Sunday.  I got this.
  • Ps. I hosted a dinner party! Hoorah! I’m so proud of this.