so pretty ow


its really hard to draw when there are so many goddamn games to play, i am so sorry lol…trying to get some semblance of consistency back ahaha trying ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

i love the character designs in this game…also everyone is unnecessarily beautiful??

Nothing Away
  • Series: Overwatch
  • Pairing: Boombox (Junkrat x  Lúcio)
  • Chapters: 10/10
  • Words: 10.835
  • Subject: sligthly alternated universe in which a fanboy Junkrat fucks everything up.
  • Check it also on AO3

@scarecroweyes wanted me to publish this so here it is :) 
It’s a ten-chapters-long fic that will probably either make you squeal or cringe or both so be prepared. Last warning, I like streams of thoughs.

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I was playing roadhog in a quickplay match (sidenote: I’m a terrible tank) and I accidentally used my ult when in the spawn room after respawning, and a zenyatta happened to be there, so I wrote

“pls don’t judge me zen”
to which he replied: 

“don’t worry, I hear it happens to a lot of guys”

Happy Birthday Hidan!