so pretty ow


after what even said in today’s clip, about going to the kosegroup meeting to meet isak, i went back to the first episode and realized that the person talking to even in that first scene he’s on is actually vilde. who then goes talk to the boys. so even watched their whole interaction and was probably like “fuck there’s a chance this cute boy will be in this kosething i’ve got to go.”

(and isak only went to the meeting because of sana, so we pretty much owe everything to her.)

Happy Birthday Hidan!

hi, new studyblr here! ^_^
started my first weekly spread this past Monday (currently on winter break so there’s not a lot) but hopefully this style will get me more motivated to study and get better grades! 

not the most artistic/creative person so i owe pretty much everything on this page to tumblr LOL