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inktober day 7: castiel + sunflowers. 🌻✨

(inspired by the beautiful flower arrangement i received as a birthday gift from @whelvenwings and @thebloggerbloggerfun 💕)

I will stand by The Final Problem as a really good episode. Though after having time to think back on it, no, it’s not as great as I thought it was. I do, however, think the fandom reaction to it has gone past ‘a bit much‘ and well into insane.

And you know what, I get it to an extent. But we’ve gone way past that extent by now. A lot of the things people complain about are pretty minor. Some aren’t, for sure. Sherlock playing the violin with someone who basically murdered his best friend was… odd. Teasing Moriarty like that eased felt low, and there were much more screw ups in this one episode than the rest of the show combined (particularly the chain thing). It’s also the perfect example of why TV shows should only move forward. Because this episode has raised more questions than it answered. But not about what’s to come, but what about what already happened. So the other episodes are now cast in a shadow they can’t avoid until future episodes shed light on it.

With that being said: still not a bad episode. Like I said, most of the ‘huge problems’ fans can’t shut up about are pretty small. Plus, you guys need to learn the difference between ‘plot hole’ and ‘plot convenience’. And compared to Moffat’s last attempt at a finale, this is freaking gold. The stuff that’s good in this episode is on par with some of Sherlock’s best episodes.

Euros is the best villain since Moriarty. She’s smarter than Sherlock, colder, she can manipulate him, and the history they share is interesting in theory. I know the whole ‘Euros is jigsaw‘ thing is meant to be a joke, but honestly, this is the best Saw movie ever. Mainly because it focuses on emotional and psychological torture, not just non stop gore. And the emotions in this episode hit the mark every time. I got chills when Sherlock smashed the coffin.

But most importantly: it. fucking. tried.

If Mark and Steven fail here, they do so attempting to make an honestly good finale to a show that by now has god like expectations. They tried to tell a smart, compelling story that took it’s characters to new places and leave the stage set for other stories to come. Did it fail? Maybe. Maybe not.

But this is still the same two writers who wanted to add a modern spin to stories they loved back in 2010. This is the same group of actors who could not be better for their parts. This is the same film and editing crew putting their all into every shot. This is the same group of people who want to make Sherlock fanfiction to the highest budget and quality they can. You can tell in the final scene that all anyone wanted was to tell a good Sherlock Holmes story. They never wanted to stab the fandom in the back.

Fail or not, to quote another Moffat story: Better to fail in doing the right thing than succeed in doing the wrong.

So… I’ve never been the type to ship characters whom I have not seen interact. Pretty much all my ships stem from chemistry between actors rather than hypothetical combinations of traits. So I was surprised to find out that sea mechanic had been a thing for a while when I started shipping it in 4x04. But now, I can totally see why.

Raven is quite possibly the most embattled character on the show. Like, we all know about #leaveravenalone. She is determined and proud and has kept fighting despite everything, but we’ve seen it taking its toll. We all want Raven to catch a break and find some rest and comfort. And Luna really is the perfect person to provide that. She comes from a very violent background and has had to come to terms with many losses and things she has done. She found peace and made a haven for others looking for peace. She took in people who were done fighting. And while Raven is not the kind to give up and stop fighting completely, Luna could totally help her learn to find some peace within herself even with the world constantly shitting on her. Plus she understands the fighting mentality but has this strong calming presence.

This was illustrated so perfectly in the scene where Luna drags Raven out of the fight and holds her and helps her calm down. I was amazed by how intuitive she was about Raven’s needs and how to get through to her. But now, looking back, I can completely see how the shippers would have predicted this. Like, the chemistry is there too, holy shit, but in terms of who would be good for Raven I can totally see the appeal just from Luna being who she is.

So this latecomer is saying holla and you all who shipped this since before season 4 are fucking brilliant.

And I am still not over all that touching… Raven has suffered so much and deserves that kind of loving affection.

keepfaithbaby  asked:

Realistically, Renesmee should have been born mute. Or maybe she could have been autistic? Let's see how would have The Cullens treated her if she wasn't their perfect little daughter they always put on pedestal.

[Hopefully it’s okay that I combined these answers into one! They were dealing with similar ideas, so I went ahead and talked about them together.]

On the one hand, I’m pretty uncomfortable with the literary theme of a family having a child with a disability and learning moral lessons as a result. I’m glad SM didn’t go there. On the other, because so much emphasis is placed upon vampires being scientific in Twilight, I initially thought Bella’s undeniably horrific pregnancy should have had scientific repercussions. 

Contemporary research suggests that maternal diet during pregnancy– and, more specifically, starving during pregnancy– can have a negative impact on the child’s cardiovascular health, tendency to get diabetes, propensity towards obesity, and even their mental health. And, because these effects are epigenetic and stem from mutations in the child’s genetic code, they are heritable by future generations. (Jacob and Nessie’s hypothetical twins might not do so well in the genetic lottery, in other words.)

Obviously, if SM applied this principle, Renesmee would be at a significant disadvantage. You don’t want cardiovascular issues if you’re growing quickly and reliant upon a rapidly-beating heart. Perhaps unsurprisingly, though, SM went the “Nessie is perfect” route. 

Ultimately, I don’t think “scientific vampires” have much to do with SM’s world-building. I doubt she ever brainstormed their properties or how they differed from the traditional, magical vampire on anything but a superficial level. Rather, a key theme in Twilight is contempt towards humanity*. In more “supernatural” universes, vampires have spiritual/magical limitations– crosses, holy water, garlic, etc.– and humans have value beyond their physical abilities, by having a soul for instance. By getting rid of that, SM made Bella’s choice a lot easier. Bella was becoming a superhero, not sacrificing something significant. 

[*Although the theme of The Host seems to be ‘yay humanity!’, so I feel like SM grew as an author or got a better handle on the implications of her writing before publishing it.]


Ended up spending 45 minutes on the makeup again, but damn did it turn out good!! 💖💕💖💕 Received my new eye shadow kit yesterday, so finally got a pallet to work from. Also, liquid eyeliner! I went with the Nyx super thin, and it works like a charm ~
Over to my outfit, a flannel works just fine as an over skirt when you don’t rly have that much to combine from, right? RIGHT?! 😁 I think it looks pretty cute regardless. Pretty casual, but nice. 😊

thatonechicklet  asked:

Can you pretty please do one about: Long, slow kisses, fingers woven through hair, and hearts beating in unison? ❤ your writing is just, perfection. I'd buy all your books if you ever plan to publish a novel xD

aw thankyou so much! ;o; I assume you wanted nalu for this prompt :D

lazy couch makeouts bc why not B) 

The pillows gave way as the combined weight of two bodies settled on them, elbows, hands, knees and the heels of feet all leaving their imprints as they scrambled for a comfortable position.

A shopping bag lay discarded on the ground beside them; a few of the contents had fallen out and rolled across the ground. Lucy laughed as Natsu accidentally squished a brokkoli with his foot as he placed it on the ground. He kicked it away, refocusing on dragging his body across Lucy’s until he had determined the perfect position for his endeavours.

Lucy grinned up at him, blinking her long lashes in a way she always did when she had very clear wishes as to where a particular cuddle session was heading. He sure wasn’t complaining.

After all, they’d no doubt both had the same thing in mind as they’d dashed for the couch.

Tangling her hands in his unruly hair, Lucy carefully scraped her nails along his scalp until he hummed appreciatively, his eyes drooping. She bit her lip to hold back a victorious grin, moving her fingers to the nape of his neck. Wholly shivers travelled through his chest and along his spine at her soft touches.

Lazily, he let his head drop downwards until his forehead connected with hers.

He felt the light tug as she pulled him down, but kept his eyes closed.

Her lips were warm and soft as they connected with his. Natsu let himself melt into the kiss, moving his lips against hers as his body sparked in a familiar way. A slow, gradual burn, like embers at the end of a long summer night that burned comfortably, perfectly content with their place in the world.

Lucy smiled against him and, cheeky as she was, bit his lower lip before soothing the spot with her tongue. Natsu pressed his body closer against hers, his hands traveling along her sides as he moved them upwards, over her shoulders and neck, until they reached her long, unbound hair.

He felt her heartbeat in the close proximity, drawing near to his own, relaxed but with a little underlying rhythm that bounced excitedly.

His hands wove through strands of her golden hair until they finally settled securely around her head, gently tilting it.

It was so easy to forget time like this, in their own private couch universe.

When they finally pulled back, whether after only one minute or a multitude, they remained close, feeling each other’s breath tickle their lips as they caught their breath.

Natsu opened his eyes at last, enjoying the sight of her in this post-kissed state he loved so much: the glazed eyes and flushed cheeks, the moist, swollen lips and the way her skin glowed. 

The steady fire in his chest sparked, and he found himself entirely content.

But from the look he caught in Lucy’s eyes now, he figured they weren’t done yet. Well.

He sure wasn’t complaining.


Hey Taylor! That’s me with my mom in the first photo and then my mom showing her excitement of seeing you on tour soon in the other. I’m seeing you THIRTEEN times on this tour, and my mom is coming to most of them with me! We’re driving to most of the cities we’re seeing you in, which means lots of jamming time to 1989! We live in Orlando and we’re driving to New York City (for the Metlife shows), Washington DC, Nashville, Greensboro and Atlanta! We’re also going to the shows in Los Angeles but the drive is a bit far so we’re flying! And I’m also going to Tampa for your show on Halloween with some friends from work!

My mom and I love traveling and she’s my Taylor concert buddy, so it’s pretty perfect we’re combining them! She thought I was crazy at first for going to 13 shows but I’ve been a fan of you for the past 6 years and you’re pretty much all I talk about, so she’s understanding about it now! My mom knows how much I love you and when you followed me we BOTH cried. Saving for all of this has not been easy, and I have put in hundreds of hours at work to be able to do this, but it’s been my mission for a long time to see you in the “special” cities that always get special things (and let’s be honest, Orlando will never be one of those!) so I’m making it happen this tour!

July 10th at Metlife Stadium is our first show on the 1989 Tour and every time I think of it I want to cry tears of happiness. LESS THAN ONE MONTH!!! See you soon!!!



Hey! Okay okay so I might have gone a little crazy with this whole gemsona thing and I know the week is pretty much over, but I really wanted to try designing what Iolite and Beryl (Nikki’s gem) would look like fused. So in the end I came up with two designs that I really loved. 

Ametrine is a fusion of Iolite and Beryl. She combines the strict, traditionalist nature of Beryl with the swift, precise personality of Iolite. Together they form a perfect mixture of strength and flexibility. Their weapon is two bladed war fans that can shoot small throwing knives or form into a spear. Ametrine is not a fusion to be messed with. 

Major thanks to Nikki for her input in the design and coming up with the awesome name! ^^