so pretty much the perfect combination

Here’s a silly one. Rank Katie’s roles in terms of hawtness (@rtracker).

Alrighty. This killed me, because personally, I would just choose them all. Can’t I just have them all??? It was almost as difficult as having to decide which character I would date (a high point in my life), so thanks for that! But first I had to consider my criteria for Maximum Hawtness™. It was necessary. I mean we all know Katie is gorgeous and hot af no matter what. So instead I had to consider things beyond Katie’s perfect face.

Sooo personal style, attitude, the way she carries herself, innocence vs. …naughtiness? Sauciness? Can that be a thing? Sure! Oh, and chemistry and interactions with other characters. That’s a big one. Leaving out the usual characters. So here is my list.

1. Kate Foster (But of course!)

Pretty sure a lot of you have seen me freak out about Kate. When it comes to judging hawtness, I am all for the sharp and pointy. When did the question of wanting fries cause anyone to become uncomfortably aroused?? When Kate Foster asked the question, that’s when! Kate is smooth, seductive and she spends pretty much her entire date with Erica looking like she is ready to rip her clothes of with her teeth. …Yeah that’s pretty hot. Bonus points for the lingering touches and the sex hair the morning after. #shooketh

2. Lena Luthor

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The perfect combination of sharp and pointy and soft and squishy. There is definitely something about her that has drawn so many in. The heart-eyes, the perfect buns, the eyebrows, the lip-bite, the red lipstick… Then there is the fact that she dresses like she’s on her way to view the next big line during fashion week (That Magenta Coat™ tho). Speaking of the lip biting, heart-eyes, and eyebrows, is it me or is Lena more flirty than pretty much all of Katie’s characters combined? Throw all of that on top of the fact that she is an angel and classy af and you can just consider me deceased.

Pssst. If you are for any reason interested in more of Katie being hot and/or my somewhat warranted opinion/endless thirst, keep reading! Ok let’s move on.

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Patater Week Day 3

This is laaaaaate.  But it’s also like hella long so I feel like it’s justified.

Day 3: Fake Dating/Secret Relationship

“Kenneth, have you found a nice young man yet?”  Kent’s Grandmother squinted at the camera on his mom’s ipad.  “You know the Priest at church has a nephew and he’s quite good looking.  He’s a Kindergarten teacher, and I think you would just love him.  He even likes your hockey!  He teaches a team for children at the rec center on weekends.  I see him there when I have my water aerobics.”  She nodded.

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dirkjohn is a really good ship for as much as it is incredibly flawed. like im so curious to see how someone could make it work fic wise between the two of them and keep them completely in character. Like, their self-hatred is so prominent in how they act throughout their “arcs” it’s……… worrying…
like you think for one second these two would actually be good friends without it becoming…… genuinely antagonistic? at one point?? it could lead to be a positive influence too, which is the Content i usually find, but

dirk’s tendency to push his friends to become better people would likely strike a chord in john much like throwing a brick in someone’s face would. like dirk i think pretty quickly realizes what’s up with john and his repressed (and many) issues, which…. who doesn’t get pissed off when some dude calls you out in a (bad) attempt at reaching out to who he cares for.

and i think john would… kind of hate dirk? not because i think he hates what dirk is (and i mean gay here. im pretty obviously trying to convey that john is gay and that he doesn’t know how to deal with it in a good way), not really? but more about what he represents in regards to dave? if that makes sense.
john has been shown projecting his self hatred onto other people before (to be fair, it was a charcter in a movie, but still) and i think that… COMBINING how high he holds his friends because they’re “so much more capable and perfect than him” (i could go on length that because he doesnt really understand what it means to be gay, or ‘why’ dave is gay, it makes john hate himself even more for “turning dave gay”) WITH how he’d relate to dirk, who happens to be, yknow, very openly and obviously gay??
idk there’s a lot of ways that could lead to an ass-backwards self-hatred in the shape of like… spiting dirk for being what he “can’t be” (with his toxic ideals) and what he used to think was unthinkable… being normalized?

wow this ramble is all over the place but anyways. im curious to see how that could go down, and how they’d deal with it? 

First OC I’ve made in a long while, This guy is Asaii Beckett, he’s an owl Animagus from my friends homebrew Tabletop game. 

He’s pretty much what you’d get if you combined Tulio and Miguel and the best friend from A Knight’s Tale that I can’t remember his name right now. 

He’s “Yes And” or “Role With It™” and “Make it Worse™” the character. It’s so great. We convinced someone that we were a famous Acolyte and their guard all while escaping prison. It was perfect. 

TOP5 Sexiest PRODUCE101 Trainees – #2

Sex appeal is something that doesn’t come with good looks, a nice personality or incredible skills. Even if you’re not good looking, you can still be sexy. Even if your character sucks, you can still be sexy. Even if you are a useless piece of shit, you can still be sexy. But you know what – it is even sexier if someone combines all of the good features, and outshines everyone as the perfect sex god.

After already mentioning three exceptionally seductive trainees of Produce 101 Season 2, it is time to show you the man who almost hit first place – almost.

#2 – KIM JONG HYEON // 김종현

A smile that melts your heart, and a look in his eyes that burns your panties – that pretty much describes NU’EST’s Jonghyun aka JR perfectly. But it’s not only his fantastic facial expression that makes him so unbelievably sexy.

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Within the shortest amount of time, almost every trainee of Produce 101 Season 2 realized that this sexy fella represents the perfect leader. And let’s be honest – what’s hotter than a guy who is in charge of a huge group of super handsome boys, right?

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His amazing personality is without a doubt one of his sexiest features. He cares more than anyone for others, which he even shows during live performances. Jonghyun usually performs in the background, and – although his rap skills are absolutely dope – he isn’t greedy when it comes to main rap parts. So tell me – how can you not fall in love with such an amazing guy?

Anyway, being sweet and nice doesn’t give you automatically sex appeal, right? What makes Jonghyun so impossibly hot is his husky voice. While hearing him talking, you might think his voice is rather nasal. But damn… as soon as he starts rapping, the sound changes drastically. Suddenly, the perfect charming boy next door turns into a sultry creature that makes your hormones go crazy.

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Additionally, Produce 101′s unofficial leader has a smile that shines so bright, I’m afraid to lose my eyesight every time I see his perfect teeth framed by those gorgeous lips.

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Speaking of lips… I believe that Jonghyun must be NU’EST’s best kisser. If you’ve seen their Hello music video, you should know what I’m talking about. I am not sure if that lucky bitch who got kissed by Jonghyun so passionately is still alive after filming this scene. I would have definitely died from a heart attack.

Jonghyun’s mature image, his amazing leadership skills, his husky rap voice, his selfless behavior and his burning hot expression make him without any doubt to Pledis’ number one sex god.

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It doesn’t matter if he shows his sexiness through his performances as a member of NU’EST, a participant of Produce 101 or a trainee of Pledis Entertainment Jonghyun makes my blood boil every single time he appears on screen.

Although all the other members of NU’EST are hot as fucking hell, (– that’s why I’ve put three of them on this list –) Jonghyun outshines everyone with his seductive presence. 

Oh, and don’t worry if you sweat like crazy, JR. We actually love it. It makes you even hotter – much hotter. I would even say you could earn a fortune by selling bottles of your sweat. I’d buy it.

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Naruto Canon Couples Foreshadowing

So many people post about why they think certain pairings “make no sense,” “never had development,” or why their ship is “the only couple that makes sense in the whole series”. So I decided to talk about how there isn’t only just one super special magic couple that “makes sense” in the entire Naruto series solely because you like it better than the others, and that most of the canon couples have some sort of development or moment at some point :)

I’m also just limiting this post to canon so it doesn’t get too long and out of hand! I may do a non-canon post later for fun, who knows! :)

As always, my pretty disclaimer: I am pro-Sakura. You will not find me bashing Sakura on here at all. (I wish I didn’t even have to say that… Jeez.) Oh, and same with Hinata. I won’t be spending time bashing her either. I like to keep things civil :)

And I promise I am not saying “this is why you should like and ship them so there”. That isn’t it at all!! You have the right to ship whoever you want!! (Trust me, kakasaku I also have kakasaku crack ships kakasaku that I enjoy kakasaku.)

I am just trying to express that Kishi didn’t just throw people together by drawing their names randomly from a hat.

Anyway, I won’t get into much detail, I just want to provide at least one example for most of the cannon couples on why there was, indeed, some sort of moment or hint that they might end up together and that it wasn’t “totally unexpected”.

First off, Sasusaku:

I hate when people claim that Sakura and Sasuke have “no development”. Just because you do not want to acknowledge the development does not mean it never happened. Some people try to make it sound like Sakura and Sasuke never ever freaking met each other until the last chapter. Since it’d take way too much time to go over and explain everything related to Sasuke and Sakura’s development because there is a ton of it, I’ll just hit a major point or two.

If you want to discount any interactions between Sasuke and Sakura between the beginning of the series until the chunin exams, I’m okay with that. A lot of people don’t care about it (not me personally though). But the moment Sasuke received that curse mark, Sasuke and Sakura’s relationship took a much more serious turn. In fact, many people began shipping them around that time. Even the data books state that it was Sakura’s heart that helped Sasuke keep his curse mark from controlling him (ya know, in case you couldn’t already tell that from reading and watching it all unfold in the forest of death).

I also chose this moment as an example because after this point, it’s quite hard to argue that Sakura just had superficial feelings for Sasuke. She had seen the darkness taking control of him, and wanted to be at his side and help him stop it from ruining him. She didn’t want to run away because it was too much drama for her or just his problem. She saw how much he suffered, and she wanted nothing more but to help him.

Okay, I could go on forever about that moment, since it’s one of my favorites, but my point is that moment alone should show that there was SOME development. This is when Sakura’s love became completely selfless, in my opinion, as well. It was a really big moment, not only in personal character development, but in the relationship between the two as well. It was one of the reasons, I’m sure, that Sasuke thanked Sakura before he left the village (the first time). I won’t go into that moment, however, because it’s pretty self explanatory (although people to love to argue about it).

Honestly I could make a huge blog post just dedicated to the development of SasuSaku alone (which, hell, I may just end up doing later), so I will just move on before I start. Point was to give you a moment of development.

I really want to bring up the Sakura bringing Sasuke back to the right dimension thing right now too, but that will have a lot of explaining to it as well because of some of the ridiculous arguments around that… SAVE IT FOR ANOTHER BLOG POST MEGAN AND MOVE ON ALREADY.

Now for NaruHina:

I know, I know. It’s not everyone’s favorite couple. I think the reason for that is a good chunk of the NaruSaku fans are bitter (I’m not saying you don’t have a right to be, I’m just saying it’s a reason why).

But it was foreshadowed. I could even tell that while reading the chunin exam chapters as a kid.

It wasn’t all about Hinata’s growth as a character in the exams. It was about how her respect and love for Naruto helped get her there. (I won’t lie though, I do not enjoy that so much of her character was based on Naruto. I feel like Kishi should have given her more of a chance to stand up for herself because of something other than her love for Naruto. I mean, women can do things without men around ya know!)

It also showed that Naruto started to notice her as a person, rather than the weird girl who gets shy around him.

Hinata was also shown to be the only girl who liked Naruto for himself as children. She wasn’t a Sasuke fangirl like the majority of the girls. That was a big part of why she ended up with him (and yes, I know Sakura and Naruto became close, but that isn’t what we are arguing about right now. Plus, as I mentioned in another post, I see Naruto and Sakura’s development as platonic.)

And then Kishi even had the whole war scene. But I won’t get into that, because it’s a bit self explanatory and I don’t feel the need to get into it.


Honestly, I don’t think I need to defend them. Their fanbase never really argues about what development they did or didn’t have (that I have seen at least). The little drama about the pairing is always so pleasant. (Well, until someone says “They are the only pairing that ever had development!” and start a fight. Hence why I am blogging this.)

ShikaTema’s development (for me) began when she helped him against the sound ninja (one of my favorite moments, by the way). I know people can use the chunin exams as an example of development, which is a-okay, but I personally didn’t feel it there (but again, that is JUST ME).

Also, remember when Shikamaru’s dad told him that No matter how strong-minded a woman is, she will show kindness to the man she loves” That description TOTALLY describes Temari. Super foreshadowing!! :) That cute smile she gave him after she blew away that sound ninja, that did it for me. Loved it so much. Then Temari snapped right back and became the strong/blunt woman she is once again when she had to help snap Shikamaru back into his senses when he became irate at himself about letting Choji almost die.

Oh, and please let me add this too, because it made me happy as well:


As for SaiIno, they didn’t really have development, per say, in the manga besides a few small hints (Ino stating she thought Sai was cute, and including Sai in her dream during the war where he fought Sasuke over her).

Plus there was this cute little bit from one of Kishi’s side chapters:

But with this couple, I feel like Kishi put them together because, well, it just made sense.

What I mean is that, to me, it makes sense because Sai is able to take Ino’s last name, so the new InoShikaCho formation could exist (well, by name anyway). Plus Sai feels more like he belongs to a family now I’m sure, considering he was just known by one name, which wasn’t even his birth name to begin with (I hate Danzo so much I really really do). Plus, Sai seems pretty happy, and I love seeing Sai happy :) (Plus, Ino’s sassiness with Sai’s bluntness! Perfect combination!) However I will agree there was barely any development for SaiIno.

… And honestly, I have nothing for Choji and his wife. No one really does. That was pretty random. I like it though. Chocho is freaking adorable with all that sass.

Okay so this is getting too long, so I’ll stop here for now. I guess I just wanted to point out some solid “there was development” moments.

Hope I didn’t bore ya! Thank you for reading :) I really appreciate it!

Amazon’s description of TGT s2 is perfect...

“Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May return for a new season of the world’s greatest show about three middle-aged men rampaging around the world having unusual adventures, driving amazing cars, and engaging in a constant argument about which of them is the biggest idiot. Although it’s also the only show that combines these things so the ‘greatest’ title is pretty much uncontested.”


Top Twelve Favorite Uranium Pokemon

After I posted my review of Uranium, I felt bad because I don’t think I highlighted the good fakemon enough and spent a lot of time discussing the bad ones. So I wanted to show off some of the coolest ones I ran across in the game. This favorites list is based on the design and concept of the pokemon and not necessarily their stats or abilities.

Apologies for a few of these pics looking a bit janky and weird, I need to still evolve/catch those in my save game before taking proper screencaps.

1.) Linkite

Pretty sure this is my favorite fakemon of the whole game. It has simple, striking imagery. It’s clearly a ghost-type based on the Substitute doll; the idea behind it is that it is the spirit of a pokemon that died while in its pokeball. It’s a dark idea without going too overboard, and it’s quite creepy and disturbing and just darn clever. Wanted to use in my playthrough but stats are super-bad and only way it can evolve is via trading, which I couldn’t do with my copy of the game at the time.

2.) Metalynx

While I do not care for the look of the Water and Fire starters, nor do I think much of Metalynx’s pre-evolution, I feel Metalynx itself is an excellent design. It’s unqiue and creative, and looks quite badass, and it served me well in my playthrough. I have noted elsewhere I think the floral pattern on his back looks a bit out-of-place and silly (I assume it was an attempt to tie in the whole ‘he’s a grass type, really!’ thing) but that’s my only little nitpick. The Mega form is quite nice too. 

3.) Nucleon

The pokemon itself is very overpowered with its ability (Atomizate, like Pixelate but with Nuclear typing) + Hyper Voice, especially with a choice scarf, so it can actually be pretty boring to use. I’m also a bit miffed I didn’t teach my Eevee Shadow Ball before it evolved into Nucleon, because in terms of non-Normal/Nuclear Special moves, Shadow Ball really is the best. But Nucleon can’t learn it, only Eevee can. I had to stick with flippin’ Hidden Power. 

Anyway! Point is, the design is very beautiful. 

4.) Gargryph

l really love the concept behind this poke. When you visit the town you get one from, there are these statues all over the place and only later do you discover they’re alive. They’re obviously based on gargoyles, (or a ‘grotesque’ if you wanna be pedantic) specifically one that looks like a griffin. It’s actually really surprising Pokemon has never had anything resembling a griffin before. That’s a shame, because they’re really cool mythical beasts. This pokemon has a cool Ability called Rebuild, which restores a little HP if it wasn’t hit by an attack that turn. It complements a walling-pokemon style very nicely, especially one with Protect that carries Leftovers to maximize that recovery. 

Unfortunately, this guy’s only good stat is its physical defense. Being a pure Rock type, it’s weak to so many special attacks it’s pretty damn difficult to use it effectively. But I still like the idea behind it as a walling/support poke, even if I could never get it to work. The sprite looks surprisingly really nice, too! One of the best in the game.

5.) Navighast

This is a Ghost/Fighting type, based on undead/cursed pirates. My first impression (its pre-evos are Swabone and Skelerogue) was that it looked too similar to Cubone/Marowak. And there are indeed strong similarities. But as it evolves it becomes more and more unique from that, and the idea behind it is different and really cool. The game features a rivalry between sea-faring ninjas and pirates, so some of the pokemon reflect that theme, this being the pirate-side of things. And who couldn’t love a pirate-themed pokemon? Besides, the typing combo is admittedly very fun.

6.) Firoke

This game has three lines of bug types that are closely related and become entwined in a truly awesome subplot. Obviously you can guess this is right up my alley– that subplot was my favorite part of the game. Of the three elemental bug lines, I would say Smore/Firoke ended up with the best design. It’s also quite exciting to have a Fire/Bug type (only one of those in real pokemon), and a red ant is perfect for that. Its sprite is also the least weird-looking of the bugs and actually quite decent.

7.) Stenowatt

It be an electric raptor. What more do I need to say? :P I love the color combination and the design. Also feathered dinos make me happy.

8.) Empirilla

This game includes some fan-made evolutions of real pokemon. This ‘lil fellah is actually pretty neat, and prob. my favorite of the evolutions from real pokes. I never much liked Primeape, and Empirilla looks way neater to me, so it’s an improvement in my mind. It also relates back to the original designs well.

9.) Baaschaf

This black sheep is perhaps understated in its strength, as the design is nothing extreme or dramatic. Rather, it’s just a very solid design. It fits into the pokemon universe well, and differentiates itself just fine from Mareep’s line. 

10.) Raffiti

So, yes, this is absolutely a Smeargle clone. But that’s OK because it’s BETTER than Smeargle’s design, which I never liked, haha. Also its stats are better than Smeargle’s, too. Plus it’s pure Dark type! That’s pretty neat.

11.) Geigeroach

Obviously my bug bias is clear here. But, c’mon. Nuclear cockroach. I would have been gravely disappointed if such a thing wasn’t included in the game. I should point out the thing is nigh impossible to actually use in battle; dual Something/Nuclear types always carry a buttload of x2 and x4 weaknesses, due to the nature of Nuclear typing, and if you combine that with a type that already has a lot of weaknesses, it’s only making it worse. Its stats are also poopy. So, yeah, you ain’t using this guy. But DANG DUDE the design is cool.

12.) Lavent

The stats are underwhelming, but I appreciate that this one’s based off geothermal vents and giant tube worms. An area that was just begging for a pokemon, honestly!

Honorable Mentions:

These are pokemon you can receive as eggs, either from an NPC or from the local Pokemon Professor for dex progress. I’m only placing them as HMs because I didn’t know about them until post-game, but they really are among the coolest designs.


This thing reminds me so much of an Ultra Beast. (I’m pretty sure these were designed well before Sun/Moon was a thing.) After all, Ultra Beasts look … super weird and not like typical pokemon at all. It’s really damn hard to define exactly what an Ultra Beast looks like. But that *point* that thing does. It also has a weird unexpected type combo the way a lot of Ultra Beasts do– this one is Grass/Electric. 

Luxelong & Oblivicorn

The Dragon/Fairy Luxelong and the Fairy unicorn line that can lead to the Normal Kiricorn or the Dark Oblivicorn are both damn cool, and it’s kind of a shame I didn’t know about them until it was too late. I guess it’s motivation for the post-game, if I get around to it!

chapelseed  asked:

What if Eri mixes some of the costume bits (under Auntie Mina's discretion) on class couples?


Eri coming to her sparring session with Ojiro while in his costume, only this time with the addition of Hagakure’s boots and gloves. The thoughts this image conjures up has him blushing to the tip of his tail. Hagakure herself is unusually still when she sees it herself, her bubbly jumping nowhere to be found.

Kyouka keeps hitting sour notes during her music lessons with Eri because the fact that the little girl is wearing her boots with Kaminari’s jacket, along with her chocker and his headgear keeps distracting her. Kaminari sees the little girl out of the corner of his eye and mutter that Kyouka would actually look pretty cool in his jacket, blushing to the tips of his ears when he realizes what he just said.

It takes a little while for Todoroki to notice that Eri is wearing Momo’s boots and book shelf along with his belt and jacket, and once he does notice he can’t stop noticing. Momo notices right away and can’t meet Shouto’s gaze for the rest of the day.

And of course, Ochako’s helmet, bracelets, and belt, together with Izuku’s big red shoes,  green unitard and hood make for an absolutely captivating mixture, so much that the two teenagers could only gape and stare at this perfect little combination of their costume worn by their daughterthis precious little girl.

They all stomp up to Mina with rage in their eyes, though whatever intimidating effect it may have had is mired by the massive blooms of red covering their faces. They all ask if Mina has anything to say for herself.

Mina just smiles, ”Okay, to be honest? I may have overstepped here, but, be honest with me,” She cracks a full blows Cheshire grin, “She looked really cute in those costume combos didn’t she?”

All involved, despite all their anger, can’t help but agree.

Define Freedom | 01

This is more like a prologue but I wanted to have it has the first part so..

Genre: College AU, Gang AU 

Word Count: 1228


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You thought you had everything figured out. 

For now you lived with your two brothers, Jungkook and Jin. 

Your brother Jin works from home, an author of one major book and soon to be another. Jungkook, on the other hand, is barely home. He’s an officer, detective if you will. The middle child protects the oldest and the youngest. When he’s not at work he’s most likely working on a case file from home. He’s constantly trying to be the father figure in your life, seeing as though your parents left you at the age of twelve, leaving your oldest brother with a teenage boy and a pre-teen girl.

Jin was only twenty when they left and hadn’t raised a child in his life. He was confused on how to raise two kids. He was constantly under a lot of stress to make you guys happy and to answer the questions you guys had as to why your parents suddenly got up, packed their things and left. 

He was still young and still had a year or two left of college. He still hadn’t lived his life yet, then got dropped with two kids. He was constantly asking questions too. Why did his parents leave him and his little siblings? 

So after seeing Jin struggling so much to raise him and his little sister, he decided to take action. When he graduated high school he went to college to become an officer. He graduated from that and few years later became the best detective around by the age 23. Now he’s 24 and barely does anything on his free time.  He sometimes jokes around with you but sometimes has that “fatherly” attitude with you, more than Jin who is a good 8 years older than you versus 3 years. 

Your brothers encouraged you through everything. Your first school dance, your first date (even though they were a little protective of that), during your troubles through high school due to stress. They even read through almost every website page there was about periods when you got yours. 

Overall, your brothers meant the world to you, and that’s why it scared you when you found yourself slowly going against one of them. 

There had been a few murders going around in your town. Jungkook being the detective of the case. He advised you to stay home when you weren’t at uni getting your education. You three live together, so if you had decided to not follow his orders he’d call Jin and find out immediately. 

“Will you ever stop being grouchy?” You mumbled into the phone as you walked out of your last class of the day. 

“I’m just looking out for you, Y/N.” Jungkook said as he sat at his desk at work. He rubbed his face, trying to rub away the fatigue that consumed him slowly. He just wanted to go home and sleep, but knowing there was a murderer, maybe even a group of them, still out in the town the two people he cared the most for lived in; he couldn’t stop until he found them. 

“Kookie, I’m 21 I can take care of myself.” You rolled your eyes as you dug into your bag trying to find your keys. You huffed as your bag slipped off your shoulder and through your fingers, causing most of the content in there to fall out. 

“I know how old you are Y/N. No matter how old you are I’m always going to look out for you.” He sighed. “Just please get home before dark. Please.” 

You were barely listening at this point, trying to get all your things together before other classes were dismissed and came out. But you did hear his little plea at the end, so you already knew what he was asking. “Yes. Yes I will be home shortly. I”ll just grab food for home and I’ll make something. Will you be home?” 

“No. I mean yes but not until late.” 

You huffed and stop picking up the pages and books. “You need a break.” 

“I’ll take a break when people aren’t being killed.” 

You were genuinely concerned for your brother. He only ever worked, which concerned you. You were scared for his health. Was he getting enough sleep? Was he eating enough? 

“When was the last time you went out with friends?” 

“I go out once in a while with co-workers after work for drinks.” He mumbled as he scrolled through his computer, only half listening to your questions. 

“Isn’t it illegal to drive with alcohol in your system?” You asked as you raised an eyebrow, slowly starting to pick your things up again.

“Y/N, I’m the cop here. I know what is and is not Illegal.” He rolled his eyes at his little sister’s banter.

“Well are you getting enough sleep? Eating enough?”

He stopped scrolling through the file he was going through to sit up straight anf furrow his eyebrows. “I’m the older one.” 

“Doesn’t mean I can’t worry.” It was now your turn to roll your eyes.

“And shouldn’t I be asking you these questions? I should be looking out for you not the other way around.” 

“No. We’re supposed to be looking out for each other.Even us with Jin even though he’s old.” 

He laughed at that and then sighed. “If it makes you feel better, after I finish going through this file, I’ll pack up and head home.” 

“Please.” You smiled. “I’ll make whatever you want.” 

He chuckled. “Make whatever you want. Have Jin cook for all I care. I’ll see you when I get home.”

“Okay. Love you.” 

“Love you too.” 

You sighed and locked your phone. You shoved it into your bag and finished picking up the rest of your stuff and stuffed it into your bag. You got back up and started to walk back to your car, your keys now in hand. 

You unlocked your car from afar and swirled the keys in your hand. The sun starting to set soon and you knew that even if you were home even a little after it was dark out, you wouldn’t hear the end of it. 


Your eyes widened at the outburst that disrupted the quiet. You turned around to see a blonde headed guy running towards you. He has on black jeans and a black shirt with black shoes, and to top it off a jean jacket with a bung of stitching. He had a backpack on his back so you figured he went to this university. He huffed as he made in in front of you. You took a step back at the close proximity but smiled up at him nonetheless. 

He smiled, a box smile how cute, back at you and lifted his hands up to show a good stack of papers in his hand. “You left these back there. They seem pretty important so I didn’t want to leave them there.” 

“Oh! Thank you so much!” You said a little too loudly which caused him to chuckle at your blush. 

“It’s no problem.” He smiled down at you. His skin look perfect and his hair was the perfect combination of neat and mess all in one. His eyes a nice brown and his lips.. just perfect. “Well what’s your name?”

“Y/N. You?”

“Taehyung. Kim Taehyung.” 


Ok so I was casually thinking about possible cosplay to do for pax east. And one of the options I’ve been thinking about doing was the colonel/warfstache at the ending of wkm.

I also remember how a majority of my time at pax was pretty much spent waiting in line for stuff like mark’s panel (I think I was in that line for over five hours haha ;-;)


aka me, cosplaying as Colonel Will not only WITH Damien’s cane, but just sadly sitting and staring at it for the whole five hours in l i n e


Ignoti Nulla Cupido (4/20).

Prompt: Nat came to you in order to keep her and Tony’s promise to keep you safe, but how would they react when they’ll learn about the secret you’ve been keeping since you left Bucky’s side?

Word Count: 971.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Warnings: None? Maybe some angst.

A/N: This part is from a third perspective narrator and focused on the other side of the story, Bucky.

Previous Part - Next Part.

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Staying hidden in Tony’s safe place was driving everybody crazy, nobody was allowed to go outside without a very good reason, and none of them were ever a good enough. It was comfy, it had everything the HQ had, but it was underground at some place around New York.

After the last incident, Tony and Steve decided that it would be safer for everyone to stay under the radar until they would figure out a way to defeat HYDRA or at least, this new crusade of them.

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Trick-or-treat yourself! Pick your favorite candy and we’ll recommend a YA book for you to read next!

Happy Halloween, book nerds! 

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that our favorite part of the spooky season is curling up with a thrilling horror story. BUT – we bet you didn’t know that a very close second is the serious amount of sweets available pretty much everywhere you go. And let us tell you, scary stories + Halloween candy = the perfect combo.

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So, naturally, we had to combine the two! Whether you’re a chocoholic on the prowl for a King Size Hershey bar, a sucker for a long-lasting lollipop, or are #TeamCandyCorn all the way - we’ve got a book rec for you! 

No tricks, just treats this Halloween!

If you like Candy Corn,

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check out A Taste for Monsters by Matthew J. Kirby.

If you like chocolate… 

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Check out Hearts and Other Body Parts by Ira Bloom.

If you like lollipops… 

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Check out What Waits in the Woods by Kieran Scott.

If you like gummies… 

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Check out the Five Nights at Freddy’s books by Scott Cawthon and Kira Breed-Wrisley.

If you’re not a candy person, but just love horror… 

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Check out Thirteen Chairs by Dave Shelton.

inktober day 7: castiel + sunflowers. 🌻✨

(inspired by the beautiful flower arrangement i received as a birthday gift from @whelvenwings and @thebloggerbloggerfun 💕)

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Huhu! Can I ask whom you ship Tenten with? Normal and rare/crack pair wise? :D

I’ll admit to a massive fondness for NejiTen, because Tenten is the type to take no shit and I feel like Neji needs that. Otherwise, Gaara/Tenten is super cute, and I really, really like Sakura/Tenten, Temari/Tenten, and Ino/Tenten. Pretty much anything wit Tenten tbh - I’ve even contemplated Sasuke/Tenten, for much the same reason as NejiTen. Tenten is like the perfect combination of Naruto and Sakura in attitude, plus a massive fondness for weapons, and I love her so much. 

Pretty (Jungkook x Reader, M)

“Are you watching, Y/n? Are you watching yourself come apart, just for me?” 

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Could you do a really super cute, cuddly, fluffy Bradley imagine or something along those lines??? ☺️☺️

This is pretty fluffy xx

Brad imagine, you feel like you’re not good enough;

You take in a deep breath as you look at your twitter feed. 99% of the tweets are filled with hate and are directed to you. You try not to read the hate that often, but sometimes when you’re feeling blue, you can’t help but fill your head with those nasty comments. They’re right. All of them are right. You’re not good enough to date Brad. You’re not pretty enough to be with someone like him. You’re not famous, you’re not special … you’re a nobody who’s dating a huge somebody. Brad could have any girl he wanted – a model, an actress, a youtuber … someone better than you. Your chest hurts as you hold back your tears and whimpers. Why was Brad even with you? What did he see in you? Was this a joke? Was this all a big joke? “Y/N?” Brad’s voice snaps you out of your thoughts. You look up at him. He’s standing in the door way with pyjama shorts and no shirt on; his wet hair dripping onto his shoulders. He just had a shower, so you took that time to read through the tweets. Bad idea on your part. “Hey,” you mutter, your voice small. “What’s wrong? You look really upset,” he says as he makes his way to the bed. After sitting next to you, Brad places his hand onto your thigh gently. “It’s nothing, I’m fine,” you try to convince him, though when your voice shakes, you know he won’t believe you. “Y/N, we’ve been dating for about a year. I know when you’re upset,” he replies. “I was on twitter,” you confess. Brad sighs heavily and frowns. “Baby … you need to stop doing that. It’s not good for your mental health or our relationship. The more you look at the tweets, the more you question our relationship,” he states. “I just don’t understand why you’re with me,” you mumble. “What do you mean why I’m with you? I’m with you because I love you,” he answers, clearly confused. “But why me? I’m nothing special. I’m not a model, I’m not a talented actress or singer. I don’t have lots of money, or an incredible body. Hell, I’m barely even pretty. You’re perfect, Brad! You deserve someone equally as perfect,” you ramble, beginning to cry. “No, sweetie, no. Don’t say those things.” He gathers you in his arms and hugs you gently. “Shh, don’t cry. Please don’t cry. I love you so much. You’re perfect to me. You’re so very special and precious to me, and I wouldn’t imagine being with anyone else. You don’t have to be a model, or an actress, or anything like that. You’re you. And that’s better than any of those occupations combined. You’re so incredibly attractive, it genuinely baffles be why you don’t see that. Yes, you have quirks. But I love each and every one of them. It’s those quirks that make you who you are, and I love who you are so so much,” he whispers. A few more tears fall, though those are happy ones. Brad’s sweet words cause a smile to take over your face. “You’re the sweetest guy in the whole world. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I’m so grateful that I have you. I hope I never lose you,” you say softly as you look at him with watery eyes. Brad kisses your head gently and rubs your back. “You won’t. You’ll never lose me. You’re perfect for me, and I’m perfect for you. We’re the perfect couple, and I’ll make sure that we never part.” “I want to be your girlfriend forever,” you mutter meekly. Brad smiles slightly. “I don’t want you to be my girlfriend forever,” he replies. When he sees your distraught expression, he quickly continues. “Because at some point, I want you to be my wife.” Your smile returns to your face, bigger than before. “I want that too, Brad.” He cradles you in his arms and nods. “Someday, Y/N. Someday.”