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Very *NSFW* Stucky Imagines

If you’re at work, under 18, don’t ship Stucky, or you’re just not into smut, *please* skip past this post…

If you’re still reading this, you filthy animal, then buckle up 😉

I’m planning on writing a 26-chapter long, explicit, porn-with-plot, Stucky fic, with each chapter looking at a different kink for each letter of the alphabet (see below).

If you like Stucky, like smut, and like the sound of the kinks, then keep an eye out for it on here and AO3. I plan on calling it “Steve And Bucky’s Kinky Alphabet” or something similar…

(I’ll start it only once I’ve finished my current Black Widow origin story Fearless, so it won’t be for another couple of months.)

A - abstinence

B - bondage

C - creampies

D - deepthroating

E - exhibitionism

F - fingering

G - gags

H - harder

I - ice

J - jizz

K - kneel

L - love

M - multiple orgasms

N - nipple play

O - orgasm denial

P - pretty pink panties

Q - quiver

R - rimming

S - spanking

T - threesome

U - under the table

V - vibrations

W - wanking

X - xxx

Y - yes

Z - zucchini


Stuff you should know about Hungarian - part 1.

Hungarian is notorious for being a very hard language to learn, which is, of course, partially true. Its grammar and vocabulary are not only complex, but also quite different to almost all other European languages (the most well-known exception is Finnish grammar, which has a number of similar structures). I will try to sum up the most important concepts in Hungarian that I think could be useful to anyone who would like to start learning the language.

Part 1. The alphabet and the pronunciation.

The Hungarian alphabet has 44 letters – this may seem like a lot, compared to the 26 in the English one, but there is a very simple reason for this. We basically have a separate letter (or letter combination) for almost every sound that we pronounce. In English, you have “s” and “h” and then you have to learn how to pronounce “sh”, because that’s something different. In Hungarian, if you know the letters of the alphabet, you can pronounce any common word. The only slight difficulty is that sooner or later, you will encounter a word that has a letter combination that can not be pronounced quite so simply.  In that case, their pronunciation will change – but it will happen naturally. For example, the letters “n” and “j” together (for example in “Menj el!”, which means “Go away!”) will be pronounced just like “nny” (a long “ny” sound). So if you try to pronounce words at a normal speed, these problematic sounds will change on their own.

(However, partly because of this, there are a couple of homophones in Hungarian – to stick with the example of “menj”, it’s pronounced exactly the same as “menny”, which means “heaven”. So pronunciation is pretty straightforward, spelling not so much.)

Here is the full Hungarian alphabet:

a á b c cs d dz dzs e é f g gy h i í j k l ly m n ny o ó ö ő p q r s sz t ty u ú ü ű v w x y z zs

I’d rather not try to give their pronunciation in writing, because that is not my forte, but here’s some  extra info about them:

- The letters dzs, q, w, x and y are not too common, they are mostly used in loanwords (and fancy last names). For example: dzsem (jam), maharadzsa (maharaja), textil (textile), etc. We often spell loanwords according to Hungarian spelling rules, for example “software” becomes “szoftver” and “file” becomes “fájl”. (Not all of them though, for example “e-mail” is commonly spelled just the same, “ímél” is very rare and actually looks kind of ridiculous.) The letter “y”, if standing on its own, is most often pronounced “i”. It’s quite common in fancy last names (some people have them, whose ancestors were barons or something), for example “Pesthy” (literally means “of Pest”), which is pronounced exactly the same as “pesti”.

- The letters j and ly are pronounced exactly the same. They used to represent different sounds, but those sounds have since merged and now the only difference is the spelling. It’s actually a challenge for Hungarian children to learn which word is spelled with which, because it’s pretty much random. There’s only one rule: words can not begin with “ly”, except for “lyuk” (which means “hole”) and its derivatives.

- Don’t be scared by all the vowels! Most of them are just short-long pairs:

i (short) – í (long)
o (short) – ó (long)
ö (short) – ő (long)
u (short) – ú (long)
ü (short) – ű (long)

a – á and e – é are different though. It’s important to distinguish them, as there are a couple of words, where the accent makes all the difference.

For example:

“alom” / “álom”

(meaning: “litter” (used in the sense related to animals, not trash) and “dream”)



(meaning “round” (adj.)/”wheel”/”I ask for”)

Finally, word stress. In Hungarian it’s very simple: the first syllable is stressed. That’s it.

Okay, so this is the first part of something that I plan to be a series of introductory posts about Hungarian. Any feedback is more than welcome!



۞ When their s/o puts their hands up his shirt when they’re sleepy

۞ When their overweight s/o is suffering with their body image

~More coming soon~


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I was tagged by @rxbxlcaptain, thank you my dear!

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A - Age: older than most of you

B - Birthplace: somewhere in Asia :-)

C - Current Time: 7:25pm

D - Drink You Last Had: coconut water

E - Easiest Person To Talk To: my best friend

F - Favorite Song: Oh Sherrie by Steve Perry

G - Grossest Memory: I get queasy very easily so I’ve pretty much suppressed any gross memory lol

H - Horror Yes or Horror No: big fat NOPE. That shit gives me nightmares for days

I - In Love?: Yes?

J - Jealous of People?: I fight this hard, but yeah, I get jealous sometimes

L - Love At First Sight Or Should I Walk By Again: Walk by again, say something nice, smile, make me laugh, buy me a car

M - Middle Name: Ann

N - Number of Siblings: One older and one younger brother

O - One Wish: for that cheeto to finally be booted from office

P - Person You Called Last: One of my aunts

Q - Question You Are Always Asked: Where are you from? (from people trying to figure out my background, boy are they confused when I say Canada lol)

R - Reason to Smile: those red clearance stickers at Target

S - Song You Sang Last: Umbrella by Rihanna (thanks Tom Holland)

T - Time You Woke Up: 7am

U - Underwear Colour: white with orange designs

V - Vacation Destination: Hawaii

W - Worst Habit: staying up later than I should

X - X-rays: dental and abdominal

Y - Your favourite food: Pasta and pizza

Z - Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

I tag: @schuyloren, @sargar3000, @ibonekoen, @cornholius, @moodybluestocking, @oh-nostalgiaa, @rebsrising, @imagitory, @teneniel, @too-wise-to-woo-peaceably (only if you want to and if you haven’t done it already of course)

A-Z Tag

Hullo! I was tagged by @septic-howell-iplier. Thanks mate!

A- Aesthetic
E-Eku, a silly nickname that someone gave me
L-Lemons. Like the actual fruit. I like them. 
M-Meraki, to put part of yourself, your soul, into your work
N-Nemesis, our second sun in our solar system
O-Oceans. they’re so pretty.
R-Rain. I love the rain. 
T-The Last Mimzy, my favourite movie.
U-Umbrellas. Idk, I just like them
V-Virgo-Libra Cusp/ the cusp of beauty. Yep, that’s literally my zodiac sign.
X-xYLOPHONES!!! Sorry, they’re just so fun. XD
Y-Youtube [on a seperate note, they “y’s” look like sad faces. :P]

I tag @amazingaveru @nine-broken-clocks @dr-pinkie-and-ms-pie @la-sid @ipredictacyborg @ anyone who wants to do this. 

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What about the flowers on the surface? Aren't you curious about those

“W-well, y-yes, a-actually, b-but… w-we d-do.. I used to g-go to the d-dump in W-Waterfall to look at the f-florist b-books p-people tossed out.. a-apparently h-humans find gardening h-hard, c-considering t-that the c-catalogues f-fell down p-pretty regularly… S-so technically, I c-could g-grow an e-effigy of any f-flower on the s-surface… b-besides, y’know.. t-the Black E-Eyed Susan… y-you don’t wanna see w-what my l-later attempts at that one were like… I m-mean, s-seeing real f-flowers would b-be nice, but also… w-would put me o-out of a j-job, right? Now that I have one, I w-would like t-to continue h-having it…”

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a - age: 18!!!

b - birthplace:  florida

c - current time: 5:02 pm/17:02

d - drink you last had: coffee

f - favourite song: santa monica dream by angus & julia stone

g - grossest memory: i vomited on a carpet

h - horror yes or horror no: heck yea!!! i love getting so scared that i piss myself, not really but to that extent or slightly below it

i - in love?: ive never been in love :O

j - jealous of people?: sometimes but i usually get over it pretty quickly

k - killed someone?: only with kindness…and my houseplants

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: i don’t think it exists, loving someone is a BIG deal

m - middle name: danger, but i spell it r-u-t-h  (bobs burgers ref)

n - number of siblings: deux

o - one wish: it used to be happiness but over time i kinda realized that for me, that’s unrealistic so, maybe that i don’t kill the next houseplant i buy?

p - person you called last: my grandmother ! <3

q - question you’re always asked: on tumblr? it’s usually just anon otayuri hate, irl, “what” because i always mumble

r - reason to smile: cats

s - song you sang last: i honestly dont remember! and i sing all the time so that’s pretty shocking. i think ed sheeran

u - underwear color: i had to peek cause i wasn’t sure lol. a blush-y color

v - vacation: DISNEY or the beach

x - x-rays: theyre cool?? lol just kdiing, ive never had one. i had an mri once for my brain!!

y - your favourite food: i hate this question because i can never think of an answer for it. maybe pizza if i had to choose on the spot, or olive garden breadsticks

zodiac sign: gemini

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Camilla + Sakura C-A Supports

(I don’t know if there’s a wyvern sound effect in Fates like there is in Awakening. If there isn’t, you can of course omit the wyvern noise stage directions and Sakura’s reaction to it at the end of the B-support. I got Camilla’s wyvern’s name from the wiki.)


(Sakura enters)

S: It’ll be nice to rest in the shade for a little while. Oh, there’s someone already sitting underneath my tree …
Ah! It’s Princess Camilla. I never know what to say to her … Is she sleeping?

(Camilla appears.)

C: No, dear. Just enjoying the shade.
S: Oh! I d-didn’t think you could hear me. I’m sorry to d-disturb you.
C: You aren’t disturbing me at all! Is this your tree?
S: N-no! I just … like to sit here sometimes …
C: Why don’t you come sit next to me, then? There’s room for two. I promise I won’t bite. It’s a nice spot, isn’t it? The trees are so fragrant this time of year and the breeze through the leaves is so pleasant to listen to.
S: Well, I, um … j-just remembered … there’s somewhere I have to be right now. So, um. G-goodbye.

(She leaves.)

C: Wait, Princess Sakura! You’ve dropped your little friend.

(S returns, beginning to blush.)

S: (Oh no! Oh no, oh no.)
C: Here you are. What a pretty little doll you have!
S: Th-thank you. It’s n-not what it looks like …
C: Oh? I’d say what it looks like is Corrin.
S: Oh! W-well … that’s true. I-I have a doll to remind me of each of my siblings, f-for when we can’t be together. I just got this one r-recently and I w-w-wanted to show it to Corrin later …
C: How adorable! That’s so sweet of you. I’m sure s/he’ll be so pleased to see it.
… Why, what’s the matter, dear? You’re all flushed and trembling. Aren’t you feeling well?
S: Y-yes, I …
C: Would you like me to take you to the infirmary?
S: N-no, I …
C: Here, let me feel your forehead.
S: I’m fine! I-I just … I have a r-really hard time t-talking to strangers!
C: Oh. I see. You still think of me as a stranger, then.
S: I’m s-so sorry, P-princess Camilla, I d-didn’t mean …
C: I’m sorry to have distressed you. I’ll let you be on your way.
S: S-so sorry!

(She leaves.)

C: Oh, dear.


(Sakura enters)

S: Maybe s/he’s in the stables … Corrin?

(Camilla appears.)

C: *humming*
S: (Oh no! It’s P-princess Camilla again. I don’t know if I can talk to her again after what happened the other day. Maybe I can sneak out before she notices me …)

(Wyvern noises)

C: There, now. You’re all nice and clean. Who’s a pretty girl? Who’s the prettiest wyvern? I’m sure Princess Sakura thinks so too.
S: Aaah! S-sorry. I d-didn’t mean to eavesdrop …
C: Well, since you’re here, why don’t you come on over and say hello? I’m sure she would love to meet you.
S: Well, I …
C: Only if you want to, that is. I know how shy you are.
S: Are you sure it’s … safe?
C: Of course, dear! My darling Marzia would never harm anyone. Not without my command, that is. Isn’t she adorable?
S: She’s, um … very big.
C: It’s all right. I won’t let her hurt you. Here, would you like to pet her?
S: O-okay … It’s n-nice to meet you, Marzia. I’m Sakura.
Oh! It almost sounds like she’s purring.
C: Yes, she loves to be stroked behind her horns just there.
S: It’s amazing … she looks so f-ferocious … but she’s being so gentle.
C: She’s really a sweetheart, once you get to know her.
S: I guess … she’s not really as scary as she seems. It’s j-just that … she’s so fierce, and elegant, and … tall. I n-never really know what to say …
C: To my wyvern?
S: (blushing) Oh, um …
C: Heehee. I understand I must seem rather intimidating to you. Nohrians tend to be an austere people. And I admit that in the heat of battle I can sometimes get a little carried away.
S: I once saw you take a man’s head r-right off his shoulders with your axe! And you were laughing!
C: Ahaha. Well … I do wish you hadn’t had to see that.
It’s true, I’m not a good person like you are.
S: Oh, no! Th-that’s not what I meant at all!
C: There are times I wish I still had your innocence. But I had to give it up a long time ago, when I was even younger than you.
The Nohrian royal court wasn’t a very kind environment to grow up in, you see. It’s not peaceful there like it is in Hoshido.
S: Wh-what do you mean?

(C looks sad.)

C: …
S:P-Princess Camilla?
C: I don’t think you want to know, dear. It’s not a very nice story.
S: W-well … maybe not … b-but I don’t think I’ll be able to think about anything else now until you tell me.
C: Haha. Well … my father, King Garon, used to have a great many children, by a great many mistresses, mind you, but the four of us – Xander, Leo, Elise, and I – we’re the only ones left. I suppose that’s why we’re so close.
S: But … what happened to the rest?
C: Not all of us survived.
In those days it was rare to go a fortnight without having to fend off an assassin’s knife or a poisoned dessert.
S: They died?!
C: Mm. Our mothers were always clawing at each other like vixens in a war of intrigue and jealousy behind the scenes at court. Each of them wanted her own child to be the one closest to the throne, my own mother not least among them, I’m sorry to say.
Being among the eldest, I was an attractive target.
S: H-how awful! You must have been so sc-scared!
C: I had to learn to survive using any means necessary when I was still a little girl.
I’ve seen and done some awful things in the past, things I don’t like very much to think about, and it’s shaped me into who I am. I can’t say it’s been for the better.
S: Princess Camilla … I’m so sorry, I d-didn’t know …
C: I know. I ought not to have said as much as I did. You poor thing, you’re probably going to have nightmares now. I should leave you be.

(She leaves.)

S: Oh, no.

(Wyvern noise.)

S: Aaaah!


(Both enter)

S: P-princess Camilla?
C: Oh, hello, darling. I’ll just leave you and your tree in peace—
S: No, p-please don’t go! I w-wanted to talk to you, actually.
C: To me?
S: Yes, I … I wanted to show you something. R-remember how I told you that I have a doll for each of my siblings? Well, I was thinking … you’re Corrin’s sister, and I’m Corrin’s sister, so in a way, doesn’t that make us sisters, too?
C: Why, I suppose it does!
S: So … I had this made.
C: Oh, how cute! It’s a tiny me!
S: They got your hair just right and everything!
C: Aww … come here.
S: O-oof!
C: Oh, I’m sorry. Was that too tight?
S: N-no. It was a nice hug. I just didn’t expect to leave the ground!
C: I’m so touched, Sakura. I’ll do my best to live up to the honor of being a part of your doll family.
S: But you already do! You really are a good person, Princess Camilla. No matter what h-happened in the past. I’ve seen how kind you are to Corrin, and Elise, and your wyvern. And you’ve always been so nice to me, too. I shouldn’t have been afraid. I … hope I didn’t hurt your feelings.
C: No, I understand. You had every reason to be wary of me. I am Nohrian,
(smiles) and I’m every bit the blood-thrilled lady of war you’ve seen in me when the siren song of battle is in my ears.
S: Well, um …
C: But sincerely, I promise that everything I do is to protect those I care about. If I’m ruthless to our enemies it’s so that my darling Corrin, and sweet Elise, and you – yes you, Princess Sakura, don’t have to be. I don’t want all of you to be faced with the same choices that I was and risk turning out like me.
S: Oh, Camilla …
C: You remind me quite a bit of someone I used to know when I was a little girl in Nohr, you know. She was very sweet and earnest, and shy, like you are.
We used to play together with dolls all the time, too. We’d spend hours dressing them up, rocking them to sleep, waging imaginary battles …
Seeing you with a doll in your arms brings back all those lovely memories.
S: R-really? Who was she?
C: My little sister.
S: You mean Elise? But she isn’t shy at all!
C: No, not Elise. She … was one of the ones who didn’t survive life at court.
S: Oh, no. I’m so sorry.
C: Please, don’t be. It was a long time ago. But it’s part of the reason I’ve always cared so much about protecting all my younger siblings. I couldn’t save the ones I lost back then, but I do everything I can to keep safe the ones I have now. And that’s a promise that includes you, dear little Sakura.
S: Me, too?
C: You, too! We’re sisters now, aren’t we?
S: Yes! Thank you, Princess Camilla. Or can I call you … Big Sister?
C: I’d like nothing more.




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you know what whenever something new boom related comes out i should just like. stay off this website for like a few days after it because without fail there is always someone shitting on it


First off, HOLY FREAKING CRAP. 3K?? I know thats not too much but considering that I somehow hit this while I was on hiatus for nearly 3 weeks, I’m really amazed. I just want to say thank you so so much to everyone who follows me and for liking my crappy edits lol So in honor of my graduation and for hitting 3k I decided I would make a follow forever! Without further ado, here are some of my favorite blogs who have made my time on this site pretty awesome and made my dash a fun place :]


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It is possible that I forgot someone and if you’re not on here, I still love you very much!! <3 Again thank you guys so much :]

hellooo! it’s that time of the year again.. ya know, the sun shining and flowers blooming so i figured what better time to do a follow forever wow i sound so lame anyway hover over your url if it’s bolded bc you’re extra special. these are not in alphabetical bc i’m hella lazy and didn’t feel like putting in the effort. i’m sorry if i forgot you this was done pretty quickly but i still love you. credit for the fab/shitty edit goes to daisy


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aaaaaand another follow forever! i love you all etc. (i really do) btw that picture is from our garden look how pretty flowers! just like you guys! ^_^

but yeah. thank you all so much for following me too, i sometimes wonder how on earth did i ever got so cool mutuals.

this is kinda short because it’s only the blogs that i see on my dash daily. so if you’re missing from this but i follow you, don’t worry, i still love you!

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Big Fight (Calum Hood)

A/N: This hurts me more than it would hurt you. I WROTE IT MYSELF, FOR GODS SAKE.

Requested: Nope (barely have followers)


Word count:1,586


It was about 3:30 am. Calum, your boyfriend, said he would be home by 12:00am. This was the fourth time he came home later than what he said. You were on the couch eating your newly opened Doritos. You were just watching some of your old favorite Nickelodeon shows. You were slowly drifting to sleep. Suddenly you heard a loud bang! It was Calum, ‘he must be drunk,…. again’ You thought to yourself. “Hey baby, whacha doin’ awaaakkee? “ He slurred. “Calum, this is the fourth time you came home later than whatever you said.” You calmly said, you didn’t feel like fighting today. You were tired as hell. You worked all day, plus your boss gave you extra work. You decided to finish those extra work just bc you didn’t want to deal with it anymore.“Why are you so fucking clingy. Christ. Even tho your my girlfriend that doesn’t fucking mean I can’t do shit you wouldn’t like. Whatever.” He said raising his voice. “I didn’t say you couldn’t do whatever I didn’t like. You could come home at 5:00 am if you wanted to. Just fucking tell me before you leave, you asshole. Or if you didn’t tell me that you’d stay longer before you left, then why wouldn’t you call me or text me. I called you 6 times and texted you 21 times. Not one single reply. I was so worried that some shit happened to you. I don’t ever want you to get fucking hurt, my God.” you said your eyes tearing up but your voice still remains cool. You ruffled your hair. “It’s non of your stupid business to know everything or everywhere I am!” He said louder then before. “It is kinda my business Calum. I don’t need to know where or what you are doing I just need to be informed that you are fine okay?” Your voice a little bit raspy from your teary state. “I honestly don’t want to deal with all your bullshit Calum.” “You know you are such a bitch. Fuck you.”Calum said rolling his eyes.”Fuck off!” You ran to your bedroom, locked the door. That was the last straw. All of the sudden Calum realizes what was happening. He ran to you. You were already in the room so he couldn’t reach you. “Babe I’m so sorry.” “Shut it Calum. You’re sleeping on the couch tonight.” “I’m really sorry.” That was the last thing he said before leaving and started sleeping on the couch. You silently got your luggage, you started shoving all sorts of clothes and things you would need. You loved Calum, oh you loved him more than you could imagine but you just needed time. You opened the window and silently snuck out of it. You didn’t want to go to your guy bff, Darren bc number 1 Calum would then accuse you of cheating and number 2 he wouldn’t help much tbh.  You were lucky because you girl bff,Taylor lived not so far away from you. You got in your Mercedes and drove to Taylor. While driving you just couldn’t stop crying.

~ 5 minutes, You have arrived there~

You rang her doorbell and knocked on her door since you left your spare keys at home. Still sobbing like insane. You dint look too bad since you didn’t have makeup but you didn’t look so good either. “What the fuck do you fucking need it’s like 4:30 am!” She was still rubbing her eyes so she didn’t know who it was. You were still sobbing pretty hard. “Oh my God y/n,I’m so sorry, come in. What happened?” She asked letting you sit on her couch. “C-Calum and I-I had a big fight a-and I j-just need so-some time. Can I-I please s-sleep here f-for a whi-while ” “Aww babe, of course you can. Go get some rest. Wanna talk about it tomorrow?” She asked sweetly. “Yea-yea th-thanks.” “I’m gonna tell Darren tomorrow morning okay?” She asked. You just nodded your head and went to your room. You 3, including your Darren always had 2 spare rooms for each other, just incase this or something happened. You guys met each other when you were still 4 years old. You 3 were unbreakable, you   forgot to keep in touch till’ now .

~8:450 am The morning after~

“Gosh what have he done” Taylor said waiting for Darren to pick up. After 2 rings he finally picked up. “Hello? Taylor?” “Darren, it’s Y/n. Sh-“ “What happened to her?!?” He cut her off, concerned. “She didn’t get hurt physically, but She and Calum had a huge fight. So, she came here crying.” “That asshole!” “Yea I know but screaming wouldn’t help either. Anyways, can you come over?” “Of coarse anything for you guys.” “Okay thanks, she really needs the 3 of us here with her.” “I’ll be there in 10 mins” “Okay thanks.” Taylor ended the call and started coking some waffles. It was 10:30 am you woke up. You got up and went to the restroom and took a shower. You got out of the shower and put on your makeup. You went down feeling at least a bit better. “Oh you’re awake. I made some waffles.” “Oh cool,thanks.” “I called Dar and he’ll be here soon.” Taylor smiled. Like just on queue Darren walked right in since he had space keys. “Heey girls, you okay?” He asked looking at you. “I’m trying.” “Okay we’ll be here” Taylor answered for him. “Okay, we’ll go shopping to cheer you… and me……up. K? And Darren you have no choice but to go with us.” Taylor smirked. “Ugh I would enjoy but you just make me come because IM THE ONE HOLDING YOUR SHIT.” He said  pissed. You chuckled at his comment. “Whatever. For your best friends.” Taylor smiled hugely. He just rolled his eyes. “Okay I look awesome, Y/nick/n, you look great, Darren, you’re okay.” She joked. “Now lets go to the mall and get some ice cream.” Taylor explained. You rolled your eyes playfully. You got in Darren’s car and went there.

~Calum’s POV~

I got up it was around 11:30 am. I just remembered what happened last night. “God I have to apologize to her. Why did I have to join the boys to the party.” I told myself. I ran to the kitchen and got the keys for the bedroom. She locked me out last night. I ran upstairs to our room. I opened the door. She wasn’t there. I checked our closet, most of her clothes were gone. I noticed that the window was open she must have left through there. “GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE.” I screamed to myself. I changed and instantly got in my car and drove to Darren.

~10 minutes, He arrived there~

I knocked on his door nothing. I noticed everything was closed. “UUGGH THER IN TAYLORS HOUSE!” I got in my car and drove there.

~10 mins, He arrived there~

I rang her doorbell. Nothing. I checked everything was off. “GOD WHERE ARE THEY!” I grabbed my phone and texted Darren and Taylor. ‘Where are you?!?’ I sent that to both of them. I got a text from both of them.

From Darren:Fuck off

From Taylor:Non of your dumb ass business

I texted the Luke and Michael the same thing, ’I’ve lost y/n. Can I come over?’

From Luke: Y/n is also my best friend and told me what happened. Don’t bother coming. Also Michael and I told Ashton. She didn’t do shit to you. Go fix your problem.

From Michael: Pretty sure you got Luke’s text. Theres your answer. You are a huge prick.

I’ve lost my friends and my love. What now.

~ Narrator’s POV~

You 3 just painted the town red. It was still 4:10pm but you decided to go home (Taylor’s flat) “Thanks guys, really. Thank you for everything. I’m really lucky to have you.” “No problem.” taylor said. “I’ll be back tomorrow at probably 10:30am.” “Thanks” You said smiling. You and Taylor hugged him before he left. Wait!” You shouted before he got in his car.  “It’s not yet late, so can you like…drive me to Calum’s?” “Are you sure?” Both of them said looking at each other and back to you. “Yea I guess.” You replied. Calum cried all day. He really fucked up.

~5 mins, you have arrived there~

You were facing the door thinking if you should go talk to him. Taylor and Darren were behind you with concerned faces. Your hand was close to touching the doorbell but not yet. You were shaking. You couldn’t do it, you weren’t brave enough. You run back to Taylor. “I can’t do it. I’m weak.” “Aww Y/n you’re not weak, your just scared of what will happen. We understand.” “Can I stay with you for a few days or weeks.” “Of coarse.” “Let’s go back.” Darren said heading in the car. Calum heard a car engine. He ran to the window he saw Darren’s car about to leave. He opened the door and tried to shout so you could see and hear him. It was to late you were already heading out of the gate. “Why is it like this!” Calum sobbed harder. Since you left Calum has been depressed. Started cutting. He hasn’t been……him?

A/N: Part 2? :) I need at least 1 person to tell me if I should do part 2.

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