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i've never actually seen loss jpg or whatever please explain to me

this is a long story but its fucking great

okay so back in 2002 a man named tim buckley decided to start up a webcomic about videogames called ctrl+alt+del. this was its first strip

fucking stunning writing, i know. now it was early days, so you could argue that tim was just getting started, but the level of humor rarely went higher than this. despite proclaiming to be about videogames, the strip tended to focus more upon the idiotic antics of ethan (guy on the right), lucas (guy on the left), lilah, a female character introduced later on and zeke, a xbox robot ethan makes later on in order to be Wacky

the “comedy” usually came from ethan pretty much being so constantly a problem that it’s a wonder any of the characters hung around him at all, let alone extended periods of time. jokes were largely a set up followed by violence as the punchline, which might not be so bad if it wasn’t tim buckley’s go to punchilne when he couldn’t think of anything actually funny (which was a lot of the time). and it continually got worse as ethan continued to constantly be a burden to all his friends, yet they inexplicably couldn’t stop liking him and bowing to his every whim, even lucas, the alleged straight man to ethan’s manchild, and lilah, introduced as a No Nonsense Girl Gamer somehow becoming his boyfriend

in case you haven’t gotten it yet, ethan is very clearly tim buckley’s self insert fantasy.

the thing is, despite the comic being very obviously bad, it was REALLY popular. like it was an absolutely huge thing. teen boys absolutely lapped up the tired jokes and sitcom cliches and thats not even getting into the absolutely DIRE chef brian comics. actually no you know what i will go into them. here

this was about 2 years after the first strip, and you can start to see the art and comedy style that would come to define ctrl+alt+del as tim buckley pretty much officially gave up on putting effort into his comic

this was literally how he put together his comics: drawing hundreds of predrawn graphics and then sticking them into 4 panels

and since ctrl+alt+del was so popular, it REALLY went to tim buckley’s head. he refused (and really still refuses) to take any kind of criticism. he became very egotistical (he sued a fan for making a flash featuring the CAD characters) and there are some reports of him doing pretty shady things over the internet

and then he hit on his greatest idea

instead of sticking with comedy in a 4 panel strip format, he decided to introduce drama. characters growing up, getting married, learning responsibility…while STILL sticking rigidly to the comics newspaper esque 4 panel format.

everyone who knew CAD was awful was already making fun of tim desperately trying to introduce pathos into his verse of xbox robots and manchild antics, but his ego was bigger than it had ever been and he couldn’t be dissuaded, and in 2008 he had the storyline in which ethan and lilah get married, and lilah becomes pregnant

and then, just to ratchet up the drama, tim buckley decided lilah would miscarry.

the internet fucking lost it. a moment intended to carry great drama and meaning instead became the funniest unintentional comedy ever written. thousands upon thousands of edits and parodies were made (a sampling can be found here. some of them are pretty gross tho, being ripped from 4chan, so be careful) and its a moment thats become heavily engrained in internet/videogame culture. its gotten to the point where the most simplistic form of representing this comic (a series of straight lines) can be immediately recognisable as making fun of this strip

i didnt explain this in the greatest way and im sure someone can do it more elegantly since i skipped a few things but really the entire history of ctrl+alt+del is an amazing chronicle of one man’s ego

I’m so used to being part of big fandoms that I’m feeling really weird and not knowing what to do now that I’m in a fandom that is not that big.

I usually go to AO3 and my ships tags have at least 2k fics on them… Dark Matter doesn’t even have 250 fic in total…

Worst part is, I don’t know why that is? Dark Matter is the type of show that seems like one that would gather a pretty big fanbase?


  • It’s an AWESOME show!
  • It has an interesting plot - 6 people wake up in a space station without any memories of who they are and then find out that they were all vicious criminals with a reputation allover the galaxy. This memory loss does however not extend to knowledge that was so ingrained in them that they could not forget because it comes as instinct, for example, one character was great at hand to hand combat and had great leadership skills, that was not lost in that memory loss, another was great with technology, that was not lost in the memory loss, etc.  They have to decide if they want to go back to who they were or take the memory loss as an opportunity to become different people.
  • It has amazing characters - All characters are incredibly complex and develop all throughout the show. The characters were named in the order they woke up and realized they had lost their memory, so, there is One, a boring white guy that I don’t care for (I know that’s not the best way to start this but he stops being a problem). There’s Two, (the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen), she takes on the role as the leader, she is tough but she has a good heart and probably one of the most complex characters on the show, she is also the love of my life and can kick my butt (and everyone elses) as she pleases without much of a struggle! Three, a supposed jackass that you’ll grow to love, he is pretty funny too. Four, a quiet guy that is a master at sword fighting and that you know you shouldn’t mess with him. Five or “the kid”, she is basically a tech genius and everyone underestimates her until they learn better but also everyone loves her. Six, a big guy with a heart of gold and his relationship with Five will melt your heart. If you watch Supergirl, we call J’onn Space Dad? Six is also a Space Dad. TOO CUTE, I love him. And last but DEFINITELY not least, The Android, she is a robot but as the story progresses you see that there is more to her than that, she’s special and also the love of my life! Two kicks ass, but The Android is basically undefeatable unless someone has a taser lol
  • The female characters are kickass as fuck! Like, I’m not kidding… There are 3 main female characters, Two, Five and The Android and all of them have saved everyone’s asses multiple times (if not most of the times if I’m being honest) there is no damsel in distress trope on this show, like ever! This show is feminist through and through and I love it!

This is Two being kickass: (the fight scenes are AMAZING on this show)

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This is Five being a smartass:

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This is the Android being a cutiepie: 

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If you’re gay, you have most likely watched Lost Girl and so you know that the Android is played by Zoie Palmer (Dr. Lauren Lewis/half of Doccubus) and she KILLS IT! 

If this is not enough reason to watch the show, maybe it will convince you the fact that Two is bi/pan in canon AND, without spoiling anything, Zoie does play a gay character as well later on.

AND if you still are not convinced, I know quite a few of you are Ruby Rose fans… guess what? She guest stars on Dark Matter!

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I don’t know how this post about me complaining that Dark Matter needs more fans so I can read more fics turned into a “WATCH DARK MATTER” post but here we are…

If you are still not convinced and need more convincing, please, you can message me about it.

baby Smaurent and Damen hcs

Inspired from convos with @verebrothers and @randomstufffromotherblogs  (as well as @twicehalfblood 

AU where Laurent and Damen meet each other when they’re respectively 5 and 10, while the Akielon royal family went in Vere for alliance talk (some drawings in a thread to go with it, I’ll post them on tumblr once they’re clean…)

  • Smaurent is really intrigued by Damen, and touch his hair a lot
  • He asks him questions, things like “why is your skin a different color ? what is this hole in your cheek ?”
  • Damen explains that his skin is darker because there’s a lot of sun in Akielos so it protects him
    • Later, Auguste finds Laurent covered in coal. When he asks him why, Laurent explain that it’s to protect himself from the sun “for when I’ll go in Akielos to play with Damen” 
    • Auguste finds it adorable, but he now has a really dirty little prince to have bathed
  • Less cute, but later, Auguste and Damen walks in on Smaurent in front of a mirror, about to pierce his face with a needle they use for their ears. They scare him because they freak out and stops him, and all crying, he tells that he just wanted a “hole in his cheek” (the dimple) like Damen…
    • They explain to him that he can’t make one, and that Damen was born with it…
    • Smaurent is sad because he wants to be like Damen, so Damen tells him how you can just learn to love things in the other, even if you can’t have them for you.
    • He also tells him how pretty he thinks he is, even without a dimple, that his smile is blinding, and that he has the prettiest blue eyes and blond hair
  • It makes Smaurent fall in love (damn Laurent you’re 5… Damen stops being flirty you’re 10 everyone calm down)
  • Laurent: “I will marry Damen, so there won’t be war and we can play”
    • Damen likes the idea
    • The parents / big bros find it funny at first, before being like “Well… that definitively could be a good way to ally our countries…”
    • That’s how they end up in an arranged marriage
  • Laurent taking Damen’s chiton (the one he intended to wear) and running in the castle wearing it. Damen (naked) running after him
    • Eventually, Laurent trips on the hem of the chiton and falls face first, and starts to cry like that
    • Damen takes him in his arms and starts to comfort him, blowing raspberries in his hands to make him laugh
    • A servant is like “Exalted you’re naked” Damen: I don’t care HE’S CRYING
  • When Damen has to go back in Akielos, Laurent is crying all he can, and ends up giving him his favorite horse toy, telling him to give it back to him when he comes back, and making him promise
    • Damen does
    • And he gives it to Laurent each time he comes back, and each time he leaves, Laurent gives him to him again.
    • Last time Damen gives it to Laurent is before their wedding.
My Princess

My Princess (m)

Word count: 3.8k

Genre: smut

I probably went a little too far with this, oh well. Although, this was probably one of my favorites i’ve written so far. Anyway, his was a request from an anon, hope you enjoy :)

Your boyfriend of one year, Jimin, decided for your anniversary he was going to take you to your favorite place, Disneyland. You two loved watching Disney movies together. You especially loved Beauty and the Beast and pretty much any princess movie. Jimin decide to even called you his princess. For your anniversary he made sure to get some time off so you two could spend a long weekend together.

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A-Z NSFW: Kyungsoo

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A = Aftercare 
Regardless of the boyish banter he has with EXO, punchin Chan in the gut n all, we all know KSoo is literally the softest human alive. Boy acts like Spike but we all know he’s more like Gizmo. He’s secretly motherly, and almost has fun making sure you’re clean and sated and happy afterwards, plus he’s a cuddler, and what’s better after sex than KSoo cuddles?

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 
I feel like KSoo is a complicated guy. He’s faux confident, he wants to be okay with himself but he’s still kind of self conscious. The boy ain’t flashed us like BaekYeol but we can all see he’s been working out and pretty toned. I feel like he’s weirdly proud of his arms, especially when he gets to cage you in with them. With you, he oddly likes your hands, he loves how they fit together chansoo hand size difference tho b y e and he likes intertwining your fingers and holding your hands above you head when he’s got you on your back. 

C = Cum 
I don’t think KSoo is a particularly naughty or messy kind of guy, he’s not a mess maker when he cums. Ideally, it’s almost always in a condom #RubberUpKids but the few off times he isn’t inside you, he finishes on your tummy most of the time.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 
Honestly, with all the SatanSoo and KSoo hatin EXO n beating them up jokes that suck butt stop saying them theyre not funny at all f u c k o f f it’s pretty unexpected that KSoo is kind of sort of really submissive, so he hides that quite a bit. But I expect it’ll slip out, it won’t stay hidden long tbh.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
I feel like I’ve said this before, but being broken up with because he was “clingy” and never got candy on Valentine’s Day or whatever, he’s kind of withdrawn from girls? I think he’s pretty awkward and beyond porn, he doesn’t have any hands on experiences. But you’ll just have to teach him…won’t you….

F = Favorite position
Contrary to belief, KSoo isn’t the kinkiest man to walk the earth, sometimes quiet people are just quiet people. He’s pretty basic honestly, missionary, doggy, you riding him, that’s pretty much the only things in his book. He’s pretty fond of relaxing back against the headboard and having you settled on his lap and taking you that way.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
KSoo’s kind of a meme in your relationship. In the bedroom, generally he’s pretty serious. Especially the first few times you slept together, or any time you want to try something new, he’s so incredibly focused that there’s no room for jokes. He does get pretty giggly if you’re having a weirdly fun/ meme day, but on the norm he’s focused on giving both of you the most pleasurable time he can.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
KSoo strikes me as a pretty clean guy, I mean the dudes almost bald anyways, and what flashes we get, his lil tummy is pretty smooth. I don’t think he’s bare though, but he definitely trims well.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
While he’s pretty serious in the bedroom, he’s really loving and mushy with you; both in your sexual relationship and non-sexual. KSoo’s not one to go over the top with his affection though, we know he’s a quiet lover from how EXO talks about him. He’s a holding hands, eye contact, gentle kisses, whispering sweet nothings kind of guy.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
KSoo’s a very secret mastubater, he can do it in record speed, oddly enough. He’s one that hides out in the bathroom, or during a shower, thankful for the lock on the bathroom door. Unless you knew what he was up to, anyone would think he’s just going to the bathroom. 

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
[Back to Dirty Secret] He’s not much of a kinky guy, he’s definitely someone you can call vanilla. But he’s actually kind of submissive, not to the point of like…letting you tie him up and spank him….but he likes to just lay back and hold on for dear life while he lets you have complete control. Also, he’s kinda slap happy with Chan so I can imagine him being semi into spanking you, too.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
Knowing that Chan is a little shit that eggs KSoo on till he jumps the tree boy, he knows literally no where is really safe since the amazon kid can pick locks. The bedroom is the only play anything goes down, even the bathroom isn’t on the list because 1. he’s terrified of someone getting hurt. 2. chan’s ass likes picking locks. 3. you’ll need another shower when you’re done and the warm waters all gone from shower fucking.  

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Honestly, he just likes you coming onto him in full force. KSoo’s a bit hesitant with legit PDA(like kissing) so when you take the initiative and kiss him, touch him, or just plain ol’ tell him you wanna go home and fuck, he’s kind of latched to your back to hide his boner. 

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Tying anyone up makes him semi anxious, he’s one that reads in depth about toys or positions you try to see what he’s getting into, and stories about lost hand cuff keys or ropes incorrectly used cutting off circulation scare him a lot. He’s not down for the risk.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
I don’t…trust his mouth…He may be quiet but when he talks, that tongue does some damage. At first he’s pretty messy, not even really pleasurable but he’s easily taught and now it’s almost a punishment for you to have his tongue on you. Tbh since you’re pretty much the dominant one he lets you do whatever you want, but he’s certainly not going to say no to a bj.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
In general it’s your pace that’s in question. Typically, his pace is more slow and sensual, almost lazy with his thrusts regardless of the position you’re in. He likes watching you anticipate him sinking his length back into you, relaxing slightly when he pulls out and squirming with need when he thrusts back in again.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
He’s not the biggest fan of quickies, he’s a lazy lover you could say. So he doesn’t like how quickies force you to be…well, quick…and being quick nearly always sacrifices the true fun of being able to spend an unrestricted amount of time with your body. A few times they’ve come up, but he doesn’t really like them.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
From location, to Wild Card, he’s not very risky. He thoroughly researches anything you bring up or want to try, just to see what’s supposed to be done and how to do everything properly. A lot of things get brushed off because he’s sure he won’t do it right and end up hurting you, so in most cases, he’s not really a risk taking guy. 

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
KSoo’s another ‘fuck all night’ member, he doesn’t cum very quickly, and he stretches out foreplay for quite a while too. Part of the reason he likes a slower pace is so the feeling can build and intensity rises over your time in the sheets.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
[See Risk and NO] He doesn’t and most likely won’t own many toys, they make him nervous tbh, he doesn’t want to use anything that could and will fuck up and hurt you unless he’s used to using it on you. The most he’ll use is a few vibratorshis logic is well if my dick doesnt hurt you then this dick lookin thing wont either

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Because you’re usually in charge, he’s not that much of a tease. Really KSoo isn’t even if he’s in charge, he’d say he’s just the right amount of a teaser. Oral is pretty much the only teasing thing he does.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
We all know KSoo is a vocal god, he’s got the cords to let some good shit go in the bedroom. He’s not very loud, though, but he is very vocal. He’s more of a low moaner and talker, he likes whispering sweet nothings to you but having you squirming around on his lap drags quite a few moans out of ya boy.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
The reason he’s so paranoid about locked doors, happened because of being on tour. Being in a hotel room with several other members at a time doesn’t exactly leave one with some alone time. Everyone suddenly needs to pee whenever he made a move for the bathroom, so when Suho took the boys to eat and he opted to stay in he thought he’d finally be alone for a while. However….5 minutes in with his pants around his ankles and a picture you’d sent him pulled up on your phone…Chan decided to pop back it…wasn’t a good night for anyone…

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Jesus Christ Nana says KSoo ain’t that big. According to her, he’s actually on the shorter side of the spectrum, but he’s thicc bye 

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
KSoo’s childhood GF broke up with him because ‘he’s clingy’ or whatever, I do think he’ll be exceptionally clingy in your relationship too. He’s always ready for you and needs you pretty much at any given moment. I think he has a weirdly high sex drive, he’s just good at keeping it hidden and under control.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
I imagine KSoo as a really cuddly bby, especially after sex, he falls asleep fairly quickly. As soon as aftercare is checked off the list, he’s snuggled under the blankets with his arms around you, satisfied, content, and ready for nap time.

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Hit me with the Kagehina fluff

Here some fluffy kagehina hc to soothe your soul:

  • Hinata is obsessed with Kageyama’s hands and he likes to touch them, kiss them, just look at them all the time and Kageyama finds it creepy as hell but also pretty endearing
  • “Can you stop being so distracted during practice?” “I would if you could stop being so cute you stupid shrimp”
  • Hinata is just ?????????? but also !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the time it’s like the big mood of their relationship
  • Kageyama is the little spoon. No exceptions.
  • They thought they were the best at playing chicken fight in the pool until they played against Bokuto and Akaashi
  • They actually think they are the best at any couple sports ask them about that time they went ice skating together it’s a funny story
  • Or what happened after they watched Dirty Dancing together
  • Kageyama loves to wash Hinata hair with silly flavored shampoo and then smell his hair during the day
  • Hinata often wears Kageyama’s hoodies and Kageyama’s heart always skips a beat because….well, fuck
  • Also, Kageyama wears the hoodie the day after because it smells like home
  • Hinata is clingy™ like you can legit see Kageyama walking around completely unfazed with Hinata randomly attached to his body 
  • Kageyama likes to watch Hinata sleep and listens carefully to every strange thing he bubbles like his life depends on it 
  • On the topic, ask Suga about that time they thought it was a good idea not to make them sleep next to each other during the summer training camp it’s another great story of horror and bloodshed
  • That night, the Karasuno team learned that no matter how mad they are at each other, no matter if they don’t talk to each other, Hinata needs Kageyama’s heartbeat under his cheek to fall asleep as much as Kageyama needs Hinata’s light weight on his chest
  • They still race each other on the way to school. After all this time? Always. 

A bunch of doodles of An and A!Sans I did for my dear waifu’s birthday ~ 

An belongs to @psukho​ and me 
Apocalyspe!Sans  belongs to the lovely @paintingit


Finally, you’re an adult ! I’m so proud of you !! 

I wish I was here with you to cut and eat the cakes (again, our mum is incredible) and sing meme songs while dabbing or else…. You’re a wonderful person, PT. I know you’ll maybe cry by reading all of this but I won’t stop. Sadistic waifu, remember ? 

You’re wonderful…. But also amazing, awesome, full of kindness and you’re so funny ! Incredible, sweet, with pretty platypus eyes, beautiful, helpful and you’re always here when something’s wrong… How do you do this ? I’ve said it already a million times, but I’ll never say it enough… Thank you ! 

Thank you for staying determined despite everything ; thank you for waking up at 3am (geez…) when I have an exam or just because you want to say “Mornin ~ !” ; thank you for being such a sweet and cute person that will check if I’m fine all the day ; thank you for sharing your art, it’s stunning ! I can’t get tired of it, it’s trully beautiful ; thank you for telling me if you’re down and letting me try to cheer you up ; thank you for trusting me ; thank you for making me smile everyday, every second ; thank you for trying french and making me laugh, it’s adorable, you’re great ; thank you for your answers to the rp, it's…. wow ! ; thank you for the flirtship ; thank you for believing in me that much, I can allow me to believe I can do it ; thank you for the memes ; thank you for not giving up ; thank you for taking care of your family ; thank you for the pictures of your cats when I wake up ; thank you for all the time you take to spam me with compliments ; thank you for not caring too much about all the english mistakes there will be in that text ; thank you for always being so enthusiastic ; thank you for loving my art ; thank you for being such a caring friend, you’re my sunshine ; thank you for being alive ; thank you for being you ; thank you for loving me that much ; thank you.. 

Just thank you. 

And happy birthday from your sappy flower ! 

(Thank you for our little rp at night) And I promise, one day <3

Stop calling her pretty. She isn’t ‘pretty’. Pretty doesn’t even begin to describe her. She is so much more than that. She is kind hearted and heartbroken, gentle and dangerous, an angel one day and a she devil the next, intelligent yet silly, hilariously funny yet devastatingly sad, she is passion personified as a human being. Pretty isn’t even close. She’s a supernova that trails stardust in her wake, a constellation of contradictions plucked from outer space. And all you can think to call her is 'pretty’.
—  Pretty isn’t a Pretty Word | Nikita Gill
Bruised and Battered Part 2

Sam, Dean x Reader (Friends, soon to be more)

1250 Words

Story Summary: Being friend with Sam and Dean Winchester had been the best part of your life. But then they were gone, and you had nothing to distract you from the physical and verbal abuse from your parents. Years pass, and your parents suddenly vanish. When Sam and Dean come help to find them, you aren’t sure what they will do when they discover your dark past.

A/N: Mentions of Abuse. Also, sorry this one is shorter than I wanted, but at least I got something out!! Now I’m going to fall asleep and hope I feel better!

Read Part 1

With your legs tucked underneath you, you continued to stare out the window of the Impala, watching as trees and buildings sped past you, nothing but a blur. Your mind a million miles away as you thought about what lay ahead. If your parents were still alive, and whether you cared if they were dead.

Truthfully, that part of you was numb. Your parents had treated you so horribly, that you weren’t sure if you wanted them back or not. Sure, they were your parents, and you should love them no matter what. But this might be the break you were looking for. Feeling horrible for thinking that way, you quickly brushed away a spare tear, amazed that even after everything you had gone through you could still cry.

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EXO’s Reaction to You Laughing All the Time


Although a quiet person, Xiumin would enjoy your constant laughter and giggling. He’d occasionally shoot you a funny face from across a room, just to see you try to conceal your amusement while in public. It would become a challenge to see if he could get you to burst out laughing without saying anything.


Usually laughing in most situations, Chen would feed off of your happiness and giggling and only laugh more. You two would frequently complain about your stomachs and cheeks hurting when you were together because of the constant cackling and snorting that would arise out of seemingly nothing.


Instead of just laughing with you, Baekhyun would be the cause of most of your laughter, loving the way you reacted at everything he did. He’d make you laugh until your stomach hurt and tears were rolling down your cheeks. Your constant giggling and chuckling would definitely bring out his extra-side.


An actual laughbox himself, Chanyeol would frequently be smiling around you, laughing himself just because you were. He’d never get annoyed by your constant amusement at everything happening, enjoying how carefree and happy you were. 


Though Lay’s a generally quiet person, your constant laughter would bring out his more playful side. He’d frequently (and usually unintentionally) make you laugh with an expression or action just because he enjoyed your giddiness so much. Though he sometimes wouldn’t know what made you laugh, he’d smile all the same.


Not much of a jokester, your snorting and giggling would bring out D.O’s more playful side. He’d call your name and, as soon as you made eye contact, would pull a ridiculous face, smiling at your laughter. He’d end up laughing because you were laughing, which would make you laugh harder, and it would turn into a giant circle.


In charge of being the funny one in EXO (or so he proclaims), Suho would be ecstatic at your excited reactions to all of his ridiculous dad jokes. He’d frequently tell them at the randomest times just to see you break out into snorts and chuckles at his ridiculousness, all while he sat with a proud smile. 


Already a pretty giggly fella, Kai would feed off of your giggling and laugh along with you. You wouldn’t even be able to remember what you were laughing about in the first place, but wouldn’t be able to stop as your cheeks began to hurt. You wouldn’t even have to say anything; you’d make eye contact from across a room and immediately start giggling at each other.


Not much for random spurts of giggling, Sehun wouldn’t be able to hide his smile as you broke out into laughter for the fourth time that morning at him tripping over himself in the kitchen. He wouldn’t necessarily join in on your laughing, but would continue to watch and maybe “trip” again just to see your reaction.

Hey maybe we should go back to liking video games we want to like and maybe stop harassing people who like them or shaming people for liking certain games. It’s been pretty bad on on this website lately and I see a lot of people feeling bad for liking games or being excited for games that others keep bringing down. Be nice to each other. Let people be excited and happy if it isn’t harming anyone.

It’s International Fanworks Day, which means it’s time for another rec list! I read so much fanfic (so much) but here’s just a select few for some of the pairings that I’ve been reading for this past year that I love very much.


Easy Work for Easy Pay by AustinB

Bucky gets assigned to (babysit) catch Steve up on everything that he missed while being stuck in the ice. In which things are a little bit different but will always end up somewhat the same. This fic makes you feel shit whether it’s happy or sappy or angsty (and oh god does it hurt so good) you kiddies better strap in for the roller coaster, cuz it’s worth it.

Sparked Up like a Book of Matches by Sena

Steve keeps seeing Bucky out the corner of his eye, and he’s not completely sure if he’s going insane or not. The author captures the character’s voices incredibly well, especially cynical depressed Steve who just wants some more of Tony’s super alcohol. The historical aspects are obviously well researched, and the sass is phenomenal.

4 Minute Window by Speranza

Bucky wants to get Steve out, and Steve wants nothing more than to let him. Thus begins a twisted game of cat and mouse and spider. The fic does a great job of playing both sides, showing you how desperately Steve just wants to be with Bucky, but also the logic behind his friend’s choices when trying to keep him safe.


The Mating Dance of Wolf and Fox by epithalamium and TheCatOnTheMoon

Everyone at MI6 adores Q, sees him like their precious little brother they just have to feed and protect. Which normally isn’t a problem until the agents find out that Q watches their honeypot missions. Like, the whole mission. Needless to say, shit gets crazy. Full of wonderful references and hilarious banter, along with an MI6 civil war over protecting Q’s virtue.

Wheelhouse by recrudescene

Bond isn’t used to sleeping with people and them not dying afterward. So of course he goes a bit overboard once he sleeps with Q. Absolutely adorable.

The Inevitability of Time by dhampir72

This shit had me fucked up for weeks afterward. The soulmate AU that ruins your life. God I love this one so much. I cried like a bitch and I was happy about it. If you read nothing else for the rest of your life at least read this.


Souls Bond, Hearts Follow by dianamoth

Soulmate AU where partners are spiritually linked with empathetic abilities. Yuuri is pretty quick on the uptake, Victor not so much. Still, that doesn’t stop this fic from being unbearably cute. So pure, so fluffy.

Victor Effing Nikiforov by shysweetthing

Yuuri manages to not actually bomb Nationals so he ends up at Worlds with everyone’s faves once again. He still doesn’t remember the banquet though, which makes all of his current social interactions…interesting. Terribly cute and so funny, the irony is played out perfectly.

A Silhouette of Three by arctic_grey

A/B/O where Yuuri realizes he’s pregnant halfway through qualifiers but desperately wants to finish out his final season anyway. The anxiety Yuuri feels while trying to keep his secret is tangible throughout the fic. It’s a tear jerker every time I read it.


Mirrors by lacemonster

Dick desperately wants to prove to Bruce that’s he’s old enough to be trusted on bigger missions, and Bruce desperately doesn’t want anything to happen to his ward. The characterization for this is spot on, especially for early Batman and Robin who are still figuring things out. I absolutely adore the way the nuances of their relationship are handled here.

A Half-Laugh and a Half-Moan by kasuutan

Suddenly everyone is dressing up like Batman and Robin to get it on with their significant other because Cosmo told them to, and it’s mortifying, but also, admittedly, worth a try. This fic is hilarious, especially because Bruce and Dick aren’t even together yet when it starts. The irony is oh so sweet.

Hanging Work by cereta

What if instead of being taken in by Bruce, Dick is taken in by Selena? A long, well fleshed out universe that is certainly worth the build up (can anyone say slow burn? cuz my god). The relationships and characterization in this are incredibly well done.


You Can’t Escape Arkham by animegoil

Tim is obviously suffering after his short stint in Arkham, and Kon just wants to help. Tim, however, doesn’t want to burden him. This fic angsts so good, and you can feel how much the two boys care about one another, even if Tim sometimes has trouble showing it.

Perennial by glymer

What if instead of Gotham, Tim grew up in a small town in Kansas? Kind of a high school AU but also so much more. What if Kon was still Superboy but Tim was just Tim, still as incredibly smart and determined as always. Long as fuck, but these boys are so sweet on each other.

The Mystery of the Superboy Shirts by Aviatricks

Where does Conner get all of his Superboy shirts from? Is there a factory somewhere? What are the health benefits for working there? These are questions Tim needs the answers to, and he has an idea of how to get them. So adorable and fluffy, these boys are precious.

So… I’ve been seeing this post going around

Pretty much if you think it’s “funny” or agree with it… you’re trash. Only bullies attack someone based on how they look.

Also y'all clearly never saw the movie bc I’m pretty sure the people who thought the hunchback was “ugly” were the villains in the story.

This isn’t just about Charlie (because when you call a character ugly who isn’t made up to look a certain way… you’re calling the actor ugly.) this is about anyone.

Plain and simple, it’s not funny to call people ugly or attack their looks, it’s gross and shows more of how ugly YOU are on the inside.

Bad Intentions Pt. 2 (Preview)

(Gif not mine)

Read Part 1 here

Vampire Taeyong x Vampire Reader

Genre: College au!, fantasy, smut, fluff

Here’s a short preview of part 2 of Bad Intentions! The full thing is still currently in the works (word count I’m at right now is 8k before smut) but I thought I’d let you read a little preview of what’s to come! Thank you all for being so patient and I hope to have the full fic out asap! It’ll be worth the wait I promise!

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i have two guy friends who have very similar personality traits to eric and dylan so here’s some headcanons based off of real life experiences


- will never tell you when he’s having problems or if he’s sick. like ever. for some reason he likes to suffer alone?? you’ll only know he had surgery because he’ll text you weird shit while he’s high on drugs and then have to explain himself the next morning

- is the most sleep deprived person on earth and overworks himself. constantly taking late night shifts and is completely out of it half the time

- the most painfully shy person alive. literally. this boy will not talk to you unless you approach him first, and even then you will have to initiate all conversation for like the first few weeks of talking to him

- once you’ve actually become close friends to him, he’s THE SWEETEST GUY ALIVE he’s so selfless and caring and is honestly such a gem. will walk you back to your house if you’re afraid of going alone in the dark

- a great listener. gives surprisingly good advice?? also is really fun to have conversations with once he’s let his wall down bc he’s really smart and has cool insight on music and politics and LiFe and such

- the BEST GIFT GIVER ALIVE. holy shit. spends WAY too much money and makes you feel inadequate. remembers things you said offhandedly in a conversation five months ago and buys exactly what you wanted. also really sentimental? like he’ll buy you a star and shit

- hates taking selfies or having his photo taken. you seriously have like one photo of him and you’ve been friends for three years. is he a cryptid?? who knows

- if you end up dating him, then prepare for him to reveal his Secret Goofy Side™ and to just send you nonstop memes

- he’s always worried he’s annoying you, so if you’re the type of person that is also afraid that all your friends secretly hate you, you will both be constantly reassuring each other that you actually enjoy each others company 

- a great friend to make offhanded jokes about wanting to kill yourself and disappear into the void with bc like,,, he Relates

- he’s Too Nice and people will take advantage of his kindness

- if he hates something or is annoyed, he’ll suffer in silence for a long time before eventually reaching his limit and starting to mutter insults under his breath

- he gets genuinely upset that his dog doesn’t seem to like him

- you have to remind this boy to eat bc he gets so wrapped up in his thoughts that he’ll forget like TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF DUMBASS

- when he gets sad you wouldn’t ever really be able to tell except that he gets a little quiet and more pensive than normal

- he doesn’t smile that often, so when he does, you feel proud of yourself for making this ACTUAL HUMAN EMBODIMENT OF SUNSHINE happy


- if you don’t know him, he’s intimidating as fuck. like he glares at everyone, and gives off a vibe of Rebellion™ constantly. wears edgy t-shirts. does not hesitate in telling people he doesn’t like to go fuck themselves

- has anger issues and a huge problem with authority. if he feels like a teacher has a power complex or that they’re emotionally abusing students he will tell them TO THEIR FACE

- because of this, he gets detention a lot, adding to the intimidation factor. never actually shows up though, will drive off campus to get fast food instead

- is THE ACTUAL SMARTEST GUY ALIVE!!! but you would never know if you weren’t friends since he kinda keeps to himself. frustrating because he will fail classes on purpose if he doesn’t like the teacher, but is smarter than literally everyone else at school

- once you’re friends with him, his demeanor does a full 180. like holy shit. turns into the biggest lovable dork alive

- constantly tripping over himself. his legs don’t work. i don’t know what else to say

- treats his girlfriend like a princess. constantly planning fancy dates and helping your mom out with dinner. the type of guy to actually remember your anniversary and to pick you up from work and stuff

- kind of a closet nerd that is obsessed with video games, post apocalypse books, and d and d

- if you’re friends with him, he is the SWEETEST AND MOST CARING GUY!! like if you tell him you’re sad, he will drive over to your house to talk even if it’s super late. the kinda guy to bring you a hershey bar when you’re having cramps

- goes on so many rants. literally half of your conversations are just him ranting about INJUSTICES and POLITICS and HOW MUCH HE HATES [fill in the blank] but honestly its pretty endearing

- gets so mad if he finds out one of his friends is being bullied or sexually harassed. will go up to said harasser and tell them to stop or he’ll kick their ass

- if you somehow piss him off, you won’t know what hit you. he will GHOST THE FUCK OUT OF YOU and leave you on read until you figure out he hates you now and will never tell you why

- a total latch key kid. somehow did a great job raising himself?? like he pretty much has zero parental guidance and yet still managed to come out of it being the kind of guy who opens doors for people constantly

- actually really funny? like you’ll be laughing so hard you cry

- when he gets sad you can tell because he gets really withdrawn and if you try to pull him out of his funk he gets pissy and yells at you. pls LEAVE HIM ALONE!!

- the type of guy that thinks it’s funny to teach swear words to children

- will take every chance he has to ~make fun of you~ but in a fun way, not maliciously. he constantly rubs people the wrong way because of this though. like he will never forget that time you walked into a glass window at school

Basically, the person responsible for this becoming a thing knows who they are, and it’s all their fault.

Summary: Shinichi has a magic trick, and for once, Kaito is the one who needs to figure out how it’s done. (Implied KaiShin).

“Hey Hakuba,” Shinichi says one day when they sit down for lunch, “you want to see this magic trick I’ve been working on?”

Opposite the seat Shinichi is sat at, Kaito lets out a small snicker, leaning forward on the table to glance between the detectives.

“You can’t do magic tricks,” the magician claims, resting his chin on his hand, “you don’t have the imagination. Detectives can’t perform magic.”

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anonymous asked:

may I please have some headcanons on the first time the boys get fully drunk around Candy? (so essentially more than the buzzed the boys were during Iris' party)

of curo se naon xpp i’ lbov wrtign v head cnaos of thec gyz being c dRINuk thyref vry funny 3 wry te  ty smmmm for asski-//shot

Ok I should stop and start writing these. They’re not gonna be super detailed though - it’ll be the types of drunks and how they’d act ?? they’re pretty short anyways so. Enjoy.

And wait a second I thought nath was the only one that got kind of drunk but not really ??


  • Seriously, Nath is the annoying drunk.
  • Slowly built up on getting drunk he didn’t just swallow and swallow…kept on building.
  • Probably got a little too into the fruit punch and started acting a little too carefree. 
  • Very sluggish speech, carries words on a lot.
  • Complains about all types of lights and noise - goodness someone just take him out.
  • Clings onto Candy a lot, usually by her waist or just hugs from behind like “Caaaandy when are we gonna go hooome?”
  • Such an ufking kid someone please throw him.
  • Very loose like he’s super loose, as in the wobbly drunk - the type that walks kinda weird and doesn’t walk straight.
  • Goes shirtless, the only thing that Melody approves of about this.
  • Tries to grab Candy onto the dance floor, can’t move to the rhythm.
  • Honestly ?? who knew how loose Nath could be 
  • Tries to dance on the dance floor, is pretty good but is actually very…strange.
  • Hiccups a lot in his speech, wraps his arms around everyone - even Castiel.
  • Will honestly regret all of his decisions after this.


  • A whining drunk, that’s for sure.
  • Face would be red the majority of the time, he probably drank a cup or two on a dare.
  • His speech is good enough to make out but crappy enough not to want to hear.
  • Leaves Candy a lot. Such as if she held his hand, he wanders off - probably into a wall, let’s be real.
  • Obviously his hair is up he keeps on sweating rain and is just not ?? someone to be around with
  • Not a violent drunk someone could say they wanna fight and he’d say “Later”.
  • Still recognizes who Lysander is and Lys, for once, wishes he didn’t.
  • Talks about a lot of weird stuff in his relationship, Candy needs to shut him up sometimes.
  • Randomly calls people attractive. Said this once to Amber and she took it to heart like an idiot
  • Doesn’t dance, it makes his headache even worse - more than it already is.
  • Hiccups a lot in mid-sentence around Candy-
  • Tries to tell her dirty jokes but always mixes them up.
  • Probably knocked himself out about an hour after he got drunk.
  • Speaks his mind a bit too much like - he’ll tell Candy how hot she is legit in front of everyone.
  • Has the WORST hangover out of everyone.


  • The sleepy drunk that complains about everything since they want sleep.
  • Hair would be messier around the edges to reflect on his drinking.
  • Mouth is probably drifted open, hard breathing.
  • Blushes the majority of the time - like tell him a joke he doesn’t get, he’ll laugh.
  • NEVER loses his notepad now there’s definitely something up with him.
  • Whines about wanting to have sleep, is like a little brother around Candy.
  • Sitting next to Candy ?? He’d wrap his arms around her neck and make sure to have one hell of a grip around her. 
  • Best to have him on Candy’s lap while getting pet, it’ll keep him quiet. 
  • Doesn’t dance, it’s too tired and doesn’t like dancing in front of others in general.
  • Wants nothing more but to go home and sleep with Candy, let him go home with his woman pls.
  • Has a very sluggish voice and often has some empty cup in his hand. 
  • Influenced either by Candy daring him or his peers, he wouldn’t drink by himself in general like that.
  • Falls asleep about 2 hours later after complaining about wanting to sleep the whole time.
  • Has the worst headache and doesn’t get up the next day.


  • The kid drunk that literally has no idea what’s going on but wants to do it anyway.
  • Has such an annoying smirk on his face alongside some blush. 
  • If Candy tried to touch him or kiss him he’d be like “Wait - no, I have a girlfriend”. Candy can’t tell if she’s proud or not.
  • The one dude that starts a dance fight to some weird electro songs. 
  • Probably tries to flirt with Candy, leaning on the table, and slipped off and fell. But still won’t touch her.
  • Touches no one or anything, except that red cup in his hand.
  • Has fallen down once or twice, or just mainly anytime he thinks straight.
  • Will openly talk about his “crush” Candy and how amazing she is. 
  • Has a deep groggy voice, mixture of sexy and dumb tbh.
  • Doesn’t even touch Candy because, again, he has “a girlfriend” he can’t seem to see that IS Candy.
  • Very unbalanced, Alexy tries to restrain him on the couch with some spoon or stick he found.
  • Probably regrets SOME things he did but not all of it. Probably regrets not making out with Candy with such a valid excuse let’s be real-
  • Ends up vomiting most of the day.


  • The tough…but not really tough drunk. 
  • Very confrontational and vocal, though he’s usually more humble - he’s out of this league this time.
  • Very groggy, tries to flirt with Candy but is just in a mixture of ‘wtf’ and ‘what in the actual fuck’.
  • Will seriously ask to fight anyone, Candy has had to pull his arm and say “He doesn’t mean it”. 
  • Doesn’t dance, makes him dizzy.
  • Actually swears…not often but more as in to express his “anger”.
  • Seriously he’s a very weird drunk, one second he’s whining - the next he’s just wants to fight.
  • Gives very sloppy kisses to Candy, looks like a sad kid if she rejects him. 
  • Drank in a dare. There’s no way that this boy would intentionally drink like this.
  • Lays around a lot, usually across the whole couch.
  • Mentioned earlier, Kentin would be suuuper moody like - “You wanna square up??” to “Why do fireflies die so soonpls get my ref.
  • Probably fainted.
  • Is the sickest of sick back at home, swears he’ll never do something as stupid as that ever again in his teenage life.
The Uries- Brendon and Sarah Urie (poly)

“Go I’ll be fine. God sometimes I feel like you guys think I have to be watched.” you said pushing Brendon and Sarah out the door.

“You sure, you can come with us if you want.” Sarah offered.

“No, it’s your anniversary, go enjoy yourselves. I’ll be here when you get back.” you said.

“Okay, fine, if you insist. Love you babe.” Brendon said kissing you.

“Love you too. Now go before I lock you out.” you said and they both laughed and walked to the car.

It was Brendon and Sarah’s 4 year wedding anniversary and they felt bad leaving you at home. Being in a polyamorous relationship with them was the best thing you could ever ask for. You were friends with Sarah for years and when she met Brendon and married him you were in a relationship with an abusive boyfriend. One night after a huge fight you called Sarah and Brendon showed up to get you because she was out of town.

On the ride back to their place Brendon was really comforting. You had always had a crush on him and Sarah knew it. Long story short you ended up staying with them for the next 2 months. One night you were all hanging out and they brought the idea of you joining the relationship. At first you were shocked but they told you how much they liked you and now 2 years later you’re happily in love.

You plopped down on the couch and Penny and Bogart joined you. This was the first time all day you were alone and you had some emotions building up inside you. All day people were wishing Brendon and Sarah a happy anniversary. That wasn’t the thing that was bothering you, it was the people who were being mean to you.

You saw that two of the trending hashtags were #brendon&sarahgoals and #Y/Ndoesn’tdeservethem on twitter.

The scrolled through and saw that the #brendon&sarahgoals was filled with pictures of them and really sweet tweets from the fans.

Earlier that day you posted a picture on instagram of Brendon and Sarah at their wedding with you as Sarah’s maid of honor. You captioned it with a sweet ‘Hope you have a great anniversary my loves.’

People commented mostly nice things except for the few who said things like ‘when you ruin a perfectly good relationship’ or ‘find your own man.’

You started to scroll throught the #Y/Ndoesn’tdeservethem and started to regret it.

‘Seriously he had something so good and Y/N had to ruin it.’

‘Two beuties and a beast. Guess who the beast is, Y/N. Get someone for yourself.’

‘How slutty do you have to be to need two people. Like she doesn’t deserve them.’

They got worse and worse until you felt a tear stream down your face. You kept torturing yourself by reading all their tweets.

‘They’re right, Brendon and Sarah are so attractive when I’m so ugly’ you told yourself.

It only felt like 20 minutes passed, but when you heard a car pull up and you looked at the time and it had been 4 hours. You were a mess, tears running down your face and stained sleeves from where you wiped away you makeup.

You heard the front door open and knew it was too late to hid away. You laid in the couch, hid your face, and tried as hard as you could to calm down you shaking body from the cry. You faced the inside of the couch and shut your eyes and pretended to sleep.

‘Maybe they won’t even notice.’ you hoped.

You felt the couch move a little and Brendon’s hand and came in contact with your unsteady body.

“Hey there gorgeous.” he said softly “what’s wrong?”

You turned over and he saw your face was all red from crying. You just looked past him and suddenly Sarah came into the room.

“Hey, Y/N what happened?” she asked voice filled with concern.

That’s when the gates of your tears let go. You let them fall down your face as you sat up. Brendon pulled you into his lap and rocked you slowly trying to calm you down. Sarah sat of the side of Brendon and took one of your hands in her’s.

When you finally calmed you asked or your phone and Sarah handed it to you.

You opened twitter and refreshed the #Y/Ndoesn’tdeservethem page.

“Look at Y/N, it’s like playing where’s waldo and always being able to find her.” you said voice shaking and both Brendon and Sarah asked.

You scrolled again.

“Y/N obviously doesn’t see that she’s ruining that relationship. Wouldn’t Brendon propose by now if he actually loved her.” another tear fell from your eyes.

“Y/N stop.”Sarah said reaching to take your phone. You pulled it from her reach and read another one.

“Oh this is my favorite one by far. When will they realized she’s no good. She’s pretty, but Sarah is so hot. Y/N’s not even funny. Brendon you had so much but lost some of it when you let that pig into the relationship” you said barely able to speak at this point.

“Y/N none of this is true.” Brendon said taking your phone and tossing it to the chair across the room.

You went to get out of Brendon’s hold, but her held you tighter.

“We love you so much, even when you think we don’t. You’re so caring and fucking hilarious. They don’t know you like we know you.” Brendon said rubbing your back soothingly.

“Y/N don’t tell me you believe any of these are true. You’re so beautiful, you’re a great person, and my best friend. No matter what I love you.” Sarah said.

Once you finally calmed down you looked down at the floor.

“Sorry for ruining your anniversary.” you said softly.

“No, no Y/N you didn’t ruin it.” Sarah said quickly.

“Babe, we came home early so we could see you. We missed you and it was boring without you there to make us laugh.” Brendon said kissing the top of your head.

“Let’s go to bed.” Sarah suggested offering you a hand and pulling you up to your feet.

“I’ll meet you guys in there, I have something to take care of.” Brendon said standing from the couch and handing you back your phone.

You headed to the room and washed your face off in the bathroom. You felt Brendon wrap himself around you.

“You’re beautiful, you know that right?”

“I’ve been told a few times.” you said turning around to kiss him.

He pulled away from you and smiled. He dropped to one knee infront of you and pulled something out of his pocket.

“Y/N, I love you, actually we love you.” he said gesturing to where Sarah was standing in the doorway smiling like crazy. “We wanted to make this day not just about you, but about you too. So from now on as we grow old, me and Sarah’s wedding anniversary will also be marked as the day I proposed to you. All you have to do is say yes, so Y/N Y/L/N will you marry me?”

You shook your head yes and a tear fell for your eye. This time is was a tear of Joy.

Brendon stood and slipped the ring on your finger before wrapping you in a tight hug.

“Sarah did you get a picture?” Brendon asked letting you go from his hug.

“Yup, you both look great in it.” she smiled.

“Good. now both of you get some sleep, we’re celebrating tomorrow. I’ll join you in a few minutes.” he said and both you and Sarah headed to the bed.

“Welcome to the Urie world Y/N. I’m glad we’ll be sharing a last name together.” she said kissing you on a the cheek.

Laying down on your side of the bed you covered yourself in the warm blankets. You were just getting comfortable when your phone dinged. You reached for it and saw that Brendon had posted a picture on instagram.

You opened your phone and saw the picture was a selfie of Sarah and him at the jewelry store holding the ring smiling excitedly. You swiped to the left to the second picture which was of you standing in the bathroom and Brendon down on one knee. You smiled at the pictures then read the caption he wrote

‘2 weeks ago me and Sarah search high and low for a perfect ring for a perfect woman. We found the one and for 2 weeks we had to keep this secret from Y/N, which was one of the hardest things to do. Today 4 years ago I married the love of my life Sarah and today I got to propose to the other love of my life. Sarah and I are so excited to make Y/N officially a Urie. Love you two to the moon and back twice. Welcome to the Urie train Y/N, love you beautiful.’

You looked up from your phone with tears in your eyes and saw that both Sarah and Brendon were laying next to you in bed. You put your phone back on the charger and laid into Brendon’s side.

“I love you guys so much. Thank you for everything, I mean it from the bottom of my heart, I love you.” you said kissing each of the.

“Love you too.” Sarah said sleepily.

“I love you Y/N, now sleep, it’s been an emotional night. Just know I’ll always be there for you.”

You laid back down and closed your eyes.

“Wouldn’t doubt that ever.” you said and fell asleep.

Although people didn’t really like you or the idea of Brendon being with two women, you loved both of them. You couldn’t wait to see what the future was for the three of you.

Big birthday bash - Zach Dempsey

Originally posted by alltimewolf

Word count: 1511

Request: Do you accept imagine requests? Can I request an imagine where you’re Zach’s girlfriend and because of a special day (your birthday or anniversary. Something like that) he takes you on a roadtrip. Just something really cute and lots of fluff. I’ll let you decide how you want to the story to go :) Thank you in advance and I just want to say that I really love the stories you’ve written so far and please keep up with the good work!!!

You were stretching out in your bed when your little brother ran in and jumped on your bed.

“It’s your birthday! It’s your birthday! It’s your birthday!” He shouted making you fully awake in less than a minute. Your little brother loved you so much and you loved him, you just didn’t want him to grow up and become such a stupid teenage boy as most of the boys you knew.  He sat next to you and handed you a big envelope.

“I made you this.” He said very proud. When you opened it you saw the big drawing he made. You were looking at it carefully but when you looked at him you saw how excited he seemed to explain you his drawing.

“It’s beautiful, do you want to explain it?” you smiled while you pulled him in for a hug.

“Soo this is you, with your y/h/c hair and your crown because it’s your birthday, and this is meee holding your balloons and this one is Zach, you see because he reallyyy tall and muscly.” He said while pointing to the little humans he had drawn. “ and here are all the fishes from when went to the aquarium. Do you remember? it was the best day of my life!” Your little brother loved your boyfriend Zach. They played basketball together, he helped your little brother to get his first girlfriend and all those cute things. They were adorable together. You were still listening to your brother when you heard a knock on your bedroom door. When you looked at your door you saw Zach’s  walk inn your room with a huge bouquet of roses making your heart melt. You stood up but your little brother was faster. He jumped up and hugged Zach immediately. Zach sat down next to him in squatting position.

“I bought these for your beautiful sis, do you want to give them together?” he said. You brother nodded heavily so they held the roses together and gave them to you. There was a little card hanging on it wishing you a happy birthday an telling you you were the best girlfriend in the world and he never wanted to lose you.

“They are beautiful! Thank you so much!” You said before kissing Zach.

“Your mom is making breakfast for you downstairs. My plan isss let’s eat first, then you can get ready. You’ll need a bag with your bathing suit, a towel and probably some food.” Zach said.

“A bag? What are we doing?”

“That’s a surprise sunshine.” Zach said before kissing your forehead.

“Shall we go down already big guy?” he said looking at your brother who went with him immediately, before Zach left your room he threw you a last wink. You quickly grabbed a bra, put on some shorts and went down stairs. Your parents had decorated the house completely with balloons and all these cute pictures from when you were little. Your parents got you a new gopro case you could install on your surfboard, and make cool beach and surf video’s, since you were a determent surfer. After you ate your favourite breakfast, which were pancakes with chocolate ships and strawberries, you got upstairs and packed everything Zach told you to. You wore your favourite dress, which was a black one with a cross over at the back, you did your make up picked out your favourite bathing suit and went down stairs. Zach was stilling talking with your parents when you came downstairs. When he saw you he looked at you front head to toe with his mouth agape.

“You look incredible! Are you ready to go?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be!” you said very excited. You were so happy Zach planned something for your birthday that you couldn’t wait. You hugged your family goodbye and walked towards Zach’s car. he opened the door  for you letting you get in. Zach got in himself.

“Before we leave you have to wear this.” He said while handing you a blindfold.

“So first I have to pack a bag for I don’t know what and now I can’t even watch were we’re going?”

“I told you it’s a surprise.”

“Fineeee.” You said before placing it on your eyes. You had been driving for what you thought had been 10 minutes when you heard the engine turn of. You heard the his door open and close again, you were getting more and more excited when you heard your door open. Zach helped you out and guided you to a noisy place.

“Okay you can look.” When you took of your blindfold you recognised that you were at Rosie’s. you were standing in front of the table were you and Zach had your first date. The table was completely decorated with balloons, again, and in the middle of it your favourite milkshake with 2 straws. Zach told all about why he chose this place and how much he had loved that date. You were over the moon excited he managed to remember the table. The two of you drank the milkshake slowly while holding hands and talking about all the memories from that date. You were loving it. You were back in Zach’s car after 50 minutes of lovely talking and drinking.

“I loved this! Thank you sooo much Zach.” You said while leaning in for a kiss.

“Oh but we’re not done yet, here’s your blindfold again sunshine.” Your eyes grew wide before he put the blindfold back on your head. Zach downloaded your favourite music since this was a longer ride. You were driving for an hour now when same routine happened again. Zach guided you again but this time it was a silent place, while you were walking closer you were starting to hear some waves. When you took of your blindfold you were standing in front of the sea where you tried to teach Zach some surfing and were the two of you kissed for the first time after some play fighting. You couldn’t contain yourself and jumped in Zach’s arms.

“You’re the best, you know that right?” you said overly excited.

“Are we going to swim? Please please please?” you said, sounding a little like your brother.

“Of course we are! Why did you think I let you take a swimsuit with you?” the two of you changed quickly and ran in the water, Zach being the first the fall in it. You were laughing pretty hard when he came back up.

“Oh so that’s funny babe?” he said while walking over to you with a grin on his face. You tried to run but Zach was faster. He picked you up very easily and walked over to a deeper area. You kept begging him to not drop you suddenly but of course there was no stopping him anymore. The two of you swam for 2 maybe 3 hours. You enjoyed being in the water so much and Zach was completely aware of that. After you finally got out, dried yourselfs of and changed again it was 6 pm. You got in the car thinking you were heading home now.

“Okay babe here’s your blindfold one last time.”

“Really? Another surprise?” you said surprised.

You knew what would happen by now. Zach would play your favourite music, he got out the car, helped you out and guided you again. But this time the place was extremely silent.

“I need you to keep your blindfold one for another babe.” He said while walking away.

“Zach! Zach! Don’t leave me here alone!” you shouted, but before you knew it he was already behind you again. You felt Zach place a necklace around your neck before taking your blindfold of. You immediately looked at it. it was a gold heart with his name on it.

“Oh god! This is beautiful Zach. I love you so much.” you said while turning around and kissing him. Suddenly you realised you were on another spot Zach brought you. You turned around to see a romantic table with candle lights and roses.  Could your birthday be more perfect?

“Zach this is the sweetest thing someone ever did to me!”

“And you deserve it fully y/n, you make me a better person. You make me be the best version of myself and I can’t thank you enough for it. every day you make me laugh and you remind me of how much I’m loved. I couldn’t wish for more!” Zach said before pulling you in for a deep kiss and that’s how you got in the night. You ate some delicious food and watched the stars together before you rode back home. Zach had managed to convince your mom so he could stay the night. So after an amazing day full of great memories and new memories you had the chance to fall asleep in the arms of the love of your life. You wouldn’t want to spent your birthday in any other way. Zach was a keeper and you knew it damn good.

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Nanbaka but with vine accounts!

people mostly follow him because he is adorable, not because of his content, but one day he finds out about face distortion filters and he cracks up completely - his laugh is so addicting and catchy. Also, Kuu

really popular, defiently among the top viners, his accent draws everyone in and his humor is regocnizable by a mile. Defiently equally popular by woman and men, he is too pretty - AND SINGLE HAVE U H E A R D - stop him


Food porn. A lot of that. Also muscles. Like gdi he’s hot and can cook?? Amazingly popular too.


a lot of anime remixes at first, but then got popular when he went to an anime convention with his amazing cosplay, everybody’s jealous of his skill and beauty, why is an angel?


doesn’t have one, but Mitsuru sure spams his enough with Hajimes face, most heard phrase is “GDI MITSURU WHO LET HIM HAVE A VINE ACCOUNT GET THAT CAMERA OUT OF MY FACE”


just. vine king. More popular than Uno. He is spamming his with annoyingly catchy and funny vines and annoys the others with his following them. Makes the best weird faces


his reaction time is hilariously slow, so the others use him for their vines and he doesn’t know


50% him surprising other people, 50% other people tripping (but mostly poor upa)


gets back at Liang with scarecams, otherwise obsolete


plant porn, it doesn’t know if the viewer hates flowers or is allergic, they like flowers now


that one super aggressive chinese guy, everyone fears him when he comes near, tells short stories with weird filters


90% of his comments are “how is this a boy gdi”, he is super adorable and popular with everyone, and the only viner Hajime won’t push away


“So as I was SayING” - no one ever lets him vine in peace


70% him being pretty, 30% stupidly hilarious shit


dramatical reenactions of conversations he’s overheard and trois helps


aggressively lip syncing his always changing favourite songs


Fucking height jokes.
Too many. Stop him. Also puns

*Dramatically zooming in on other people and himself*

Films himself being done with everyone else


right there beside Houzuki. How are they both so pretty


actual dancing vines that are goals tbh


she’s the one filming the others making fools of themselves. Pretty funny and super hot, what more could you want?