so pretty even though with short hair

cute things about girls!

- their skin glows, and sometimes there’s glitter!

- they share their favorite songs with you!

- sometimes you see a girl and she’s so beautiful you can’t believe she’s real!

- they always smell nice! whether it’s their shampoo, lip gloss, body lotion or perfume!

- when they hug you everything is okay again!

- when the sunlight shines on their hair and eyes and they look like angels!

- they paint each other’s nails! they send each other heartfelt gifts! they compliment each other!

- girls can pull off any style! dresses, suits, flannel, bomber jackets… all pretty!

- when they sing or hum along to the radio!

- they blush easily!

- they look great with both short and long hair, and with any hair color! 

- when you need help they’re always there!

- being with them, even though you’re both doing nothing, makes your day!

- spending time with them is so healing!

- they make other girls feel amazing about their body and talents despite having their own insecurities!

- rosy cheeks! pretty eyes! soft hair! marshmallow heart!

- they are so strong! they stand up for themselves! they protect each other! they fight for what they believe in!

- they give you confidence! they help you overcome your fears! they are a role model to you!

- very generous when sharing their food with you!

- their smiles are so sweet! their laughs make your heart melt!

- they are so pretty and kind and great! every girl is a work of art, the world is so lucky to have them!

Why all of the Disney princesses are awesome

Snow White

- was a survivor of attempted murder, and was resilient to not let that horrid and traumatizing event bring her down or let it ruin her life

- was a victim of emotional abuse, and didn’t let the abuse get to her

- would save a baby bird from danger and make sure it found it’s parents

- knows how to hold a rocking party with friends


- survivor of emotional abuse from her stepmom and stepsisters for many years, and stayed kind towards others

- despite her family treating her so wrongly and poorly, she just wanted to spend a night with them and have fun with them, and just be like a normal family “ Prince Charming, who “ ?????

- she’s sassy as fuck “ Well I don’t want to interrupt their “music lesson “ during her stepsisters bad singing

- even though she had a short time to be at the ball, she was grateful for the opportunity anyways


- Gives up her happiness, to perform her duty as a princess for her kingdom and her kingdom’s future and knows that she must do her job as a princess. That’s pretty brave and selfless.

- that gorgeous blonde curly hair !!!!


- she’s the first Princess that goes forward to make her dreams come true, rather than just wishing, hoping and waiting.

- she’s adventurous, curious, loves to explore, learn about new things and new cultures and new world

- she’s the first Princess to save her love interest, but once, but twice


- different, odd and a misfit from the common crowd and gives no fucks

- “ Women shouldn’t read “ Well shut the fuck up, I’m going to do what I love and enjoy anyways.

- takes no bullshit. You are a asshole ? Got no time for that. She’s outtie.

- sees the good within people, but is also isn’t naive, she knows that some people are just plain monsters, through and through.


- will stand up for her rights, and won’t be pushed around

- is quick, sharp, intelligent and a fast learner

-wants to learn more about the outside world and her people

-if you try and lie to her or manipulate her or treat her like she’s a fool, she’s not having that shit


-will fight for her people, her family, her world, her home, her culture

- she’s the first princess to save the day, not the guy, not a male sidekick, she’s the one the saves the day, while Snow had the Dwarfs, Cinderella had her mice friends, Aurora had Prince Phillip, Ariel had Eric, and Jasmine had Aladdin. ( Belle is debatable imo )

- loves the earth and nature and will protect it from harm


- she saves China, I mean, come on

- she never gives up, no matter what. If she fails, she will just try even harder to succeed and will find a way on how can succeed.

- brave, determined, strong mentally and physically, a kind friend

-teaches girls that it’s okay if you haven’t found yourself yet- if you don’t give up, one day you will, and you will conquer

- pushes gender norms

- another female princess that saves the day, not her male love interest, or sidekicks, is also the first princess to defeat the villian in battle, like a previous male character like Phillip or Eric would


- is hard-working, and never gives up on her dreams, and will work hard to get there

- teaches that dreams are done by sweating your butt off, giving up on fun sometimes, sometimes having to work more than one job, than just wishing and hoping, you have to take action, and make that dream happen

-ambitious and smart and realistic

- teaches that you shouldn’t take a short-cut, find a lazy option, cheat or gamble your way to success, the only to get there is through hard work and effort

- again,another badass princess that saves the day on her own


- is kind to everybody

- is cheerful, positive, warm and supportive towards others, even people who seem “scary “, she knows inside, that we all have dreams

-is brave enough to step outside her  zone and new and strange places and territories

- anger her by harming one of her loved ones and she will fucking tear you apart

- a talented artist

Anna and Elsa

- teaches girls that family love is just as important than romance love, if not more so

- Anna goes through a abusive relationship and isn’t put off love forever, she learns her lesson, doesn’t let Hans bad treatment of her ruin her or let her become a toxic person, like he was, and moves on with a better man, and a healthier relationship

- Elsa goes through basically being locked up with lack of other human contact, fearing her powers and fearing what other people think of, to come out as better and stronger person

- Elsa teaches that sometimes its best not let what others think of you, and just say “ fuck it “ and just be yourself and be free

- Anna teaches the difference between a unhealthy relationship (whirlwind romance,quickly trusting people, getting into a deep relationship with somebody you don’t even know )  and healthy one ( somebody who gives you his jacket when you are cold, holds you close when you are scared, is worried about your well-being, getting to know somebody first before leaping in, somebody who asks for your consent before kissing you, will do anything to make sure you are safe and okay )


- will do anything for her island and people and make sure they’ll all okay

- her leadership skills are A++

- no “ you are forced to marry this boy so you can become his queen”, BS, Moana is the future leader

- is brave to fear the unknown waters, learn new skills, and battle monsters

- is understanding, and understands why somebody acts the way that they do

- is extremely independent

in short, they are all awesome, even the three originals.


..and then they got eaten by mama dragon. the end.

Remember back when I used to draw Acno and Anna as childhood friends and Acno collecting lizards as a hobby? So I was throwing out some things and found some old sketches of this, and since I still have a soft spot for this au why not use them?

Unwanted Attention

Hi guys! This has been in my drafts for ages and I completely forgot about it until yesterday! Hope you enjoy. :)

Plot: Harry has this one friend who loves hitting on Y/N.

Warnings: Curse words and handsy moments while dancing. Nothing smutty and nothing violent though. 

There was something off about Jordan. His icy blue eyes followed my movements like a hawk observing his prey and when he noticed me staring back at him he flashed me one of his sleazy grins. He was a handsome guy, there was no denying that, but from the moment he’d been introduced to me I could sense that he simply wasn’t one to take a hint. It wasn’t even about me being too pretty and him just finding me irresistible, not by any means. It was that Jordan couldn’t bear a girl not wanting him. His brain simply couldn’t comprehend how I hadn’t fallen to his feet yet. I shuddered under his sharp eyes and shrunk further into the warmth of Harry’s side. Harry didn’t look at me but responded by resting his arm around my shoulders and leaning his head against mine momentarily while chuckling along to one of Nick’s jokes, giving me comfort without having even noticed that I needed it. My eyes found Jordan’s once more and my heart dropped when he was still grinning, wider this time and with his brows raised. Almost as if he was trying to say that he accepted the challenge. 

Harry laughed loudly, squeezing me to him and I straightened my posture staring back at Jordan confidently. My hand rested on Harry’s chest, the other arm wrapped around his back and my temple leaned against his arm. I was saying something back clearly. The only reason I was here was Harry and Jordan could fuck off.


It was a friday night what naturally meant that Harry wanted to go out. From the moment I opened the door for him to enter my apartment he’d been talking about nothing else other than this bar which had only just opened in East London. Thanks to his ever charming soul he’d become friends with the owner and owned one of the few invitations to the opening party tonight.

“You’ve got to come with me,” Harry insisted, “Nick and Jordan are coming, too.”

“Sounds like a guy’s night out then,” I murmured, trying to decline his proposal as nicely as I could, “I don’t think I should intervene, Harry.”

“As if you’d intervene,” Harry said quickly, rolling his eyes as if I was being completely absurd, “You couldn’t possibly. C'mon, love, you’ve got to!”

Honestly, a night out with Harry sounded perfect. I loved seeing him dance, hearing him sing and laughing along to all of the silly puns tipsy Harry could come up with. We had spent many fun nights out together, starting with him helping me choose a dress and me painting his nails and ending with the both of us dropping on either his or my bed, too drunk to care about sleeping in our cloths and in each other’s arms.
Harry was the best company and every moment I got to spend with him was one I treasured. I didn’t like having to avoid Harry in order to avoid Jordan, but he’d already invited him and no matter my feelings for Harry, his friend truly was the last person I wanted to spend my night with. But at the same time… ugh.
I groaned and let my head fall back onto the couch, turning to look at Harry who was sprawled out next to me. He wore a hopeful look, his sparkling eyes wide and his lips set in a pout.

“Please,” he whined, “Nick’s been bugging me by calling you ‘Harry’s best friend who never turns up’ and he’s kinda right with it.”

“Oh shut up,” I laughed.

He rolled onto his side and began pulling at my arm, making me lay down as well so we were both facing each other. I hummed when his hand found mine so he could move his thumb over my palm in a soothing motion and I smiled at him lovingly, enjoying to just be able to appreciate him without him noticing, his gaze set on my fingers. His forehead was furrowed and his lips still in a pout, his expression resembling the one of a little boy who failed to understand something.

“We don’t even have to stay long,” Harry mumbled, focus still on my hand, “let’s just go, please.”

“Ugh,” I groaned and let my head drop against his shoulder in defeat, “fine.”

“Yehi!” Harry cheered, surprising me by jumping up with a sudden energy bolt and he threw himself onto my body, not caring one bit that his weight was crushing me.

His lips met the skin of my cheek in a loud kiss and I grimaced, batting his face away while laughing.

“It’s going to be great, you’ll see,” Harry promised, his cheeks stretched in a wide and confident grin.

I smiled and chuckled at how happy and cheery Harry was all of a sudden, but at the same time I couldn’t help a tiny pang of guilt in my tummy. He was thrilled to be going out and looked forward to spending the night with his friends and all I could think about was how this meant I would practically be exposed for Jordan to ogle me all night, silently undressing me with his eyes.
I watched Harry laugh as he went on with a story Jeff had told him and I wrapped my arms around his chest, cuddling into his side and I made a point of humming whenever it fit, letting him know that I was listening. Maybe tonight wouldn’t be all bad, I thought as I noticed the crinkles around his eyes and breathed in his familiar smell. After all, I wouldn’t be alone.


The alcoholic liquid left a heavy taste on my tongue and wrapped my head in a cloudy daze making me dizzy momentarily. My throat burned and I mentally cursed Harry for making me engage in his stupid drinking games. Still, I set the empty glass down only seconds after Harry smashed his own onto the countertop, scoring in second. Harry cheered and let his dimples show when he grinned widely and he held out his hand to high five me just when Jordan and Nick finished their shots too.

“I’d say we all know who’s the winner,” Harry announced proudly with a drop of tequila running down his chin and Nick rolled his eyes.

The bar was as crowded as I had expected it to be on a friday night, causing people to stumble into me whenever someone tried to reach the bar. The music was loud and everyone around us was dancing and laughing, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the building. So far Harry had been right, at least up until a few minutes ago. We’d been drinking good drinks and my tummy ached from laughing so hard at his stupid jokes, so it was hard to deny I was having fun. The best thing was that Jordan hung out with a group of girls for most of the night so far, only joining us minutes ago when he was done bathing in the girl’s attention. I’d lowered my gaze under Jordan’s watchful eyes and had hoped he’d just leave again.
Harry had stayed oblivious to me scooting a little closer to him and so had Nick. Only Jordan had noticed and his eyes had narrowed, never letting me out of sight.

“Such a show off, Styles,” Nick laughed and playfully pushed Harry by his shoulder, “Your victory was a close call between you and your bestie over there so don’t get too cocky.”

“I’m aware,” Harry laughed and send me a proud smile.

I giggled and shrugged, fist-pumping Harry.
He looked incredibly handsome, especially with the newly gained growth of his hair, the stubborn curls already fighting their way back. I knew he missed the length of his hair, but I secretly loved the short strands crowning his head. They were less likely to shield his pretty face from my view. Though I admired him for his effortless attractiveness, it bugged me how he could pull off anything and looked good even with his typical jeans and dad-shirt look. Everything suited him, which was surely caused by his confidence.

“But that’s on me, too,” Harry continued proudly, pushing our used shot glasses together so he could pick them all up in both of his massively big hands, “Who do you think taught her?”

Nick raised both arms with a laugh and looked at me for confirmation. A giggle fell from my mouth at the memory of Harry spending the night at my place many months ago, the counter of my kitchen littered with shot glasses and different spirit bottles as he lectured me on how it was my tongue’s fault that I couldn’t do it right. He’d even argued that the muscle in my mouth must have been to big and that I’d need to move it to the side more. The result of me trying had been a stained shirt and wet chest and of course a laughing Harry, but at least I was good at it now.

“S'true,” I agreed, “You won’t admit it but your instructions only worked 'cause I’m a talented student.”

Harry laughed. “Oh, so my teaching skills are shit, then? S'that what you’re trying to tell me?”

I was about to reply when Jordan’s rough voice interrupted us in a snarl, “Jesus Christ we get it. You guys are fucking each other just stop bullshitting us.”

He rolled his eyes, no humor in his expression and he seemed as if he was completely done with Harry and me. I shook my head and wanted to bite something back, but reconsidered and stayed silent. Harry had been so excited to spend time with his friends, I didn’t want to ruin it by starting a fight.

“Oh, piss off, Jordan,” Harry scoffed with a laugh.

“Oi,” Nick called, raising his brows at me with a teasing grin on his face, “What did I miss?”

He looked at me expectantly as if I was about to tell him the greatest story he’d ever heard. I gave him a playful push back.

“You guys,” I began, “are assholes.”

Harry chuckled, shaking his head, “I’ll get us another round.”

He nodded to the other end of the bar where all of the bartenders were gathered and turned to walk towards it, taking the glasses with him. How the hell could he fit them all in both of his hands? Thinking the same, Nick was quick to offer help and so he was gone and after Harry before I could beg him to stay.
Well… fuck. I was left in the exact situation I’d hoped I wouldn’t be in, one I’d dreaded so much it had made me want to avoid coming here in the first place. Already I could feel Jordan’s creepy vibe on me almost like a haze covering my body and my skin prickled. Silently I climbed to sit on Harry’s barstool, hoping to get away with distracting myself by my phone and to avoid any conversation with the unpleasant guy until my friends returned.

Jordan seemed to have other plans.

“You’re ignoring me now?” Jordan laughed mockingly, “Really? That’s ridiculous of you, doll.”

I tensed at the nickname and bit the inside of my cheek, then I turned off my phone and met Jordan’s eyes. You’re a prick, my head screamed at him and my hands clenched in need to smack his stupid grin off his face.

“How about we just wait in silent for Nick and Harry to come back?” I asked, my voice surprising me with a lot more confidence than I’d anticipated.

Jordan laughed once more, throwing his head back. “Well, I’m a rather vocal guy. You’d know if you’d quit playing hard to get and just give in to me.”

I visibly cringed and jerked back from the guy when he scooted closer, leaning into me so there were only few centimeters separating us. He picked up the abandoned beer bottle he’d been sipping on throughout the night and took two more gulps, allowing his eyes to stay fixated on me. Again he resembled so much a hawk who had found his prey of choice and was not going to stop before he got it.

“So,” He began, voice now sweet like honey, “You’re hooking up with him now, huh?”

I but my lip at the mention of Harry and shrugged his words off with a muttered “no”, raising my head to search for Nick and Harry in the crowd, hoping to see them on their way back. Unfortunately they hadn’t even reached the bartenders yet and when I looked back at Jordan, I could tell we were thinking the same thing. I’d be alone for a while with no one coming to save me.

“Looks like they’re going to be gone for quite a bit,” Jordan commented and he grinned at me, exposing his perfectly white teeth, “would be a shame if we just sat here moping, wouldn’t it?”

“I’m good,” I replied calmly, hoping he would let it go which of course he didn’t.

Jordan stepped closer, titled his head to the side and looked at me closely, similar to how a costumer checks the meat at the butcher’s when selecting what to have. My breath hitched when his fingers rested on my knee and he chuckled, moving them in a scratching motion and squeezing every now and again, making sure he prevented me from moving away. His tongue slipped out, wetting his lips and I pushed his hand away forcefully, only for him to grasp my wrist.

“C'mon,” he announced, pulling me from the stool and to my feet in a swift yank, “If Harry can teach you how to drink with a man, I’ll show you how to dance with one.”

Waiting for an answer or my consent seemed to be a waste of time to him and before I could react he’d pulled me off my stool and away from the bar. Soon we were surrounded by sweating and moving bodies, the music over here so loud I could feel the beat drum through my body. Jordan pulled me further and deeper into the crowd of humping people until he seemed satisfied with our location, far away from the counter to which Harry would return to soon. Jordan came to a swift halt and turned around to face me, releasing my wrist but encircling my waist so quickly I couldn’t move away. His arms tightened and he hummed, pulling me into his body so my chest was pressed against his. My hands settled onto his waist and I tried to push him off with as much strength as I could muster, yet I failed. His skin was hot and sweaty beneath my fingertips and I shuddered upon feeling his breath at my throat when he leaned in. His head pressed against mine and his fingers squeezed my hips.

“Jordan,” I urged into his ear, “let me go.”

Panic started to crawl through every vein of my body until I went rigid and my skin was littered with goosebumps. My throat was dry and all my brain screamed at me to do was to get out of the situation, to run away and hide from this gross man. Only how? His hold on me was too forceful and tight I had no chance of fighting him off. The only people who could help me were Harry and Nick and they had no idea where I was and would surely not be able to spot me in the sea of people either.
Ignoring my request, Jordan grabbed my hips tighter, his hold almost bruising and I gasped in shock when he began to move his own hips forward in a rough thrust, allowing our crotches to meet. I squealed and flinched back immediately, only to be pulled forward and held against Jordan’s body.

“C'mon, babe,” he laughed and repeated the movement of his hips, “Bet you’d let Harry have a go, huh? Why not me? S'it 'cause I’m not as rich as him? Or famous? Trust me babe, I can show you a better time, you’ll see.”

My stomach sunk and I shook my head. Unwanted tears shot to my eyes and spilled over when he moved both arms so he could rest his hands on my back, pushing me against his own body and moving me so I was forced to dance with him. He treated me like I was a doll and that sickened me more than anything.

“Let go,” I demanded, my voice now nothing more than a weak whimper, “You’re hurting me.”

To my great luck one of the girls dancing around us slipped in that moment and tumbled into Jordan, catching him off guard and knocking him right off of me. His arms loosened and I took my chance to push them away before fighting my way through the mass of people and away from him as fast as I my feet could carry me. I didn’t care how ridiculous I must have looked and didn’t stop until my eyes landed on the familiar and comforting sight of Harry and Nick standing at the bar where they’d expected me to wait for them. Neither of them saw me coming and when Harry looked up I had already thrown myself at him, embracing his shoulders tightly.

“Wow,” Harry laughed and Nick chuckled, but I didn’t react and only pushed my face closer into Harry’s warm neck in an attempt at shutting everything around me out.  

My body was still trembling and I swallowed repeatedly to keep stop crying. Only now did it truly sink in how forceful Jordan’s hands had been as I felt his hold on my skin as if it was still there. The skin tingled and burned. Surprised by my sudden neediness Harry wrapped his arms around me loosely and leaned his head against mine, allowing his nose to run along my cheek. With him it didn’t feel threatening or harsh, quite the opposite. With simple touches and without intending it, Harry calmed my distraught emotions.

“What’s wrong?” Harry asked with a gentle hum, amusement clear in his tone.

I just shook my head and loosened my hold on him reluctantly, only enough to not be strangling him. Harry pulled me into his side and held me there, smiling down at me with warmth in his green orbs.

“Where were you anyway?” Nick chuckled in, “We go get drinks for you guys and you reward us by disappearing.”

“There she is!”

Jordan’s voice roared from my right and I whimpered quietly, scooting further into Harry’s arms and away from Jordan. My head turned into his direction and I caught him staring at me with piercing eyes.

“Back with your lover,” he spoke in a chuckle, shaking his head, “fucking perfect.”

My face burned and I clenched my hands into fists. “Go fuck yourself, Jordan.”

Nick’s eyes widened at my sudden outburst and raised voice and he stepped closer. I could feel Harry’s fingers curl against my bare back, yet he didn’t loosen his hold. Instead he turned his body so he was facing Jordan as well and when I looked up his jaw was set and his eyes narrow, yet not at me but at Jordan.

“You guys what is going on?” Nick demanded to know.

Jordan faced Harry’s hard stare. “Have fun with her, I’m done.”

“Excuse me?” Harry demanded perplexed, though I could hear a hint of anger and his body froze.

I let my hand drop and rest against Harry’s chest, earning his attention and shaking my head at him. “Leave it.”

Jordan sighed exasperatedly and rolled his eyes once more. “I need a drink. Let me know when you’re done gawking at each other.”

He stormed off before either of us had a chance to reply. Nick turned to me and Harry let go of his hold so he could look at me as well. Their expression said the same. What on earth had just happened?

“Bloody hell,” Nick blurted, “What was that all about?”

My cheeks still burned and I closed my eyes, brushing against the heated skin of my face as I tried to collect my thoughts and form a proper sentence, one that wouldn’t send Harry off and after Jordan.

“We danced,” I began timidly.

“Yeah, we figured that much,” Nick nodded, “And? What set him off? Your lack of sense for rhythm?”

“Nick,” Harry barked and the smile faded on Nick’s face, slowly realizing the seriousness of the situation.

“Well,” I cleared my throat, “I didn’t exactly want to dance. He sort of made me and I got really uncomfortable after he wouldn’t let go and once he did I came back here. That must have pissed him off.”

“He made you dance?” Harry inquired, his eyes hardened and he held his breath, “How?”

I looked at him hesitantly and bit my lip. There was no easy or harmless way of saying this so I stayed silent all together. Honestly, I felt bad. Though Jordan hadn’t been part of Harry’s friendship group for long, I knew he liked him and me having a problem with Jordan would complicate things.
Harry’s tongue slipped out, wetting his lips. Suddenly his attention fell down to where his hand had subconsciously taken ahold of my wrist. Something in his expression changed and my chest felt tight. Harry’s worried gaze met mine momentarily, then he raised my arm up so he could get a closer look of my skin. One glance sufficed.

Harry’s fingers interlocked with mine and he gave them a gentle squeeze, his eyes full of sudden sadness and set on my face, silently communicating that he was sorry. My eyes watered and I bit the inside of my cheek, my own fingers squeezing his hand reassuringly. It wasn’t Harry’s fault.

“I’m going to kill him,” Harry promised me, voice stern and his eyes wide, “I promise.”

“Wha-” Nick began but Harry interrupted him.

“Her wrist is red, Nick! That’ll bruise for sure! Where else did he touch you, Y/N? Does it hurt?”

“Maybe my hip,” I replied hesitantly, tightening my grip on his hand.

A small noise left Harry’s mouth and he responded by wrapping me into a hug.

“I’m so sorry,” he repeated quietly into my ear, his breath tickling my neck.

“And that was Jordan?” Nick asked form behind me, “I never knew he was such a prick.”

“I did,” I muttered into Harry’s chest, my words quiet but he heard.

Harry’s hands set on my ribs and he slowly pushed me off, careful to be tender. When my eyes met his I shuddered. He looked incredibly angry.

“Are you saying he’s done that before?” Harry growled.

“No,” I replied quickly, “But… he’d stare. Longer than he needed to and especially when I’m with you he wouldn’t stop. And whenever you guys would leave he’d make stupid innuendos.”

Harry shook his head, sighing and closing his eyes momentarily. “I should have noticed.”

A frown took over his face and he pouted, adapting his child-like look and I couldn’t fight the smile from crawling onto my face. I reached out one hand and squeezed his arm.

“Don’t be silly, Harry.”

Nick watched us observantly and nodded. “He’s right though. We should have payed more attention. And I was the one who brought him around for the first time, too. I’m sorry.”

“Wait 'till I get my fingers on him,” Harry promised, his eyes fierce as they locked with mine, “He has no right to so much as think of you in that way, let alone touch you. I won’t have it.”

His head shot up and his eyes searched for Jordan’s face. I shook my head and stepped closer to him, raising both hands to his cheeks so I could guide his head and force him to look at me.

“Harry, leave it, okay?” I spoke sternly, “Please. I’m fine, I swear.”

“Fine?” Harry barked, “Your skin is red! Because of him! Y/N if you think I will just stand by while some dick mistreats you then you’re wrong. I will-”

“No, you won’t,” I interrupted, “It doesn’t matter anymore. He’s gone. And in the future you’ll know not to leave me alone with him.”

“As if I’d let him near you again.” Harry rolled his eyes and shot Nick a warning look when he began to quietly laugh behind us.

“Jesus, Harry. Don’t go all caveman on us.”

I turned to look back at Nick and smiled at his big grinned expression. My hands moved down Harry’s arms and I let one of them linger and grasp Harry’s fingers. Nick noticed my action and his face lighted up.

“Let me deal with Jordan,” he proposed, looking at Harry, “And you take your girl home, yeah?”

Harry shifted his weight from foot to foot and raised a brow at his friend, then he sighed and let this thumb caress my wrist.

“You tell him to never come around us again,” Harry commanded sternly, but something in his tone had changed and I could sense that he was calmer now, “Or else I’ll fucking ruin him.”

“Want me to quote you on that?” Nick laughed but nodded, then he leaned in to kiss my cheek softly before making his way into the direction Jordan had taken earlier.

Harry looked after him with almost an envious expression and I clenched my fingers around him, trying to get his attention back.

“Please,” I quietly begged, “Just take me home.”

My eyes pleaded with his and Harry bit harshly into his pink bottom lip. He sighed and frowned at me, saying: “Are you sure that you don’t want me to go after him?”

“Yes,” I answered without a pause for a thought, “Please.”



Harry’s hand felt good in my own, this I had to admit. He was warm, soft and knew without me having to say when I needed him to hold on tighter.
We’d slipped out of the club without saying goodbye to any of the people who’d recognized Harry and had hurried to catch a cab on the busy Londoner street, which lucky for us wasn’t difficult. On the backseat was where I’d allowed myself to drop any of the boundaries I normally lived by when I was in public with Harry and instead had crawled into him without hesitating first. And he’d welcomed it. Harry’s hands had settled onto my hips and he’d leaned in to cuddle his head into my neck while I’d led my face bury itself in his chest to breathe him in.

“I’m sorry,” Harry had whispered, “You’re the most important person to me. I should have sensed that something was wrong.”

I’d shaken my head against him. “I should have said something.”

Shortly after our messy car ride we were stood in front of my home, still holding on to each other’s fingers and without any sign of letting the other go. Harry’s head was held low and I noticed how he turned my hand around so he could look at it closely. A huff fell from his lips and I shook my head.

“Don’t freak out again, please?” I asked quietly, “It’ll be okay.”

I wasn’t as shaken up about the incident anymore, Harry’s comforting nature having its usual calming effect on me. There was no denying that I had been in danger tonight with Jordan’s endless game having reached its peak but it was over now and given Harry’s reaction to his friend’s lack of manners I was sure Jordan wouldn’t be a problem any longer. Maybe I should have gone to find the girl who’d saved me by stumbling just in time.
The feeling of Harry’s mouth meeting my cheek in a tender kiss brought me back to the present and I smiled widely, humming when he let his cheek rest against my own. His eyes were squeezed shut and his hands found my waist, pulling me into his body. I breathed in his familiar scent and relaxed against him, loving to finally have him to myself.

“We should tell them,” Harry began quietly.

“Do you really think that would have stopped Jordan?” I asked with raised brows, moving back so I could look at him properly, “He’s been suspecting that there was something going on between us for ages now anyway.”

My hands took hold of his shirt’s collar and I allowed my fingers to scratch his neck.

Harry rolled his eyes. “Fucking hell. The way he kept running his mouth tonight I already thought Nick was actually going to believe him. Wanted to punch him even before you told me about what he did.”

“Don’t you think he’d rub it into our faces even more if he knew he was right all along?”

“Hm,” Harry shrugged, leaning his body into mine, making me giggle, “So you think we should just continue to hide our relationship?”

His palm cradled my face and he leaned in to connect our lips in a quick and tender kiss catching me off guard in the best way possible. He didn’t allow his mouth to linger but pulled back and looked at me with pleading eyes.

“I want them to know, Y/N,” Harry begged quietly, “Hate worrying 'bout some bloke trying something the moment I turn around 'cause he thinks you’re still single.”

I shrugged in his hold and gently scratched his chin, “I’m all for telling our friends, my love.”

My lips met the corner of his lips and I smiled softly. “But don’t feel like you have to. It’s really only been Jordan who’d behaved like a dick to me. All your other friends are fine.”

“Well, good to know,” Harry chuckled, pressing a kiss to my jaw, “Seriously though I want people to be aware of you and me dating. Maybe not the media, but at least our friends.

"They’ll never shut their mouths about it,” I predicted, wrapping both arms around Harry’s neck.

He shook his head and let his arms sneak around me and I laughed softly when he began to sway us slowly. He was so beautiful, I thought. How could Jordan ever think he’d stand a chance compared to the amazing and wonderful man in my arms?
Harry kissed my shoulder, chuckling when I squealed under the tickling feeling of his hair against my skin.

“We’re just two friends,” he began quietly, “who fell in love with each other.”

I nodded and sighed. “They’ll understand.”

Hope you enjoyed it! 

Rest of my writings are here:

anonymous asked:

Ok I know everyone loves trans!richie but I think trans!eddie would be so adorable?? Because he’s so afraid that being so small and petite will give him away but his friends are so supportive and they reassure him all the time!! Can you please give me your headcanons on trans!eddie?


- so before he came out as trans eddie was always wearing pastel skirts and floral dresses because his mother wanted him to look exactly like her and he hated it

- “my gorgeous girl” was a personal favourite nickname of Mrs K’s

- richie always flirted with eddie when he was a girl and said he was the most beautiful girl in the world, and even though it made eddie’s stomach flutter he knew he didn’t like it

- eddie told bev first, and asked her if she could cut his hair for him (it was past his waist at this point)

- bev happily cut and styled eddie’s hair so it was now his signature parted look and he nearly cried because he actually felt pretty for the first time

- beverly also helped him throw away all of his girl clothes and make up and helped pick out new outfits for him, still liking some feminine colours and looks, including those adorable red shorts and his pink shirt

- eddie and bev walked to school the next day with eddie’s new look and literally NO ONE recognised him

- bill and stan both frowned when bev and eddie walked up to the table together and sat down, then stan recognised eddie’s eyes and he choked on his milk

- “you look amuh-muh-mazing, eds”

- “oh god, don’t start calling me that now i’ve changed my name”

- ben and mike started fawning over eddie and how he looked so cute and how the new clothes suited him so well

- ben was in awe of bev’s work on his hair and asked her to cut his from now on

- richie is the last one to see eddie and because he’s dim he doesn’t even recognise him

- “hey bev, who’s the new guy, he’s cute”

- “richie this is eddie, your best friend”

- richie’s eyes bulged out of his head and eddie panicked thinking he was gonna hate him now

- “holy shit, i thought you couldn’t get any hotter!”

- richie adored eddie even more because he could finally be his true self and eddie thanked every god for giving him these best friends

FP x Reader: Indecent

Warnings: swearing, talks of sexual interactions
Requested: yes
A/N: some of you guys have some interesting requests, but i’ll agree that Skeet Ulrich is pretty handsome. anyways the request asked for this to be short and abstract so I dunno how I did with that part.

Read the sequel, “Lonesome Bodies”, here.

*your POV*

I didn’t think about it twice.

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aliensinflowercrowns  asked:

I really want to cut my hair short cause I'm like… figuring stuff out gender-wise but everyone is advising against it, saying that it won't look good with my face shape or that my hair is so pretty and it'll ruin it, or that I won't like it after it's done and it's really stressing me out and making me second guess myself even though I've wanted to cut it for months. Have you ever gone through anything similar? Do you have any advice? Thanks 😌🌟

I had extremely long hair that everyone loved and when I said I was going to cut it all off everyone told me not to cut it. Cutting it was one of the best discussions I ever made tbh. In my opinion anyone can look good with short hair. Also the cool thing about hair is it grows back, so idk why so many people tell other people not to cut their hair. I say do it and if you don’t like it grow it out.

anonymous asked:

k so there's this Nasty blog i found that says a lot of stuff about aphrodite 'striking down het guys who pretend to be lesbians' (aka trans lesbians) so... got any headcanons of aphrodite supporting her trans daughters piper/drew/etc?

I’VE SEEN THAT BLOG >:0 it makes me so angry!!!!! te/rfs aint worth shit, my friend, trust me. lesbians love women, ter/fs hate women … my only conclusion is that ter/fs are the fake lesbians, not beautiful incredible trans women and trans girls. i recommend following @translesbianaphrodite! they’re nearing their follower goal and their blog is just lovely! they post all kinds of positivity, mostly at sapphic ppl, especially of the trans/not cis variety! (and they are a hellenic polytheist like yours truly!) send them some nice messages too, if you’d like, they certainly deserve them! 

anyways, on to the Good Stuff ™ 


- Drew Tanaka knew she was trans from basically birth. She was born, heard the doctor say “congratulations, it’s a boy!” and smacked the midwife over the-

Just kidding. But, really, from a very young age, she knew she was a girl. And we all know how Drew is - she doesn’t take no for an answer and she does not like being told she’s wrong. Her mama (not Aphrodite, other mama) has the obligatory few moments of “wow my son is really girly haha” before realizing “oh shit my son is actually a girl. uh. daughter i mean” and so she prays to Aphrodite, who she loved and who loved her. She asks Aphrodite what she can do to help her daughter. And Aphrodite like.. just shows up, says “Okay, check this out” and walks over to Drew. 

“Hey pretty girl!” Aphrodite greets her. “Do you know me?”

And Drew pauses from scratching her nose for a few seconds to look at the goddess Aphrodite. “You’re my mom, duh.”

And Aphrodite laughs. “I sure am. I don’t often get the time to check up on my babies, but I wanted to see how my little girl was doing.”

“I’m okay, I guess.” Drew shrugs. “I’m playing trucks, which is alright. People don’t know this, but the red one goes way faster.”

“I’ll bet it does. Red is one of my favorite colors.”

Drew brightens up a little, pushes her short, straight hair out of her eyes to look up at her mother. “It’s mine too! I guess that’s why you’re my mom.”

When Drew turns away to grab more of her toys to show her mom, Aphrodite turns to Mama Tanaka and gestures. ‘Just like that,’ she mouths. And Mama Tanaka understands.


This continues for some time, Mama not understanding exactly what Drew needs. It took her a long, long time just to accept that she herself enjoyed the ‘company’ of other women - this trans stuff is hard to get used to. Not for a moment does she ever make that Drew’s problem. When Drew doesn’t want to change her name (”What do you mean? Drew is a girl’s name because I’m a girl. Do you think it’s a boy’s name?” “Of course not, pumpkin.”), when Drew wants her nails painted a different color every nail, when Drew wants her hair done up in pigtails even though it’s still too short…. Mama never makes it Drew’s problem. She and Drew work together to find a solution, and Mama works to understand Drew.

When Drew comes home from school talking about a ‘pretty girl i’m gonna marry one day’, Mama isn’t sure what to think. This should be one of the easier once, since it’s something she’s quite used to feeling too, but she wishes she could call on Aphrodite every time something happened. Parenting was hard. She never, ever wanted to hurt Drew. So she calls on Aphrodite through the ways she knows how; memory.

Like Aphrodite did so long ago, Mama takes it in stride, smiles reassuringly. “Is that so? Is she very pretty?” (”The prettiest!”)

Mama does this every time something like this happens. Every time a kid at school says something cruel, or Drew gets another crush, or her daughter picks up a new interest, or anything at all, Mama smiles and pets her hair and encourages her. She doesn’t make a big deal out of things, doesn’t ask accusatory questions. She’s gentle like sea foam on sand, like a breeze that shakes the flame of a candle but does not blow it out. She becomes that which reminds her of the lover she once had, the lover that gave her her beloved daughter, her Drew.


i just know that if i keep writing this is going to end up 100k words so uh…. i’ll keep working on it privately and maybe post it on ao3 because i am yelling and i didnt realize this was something i loved this much omg… thank you for sending the ask! - mod will

anonymous asked:

Can I have RFA+V+Saeran with a tomboy and nerdy MC? Thank you!


I know this took AGES and I’m so sorry. I hope I can make up for it with the quality??? (probably not)

- when he finds out, he’s extremely excited
- you can play video games together!
- he’s lowkey sad because he thought it would be romantic for him to teach you how to play them
- it really helps your relationship because the fact that you’re both really nerdy allows you to share a lot of pleasant and interesting conversations
- concerning your appearance and your style he doesn’t mind it at all
- on the other hand, he finds you really cool and he respects you a lot
- it does bother him a bit though that you seem a lot tougher than him
- you might look and act more manly than him, but don’t you dare say it
- he will either explode or murder you

- not what he was expecting you to be like but
- you’re his MC, you are beautiful to him no matter what
- and when you start talking about the last tv series you watched and the last game you completed he melts
- he finds your passionate side so cute
- he’s not very good with technology, though
- which gives you an excuse to spend time with him and teach him everything you know about computers
- it’s quite frustrating since he can’t even turn on a laptop, but he lets out those little embarrassed giggles when he does something wrong and how can you resist him
- he LoVES IT when you wear his clothes
- so he leaves his shirts and sweaters around the house on purpose so that you can find them and try them on
- and you gladly do so, knowing that you wearing his clothes is a hUUUUge turn on for him

- she finds you very unique and has no problem with you whatsoever
- and she enjoys the fact that you two are so different
- occasionally when you two have some free time together you love dressing each other up
- she will take her prettiest dresses, skirts and blouses and force you to try them on
- and then she’ll tell you how gorgeous you look and maybe convince you to use one of her dresses to go on a date
- only once though
- and then it’s her turn
- she’s so used to wearing her uniform that wearing comfortable and casual clothes is very strange to her
- but she looks adorable and you also do her hair to make it look more messy
- looks like a completely different person
- in this case you’re the one giving her your sweaters
- and she secretly loves wearing them while working
- it comforts her and it’s a piece of you she can keep while you’re apart
- and she looks extremely cute in them

- poor Jaehee
- as soon as he finds out about your passion for videogames and nerdy stuff he asks her to do research for him
- he is very interested in your passions and he wants to look cool to you
- so he secretly spends hours reading Jaehee’s reports and
- that’s love bitch
- he finds your appearance intriguing as well
- since the women he interacts with on a daily basis are all formally dressed, elegant and serious looking, the sight of you is refreshing
- he especially likes your boyish attitude and thinks it’s extremely cute
- I mean he’s bi anyway so even if you were a boy he wouldn’t care
-sometimes he will even play videogames with you
- but I’ll leave that for other headcanons because I love this concept

- hell yeah
- for some reason he takes it as some sort of challenge
- he uses every occasion he can get to confront you
- “I dare you to beat me at LOLOL three times in a row”
- ”I bet you can’t name 10 episodes of this show”
- it’s all in good spirit though
- he LOOOOVES acting girly around you to jokingly mock you
- he’s really good at it too
- and sometimes he will just sit on your lap wearing one of his wigs and wait for you to push him off
- or steal some of your hair products and clothes and replace them with makeup and dresses
- not that he doesn’t like you without makeup or acting masculine
- he just loves seeing your little blushy face when you give in and decide to try on the clothes he provided you and show them to him

- he doesn’t care about looks at all
- so when he sees you for the first time he doesn’t even think “oh this is weird” or “not what I was expecting”
- and you’re also a little nerd!
- when you let him know, he just smiles gently
- just like the others, he’s very supportive of your interests and passions
- he even asks you to teach him how to play video games and educate him on certain comics and shows
- in return, though, he wants to teach you how to paint and take pretty and meaningful pictures
- he’ll end up only taking shots of you but he tried
- loves your short hair
- it’s so nice to comb his fingers through it and feel how soft it is
- or to ruffle it when you do something cute
- boy is in love

- he’s so thankful to you every day because you accepted him and stood by his side
- he couldn’t care less about anything else
- but he adores your style
- it’s kinda similar to his
- and you share a passion for computers
- he teaches you some of the things he’s learned at mint eye
- like Jaehee, he loves wearing your sweaters
- again, I’ll go deeper with this in another set of headcanons because it’s the cutest thing
- he feels so tiny and fragile in your presence
- and since he finds your appearance is rather intimidating to him he is so afraid of letting you down or not meeting his expectations
- I mean when he’s not hacking he’s just a little insecure boy who loves ice cream
- but you make sure to remind him every day that he is important and that you’re not going to leave him
- and give him your sweater
- it works every time

My first impression of PDP girls and speculation about who and what they may become.

Ayumu Uehara

  • Personal favorite #1
  • Her clothing is modest but not ugly. Reminds me of Riko.
  • HAIRSTYLE IS OVER 9000. She has a side bun, a half bang, and a braid around the side bun. Kotori and Mari is nothing compared to her.
  • Wears earrings, cord bracelet, and hairpins.
  • She would be the leader wouldn’t she? She gave a different aura than Honoka or Chika. She seemed… calmer.
  • Definitely ChikaRiko child with that eye and hair color.

Kasumi Nakasu

  • Kotori?
  • For some reason she emits the same yandere aura.
  • Finally a gray girl who is not a 2nd year.
  • I thought that she was that Otonokizaka student from episode 12. But no she is a different person.
  • I can’t judge much about her personality but she most probably will be similar to Pana.
  • Possibly PDP #2, as her position in the special page is the same as Eli and Riko (for those who are wondering, yes Eli and Riko are the number 2 in their groups, providing advice for their respective leaders).
  • She also reminded me of Onodera Kosaki for some reason.

Shizuku Osaka

  • Personal favorite #2
  • The first familiar face. Though I did not remember ever seeing her in TenFes…
  • A drama club member and apparently quite good at it.
  • A student of Seiran High. Sachiko is one of her idol group members.
  • Seemed to have an Umi-like personality, though perhaps a lot milder than Umi.
  • Her simple outfit is also a plus point.
  • Also, she is a first year.

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sailor-sutcliff  asked:

THIS IS DUMB BUT LIKE how would the RFA+V+Saeran react to MC having really curly, wild, and big hair? (I only see MCs with either the normal long straight hair or neat wavy hair so bleh ignore this if it's too boring lol)

Hello darling! Your request is not dumb at all!

Having that kind of hair myself, I know the struggle very well ç__ç

okay, my hair is actually quite short, BUT STILL

Anyway, hope you enjoy!


  • well, MC does not look like Rika after all
  • he’s kinda… relieved?
  • he’s also in awe, because he’s pretty sure he never saw anyone with hair as curly or as big as MC’s
  • and to think that is just their natural state… wow
  • he’s impressed
  • he expecially the way MC looks like when she wakes up
  • he finds it cuuute
  • i have no idea how he could find it cute, but anyway


  • just tell him h o w
  • “MC what kind of product do you use?”
  • “what do you mean ‘nothing’? That’s impossible!”
  • “MC, be honest”
  • it takes him a while to realize that MC hair looks like that because it is like that
  • he doesn’t know whether to be disappointed or amazed
  • he goes with amazed
  • it seemed impossible, but he did find someone whose hair is better than his


  • he’s not used to it
  • i mean, elizabeth the 3rd’s fur is soooo short and soft
  • it does not look like MC hair, not even a little
  • he has to admit, though, that MC hair is actually softer than he thought
  • conditioner is the most amazing thing humans have ever invented, fight me on that
  • he makes sure that MC has access to all the best hair products known to men
  • he also insist that MC has a professional hairdresser taking care of her hair regularly
  • he just enjoys spoiling her - and her hair


  • it reminds her why her hair is so short
  • i mean, her hair is actually pretty straight
  • she’s not lol
  • but seeing MC struggling with her hair makes her feel happy of her decision of cutting it
  • sometimes tho, she’s kinda jealous
  • she wonders if MC’s hair would look good on her
  • and that’s when she decides to let her hair grow


  • “MC you look like a pissed off lion”
  • i’m sorry, i’m so used to my mum telling me the same thing i just had to put it somewhere
  • he has to joke about it, bc he’s an idiot
  • a funny idiot, though
  • he spends most of his time stroking MC’s hair
  • it helps him relax, expecially after a long day of work
  • it’s literally his favourite hobby


  • well, not to be rude, but it’s not as if he can see it
  • bc he’s blind
  • instead, he tries to touch it as often as possible
  • he loves running his fingers through it whenever he has the chance
  • he also loves its smell
  • it’s something floreal, something that MC seems to love
  • and ofc he loves it too


  • “MC, can I touch your hair?”
  • he’s totally in love with it
  • he wants to touch her curls all the time
  • he’s like a child in front of a candy shop
  • sometimes his fingers get stuck in MC’s hair and he’s just like “oh, fuck”
  • because he knows he will hurt MC if he tries to pull them out
  • and he doesn’t want to hurt her
  • so he just stays there, with his hand in her hair, while MC tries to separate her hair from his fingers

Let’s all pretend MC’s hair is not fuzzy at all ^^

Feedback is always appreciated!

Hoseok’s ideal girl (my opinion)

-          Accidentally really messy, like she doesn’t even notice until he mentions it in annoyance. Then she will manically clean up feeling sickly guilty because she’s just the type of person to bully herself until he tells her it’s okay.

-          Unpainted nails, she just prefers plain and short yet clean, will never be caught with dirt in a single nail.

-          Even though Hobi is very positive, she takes a neutral outlook on life

-          A beautiful singing voice but would never want to perform on stage since it’s not her dream

-          Harmonises and sings along to songs in their shared bedroom, Hobi would love to sit and listen, in awe that while multitasking she sounds so gorgeous.

-          Gets really into the lyrics when singing along to songs

-          Works in a smart profession that is also creative, maybe a journalist or an editor of a fashion magazine

-          An avid reader; romance, tragedy, classics…

-          The type not to be a fan of mystery since she can’t take not knowing any answers and sneaks a peak at the end to find out the outcome then moans that the story is boring because there’s no angst left.

-          Loves to read aloud when not in public and Jhope likes to listen to her books even when she’s reading a book in English and he can’t understand just because he loves to hear her voice.

-          Speaks Korean well but is more fluent in English so has conversations with Namjoon in English just to annoy Hobi since he can’t understand.

-          Loves kids and they love her too

-          Refuses to let Hobi buy a dog since she’s scared it will get lonely when she’s out and he is on tour, their schedules are always pretty packed.

-          Wears natural makeup but hates when people see her without any even though she looks exactly the same with and without.

-          Short hair that falls only to touch her shoulder slightly

-          A cheeky smile that she doesn’t like but everyone else adores

-          When he’s on tour she misses him but with her mentally demanding job she won’t be the type to get that upset

-          Hobi will get upset on the other hand so she will send him videos of her singing, just talking and even dancing his choreography when she can sense that he’s missing her

-          Feels most at ease when she has head in a book while watching nature

-          Hates heels and refuses to wear them, will list a full set of reasons why they aren’t worth it just for fashion

-          Wears casual outfits that usually include boyfriend or mom jeans with flower patterns and light colours

-          Dances quite well but doesn’t really like it so only does it to surprise Hoseok or if he aegyo’s her into dancing with him

-          Completely loves Jung Hoseok with all of her heart and couldn’t imagine a life without her sunshine.

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-Ailee <3

anonymous asked:

Can you do roadhog and/ or junkrat taking care of a girl who was abused and ran away but found them she has like scars its that bad. All the fluff please!

I chose poly Roadrat because… I’m poly and like poly stuff. That’s it, that’s my reasoning. <D


  • When you escaped your abuser, the city you lived in was being attacked by what you heard were vicious, crazy heathens
  • Of course, even during the attack, you were being treated like shit
  • You abuser was making you do their chores for them while on your hands and knees, and they’d kick you and beat you down if you did something even slightly different then what they ordered
  • Then half of the house blew up, which seemed like a pretty decent distraction while you threw the laundry basket at your shaken but pissed abuser then attempted to limp away
  • Unfortunately, you could only limp so far and your abuser was only shook for so long
  • So they start to stumble after you and you try to push yourself harder
  • Through the giant hole in the front wall of the house, you can see a giant-ass man with a pig tattoo on his stomach laughing as he hooks down an entire building nearby
  • You’re choking and coughing on smoke and dust but your abuser’s coming up behind you so you scream to best of your ability
  • Just as said abuser yanks you up of the ground by your hair
  • “What the fuck was that bullshit?! Throwing the laundry at me like you’re some boss-ass bitch; you’re about to get yours!”
  • Abuser pulls their free hand back to hit you
  • But your scream had been just loud enough to attract the interest of the giant beast-man
  • “Now, I don’t normally get involved in people’s personal affairs but when you’d rather get the attention of the people destroying your town rather than hiding from them, I’d say your home life sucks pretty bad. And it looks like I’m correct, from your current situation.”
  • Snarky mask-wearing beast-man is snarky
  • Abuser is stupid enough to be a snark back, so they shove you to the ground and walks up to the guy who’s a good five times bigger than him
  • “Whaddya think you’re gonna do about it! This is none of your business, so screw off!”
  • Dude, the guy’s literally destroying your town and you think it’s smart to get in a fight with him???
  • Needless to say, Abuser doesn’t exist a couple minutes later and you’re crying in the arms of the behemoth who basically just saved your life
  • He (who identified himself with a gruff “Roadhog”) rocks and shushes you like a child, then sets you aside on some wreckage while he rounds up in ally
  • When he returns, he’s with a tall, kinda scrawny guy who’s yelling
  • “I wish you’d hollered for me before ya sliced his head off ‘is body! I could’a roasted him, given the Sheila a good– Is that her?”
  • Roadhog gave a snort and a nod in response
  • Then he had to hold the dirty blonde man-boy from running over to you and jumping away
  • At first, you were scared, but you calmed down after watching the large man scold and force the loud man to calm down
  • He was still loud though
  • “So, what’s your name, Sheila?”
  • “(Y-Y/N)..”
  • “Well that’s pretty. Suits ya.”
  • Sometime later, you’re taken to the Junkers’ hideout, where Roadhog makes you and Jamison (because he doesn’t want you to get dirty again), you know now, take showers (separately, of course)
  • Roadhog showers too, then the men offer what they can (a pair of Jamie’s pants and a short that had originally been taken for Mako but it was too small) for you to where, then Roadhog patches you all up and even massages your scalp and fixes your hair with surprising gentleness
  • All the while, Jamison’s asking you questions about your abuser and complaining about the fact that he hadn’t had a go at them
  • By this time, you’re barely awake, so Mako makes up a place for you to rest on the couch while Junkrat (also with surprising gentleness) carries you over and tucks you in
  • These men were supposed to be insane heathens?
  • It’s your last thought before you fall asleep for almost an entire day
  • When you wake up, Roadhog had set up a “small buffet” and Jamison is dishing you up a plate
  • Mako takes the small gap of time to check your wounds ask you how you’re doing (even bandaging the old scars along your back and legs, as if it would heal them)
  • Welcome to the Junker household

inter-galactic-planet-ary  asked:

What real life era of fashion do you think the clothing in asoiaf is based off? I know this isn't necessarily meta- and I'm not even sure this is something you would have considered- but I felt as though you have The breadth of knowledge needed to point me in the right direction on my quest to see if it's canon compliant to draw Sansa with bangs.

Westeros has a general European medieval fashion style. (With very little apparent difference from the Conquest to the Dance era to D&E to the main books.) I don’t think GRRM is that specific – he takes armor styles from all over the Middle Ages, all over Europe – but clothing seems to be fairly early medieval to Plantagenet-era to pre-Elizabethan based on the fact that corsets don’t seem to exist but there is lacing in dresses themselves. (But note women covering their hair is not generally a thing, and Westeros dresses are often very immodest compared to our world.) @joannalannister also has a great post with discussion and links to descriptions of all the clothes mentioned in ASOIAF, which might help you narrow down RL fashion era influences.

As for hair… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  That’s all over the place, era-wise, but again, pretty medieval-inspired. Still, Sansa isn’t said to have bangs or a fringe at all. Also note that “bangs” is not a term that is used at all in the books (it’s an 1860s Americanism so I can imagine GRRM is avoiding it on purpose, even though he’s not perfect there), and “fringe” re hair is usually only used for balding men. Women with hair cut short are pretty rare – Asha, Mya, Arya (after her terrible cuts from Yoren and Sandor), and Dany (post-pyre) are the only notable ones I can think of right now.

I mean, you can draw Sansa with bangs if you want to. (I’m pro-freedom for fanartists, although I can get weirdly pet peevy about hair and eye color, and not at all weirdly about weight depictions.) I’m sure it could look very pretty. But if you prefer to be canon-compliant, I’d avoid it.

Basically, for GRRM’s visual influences regarding fashion, you should think of Renfaires and Prince Valiant and Robin Hood and the Lion in Winter and Anne of the Thousand Days – not actual history, but fictionalized depictions of history. (With much more bared flowing hair and bared cleavage, if fewer corsets.) And yeah, that’s all over the place, but as I said before, so is he. :)

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A short fic for @avegetariancannibal who won first place in my 2,000 follower giveaway. Sorry it’s taken me so long! They asked for Hannigram getting dressed together with lingering looks and touches. Enjoy! 

Nighttime Routine

Will ran his fingers over the half-healed tissue on Hannibal’s torso. “It’s looking much better now, barely even red or bruised anymore.”

“It won’t be a pretty scar though.” Hannibal ran the towel through his hair and tossed it aside on the bed, his hands resting on Will’s forearms momentarily before lightly tracing the down-turned smile of a scar on Will’s lower abdomen.

Will’s instinct was to recoil. It was long since healed but Hannibal’s feather-light touch brought back with a jolt too many memories that they hadn’t dealt with, and probably never would, entirely.

“Don’t,” Will pleaded.

Hannibal moved his hand away and started to pull back, but Will grabbed his wrist to keep him there. Will traced the scars on Hannibal’s wrists left by Matthew Brown.While the wounds had not been by Will’s own hand, they might as well have been.

“We have both marked each other, Will. There is no use pretending otherwise. We have changed each other in more ways than just mentally.”

Hannibal moved to the closet, grabbing a soft, white undershirt and handing it to Will, and continued searching for his own shirt.

They had fallen into a routine at night since the first days when they were both recovering. They would take turns showering, help each other dress, and fall asleep next to each other in bed. Never anything more than that.

Will moved behind him, pressing his palm to the brand forever imprinted on Hannibal’s upper back, and then pressed a kiss to it. They were both full of scars now. Hannibal sighed softly as Will encircled his arms around his waist. Words seemed too much. Will didn’t even know what to say or how to explain their relationship. It defied a label or a simple explanation. For now, he would just let it be.

“Will,” Hannibal’s voice dripped with questions and a soft need. Will could feel Hannibal melting in his arms as he pressed a kiss to the side of Hannibal’s neck and then his shoulder blade. Hannibal’s hand reached up and curled around the back of Will’s head.

Turning around, Hannibal placed a small kiss to the corner of Will’s mouth. Will closed his eyes, feeling Hannibal’s breath mix with his own.

They pulled away almost at the same time. It was enough for now, the limit to what both of them were willing to give, but Will felt a threshold to a new aspect of their relationship had been crossed.

Will found the shirt he knew Hannibal was looking for in a stack of folded laundry and handed it to him.

“Thank you, Will.”

They climbed into bed together, silent in the dark. The short, uncrossable distance between them once again until Hannibal threaded his fingers through Will’s underneath the covers.



The moment of sudden clarity when feelings are finally recognized, or are made aware for the first time.

It hit you while you were sitting in a random cafe on campus, sipping on an americano while you attempted to study during the 2-hour gap you had in between classes. You knew you had to prepare for the discussion you’d be having that day in your English literature class but you were awfully distracted by the bubbling laughter coming from the table diagonally across from yours. Not that you minded, you’d much rather be distracted by the contagious sound than focus on preparing for your Socratic seminar. The laughter sounded so familiar though, something you’d definitely heard many times before, and you confirmed that fact when you finally lifted your head to find its source.

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Ravenclaw! Jeonghan

Part of Hogwarts! Seventeen Series


Originally posted by royalkpop

  • first year Jeonghan boarding the Hogwarts Express for the first time and shyly trying to find an empty seat as all the passengers turn their heads to look at him
  • he's just so pretty???? He has short black shaggy hair but for some reason he makes it look like the most beautiful and unique thing in the world
  • people swear he looks like an angel
  • oh yeah that’s probably because he’s part veela 
  • When he makes his way to get sorted, the entire Great Hall is whispering 
  • “I heard he’s part veela” “no wonder. He’s so gorgeous”
  • when the hat declared his place in Ravenclaw house, he giggles quietly still a little afraid to talk to people
  • second year, he’s peer pressured persuaded into trying out for the Quidditch team by his friends seungcheol and jisoo 
  • even though they’re all from different houses, they all cheer for jeonghan  alongside a large crowd of “fans” that he seemed to have acquired over the course of his first year
  • jeonghan trying out for keeper and blocking all of the shots thrown at him 
  • giggling every time he successfully blocks the quaffle and blushing hard when he hears the crowd scream
  • “han, why’d your try out for keeper?" 
  • ”… truthfully, because it requires the leat amount of moving hehe" tbh same tho
  • when he makes it on the team he gets the nickname “angel” because of how stunning he looks in the air 
  • he doesn’t mind the attention but he kinda just wants to be recognized for what he’s like (which he thankfully has great friends that do just that) 
  • top of his class in charms and care of magical creatures!! 
  • grows his hair out and when he does, somehow it attracts even more attention??
  • k but imaging jeonghan tying is hair back with a ribbon as he studies with his wire frames glasses
  • really supportive and caring towards his juniors
  • also loves his cat! he adores his kitty more than anything else in the world and calls it his baby dino nugu aegi
  • grows more confident as the years go by and becomes a bit of a trickster
  • once charmed seungcheol’s bookbag to smell like meat during care of magical creatures which resulted in seungcheol getting chased around for 20 minutes by various animals
  • “I don’t know how that could have possibly happened~” *gasps*
  • needed extra money in 5th year so he could buy the newest Nimbus broom so he starts offering to tutor people (for a few galleons of course)
  • people would still pay his obnoxious prices though because they’d be able to spent time with the infamous Hogwarts angel himself
  • also bc hes super smart and a great tutor of course
  • “no chanie youre supposed to swish and flick~ try it again. You’ll get it this time!”
  • dyes his hair blueish purple for the Quidditch finals against Gryffindor 
  • which results in seungcheol getting very distracted and missing all his shots at the Ravenclaw seekers
  • his Patronus is a bunny!
  • nominated to be house prefect but declines and gives the spot to jihoon omg imagine jihoon's face when he hears that all shocked and asking him why he did it
  • “you’d be better for the job~ make me proud jihoon-ah”
  • “…. you sound like my mom ew”
  • “I am your mom”
  • passing the OWLs with flying colors after staying up for 3 days to study
  • then passing out and taking the longest nap ever recorded
  • “are you sure he’s not dead?” “”dont worry ab it jisoo he’ll be fine”

A/N: so here’s the second part of the hogwarts series!!! hope you enjoyed~

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~ FLAT MESS TO FAB FRO : How I take care of my hair

                               04/07/2014 ► 07/30/2015

Finallyyyyy ! A post about -almost- everything about my hair ! In this post, you’ll be able to know the phases I’ve been through to get my hair all healthy, then my hair routine/hair regimen.

1 – Going Natural

I used to hate my curly hair, like most of curly girls I would say. My cousin offered me a straightener for my 14th birthday and made me swear to use it for special events only. It was the case, though. I’ve used it for my birthday, it was my first time ever seeing my hair all straight and flat like pastas. But, people at school were complimenting me on my long straight dark hair, saying how much I look better. These same people used to bully me because of my natural curly hair, and the fact that I was half Black (it was a catholic school where I was the only « person of colour »), but that’s another story. I was so happy to receive COMPLIMENTS from people who were hating on me since day one, to see these White boys trying to approach me in a seducing way and all, asking me to hang out…you know, that I began to straighten my hair once to twice a week.

We’ve moved to another city, a bigger city in fact where there were much more diversity. But, every Black or Mixed girl was straightening/relaxing their hair, wearing straight weave.

I graduated to High School. Unfortunetely, it was a little High School -but its reputation was really good-. One more time, I was one of the rare coloured person. During my first year, I realised that my hair was damaged. But I wouldn’t let my curls take a rest. I’ve cut my hair -not that much comparing to my big chop-, it was my first time ever cutting my hair. My hair was wayyyy more healthier, but I couldn’t let my curls appear.

Finally, I was 16, I began to be more curious about things that were surrounding me. I began to be curious about my African side, that I’ve always wanted to deny. I’ve fallen in love with my own culture, and since that moment I started to embrace my Black features more than ever. I decided to stop using my straightener during Summer 2013. But it was too late, my hair was fried to the max. My hair was kind of straight, but in a really mysterious way … my curls were non-existent, my hair was flat, wavish, my ends were horrible. I realised the impact of 2 years of trying to hide my beautiful curls. I didn’t know what to do! I didn’t know how to take care of that mess that was on my head ! Then, back to school, I wanted to get a pixie haircut in order to start all over again. I couldn’t trust the hairdressers of my city; they were White, and didn’t know anything about Afro Hair. Everytime I would visit one of them, I could see their faces looking at my hair like “how am I supposed to style that shit ?”, literally. Nobody in my family wanted to cut my hair, saying how I will regret it after. I started to transition SERIOUSLY; I was doing homemade protein masks once a week, then I was using the Hair Mayonnaise which was awesome on my poor curls who were struggling to pop. I was using a really special technique to curl my hair while transitionning. I was using a handband, placing it on my head, and I would just wrap my hair arround it. If you want to try it, you should be able to find loads of tutorials on YouTube. The results went quickly, I was really happy. But not as quickly as I wanted. In February 2014, I decided to pass the step of the big chop, finally ! I just took my pair of scissors and cut my hair quite randomly to be honest, hopefully the shape was pretty nice ! I went to my bathroom to wash my hair… right after, my curls were popping like … damn ! I was so surprised, I didn’t even know my “real curls” were looking like that, even though they were a little weak and not as tight as now. At this point, I was altering between protein and moisture. But my hair was so short, I was too … “shy”… to appear with my hair down in public. It was still pretty flat, but my curls were alive and almost healthy ! I was always wearing various protective styles, except the week-end. Until July, my hair has grown and was easier to “assume”, if you want to. Plus, my curls were tighter. In August, my hair was completely healthy, and beautifuuuul. I was so happy. Since August, I’m just letting my hair grow. But, as you can see, I don’t have that much tips for my ladies who are transitionning. I was just waiting mostly, using some proteine and moisture, but that’s all.

By the way, I really advise you to take pictures every month to really see your evolution. It helps a lot because sometimes we have the impression that there is no evolution but when you look at your pictures you see how far you’ve come !

The story of my hair in some pictures here.

2 – Taking Care Of My Hair

I don’t know where to start so I’ll follow my instinct… sorry if it’s a little messy. Lol.

What I do monthly :

Masks targetting protein or moisture : I make my masks. I don’t buy them. Except for the Hair Mayonnaise that I was using while transitionning but I don’t use it anymore. I just use 2eggs or Avocado with Olive Oil to do my protein mask. When it comes to the moisture, I use Yogurt, Olive Oil and drops of Lemon Juice to make my hair shines. I put a plastic bag on my head, with 2 beanies (LOL yeah I look really ridiculous when doing that) to assures some heat and make my hair infuse all the good nutriments. When it’s time to wash my hair, I do it with cold water. When there is nothing left on my hair, I rince my hair using Mineral Water with 1 or 2 tablespoon of Vinegar Cidar. Your hair may smell a little, but when you’ll use your products after the smell will be gone.

Trimming my hair : Well, I don’t do it monthly. I do it between 2 to 4 months. When I feel the need to, to be honest. I’m so lazy when it comes to do that. Personally, I love to twist my hair with some Coconut Oil on my hands and cut the end, which should be “thiner”.

Cleaning my scalp : At the end of the month, I like to massage my scalp with Coconut Oil, to remove all the dirt on my scalp (and it’s also soooo relaxing). After that, I shampoo my hair using the Shampoing Sunshine Clean Citron Grenade by Les Secrets De Loly, I stay a long time massaging my scalp again before focusing on my hair to remove all the products that it could have accumulate during the month. After that, your hair and your scalp is all pure and ready for another month !

What I do weekly :

Co-washing : I co-wash once to twice a week. I’ve just remarked that I tend to wash my hair more on Sunday and Wednesday. But, sometimes I do it another day, depending on the circumstances. I usually do it the evening, so I can let my hair airdry and pineapple it to stretch it, and be ready the next morning. That’s the best option for me, personally. I don’t wash my hair and my body at the same time. I start with my hair. I just bend over my bathtub, so my head is “reversed” (I do the same thing when I wash my mask, by the way). I do this because I want to avoid having spots on my back, because the products you use stay on your skin and the back is the space I tend to forget sometimes while taking a shower. I don’t touch my hair, I don’t try to detangle them before applying the Too Shea! Conditionner from Jessicurl. I let the products on my hair for few minutes before detangling my hair using my fingers, simply, or a wide tooth comb when I find it, lol. I rince with cold water. Then, I crunch my hair and put a t-shirt as a turban on my head. I let my hair dry a little in it, so during that time I can wash my body, wash my face, do my make up, put my clothes… After that, I can apply my Lait Capillaire “Litchi-Mûre” by Les Secrets De Loly, a little bit of Confident Coils blended with Rockin Ringlets, both from Jessicurl, and seal everything with some Oil (Almond, Olive, Jojoba or Argan, it depends of my mood,lol). Then, I let it airdry. When my hair is like 90% I like to use a blowdryer (not hot) while shaking my head, to not have my roots “stuck” to my scalp, and encourage the volume of my hair. After that, I can use a pick and comb through my roots to maximise the volume. Et voilà !

What I do everyday :

Peanappling my hair before sleeping : This is my technique to sleep while not crunching my poor curls against my pillows, since I move a lot when I sleep. I just take a satin scarf that I wrap arround my head and I tie it on the front. I helps stretching my hair, and the next morning my hair is longer and even bigger !

Refreshing my fro : After the night, comes the morning, when your fro has been enduring all your movements during the night. To refresh my fro, all I do is putting some cold water on my hands, then I -kind of- massage my scalp. After that, my hands still a little wet so I take advantage of that to reshape quickly my fro and the wild curls. Finally, I put some moisture back on my hair, but not too much because I don’t want the products to weight down on my hair. I spray my hair with cold water lightly, I put my Lait Capillaire “Litchi-Mûre” by Les Secrets De Loly and my favourite oil in my fro, especially the “outer” curls which tends to be drier than the rest.

Hope I didn’t forget anything … I hope it was clear too !

Bisous ! :-*

anonymous asked:

""""they did some sort of margarita-making competition and ended up on the same team for it by pure chance"" leela i absolutely DO NOT remember this my god do we have pics of this??? im sorry if this is stupid or like repetitive but im like. so out of the loop.

woah wait dnp made margaritas together? do u have a link to a video or something bc that actually sounds cute as shit

I don’t remember them at the creators summit last year? I think it may have been before I followed them, but it sounds really cute. do you have links to any vlogs they’re in or photos or something?

hiiii yes yes yes! i hope yall saw the photos/gifs i reblogged last night!! as for videos: there aren’t any like full length vlogs of them doing the margarita contest, but there are definitely several short clips, as well as a ton of footage of them roaming around in the background of people’s vlogs (pretty much always together and talking between themselves lol). i’m linking you to pewphan’s playlist here though it contains 3 vids from the 2015 summit so start at video 4 for last year’s! they do a really great job including even the smallest clips from vlogs in which dnp are visible (like even if theyre fully on the other side of the room and you can just see the top of dan’s hair or something) so if you rly just want clips of them talking and interacting w the camera i’d focus on the the last 3 vids (from caspar’s vlog, joe’s vlog, and tomska’s vlog).