so precious idek


someone seems to be a little too curious with the screen (๑>◡<๑)

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Promptis and 3C

so i wasnt really intending to do this when i reblogged that post cos im at work lmaooo but…. promptis… how could i resisttttttt my sweet children uwu thanks for sending this seriously!! i hope my little sketch is okay~


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dearest boys,

i wish i could put into words each and every feeling i’m overwhelmed with right now. but above anything, please now that i am eternally grateful.

thank you for debuting as Beast.

thank you for coming into my life six years ago and being a constant, reassuring presence since.

thank you for for the music.

thank you for all the memories.

and thank you for sticking together and being reborn as Highlight.

as much as the happiness you have brought to us fans, i hope you have just as much joy, if not more.

let’s see each other for a long long time, us.

i love you.

Junhong is such a precious person, he’s so lovable and so beautiful, ethereal and just so.. i have no words to describe how much of an impact he does to me, to fans and even to his close friends around him i just feeling my heart clench at how much of a precious being he is and how his future partner is going to be the most luckiest and i i really dont know how this person who i probs dont even really know could make me so soft and i just can u hear me cry


even if I were to be born again, I want to meet you and laugh with you
I didn’t think such a day would have come
your back is going further, I wonder if I can make it in time if I run
even if someday you’ll meet someone else, please don’t forget all we had

KAT-TUN - 春夏秋冬