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Dear Homestuck lovers:

I will not ship anything that a page did not show. If you ship DaveKat, that is okay, but just remember it is in a different timeline and all sorts of things did and did not happen in that timeline. If you ship RoseMary, that is also okay, as it was shown in the official Homestuck snapchat, but I will continue to ship Kanaya x Karkat (Karnaya?) until the end. As, the creator didn’t even link you to the Homestuck channel with the slideshows of some photographs in the pages. I do not consider RoseMary canon, as Kanaya doesn’t seem to be attracted to Rose in that way, let alone at all. So, you ship your ships while I ship mine.

(Apparently, I didn’t explain this too well, so here is another post explaining this one: )

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where is the new akuhigu image from

Ah, you must be talking about the pictures from the Yamanashi Prefecture Museum Collaboration!

If it’s a clean scan, I haven’t seen anything yet but there were photographs posted in this weibo page (which also has pictures of a poster promoting Tsujimura’s works) and this twitter account.


One thing tips. Because I like to write the word things!!  :D

Firstly, I need to remember that English is not my first language, so if you find any errors in my words, send me a message on tumblr!

Being a blogger is not easy! We are always prone to some kind of stress. I really love to photograph, but the most complicated part is the links, I really do not like to open several pages at once and copy links to then make the photo credit.
Tumblr helps me a lot in these terms, it has many facilitators for those who need to put many urls links in each words of the crediting.
With this I made this small post showing the ability that tumblr has to make a blogger’s life easier.

This is the “Draft” tool, I use it a lot when I capture more than one photo for my sponsors. With this, I can save 2 or 3 posts before publishing them. This tool helped me organize my blog time, for example, if I make 2 photos in a day, I can post 1 the same day and 1 the next day, and then I will have more time to organize myself, and a time to myself.

Some rules and tips!!

All you have to do is create a normal post, do the crediting and copy the links. (in this part you you must do it, but you gain time after you finish)
When you finish you save your post as “Draft”. (See the first image of the photo)
A new tab will appear on your dashboard, your name will be sujestivo to the mechanism that you saved your post.
When you want to publish the photo, you will need to access the “Draft” tab. (See picture 3 and 4)

Another way to enjoy this tool is to prepare a post with all the links that you will always use. With this, you will avoid the need to fill in the same links several times !! See an example in Figure 5 and 6.

You just need to be careful about these things:

Don’t forget to put space between words that use links!
This will prevent you from having broken links between words over time.
For example:
Yes: Pink Black
No: PinkBlack

Put the links only in the words, don’t select the space between words.
For example:
Yes: Pink   Black
No: Pink    Black

I also recommend that you update these links a few times during the month, because surely some stores or webs will change over time !!

Photographer Advise from a Cosplayer

Someone sent me this message last week and I thought it was a really good question and should be  shared.

“Hello how are you? I follow you’re blog and have recently decided to branch into cosplay photography. With such a competitive market I was wondering if you Could help me with a few tips or resources that could help me get cosplay clients. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. And keep up the good work.”

 I’m not a professional photographer myself, I do shoot on occasion for fun, so I will not be able to answer any technical or business questions thoroughly. However, I would be more than happy to answer  this question from a consumers view.

I’ve worked with quite a few photographers over the years both professionals and armatures. Here are things I like to see :

1)    Make Sure You Have an Online Portfolio

I want to see your past work. I want to know what you’re capable of. Make sure it’s your best stuff too, no crappy hall shot. Albums on a FB page or a link to a file hosting website are fine but make sure it’s easy to find and updated frequently.

2)    Make sure your rates are reasonable.

Find out what the other photographer in your area charge and price accordingly.  Where I live I generally pay $30-50 for a shoot. I know that in other areas $100+ isn’t unreasonable for a pro to charge. It all depends on location, saturation of the market and how much post editing the photographer is willing to put into it. I’m not really big on supper photo shopped pictures.  I don’t require a ton of post editing work from my photographer. However, some photographers have been super nice and gone up and beyond to create a fantastic picture for me with extensive photo shop work. I also know that some photographers will charge more at certain conventions. If I’m going to a small 500-2000 attendee convention I’ll probably spend less than if I went to a 20,000 attendee convention and bought a shoot.

3)    Make Sure You Have an Appropriate Watermark

This is one of my biggest pet peeves with working with photographs. There are some photographers I just will not work with because I hate how they chose to watermark their photos. Let me expound on this a bit but I first want to say that I think all photographers should watermark their photos. Just as a painter signs his/her painting and a sculptor imprints  his/her mark on his/her creation you too are an artist an should take credit for your work. However, your mark should not be a distraction from your subject matter.

If I glance at one of your photos and the first thing I notice is your watermark and not the photo itself then you’ve already lost me as a customer.  What that says to me is:

  •   You more concerned with promoting yourself then you are about giving me a good picture.
  • You are more concerned with promoting yourself then creating good art.
  • You do not have a basic understanding of composition and subject matter.
  • This is a rooky mistake and if you’ve been doing the same thing for years it shows me that you aren’t open to growth.

Don’t know what an appropriate watermark should look like? It should be small, it should be unobtrusive, and it should be an appropriate color in contrast to the rest of the photo. I know several photographers who have their watermark in 2-3 different colors or shades so they can customize it depending on the final colors of the picture.

Helpful tip: pick your top 5 favorite professional photographer and pay attention to how they place their watermark. You want to be as professional as possible, right? Then study others and learn from them. If you are still unsure there is a quick test you can do. Look at your photo, turn away from it and count to 10, quickly glance back out the photo. Without hesitating what is the first thing you notice in the photo? Whatever it is should be the focal point of your picture. If it is your watermark then think about how you can adjust it so it blends in more.

4)    Advertising

Whenever I’m looking to work with a new photographer at a convention I always check the FB pages of that convention and see who is advertising. Most have a nice photo with a sample of their work and a list of their rates. Some a have links to their portfolios.  Either one works for me. I just like being able to find you easily. Some of the photographers I like working with make sure they post a list on their websites or FB page with a list of the conventions they plan to attend.

If you need a good jumping in point host a photo shoot at a convention and be the official photographer for it. This will not get you paid shoots right away but it will introduce you to people and help you make connections. If people like working with you they may approach you about paid shoots later. Or you in turn may find someone you like working with and offer to do a one-on-one shoot later. Popular ideas for shoots are: Disney, Disney and Dreamworks, League of Legends, Gravity Falls, DBZ, Steven Universe, Undertale etc.

Be sure to have business cards. Anytime you shoot someone, especially quick hall shots, give them your card! It will be easy for them to find you later and then they can start tagging and sharing your photos. Now you’ve got your name circulating around.

Reach out to cosplayers you know or would like to get to know and offer to shoot with them. They will be sharing your finished work with their  fans and possible approach you in the future about paid shoots.

I’ve seen some photographers host contests where the prize was a free shoot with them. I like this idea because it’s better the just going around giving out a bunch of free shoots for a while to drum up business. You are giving away one shoot but your attaching worth to it. You’re saying that your time and skills are valuable and you’re allowing someone to have it but they have had to work for it in some way.

Possible approach a small convention and speak to their cosplay contest director. I know that small cons, especially ones starting out, are always looking for prizes for their contests. Offer a photo shoot (s) to the winner (s) of the cosplay contest. One contest I entered had a photographer who sponsored the contest and bought a super nice trophy that had his and the conventions logo on it.

5)    Don’t Get a Bad Rep

Don’t just be willing to shoot certain body types. I’m 30, I’m a size 14 and I am by no means the most beautiful Belle at the ball.  Basically, I’m not a photographer’s first pick of most characters. I’m not saying this to put myself down but this is something I realistically have to be aware of. Some photographer will not want to work with me because of how I look. Please don’t be someone like that. Be willing to work with all types of people.

Cosplayers talk among ourselves and if a photographer isn’t behaving professionally we like to get the word out. Be mindful of how you conduct yourself. Keep shoots to open and public areas. If you are going somewhere private extend an invitation to the cosplayer to invite a friend if they want.

I know some photographer don’t want other people around while they are shooting but I find they can be very helpful: carry gear, watch for wigs slipping and costume pieces out of place, hold lighting etc. Be open to having other people around. If a photographer says I can’t have at least 1 other person around during the shoot it sends up red flags about what their intentions are.

6)    What I Want and What You Want Can be Drastically Different.

What I’m expecting from a photo shoot can be way different they what you expect. This is ok, nobody is in the wrong. It’s just something you need to be aware of. Be sure to talk to the cosplayer at the beginning of the shoot and discussed what poses and types of shots they are wanting to do.

There have been times when I’ve shown up for a shoot and I’ve already scoped out what backgrounds I want to shoot against, have a list of poses and know which full body and which close up shots I want. Wham, bam and we are done in 15 minutes. Then there are times I’ve shown up and have a vague idea of what I want but I’m going to leave it you the photographer to do most of the directing. And then there are those rare times I show up, look the photographer in the eye, and go “Do you want to do something crazy? Let’s do something crazy!”  And then I ran through a creek in high heal, fell down a muddy embankment and climbed on a tank in a ball dress. And I’ve got pics to prove it thanks to my photographer who just kept shooting no matter what I did next.

Be ready to roll with it. Your model may be shy and this is their first time and you’ve got to coach them on poses and facial expressions. Be gentle and patient. Study their character and be ready to offer suggestions for poses.

I however have been doing this for years and I don’t want gentle- I want the hard truth. I had this bad habit of trying to look serious and instead looking constipated. I have tons of early pictures of my stupid constipation face! Why didn’t any of you photographers tell me! Uggg!!! But I now know what to do to hide it and my favorite photographers knows to remind me to raise my chin and not look like I need to take some laxatives.

Let your model look at the pictures periodically as you take them. You have a lot to focus on: background, lighting, making sure people aren’t walking in the back of the picture etc.  If you show them snap shots they can pick out detail on their costumes that may need adjusting. Most of us don’t bring mirrors to shoots, we need to check the photos to make sure our wigs aren’t slipping or our petticoats aren’t showing.

Also, give them a quick overview of the photos you’ve taken. I know you want to edit them before showing them to the world but it’s important to make sure the cosplayer got what they wanted out of the shoot. Pay attention to the ones they mention they like and include them with the finished photos.

               Other useful tips

  •   The photo you thought was the best of the shoot isn’t necessarily the one they will think is the best one. That’s ok, everyone has different taste.
  • Make sure you get photos that will be usable for FB profile and banner pictures. Landscape photos with negative space to the left are particularly necessary for the banner photos.
  •   Cosplayer like up close shots of the details on their costumes. This may sound silly but we often make tutorials and having those types of photos are a necessity. Otherwise we may need to crop a photo and we don’t want to offend you or get in trouble by cutting out your watermark. If we ask you to crop it or for permission to crop it ourselves please be willing to accommodate us. I promise we aren’t trying to cramp your style or dictate your art we just need something to fit in certain parameters for a tutorial or FB layout.
  •   Having the model sign a waiver is ok. This lets us know what we can and can’t do with the photos as well as know you aren’t going to exploit us in any way. This helps protect everyone involved.
  •    If you are going to start shooting Deviant or risqué shoots be careful how you approach people about shooting these types of thing. It’s generally wise to let the models come to you rather then approach them about the shoot. You can mention that you do those types of shoots but make sure you aren’t making someone feel uncomfortable or hounding them to do something like that. That’s a fast way to get labeled a creeper in the community

I’m sure I’m forgetting some things. If anyone else who wants to add to this feel free.

Hi reptiblr. Let’s talk about image citing!

I know this isn’t something that gets talked about much on reptiblr, but I think it’s worth it to address. People in the art community know this already- or should, at least- but it’s worth talking about in the context of animal pictures. For most images, it doesn’t take long at all to find the source! And I mean source. I don’t mean “pinterest” or “google,” I mean the actual photographer or establishment that owns the rights to the photo.

For instance, let’s say that I wanted to post an image of a reticulated python in the wild. I type that into google search, hit images, and- there!

Clicking on the image takes me to… a forum thread about a hypothetical fight between a retic and an orangutan.

 That’s highly unlikely to be the actual source of the image! Use some common sense when considering if something’s a source or not. Pinterest is pretty much never a source. Forum threads are great sources for pictures of peoples’ animals and health-type things, but they’re not likely to be a source of professional-grade pictures. So, how do I find the source of the picture? Easy! Just right-click and “search google for this image.”

Looks like it’s posted in at least one other place…

That gives the photographer’s name- and a flickr link!

A flickr page is very likely to be the source of an image. Going to that link shows that the person is very clearly a reptile photographer and wouldn’t you know it, the photographer of this picture! Here’s the source of the image clear as day, and it took about fifteen seconds of actual work to find it. It only takes a few seconds to properly source most images. Some are a little trickier! If you’re looking for pictures to post, try searching flickr directly- or Arkive’s a great site for wildlife photography and has many rare species! Arkive also watermarks all of its pictures with the photographer’s name, so be sure not to crop that out! 

Once you’ve found the source, just link it. You can put the photographer’s name on the post if you want, but it’s best to also have a link to the site. Be respectful of the photographer’s wishes, too- if they say “don’t repost,” then don’t repost! And if they have a tumblr presence, reblog from them, don’t repost. You wouldn’t want pictures you took to be used without credit- remember when there was that Snek facebook page and people freaked out because they weren’t crediting the pictures they reposted? There’s a reason people were upset- those pictures were their work! Respect the effort that goes into the pretty photographs and link back to the source. It’s the polite thing to do.

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(shuffles in) so like. i only know stuff about twrp mainly through you and such, and their collab with nsp and all, and i still don't know much (i've only heard 'makin a move' which is neat), but i like the cone guy. he has a good smile. he is very cute. i like cone guy. he gives me warm fuzzies.


you’re never late to the tupperware remix party, cause the tupperware remix party don’t stop!

the best place to start, of course since they are a music band, is with their music. so, how many albums do they have now, what order are they in, just like whats the deal right?

their “first” album marks their reinvention of sorts. where the band began to take a fresher and more refined path from their teenage party-boy years. though there have been prior releases, they are regarded as essentially extinct and removed from the internet, so the beginning is marked in the year 2012.

the device ep, which is available at a name-your-price rate here, is where things begin to take off for them. with such catchy jams as no pants dance and computer wife, and strong instrumental tracks like interstellar strut, it’s a definitive starting point for a reason. it really drops you right into their wonderful weirdness and humor, but not as immersive as their previous records.

in 2015, 2nite (here) dropped onto the scene with a more practiced sound. though short, 2nite features enough moxie to more than make up for it. from lessons learned through computer wife came ICQ which is a really fun-packed tune. through the device and interstellar strut comes their as of yet strongest instrumental piece, japanquest. the hit brings in danny, as well as the cheesy and fun 80s flavored lyrics they’ve become known for as of yet. prismatic core is their first real branch into something more serious, in my opinion, and brought in some great lessons for a breakout in their next album… which is…!

believe in your dreams, 2015. (here) following the cheesy 80s lyric trope again came crushin’ on u and baby nyc (feat. NSP!). from the seeds of their studies with more serious sounds came time crystal, and most importantly, pale blue dot. i could never say enough good things about pale blue dot. believe in your dreams shines in its entirety, and when stacked up against their listed influences such as daft punk and starcadian, you can’t help but feel an immense pride for the production quality and love poured into these five fantastic songs.

their collaborative projects outside the band, ninja sex party’s under the covers and aa wallace’s in alpha zones (this one’s more of a .5. a lot of them are on a lot of the album, but not consistently, and not really all together.), are absolutely worth checking out whether you’re looking to track their progress as i have, or simply love listening to great music. which i’m sure ya do.

which leads us to guardians of the zone 2016 (here). though it’s not out yet, and you’ve heard the only available sample insofar, i’ll be sliding it under my microscope for you anyway. makin’ a move feels like the culmination of all the lessons learned over the past few years! a combination of the strong beats, the cheesy and fun lyrics, an underlying sensual tone, and the inclusion of some funk adopted through under the covers… damn. makin’ a move is just honestly so goddamn good. this bodes extremely well for the rest of the album! it’s only going to get better from here as twrp continue to learn more and more through practice. i’m digging this disco-revival bullshit so hard, and its pretty reminiscent of my favourite track from my favourite retired album of theirs’.

should you want to buy or stream any of these albums, i’ve complied a page with a lot of handy dandy links over at @groove-crusaders! you can find that over here. 

now, excuse the obligatory plug, but let me take a sec to say that @groove-crusaders is the shit. we’re always answering questions, posting news and info, and sharing around the fruits of the fandom’s labour as well as photographs of the band. it’s real neat. check it out.

now, bullet point number two would logically be, who the fuck are these asshats?

the cone guy giving you those warm and fuzzies, his name is doctor sung. he plays keys and operates the talkbox you’ll hear over the majority of their arrangements. his character is pretty much a lovable dunce. he’s a big dork, but a big smart dork. just unaccustomed in earth customs.

his right hand man is the big kitty guy, who is the bassist, commander meouch. he was picked up as a space pirate a la han solo, who smuggled funk across the galaxies during i guess… some sort of interplanetary disco prohibition? he’s described himself as a slutty space kitty, and he loves earth women.

a name you may recognize is havve hogan, probably from my URL. he’s the drummer of the band, and known for not just his boiling temper, but apathy for all else. unhappily murder free for a good stretch of time, he especially hates phil collins. he looks like a big old robot.

lastly but certainly not least is a slient star man by the name of lord phobos, who wails on guitar like nobody’s business. he’s got the red and gold motif and the cool ass helmet.

thirdly and lastly, twrp have made a habit of uploading sketch comedy to their social media, giving us more of an idea of their characters and their ridiculous whims. the most well known of the sketch comedy bits are definitely the high kick videos, but you’ll find more spread across their twitter and instagram accounts, linked in the links page from @groove-crusaders above, or on our videos tag. they also tend to pepper their sense of humour throughout their live performances, as demonstrated in their MAGfest set with NSP. (epilepsy warning!!! their shows have a lot of flashing lights.)

and, that’s just about all the info i can offer to ease you in, belle! i hope this helps!  ❤ ❤ ❤

gonna throw this in the tags, just in case someone wants to get a friend into twrp but don’t know where to start!

hELLO LOVELY HOMEWORK-EATING PEOPLE kOU HAS miraculously reached 3K in 3.5 months *sob* (i’m not gg to start some speech but basically i sincerely love every one of you so tysm)

so of course (heh heh) i still don’t have a faves page, but there are countless wonderful studyblrs out there that i really wanted to somehow give back;

these are the categories ++ (literally i will pick like >ten for each bc there are so many amazing suitable blogs and i aaaA)

☀︎ 朝空 (morning sky) : overall faves

☁︎  星空 (starry sky) : best notes

☀︎ 夜空 (night sky) : amazee bullet journals

☁︎ 風花 (snow in clear skies) : best masterposts/advice

☀︎ 夜半 (midnight) : loveliest handwriting

☁︎ 夕空 (evening sky) : wonderful themes <desktop/mobile>

☀︎ 冬空 (winter sky) : most active/kind/helpful bloggers

☁︎ 秋空 (autumnal sky) : best playlists

what you’ll gET (why you should join *wink* *cough*)

✿ my utmost love & attention + my undying friendship which you’ll regret three seconds into our convo

✿ for a promo, a list of reasons why people should follow you and a name aesthetic+my original photograph (aaa they’re crappy but like it’s all i have to offer from my own hands *awkward laughter*)

✿ a follow if i haven’t already been 

✿   of course; a link on my faves page!! (wow, so exciting kou)

here’s how you can participate-

i. mbf me and/orrr check out my oc (please put your main in tags!)

ii. reblog this; likes will count as bookmarks

iii. optional ofc but tag #morningkou in your original posts so i can see ya lovely work 

iv. also optional & not relevant but ya can msg me and let’s all be friends <3

okie dokie so thats about it!! this ends 20/6 :’_) my disclaimer : i love all studyblrs and the community, the faves page is just a show of blogs i frequently reblog from and personally admire due to various aspects based on my personal preference! please show a basic level of respect within the community & love!! also i follow a shit ton of people so -

p.s if you want me to look at oc, please please make it easy for me to find your posts, either by tagging it in your reblog or replying to this post! 

thank you for participating  ♡˖꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ⑅꒱ with love, kou

My Photographs.

I’ve got no problem with people using my photographs that I personally take of Yuri!!! on Ice stuff here in Japan but please, PLEASE can you ask me first?  9/10 times I will grant you permission so long as you LINK back here, but there are some things that I don’t want going around.

I noticed an influx of people coming from Facebook and found that someone has posted my photos on the Yuri!!! on Ice page on Facebook without asking me.

Though, thank you for linking to the blog, I appreciate that.
But yeah, please ask me first!  I’m a nice person.  Honestly haha.


I’m looking for affiliates! 
Artists, photographers, sculptors, film makers, etc…

I’ll be adding an affiliates page on my blog that will link to your respective blogs/websites. I just ask that you add mine to your blog as well, so we can help one another!

I’ll make a point to reblog important posts from those who are affiliates and help you get your work seen to 56,000+ people. 

Please contact me with your blog/info and I’ll check it out!

I got a lot of things planned soon as well.. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

-alex fitch

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Could you please scan up the Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus pages from the Pash! July edition? I've only seen them photographed so far and not actually scanned up

I’m very sorry for the late reply, Anon. Here you go:

Pash! July 2014  - Black Butler high res scans

Scanned and cleaned by myself.

If there are any translations (either complete or partial) of this article, please let me know, so I can link to them on this post.

If you plan on translating using my scans, you are free to do so, but please give me a link to your translation!