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Finding you

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Words: 5992

Genre: Angst, fluff, smut

It has pretty much everything but there is a point where there will be smut so if you don’t fancy something like that you can just skip the part.

Description: Your cousin gave you a gift. It’s a pen, a pen that whatever you write upon your skin with it will also appear on your soulmate’s. Silly stuff, how can what you write with a stupid pen appear on your soulmate’s skin?

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Can we talk about Chat’s baton?

Get your minds out of the gutter people! I mean literally. Just look at this:

Can we talk about the fact that:

a) It has battery - how the heck does he charge it? This screenshot is from Animan and Chat hadn’t used Cataclysm yet so it’s nothing to do with how many pads he has left. This is literally gonna keep me awake at night, HOW DOES HE CHARGE IT?

& b) It has WiFi - if Ladybug’s been around for 5000 years + then I assume so has Chat. Do their weapons evolve over time with advances in technology? I like imagining Caveman Chat with just a regular wooden stick and beating the shit out of akumas with it.

Anyway, this was a stupid post, but I noticed this and thought it was interesting. The real answer is probably the creator’s just did it without any real thought because it makes it like our technology and then it’s relatable or whatever. So basically, this post is pointless.

(Seriously though how does he charge it and do they have a good contract plan because I’m looking for a new one).

What I absolutely loved about Spider-Man: Homecoming was how real Peter’s character felt? Sure, other movies and TV-shows also depict the strain of supernatural abilities on teenagers – classic examples of forgotten homework and falling asleep during class come to mind – but in SMH it was somehow more than that. You could really see how hard it was on Peter? He was fidgeting all the time, probably feeling like time’s running out (all those shots of him staring at the clock) and really just vibrating with the need to do something, help somebody. Sitting through Spanish or whatever must have felt so pointless – what if a person got hurt while he was in school? And he just didn’t know how to pace himself, didn’t know how to take care of himself on top of taking care of the city, and he just lost the grip on his life a bit – and he was so emotional and genuine and caring and just – ok, listen, I know none of this is new or revolutionary, but Tom’s acting rang so true, you know? And there was the whole wide-eyed idolizing of the superhero life, and the ‘who needs school, imma be an Avenger!!1!11!!’ attitude (which, so different from CA:CW), and he was so genuinely in over his head and so endearing at the same time and what I’m trying to say here, I suppose, is that Peter’s problems really felt like the struggles of a teenager. (Instead of a grown-up writer and/or actor trying and failing to make it appear like the struggles of a teenager.) Just, all these emotions he had - so many emotions - and crying after ‘losing his internship’ and picking himself back up and just–

tl;dr Peter Parker is a precious smol spider to be protected at all costs and I have way too many feelings about this stupid movie.

ok so i was rewatchin eps right and im sitting here thinking holy shit just think how different this show would be if eddie wasn’t conveniently unconscious in the first ep when barry takes down the weather wizard

i mean just imagine joe being the one unconscious and eddie finding out barry’s got superspeed

imagine that moment they make eye contact and barry realizes oh shit eddie can see me and panicking and legit bolting leaving eddie just standing there shellshocked bc he has no idea how to process this and he’s pretty sure he had to be hallucinating right

imagine eddie being confused and cautious around barry bc he doesn’t know what he is or what he can do or even if it was barry at all that night bc maybe he was just passed out and dreaming all of it but then reports of the streak start coming in and it all starts coming together

imagine eddie confronting barry in his lab like it really was you that night, you’re the one out there, you’re the streak, but how is that even possible and barry is just so uncomfortable and he doesn’t want to admit anything but eddie is the only one that knows and he can’t risk eddie telling joe or iris so he has to tell him

imagine eddie and barry working more closely together bc eddie’s the one who has to keep barry’s secret and things maybe starting to get a little romantic but neither of them is willing to admit it bc …. department regulations …. but mostly eddie not wanting to get shot

(imagine joe wondering if this is suspicious behavior or if it’s good that barry is making such close friends with his partner

imagine iris being totally oblivious to anything going on between barry and eddie and just being happy her!!! boys!!! are hanging out bc even if she and eddie didn’t work out he’s still important to her and it’s nice to see barry and eddie getting along)

imagine barry introducing eddie to team star labs and all of them being super suspicious of eddie and overprotective of barry and wells just being pass-aggs as all fuck but it’s like wow eddie is super!!! nice!!! and trustworthy!!! excuse u

just imagine this au

(which obviously ends in barry/eddie kisses so imagine those too)

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It makes me rly sad that it's now kind of popular to hate hamilton. Like I remember just a year ago everyone was united and just loved the show and then tuck happened which was a great show but the hate for hamilton started and ppl just tried to find problematic things just for the sake of it and idk it makes me sad that something we all loved just got hate just to be edgy and be pc. I know it's still doing well and it's rly just in the musical fandom but still it makes me sad :/

i totally get you! i think a lot of people on tumblr begin to dislike things once they become popular which is annoying honestly. we should really focus on the quality of the work rather than the popularity of it! its important to recognize those smaller shows for how incredible they are! but that doesnt mean more popular shows dont have those same qualities as well! i also hate how people shame people for liking popular shows? everyone has a different personal connection to different shows and we need to respect that! i see people shame people for liking hamilton all the time and its just so disrespectful and rude honestly

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Do you think MCU should kill off Dr Strange?

Definitely. Doctor Strange is not a cool superhero. His role in Marvel Comics is insignificant. To be honest, everything about him just plain boring. His powers are overrated. A complete snooze-fest. The cloak of levitation has been done before. I can’t believe he is going to be in the next Thor movie. Why must he be in Avengers: Infinity War?! He’s pointless. So he has the Time Infinity Stone? Whatever, man. The Sorcerer Supreme? So what? Big deal. Did I mention that they should get rid of him so we don’t have to look at his horrible face and unfit body? Save us from the agony.

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Anti-honesty hour. Ask me anything and I will respond with blatant lies.

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Lol your profile photo is adorkable

[Dipper] Why thank you, great person!

[Wirt] W-what the– when was this picture even taken!? I don’t remember this at all!

[Dipper] ;)

[Wirt] W-what? What the hell does that mean??

[Dipper] ;;;;;; ;; ; ;:))) )) ) ) ) ) )

[Wirt] Dipper, this is a verbal conversation, just tell me when it was taken!

a doodle done at like 5am in thirty minutes

there is no context to this design, i just doodle whatever my mind asrel commands

I remember everything and I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll always love you. I’ll love you ever so quietly and from a distance until time steals the intensity and finally lets you settle silently in my heart without destroying me.

Me to You

Actively trying to forget you is pointless so I’ll just let it be.