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Thank you, Emilie and Robert, for Rumbelle.

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that moment at the end of titanic when rose introduces herself as “dawson. rose dawson” right after looking at the statue of liberty, which marks her own freedom, liberation, and survival from her own old self and her being reborn as the person she always wanted to be all thanks to jack dawson who empowered her and inspired her to save her own life > all hollywood movies

I laugh any time Tormund’s crush on Brienne comes up on the show because I think the actors and writers tapped into something inherently funny about those two characters. At the same time, I hope it stays unrequited. By all indications Brienne wants nothing to do with him, and I think she deserves to be desired and also deserves to say “Fuck off stranger” if she feels like it. Besides, having them actually do anything would ruin the bit.

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This is probs oversharing, but I can sympathize with Yuri's instant puppy love behavior w/ Otabek. This goes /WAY/ back, but when I was 15 & friendless, one girl out of nowhere wanted to be friends w/ me. She was the coolest, nicest, hottest girl I knew. She had short hair, wore black driving gloves, & was very protective of me. It didn't take long to develop a crush and realize: Ah, crap. I want to kiss her. Never did, but she was my 1st love & the 1st woman who made me realize *other* things.

This is beautiful! It’s quite similar to me and the first time I realized I wasn’t Straight lol. Hopefully the circumstances will work out in the way most suitable for both Otabek and Yuri’s development. 


On Bong Soon’s first day as a full-time employee, Min Hyuk PREPARES FOR HER A WELCOME RECEPTION, BUYS HER A WELCOME GIFT AND PUTS HER EMPLOYEE BADGE ON HER! He even discharged himself from the hospital early against medical advice so he could be with her. There is something so poignant and beautiful about the way MH personally puts the badge on BS’s neck and about the way how willingly and happily she lets him and even leans her head towards him. It’s such a little gesture of appreciation and closeness but as mentioned many times before, it’s these small gestures that in the end are so important and unforgettable.

I already talked about how MH’s been subtly giving BS all these little gifts and I just want to add how much it means that he doesn’t wait for the usual reasons like Christmas, birthday or Valentine’s day, but gives them to her because he wants to make her happy - because she wants them, needs them or just because he thinks it would make her smile. In that way, he kind of reminds you of BS’s dad who secretly hid all that money for her so she could buy herself something nice because he wanted her to be happy. It’s not to say that materialistic things can give a person permanent happiness, but MH’s presents are not some useless luxurious things, but truly things that show his consideration for her, be it food because she loves to eat, the computer because she wants to create a game, the job of her dreams (sort of) or the employee badge because that’s the thing she wanted the most in the world. And all these things reveal how much MH knows BS; what are her dreams, hopes, needs,…

And then you have GD who gave her his spare taser. The thing is that it would be a practical, sweet and thoughtful present for any other woman, but for BS it’s UTTERLY USELESS; showing that he knows absolutely nothing about the woman she is and in more ways than just one

as someone who had never heard of The Great Comet before the Tony’s, i really can’t stop watching their performance

ohmygod its just so beautiful pierre’s solo in the beginning is so poignant and crisp and to have the entire chorus jump in enthusiastically and harmonize perfectly afterward is amazing

also i think im falling slightly in love with anatole

It's Not for Me to Say
Billie Holiday
It's Not for Me to Say

It’s not for me to say you love me
It’s not for me to say you’ll always care
Oh, but here for the moment, I can hold you fast
And press your lips to mine and dream that love will last

As far as I can see this is Heaven
And speaking just for me, it’s ours to share
Perhaps the glow of love will grow with every passing day
Or we may never meet again, but then it’s not for me to say

So @queercapwriting just called something I wrote poignant and beautiful so like i am dying I’m dead. Don’t bother sending an ambulance I have spontaneously combusted. Have some happy Kara gifs to understand my excitement.

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the thing that cracks me up the most about HOO is that the war with the giants was meant to be 1000x worse than the Titan War. everyone was pissing themselves that Gaea was waking up, and Olympus closed doors, and Hera was captured, and everyone was soooooo afraaaaaid to go to Rome and Greece. But like????? Nobody actually died?? (nobody important at least) Jason and his friends had a jolly good time, Hazel came back from the dead once already and that Thanatos unchained thing was damn convenient to avoid real casualties… like tbh nothing was really that scary until Tartarus? There were no Sirens, no hiding on Luke’s boat, no Typhon and blowing up a volcano, no Manhattan fucking asleep and an army actually fighting amongst civilians, no insanity from the Labyrinth??

Like I can’t even count how many people died in PJO? Zoe, Daedalus, Castor, Luke, Silena, Charles, Lee Fletcher, Michael Yew, Pan, Bianca, so many more. Clarisse learnt to soften up, Rodriguez went insane, Ethan fucking carved his own eye out for his mom, Rachel went almost crazy with the visions and crashed a damn helicopter, so many campers died in the last two books. And then HOO comes along promising 1000x the horror and the sadness and everybody gets a damn happy ending? It took the 7 on a warship to cross the Aegean, and Reyna makes it on a pegasus (okay badass but sounds fake okay). A lot of Huntresses died in the last one (Phoebe RIP) but like that’s a copout death tbh we all didn’t think too much about Phoebe. It was all forced romances and tragic backstories but there was no fleshing out the characters. We saw Luke’s motivations, where were Octavian’s? We felt actual sadness and horror every single time with Percy, but in HOO it wasn’t that poignant? After a certain point in the series, somewhere around Mark of Athena, it was clear Rick wasn’t really gonna hurt anybody, he wasn’t really gonna do anything big like he did in PJO. It was just monsters after monsters and some light ~drama~ between the 7 + Nico. There was no fleshing out of the human character at all. Let’s not even forget all the OOC shit that happened like Annabeth held on to the memory of Luke for 5 years and still thinks fondly of him she ain’t the person to just get up and forget about Percy’s dark side like she will definitely work at it. And Percy….. okay Percy. First of all, he hated Hercules why would he be upset he didn’t get to meet him like he sacrificed his coat for Zoe?? Second of all this entire rivalry thing is all good and all but like this boy is obviously traumatized from Tartarus and stuff and we didn’t even got a POV???? NOTHING TO EVEN TELL US HOW EXACTLY HE’S COPING AND FEELING ABOUT IT? And Rick has the audacity to say that Percy is upset he’s not involved in saving the world much like pls look at the boy look at him and tell me he just doesn’t wanna go home and hug his mom and never fucking fight again. Rick got it right in TOA with Percy in the wrong place at the wrong time, but BOO was just….. bad.

Rick basically had a trope. He would give an unspeakable backstory to our new characters, something they would NEVER tell anyone bc oh how the lord will judge them (rolls eyes) and then when their friends find out, oh look, nothing happens. Then there’s an unspeakable villain that they must defeat, and they’re all shivering and quaking in their boots, there’s some fainting and fighting, but nobody is really hurt. And then everyone’s gonna find a love interest somehow, ignore all the trauma and the pain, forget that they spent some time in Purgatory or that they were teenagers on a warboat fighting monsters day and night for months, and stay alive! Obviously only 1 pep talk will make Annabeth ignore Percy’s dark side, and obviously some pizza fixed the boy right up ofc. Rick didn’t even have the decency to kill Leo off and let him stay dead, ofc he paired him up with that chick on that island that conveniently falls in love with him. And Magnus Chase is written brilliantly and differently, but Trials of Apollo is starting to show similar tropes with the exception that it’s Apollo’s narration and he’s a god so that’s different. In the end, the final war was so…. lame? We had Hades emerge from the grounds turning the tide. We had Poseidon ride in forgoing his battle with Oceanus to win the war with Typhon. We had a heartbreaking final scene with Luke. It was so beautiful, so sad, so poignant, like Harry Potter but shorter. HOO was so poorly written, except for obscure mythology, new characters and shock factors that weren’t so shocking. Rick basically gave us a series that was just a bunch of fan service, what we didn’t even ask for in the first place, and whole bunch of hot air in a super grand balloon with a smiley face on it, instead of a warship marked with death.

anyway TL;DR HOO was meant to be more tragic and more beautifully written and better and bigger than PJO and it just fell so damn short it’s fucking hilarious. Basically the 1st person narrative is a whole lot better to write tbh it would have been better if he just wrote it that way would have left a lot more space and time to actual plot and development. i loved the new characters and the diversity and backstories, but BOO was soooooo bad it basically ruined the whole series for me

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hey!!! i just wanted to drop by and tell you how much i love all your writing. i know u probably get a lot of messages about fww which is amazing, i adore wing fic and you are amazing at slow burn but like?? you also co-wrote the best hp fic i've ever read?? that celebrity magnus au is incredible??? and oh my lord i'm a sucker for reincarnation fics and yours was so poignant and beautiful. so yeah i should have written this ages ago but i wanted to say how much i love all you do, and thank u <3

(Okay so this is when I expose myself as a total weirdo)

I think I screamed when you followed me and I definitely screamed when I saw this message. I feel like I’ve followed you forever and you were always one of those blogs I saw on my dash and just admired and loved from afar?? (Honestly I followed you because I saw you reblog(?) something about coding and I couldn’t handle how relatable it was so)

Thank you so much!! I have honestly had so much fun writing fww. Like, it started as a one-shot and was supposed to max out at like 70k. Haha. Funny. Ahhh, the HP AU! (I’m going to shamelessly self-promote and say that the lovely @killjoyrow and I are absolutely continuing that!) 

I’m literally sitting here staring at your message with my hands on my face grinning like a total moron. All the fics you mentioned enjoying are ones that I loved writing and out my heart and soul into, so it always means so much when someone tells me they enjoyed them. So thank you!! <3

And while we’re here, your writing is also amazing?? You write the fuck out of an AU. Like, your Comic Con AU and your HP AU both had me in stitches, and I love your Anastasia AU, so I’m totally honoured by this message :) (also, your discourse on hufflepuff!alec added like twenty years to my life)

But anyway, thank you so much, again, and I’ll shut up now before I sound like anymore of a weirdo! 

The Potter series has so many wonderful moments, but this has to be one of my favourites for the sheer hard hitting and touching truth of the statement.

Grief is one of the primary themes of the books, and we see how different people deal with it. As in reality, people react differently to it. But Sirius’ words are so poignant and beautiful because they are so utterly true.

Those we lose: family, friends, pets - we never really lose them. We’ll always carry them with us in our hearts and memories.

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Hi! I know this isn't about everlark but i want to know your opinion about that part of MJ when Katniss is stuck in that room during her trial and stuff and started to sing. That part always gets me, it's so heartbreaking... have a nice day :)

Sorry this took me incredibly long to answer this. I appreciate this Ask. I had to do some thinking and research before I wrote on it. This is a really intriguing part and something that’s always stuck out to me, but I’ve never fully grasped. 

I read and read through that text and there’s so much emotion attached to that time that it’s hard to separate all the feelings going on with Katniss. The text says:

I begin to sing. At the window, in the shower, in my sleep. Hour after hour of ballads, love songs, mountain airs. All the songs my father taught me before he died, for certainly there has been very little music in my life since. What’s amazing is how clearly I remember them. The tunes, the lyrics. My voice, at first rough and breaking on the high notes, warms up into something splendid. a voice that would make the mockingjays fall silent and then tumble over themselves to join in. Days pass, weeks. I watch the snows fall on the ledge outside my window. And in all that time, mine is the only voice I hear. 

MJ, p376

I had reposted an essay I wrote on Peeta being a weapon. Part of the essay talks about how the Mockingjay has two parts: Katniss, the Mockingjay and Peeta, the wind or what supports her. eala-musings made a wonderful point and stated that Mockingjays don’t sing unless they have a song to imitate.

Peeta was Katniss’s song. 

So beautiful. So poignant. 

It made me think about this Ask. Why does Katniss start to sing and what is its significance? 

At this point, Katniss is stripped of everything that she is and honestly, at her lowest point. She’s on trial for the assassination of Coin and has been in solitary confinement, holed up in the Training Center. 

After the first Games, Katniss had to act on behalf of the Capitol, saying their speeches and perpetuating their propaganda to save her loved ones. She echoed Peeta’s song to stir the Rebellion. Then she became the Mockingjay for Coin in order to accomplish Coin’s agenda.

She has played the Mockingjay, echoing and spreading others’ songs.

In the training center awaiting her verdict, there’s a key line to what she says:

And in all that time, mine is the only voice I hear.

 She has found her voice. She’s no longer fed by others, no longer obligated to act, say and be a specific way. She is free.

  • Free from the Capitol.
  • Free from being a mother and provider.
  • Free from keeping everyone alive.
  • Free from Snow’s hold on her.
  • Free from the star-crossed lovers.
  • Free from the rebellion.
  • Free from Coin’s hold on her.
  • Just free.

This is my take. Thank you for this Ask (that made my brain bleed.) :)