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Thank you so much for your gift, it was so nice!!! And don't worry about timing or anything, i didn't mind at all!! Just pls tell me what's Andrew's gift, i bet its the most difficult to think of tbh, i can't think of what to get anyone i know haha!! I also see you're jewish!! Me to! Happy Chanukah!! And thank u again! ❤❤❤❤

Hi! I’m glad you liked it!!! And thank you so much!! Happy Holidays!!

I guess this counts as a Part II of your @aftgexchange gift, haha. I have a lot of thoughts on Andrew’s gifts. It was definitely the hardest to think of and I’m still not sure if it all makes sense, but this is what I had:

  • He gets Andrew an ice cream maker, as well as a ton (A TON) of ingredients to use with it so that Andrew has a good jumping off point.
  • Andrew eats a lot of ice cream, but almost every time they go to the store for more, whether it’s during the day or past midnight, he almost always makes some kind of comment or face or Neil can just tell that he wishes there were more/different flavors. So ice cream maker.
  • Neil sees it a couple of weeks before he goes Christmas shopping for the rest of the foxes and immediately buys it.
  • As the holiday gets closer, he begins picking up more and more ingredients for it. He has to stow them in at Abby’s house, in her second fridge/freezer because otherwise he is sure that Andrew will find all of it/eat the small candy pieces.
  • One day when he’s out getting more ingredients, he also sees a blanket that is quite possibly the softest blanket he’s ever encountered in his entire life. So he buys that, too. He figures they can keep it with the beanbags, since (in moments when he’s half asleep and is being soft) Andrew will pull his own blankets over to the beanbag and nestle himself in it.
  • Neil’s not sure a new blanket is necessary, but it’s black and soft and he buys it for Andrew anyway.
  • (I feel like Neil gets Andrew a lot of stuff, but those are my major two things that I was thinking about).
  • Also stockings (because I firmly believe that these boys exchange stockings) and while Neil mostly fills it to the brim with every kind of candy Andrew loves, he also puts in some other knick-knacks.
  • This includes some phone charms (there is in fact a little fox phone charm, and also a little teeny plastic knife phone charm and a ton of phone charms) that Andrew rolls his eyes at when he sees them. He picks them up and examines each one carefully before staring at Neil, exasperated.
  • Three days later, Neil notices that Andrew has attached two of the charms to his phone and he smiles so much.
  • The stocking also included a new black beanie as well as a pair of black fingerless gloves, because why not, and just a ton of small things that have made Neil think of Andrew over the past month or so.
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Hey yinz you might know me as @d-i-y-lobotomy and I’ve finally made a tt blog! I advertised myself on my main too lol but I figured I may as well do so here as well.

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The Problems with ‘To Siri With Love’

You, like myself, may have heard a buzz about autistic people boycotting the recently-published nonfiction novel To Siri With Love. Seeing the controversy surrounding this publication, I decided to take a short break from my university assignments and do a little research for myself about the book and the issues it raises, hoping to be able to explain in short why the #BoycottToSiri movement is so important to the autistic community. The book is a memoir written by Judith Newman about her experiences with her autistic son, Gus. That alone is not a bad concept, but some of the comments the author makes send nasty shivers down my spine. To start with, here’s some of the smaller problems that were discovered:

  • The author did not ask her teenage son’s permission or advice when writing an invasive commentary on his life, a choice she views as “selfish but necessary.” She also published text conversations between Gus and his friends. Though I cannot claim to know whether or not anyone involved consented to have their words published, it is difficult to overlook the possibility that they did not.
  • Transphobic comments regarding the use of the terms “cisgender” and “they” (as opposed to “he or she”) to be an “ugly and imprecise” evolution of language. Also, I there’s something that rubs me the wrong way about her insistence on using “the masculine pronoun” when “talking about people in generalities”, but I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is that makes me feel so uneasy about that.
  • Newman described popular autism advocate Amythest Schaber using a sexist movie trope by saying that they resemble “everyone’s favourite manic pixie dream girl.”
  • Made the ableist claim that someone like her son will “never have real friends,” which is incredibly insulting to autistic and otherwise neurodivergent individuals.
  • Declined using person-first language in her book not because of the many valid criticisms about the dehumanisation of autistic people but because it is “clunky” and she didn’t want to have to write “the phrase “person with autism” over and over again.” While the use of identity-first language is refreshing, the author implied that she would have used person-first language were it not so awkward to write.
  • Continued the long ableist trend of desexualising disabled people when she mocked the possibility of her son having any sort of romantic experience (“I could not imagine that any girl, anywhere, would find him interesting at this point”) and described the situation as one she imagines to be soundtracked by “Benny Hill” theme. 

Now we get onto the main problem of To Siri With Love, and it concerns the topic of eugenics. In the novel, Newman declared that she wanted to get Power of Attorney so that she could force her son to have a vasectomy so he couldn’t have children, so that she could have “one less worry. For [her.]” She then asked how she could make such a comment “without sounding like a eugenicist,” which only makes it worse by highlighting that she understands the horrific concept of eugenics. She then explains the unpleasant history of eugenics, acknowledging how “the history of disability is inextricably intertwined with the history of euthanizing and enforced sterilization,” but admits that she would still be “the first in line to sign him up.”

I hope this explanation sheds some light onto the problematic nature of this memoir and the ableist commentary within it. Please, if you want to read a real-life story about autistic life, do yourself a favour and read any one of the countless memoirs by members of the autistic community instead of the undeniable ableism presented by Judith Newman. 

(Quotes are taken from screenshots of the book posted to Twitter by disability inclusion advocate Andrea Pregel, as well as from a tweet by Elizabeth Roderick and a screenshot from Amythest Schaber.)

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you’re in your first apartment and it’s too small and it’s raining and you’re a little stoned, but your succulents and the sound of raindrops hitting the window are gently comforting

you are cursed to live in an abandoned church that has been overgrown with vines and filled with damp earth. you spend your days with sun-bleached deer bones and your nights with the ghost of a young man, whose lips are always just barely too cold on your neck

you’re twelve years old, and you and your weird but likable neighbor have decided to go on a road trip (i.e. however far you can get on your bikes before it gets dark and your mom calls you home because the pizza’s here), so you blast your boombox as you ride off down the road

it’s 1988 and you’re at a shitty house party and not feeling it, so you make eye contact with the girl who likes the smiths a little too much and decide to go make out with her in the bathroom

it’s midnight and you’re drinking shitty coffee in a rundown diner that’s nearly empty. you think this place may only exist after 11PM. in fact, you think this place may not really exist at all

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YOI Characters’ True Reaction to the Kiss™ You WON’T regret watching this.
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Calling All Adult Witches!

I recently remade from my old blog (phantomfest) due to a security issue and I… was a fool and didn’t wait until I had refollowed everyone before deleting. 

So, here I am, a brand new blog with no cool witch mutuals. : < I am still very new to the craft and do consider myself a baby witch. I’m always looking to meet new people and chat the night away!

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They’re beautiful, intelligent creatures. Our closes tie to our past. A Yevara’s song is so beautiful, it can coax the sun out of hiding. Reveal the stars.

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A Friend For the End of the World

“You’re my favourite, you know,” Clarke whispers like a secret into his skin. It sends a shiver down his spine. There’s more than just softness there. He’s sure he hasn’t imagined that it sounds a little wanton.

Still, Bellamy tries his best to play it off. “Don’t worry,” he replies lightly, voice muffled by the pillow. “I won’t tell the other kids.”

Clarke, Bellamy, and the night before the second apocalypse.

Rated: E. WC: 5902. started as a drabble for @wellamyblake and turned into… something. So I decided to post it.

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happy 18th birthday, noora amalie sætre ♡ april 6th, 1999

“what an awesome guy you are. i just can’t help but wonder what happened to you that gave you such a big inferiority complex, that shitting on a young, innocent freshman’s emotions makes you feel big and cool. never got any validation as a kid? didn’t mommy ever compliment your drawings? or was it daddy, who never showed up to your graduations? you didn’t have hair on your dick in seventh grade and got picked on for it? whatever it was, you need to get over it and start acting like a human being. stop walking around like a fucking cliché.”