so pls love vincent


So!!! I am excited to announce that I’ll be hosting my own personal Splatfest! It’ll be Team Neo (left) vs. Team Vincent! (right)

So! Will you pick the cute and adorably strong Neo? OR the strategic and cool Vincent?

Sooooo….pretty much how I got this idea was…I was thinking of squad names for my squid babies, and the Squad name for Vincent/Neo’s team is ‘Rockie Icing’
The reason why it’s split between Vincent and Neo is because I honestly can’t pick a leader for Rockie Icing, and since I’m so extra and didn’t wanna do a boring coin toss lmao. My friends and I are still deciding on a date to host the splatfest on, were everyone can be free and open to play! I’ll be sure to update as soon as possible! 

@multiprism and I worked on the Splatfest art together!

We’ll be hosting most chats and calls on discord! Please pop me a message if you want the code to the server!

Side note: I get nervous real easily, I’m a nervous wreck hehe….I’m honestly real worried this might get really really big, my friend and I are trying to figure out a system so everyone can have a fair try playing for their team, I also wanted to do this so I can connect with the splatoon community better, I love to make friends ^^ 
Anyways, the system to organize people on which team might be a little out of sorts but we’ll try our best to make sure everyone’s having fun ^^

Be sure to try and keep up to date with MY reblogs of this event, we hope to see you soon, stay fresh!!!  ♡  ♡  ♡


Vincent knows he shouldn’t be smoking. His dad doesn’t like it, but he really doesn’t give a fuck. Fingers crossed that he doesn’t get caught.

He hears someone moving behind him and he turns, pulling the cigarette out of his mouth and blowing smoke before speaking. “Who the fuck are you?” he asks the stranger.