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with the weather getting warmer I wanted to address something that a lot of people don’t know. if you have a german shepherd, husky, pomeranian, corgi, collie or any breed with a double coat, DO NOT SHAVE THEM DOWN

so many people shave their double coated dogs thinking it will keep them cool in the summer but this couldn’t be more wrong!!! the undercoat actually helps keep them cool!!! by shaving them down you are actually doing more harm than good. without the protection of the undercoat, your dog can easily become sunburned and will feel the heat much more than they would with the undercoat. shaving them removes their ability to cool themselves down



Fitzsimmons + Reunion Hugs 


So I got a lot of asks about my favorite subject so I thought, why not make a post about it? And if you’re not sexual, ignore this. But if you are, READ! Also, when reading, check your Sun AND your Mars. I personally believe your Sun and Mars are the two planets that give the most insight about what you’d be like in the bedroom!

ARIES: The Spark. Aries aren’t sentimental and sensual. They won’t take it slow. Quite the opposite actually! They honestly just want to rip your clothes off and get to it. Aries have a very high sex drive. They’re extremely passionate and confident and they’ll leave you breathless. They like to dominate their partner, but they also get extremely turned on if they’re forced into a submissive position. Aries also like to have sex in places where they could be caught to ramp up the excitement.

TAURUS: The Sensual. Tauruses will take their time when it comes to being with someone in bed. They’re the type to slowly unbutton your shirt, and to give you a lot of eye contact before doing the deed. There will be candles lit and lots of rose petals on the bed. Tauruses are extremely sensual and romantic, relishing every second they have with you. They also have a strong endurance, so they could keep going longer than others! Tauruses are also quite possessive of their partners, so once they have you, you’re stuck. After all, they also worked slowly and patiently to pursue you!

GEMINI: The Dynamic. Geminis love to have a variety and a lot of communication, and they like to take this into the bedroom! Geminis love dirty talk. They’ll most likely whisper sexy things into your ear, and maybe stimulate your mind more than your body. Geminis are unpredictable, and you’ll never really know what they’ll do to you. There’s a lot of energy when you’re with a Gemini. They’ll probably want to do a lot of different things when they’re with a partner to keep things interesting. They can get easily bored, so if they don’t care about your feelings, they could jump to another partner.

CANCER: The Nurturer. Cancers are extremely emotional and when they’re in the bedroom, they’ll want to stimulate your emotions and connect to you on an emotional level. When you’re having sex with a Cancer, your needs will come before theirs. They will try to please you the best way they can However, if you want to please a Cancer, nurture their feelings since they are quite sensitive. They like their sex to be gentle and sweet, and they don’t mind being submissive. However, they don’t like rough sex. Keep it romantic.

LEO: The Entertainer. For Leos, sex is a stage. It’s a chance for them to show their skills, and they want to be praised for it. How sex with a Leo goes depends on how much you compliment them while they’re doing it with you. The more you tell or show them how good they are, the better they’ll do. They’ll be more eager to please you! They do aim to please you, but they can be selfish in bed. However, having sex with a Leo is intense. They have high sex drives and they expect loyalty in the bedroom.

VIRGO: The Servant. Virgos will aim to please you every time. They’re extremely selfless in bed, and they will not leave the bed until they know what exactly turns you on. If you’re wondering how to turn on a Virgo… let them know that they’re turning you on! In fact, they’ll memorize it and aim for perfection the next time around. Virgos are extremely sensual and kinky, but only if they feel physically comfortable. They won’t have a good time if they find anything out of place, or anything dirty. Because they like to serve, they also wouldn’t mind being submissive.

LIBRA: The Romantic. Libras are more romantic than sexual, if anything. Libras are more concerned with pleasing you, and they’d like their sex to be peaceful, calm, and romantic. They don’t like rough sex, and they may be too focused on pleasing you instead of thinking about themselves. Because they want to please you so much, it’d be very hard to please them. They can be quite detached in the bedroom. They want their sex to be relaxing since they’re always stressed out with keeping things peaceful.

SCORPIO: The Intimate. Scorpios want to completely dominate and engulf you when they have sex with you. Scorpios are known to be good at sex, and it’s true! Sex comes naturally to them like a first language and they know exactly what turns people on. They are however quite loyal and possessive, so they usually don’t like the idea of nightstands. They may not have sex often, but when they do, they make it count. They truly see sex as a way to get truly intimate with someone, and they mainly aim for intimacy.

SAGITTARIUS: The Adventurer. Having sex with a Sagittarius is like going on a road trip: an adventure. Sagittariuses love to explore in the bedroom and they’re quite open-minded to where they can be quite wild! Although passionate, they also like intellectual stimulation. A Sagittarius would love an intimate, intellectual conversation while cuddling after. Although they’re faithful, they can be easily bored. They like to change things up, and they don’t like routines.

CAPRICORN: The Crazy One. Capricorns have a calm exterior to them that would make you think they’re practical and mature. It’s true, they are mature, but what you don’t know is that they’re secretly crazy and probably really kinky because they hide this side of themselves. Capricorns are extremely lustful and if they’re aroused, they’ll definitely go for you since they have little self-control once they’re provoked. They’re a freak in the sheets, and they’ll usually try anything if it’s weird.

AQUARIUS: The Innovative. Aquariuses are inventive when it comes to sex. They like to think about the million possibilities they can do in the bedroom, and they would like a partner who would do the same, but have them think that they’re superior. They definitely don’t go the traditional route when it comes to sex, and they may like open relationships and multiple partners. They don’t like to tie emotions into their sex life. Sex is very, very interesting with an Aquarius.

PISCES: The Martyr. Pisces are extremely romantic and sensual when it comes to sex. They tend to daydream about sex, and having sex with them could be a dreamy, otherworldly experience. A Pisces will most definitely stir your innermost emotions while making love to you. They are willing to be submissive in bed because they’re used to sacrificing for others. They will literally do anything for you in the bedroom.


I don’t know how long ago the rest post about muscular trans women was posted or when these amazing people posted their selfies but when I saw them, something washed over me.
All of you looked so happy and feeling gorgeous and confident that i got inspired to draw you all! I’m sorry in advance if those selfies were posted on earlier stages of your transition, I can always take down the drawing, I have no problem on doing so! In order that are @rocketmermaid @lady-feral @snarlahazard and @sogay4rey

I hope you all are having a great day, you have lighten up my day just by being yourselves. ((NOTE: from the text post I reblogged the only one ibdid not post was @/that-dyke because she left tumblr and it feels disrepectful to post it here. If anyone knows if she would like to see the drawing please contact me.))
Read this if you read fanfics

I just read a fic which I personally really like and when I went to the comments section, it was so disheartening. Nearly everyone was so rude and hateful and completely disrespectful of the author’s efforts, all simply because the fic did not cater to what most of these people like. So in honor of this author and every other fanfic author, let this be a reminder to all you fanfic readers

  • fanfic authors are NOT obliged to please your personal preference
  • they can write whatever they want to write
  • they don’t owe you anything
  • they are writing fics for free, for fun, and they put a lot of effort into it. So at the very least, be respectful.

  • No personal preference is better than the other.
  • a more popular preference (ships, AU, etc) does NOT make it any better than a less popular one. All it means is that more people happen to share the same opinion for one and not the other. That’s it.
  • Remember that “personal preference” is basically an opinion. There is no right and wrong. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  • Being entitled to your own opinion does NOT justify you being a rude asshole

  • if you don’t like it, shut up and just leave. there’s no need for you to ruin someone else’s confidence by insulting their efforts just because it didn’t suit your personal preference

  • if you DO enjoy their work, please leave kudos and comments.
    You know damn well yourself that even just one rude comment can ruin the author’s confidence, or ruin their day, or make them doubt themselves. So please help to compensate that by leaving loving comments. If you like what they wrote, voice it out. It’s very encouraging and the authors will appreciate it A LOT.

The White Prince & the Maiden of Prayers

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Still Of The Night • Theo Raeken

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Prompt: You are the only human girl in the pack and you saw one of the ghost riders. Theo stays with you to protect you as the pack goes out to find them.

Warning: Sexual content (oral, male on female and female on male, pain kink)

You were the one who saw the ghost riders. The terrifying sight of the black eyes, the sealed mouth and the grey, wrinkled skin was still burned into your retina and you found yourself waking up in the middle of the night, bathing in sweat because of the nightmare.

As the pack was going out to stop the wild hunt, you needed to stay behind, but you wanted to help so dearly. You couldn’t, because you were the only human girl in the pack. Well of course Lydia was there, but she was a Banshee and still had the power you didn’t have.

You needed protection from the wolves in the pack and you had stubbornly said that you could take a baseball bat in your hands like Stiles did, but since you were only 5’1, the ghost riders could crush you before you had lifted the bat.

Scott smiled, but shook his head as you were all gathered in his house. “This is an order, you’re staying here, Malia…”.

“I’ll stay with her”. Theo offered, a smirk tugging on his lips as he looked over at you. You rolled your eyes as Scott nodded in approval. They still didn’t like Theo very much and that’s probably why they all agreed to him staying here.

The others went out of the door and you were left with the golden eyed wolf. Theo Raeken is handsome, you must admit, but you weren’t sure if you wanted to spend a whole night with him.

You both did whatever you wanted, Theo plopping down on the couch to watch some television, he didn’t seem to be very bothered about the things that were going on outside with those supernatural creatures.

You sat at the kitchen table with a book and a small light, not really reading the words on the paper, but looking over the edge of the book to stare at him. Theo grinned as he felt your eyes in the back of his head, hearing your heart beating faster as he glanced over his shoulder.

You dug your teeth in your lower lip as he moved his arm to rest over the couch, muscles rippling beneath his shirt.

Theo stood up and flashed a grin at you, walking upstairs to which you assumed the bathroom. You needed to take some fresh air so dearly and if you went outside after all, you’d search for Scott and the rest of the pack.

You closed your book and patted over to the front door, looking over your shoulder to make sure Theo was still away. You looked at your hand that was closed around the doorknob.

“Where do you think you’re going, princess?”. Theo’s low voice in your ear, breath ghosting over your neck as you were pressed up against the wooden material by his taller and stronger body. “N-nowhere”. You stuttered.

“Good girl”. He muttered, letting you turn around. Theo’s eyes lit up in the dim lighted space. The golden irises staring at you and seeing every detail of your face. His canines where slightly and it didn’t scare you at all, you were actually more turned on by it.

The wolf tipped his nose in the air a little and smirked. “Is that arousal, baby?”. He purred, nose dipping down to your neck now, sniffing up your skin. Theo groaned at your delicious feminine scent mixed with your arousal.

You were a bit shaky as Theo looked into your eyes, the golden eyes fading away, showing his just as beautiful blue orbs.

You tugged your lip between your teeth as you had some sort of stare down, but he couldn’t control himself and smashed his lips onto yours. You whimpered at the way they melted together and Theo soon ran his tongue over your lips.

You automatically parted yours to let him deepen the kiss. Theo got your waist with a firm grip and you yelped as he picked you up. You locked your ankles behind his back and let him take you with him to the couch.

Theo gently laid you down on the soft cushions, as if you were a porcelain doll. Theo’s eyes darkened at your smell and he hovered over you. The wolf created a path of fire down your neck, making sure to suck on your pulse.

You were dying to see what was underneath his shirt and your nails slightly scratched his skin as you rolled the hem of his shirt upwards. You got slightly up and pushed him down to sit on the couch and crawl into his lap.

Theo helped you by lifting his arms and you groaned at the flexing muscles. Theo grinned and tugged at your shirt as well, throwing it somewhere in the room. Theo’s lower lip was between his teeth at the sight of your full cleavage and a bulge was poking your thigh.

You pressed your hips down onto it and it made him let out a low grunt. You moaned at the friction it gave you as well and you grinded a couple times more. “Stop it”. He groaned. You didn’t stop as it felt too good.

Theo grabbed your throat and you jumped slightly by the action. “I said stop it”. His eyes boring into yours and you nodded quickly, unbuckling his belt to reveal the boxer covered cock in his jeans.

You palmed him through the material and you were content with the hiss he let out. Theo licked his lips as your hand passed the elastic band of his underwear. You pushed the cotton down till you saw his erected cock, the mushroomed tip a flush pink colour.

“It’s all yours tonight, doll”. Theo said, swallowing the moan he wanted to let out by the way you looked up at him, fluttering your lashes.

“Oh I’m pretty sure it is”. You said, grinning as your tongue lapped a stripe over his length. Theo shivered and collected your hair in his fist. You slowly sucked on his tip, still sitting on his legs. Your other hand disappeared into your own panties and you giggled at the confusion in his eyes.

Your fingers were wet by your arousal and you wrapped your hand around his length. Theo never expected you to do that and he moaned at the action, brows knitted together.

“Oh, yes”. The wolf growled and tugged on your hair a little harder. Your tongue lapping at the thick vein on the underside got him moaning your name and his breath slightly panting as you let him go. Theo quickly got rid of your jeans and flipped you around.

His hands reached behind your back to unclasp your bra and his mouth went straight to your nipple, red lips wrapping themselves around the nub. Theo looked up at you as you whimpered, pushing your hips upwards against him.

The wolf smirked and softly grazed your nipple with his teeth, moving over to do the same to the other. Your hands found his styled hair and your fingers moved through the dark hair. His nostrils were filled with the smell of your pooling heat and he took a shaky breath.

“You smell so goddamn good”. Theo groaned, dipping his finger into your heat.

You moaned and arched your back, pushing yourself further onto his finger. Theo ripped your panties off as they were in the way of his fingers.

He tried his best to keep control of himself as his tongue lapped at your folds and your moans echoed through his ears. You looked down at the boy between your legs, mouth delved into your heat and it felt so amazing.

“D-don’t stop, Theo. Please”. You begged, your fingers twisting themselves in his hair. He swallowed hard before continuing, his eyes lighting up in that gorgeous golden colour.

Theo took a break to let his lips wander to your thighs and his lips pressed kisses to your delicate skin. You took a sharp breath as his canines grazed your inner thigh and he sucked on it to make sure it wouldn’t hurt you.

You almost came at the sight and when his lips wrapped around your nub of nerve endings, you were send into an euphoria. “Oh my god, Theo”. You cried out, wanting to close your thighs around his head.

Theo hovered over you again, pressing his lips roughly to yours as he got rid of his own jeans as well. He groaned as he stroke himself a few times and you could taste yourself on his lips. His eyes found yours to search for something, hesitation or doubt maybe.

But the only thing he could see was the want and the need of him in your eyes and he could smell how turned on you were and with that, he pushed into your slick heat. Theo watched your close your eyes and throw your head back with a grunt.

“This is exactly what you want, isn’t it princess?”. Theo asked with a grin on his face, hips snapping forward. A loud moan was your answer and you wrapped your arms around him.

You looked down at where your bodies connected and then looked up to see his face. Theo was so beautiful. Thick eyebrows knitted together in concentration and his muscled arms next to your head. The whimpers you let out were like music to his ears.

“Because this is exactly what I want”. He said, kissing you again. You whined as he dug his teeth into your lower lip. Your nails scratched his skin and he moaned loudly, revealing his kink.

You couldn’t help it but raise an eyebrow at him. “D-do it again”. Theo grunted, filling you till the hilt with his thick cock that made your thighs quiver.

You pushed his chest to turn you two around, giggling as you knocked a few cushions from the sofa. Theo looked up at you with his lips slightly parted and he took a hold of your hands to let you ride him.

“Like that, baby”. He moaned, crunching his nose at the way your hips circled on his lips. You loved the feeling over overpowering the wolf beneath you, you knew he could push you off so easily, but he didn’t. Theo loved it that you took charge.

The rough pads of his thumb was suddenly on your clit and you yelped, leaning onto his broad chest with your hands. “Come for me, doll”. The wolf purred, hissing and closing his eyes as you clenched your walls around him.

“I-I’m… Theo!”. You cried out, your nails pressing down into his skin to help him to his orgasm as well. Theo groaned and felt his claws getting out as well. He placed your hands over his. “Harder”. He muttered and you hesitated a little but pressed his clawed hands down, drawing a little blood from his skin.

Theo was brought over the egde by that and he sat up to pull you close, pressing your heat further down onto his length. You whimpered as you were still sensitive, feeling his cock twitching inside of you.

Your legs were shaking and you were softly whining, wrapping your arms around him to cling to his body as if you never wanted to let go.

“Baby”. He softly said, kissing your closed eyelids and your cheeks. “We have to get dressed and fix this place a little”. You giggled as you saw the mess you made of the couch.

“We do, but they’ll smell sex and me all over you”. Theo chuckled, looking up at your gorgeous face. He stroke a few strands of hair away whom had fell in front of your eyes. “That’s fine, they can know that I’m yours”. You shyly said, your fingers moving to the hairs in the nape of his neck.

“Can they?”. He grinned and you swatted his chest. Theo smiled and kissed your lips briefly before picking you up to place you on the ground. He got your underwear and clothes and you quickly pulled it on.

You fixed the sofa by putting the cushions on it again and you did an attempt to get rid of the smell of sex. You didn’t even smell it anymore, but Theo could and of course Scott and Malia would smell it as well.

Theo was dressed again and you sat down next to him on the couch as he put the tv on again. He swung his arm around you and you gladly leaned against him. You looked up at each other and laughed as you both had never expected that this would happen.

So i see a lot of posts saying they love yoi but hate the yoi fandom because it’s disgusting and it’s totally cool if you do and have understandable reasons for it but even so don’t post your hate in the tag

Masterpost: Stimming

Stimming is an important part of most autistic people’s life, and as such, something you’ll probably want to include in your narrative to make your autistic character(s) more realistic. Which is why we’re now going to tell you all about it!

First of all, what is it? The word “stimming” is short for “self-stimulating”. Almost everyone uses it preferentially because it’s easier to use and sounds less… weird. It has a lot of derivations: the verb “to stim”, the noun “a stim”, the adjective “stimmy”… Isn’t the English language wonderful.

Self-stimulating, or stimming as I’ll call it for the rest of this masterpost (and of the blog), consists of doing something with the specific goal of stimulating one’s senses.

If you haven’t done it already, we advise you to read our masterpost about sensory differences, since we’ll refer to many concepts we have explained there in this post, and we won’t re-define them here.

Now that all of this is sorted, let’s get into the heart of the matter. First I’ll explain what stimming looks like, and then I’ll try to outline the main reasons why someone might stim.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of stims, sorted by the sense they stimulate. Every sense can be stimulated by stimming, except maybe the interoceptive ones. Your character stimming can look like:

  • Sight: moving their fingers in front of their eyes, pressing on their eyes until geometric patterns appear, watching a screensaver for hours, looking at things with pretty colors, looking at bright lights or blinking lights, looking at glittery or shimmery things, sorting objects by colors or shape, watching moving things such as a spinning top or a pendulum…

  • Hearing: Listening to music (for example listening to the same song on repeat for hours), rubbing fingers/hair/ cloth next to their ears, tapping on their ears, eating crunchy food, walking on dry autumn leaves, making noises, repeating a word or words with a fun sonority, humming, singing, clicking a button repeatedly, zipping and unzipping a sweater, listening to the sound of rain/waves, opening and closing scissors…

  • Smell: Sniffing things with a pleasant smell, wearing perfume, smelling flowers, smelling a favorite blanket/object/pet/person, making food, taking a walk after it’s rained, sniffing dirty clothing…

  • Taste: Eating things with a strong taste (spicy/very sweet/sour/salty…), chewing gum, chewing non-edible objects, kissing someone, licking stuff…

  • Touch: Rubbing soft fabric, rubbing things with pleasant textures, chewing on things, rubbing their fingers together, touching/playing with their hair, biting their nails, picking at their skin, sitting/lying under heavy things, pressing themselves in tiny confined spaces, pressing parts of their body, hitting themselves, playing with dough or baking, touching water, walking on tiptoes, walking on textured ground, clenching their jaw…

  • Thermoception: eating ice-cream, drinking hot drinks, touching snow, touching a radiator, staying under the AC, taking a very hot or very cold shower/bath, eating ice cubes…

  • Nociception : doing anything that inflicts pain, this includes all self-harming stims (hitting, biting, scratching themselves for instance)

  • Kinesthesic sense: Flapping their hands, twirling their fingers, playing with fidget toys, bouncing on their toes, playing sports, knitting, doodling, pacing, tapping their fingers, chewing, bouncing their leg, twisting their hands and fingers, playing an instrument…

  • Vestibular sense: rocking, spinning around, riding a roller coaster, sailing, horse riding, being upside down, doing cartwheels, shaking their head, playing on swings, slides or merry-go-rounds…

But really, the possibilities are endless! We recommend the #stimfreely tag for gifs of people stimming (it’s so cute tbh) and general stimming positivity!

Now that we’ve seen what stimming is, let’s get into some of the common reasons a character might stim, and the benefits they can get from it.

  • It helps regulate their sensory system. If one of their senses is under-stimulated (possibly because they are hyposensitive to it, possibly because there just isn’t enough stimulation), stimming can help put the level of stimulation back to a normal state, and thus alleviate feelings of restlessness, discomfort, craving or even pain.

  • It is soothing. When an autistic person is upset, anxious or overwhelmed, stimming, by its regularity and predictability, can help them calm down.

  • It is a coping method. When overstimulated or overwhelmed for another reason, focusing on another sense can help take the focus away from the pain and confusion. For example, someone might focus on the feel of rubbing cloth to avoid being overwhelmed by loud noises. It can also be easier to deal with a stimulation that comes from oneself than from the outside world, because it’s more predictable and less chaotic, and it is not illogical that sometimes, when confronted by for example loud noise, a person might start tapping their ears to cover the sound: it’s even louder, but easier to deal with.

  • It can help concentration.

  • It is a part of our natural body language and we use it to express emotions. If you know an autistic person well, you’ll often be able to tell how they feel by watching what stims they do. One common example is flapping one’s hands when happy!

  • It can be very pleasant and enjoyable. Overall, we’d say this is one of the most important reasons for stimming: having fun and feeling good!

As an additional note, I’d like to add that everybody stims, neurodivergent or not. Even if you’re allistic, you must have caught yourself bouncing your leg when anxious or humming absentmindedly. Especially in moments of extreme grief, sadness, or fear, allistic people often rock back and forth or hit themselves in exactly the same way autistic people do. Autistic people just need it more because they have different sensory systems, which are more demanding and need more regulation.

So please, have your autistic characters stim! Have them rock to calm themselves down and flap their hands when they’re happy and spend hours repeating the same word! Stimming is most often a very positive experience and one of the reasons many autistic people enjoy being autistic and wouldn’t change it for the world. This is who we are, and stimming is a really cool part of who we are, and we’d say it’s an essential part of positive representation of autistic people.

I think we covered the basics, but of course we’re here to answer any specific question about this topic or another. Happy writing!

what the signs are thankful for
  • aries: linkin park
  • taurus: tea
  • gemini: anime
  • cancer: kittens
  • leo: themselves haha
  • virgo: books
  • libra: scented candles
  • scorpio: memes
  • sagittarius: fanfiction
  • capricorn: making it through school without killing themselves (so far)
  • aquarius: tumblr
  • pisces: naps
Please read, this is important

Okay guys. We need to have a serious chat. I’ve been noticing lately that a lot of people on here, and also that I encounter irl are struggling with their self image, and it breaks my heart. It honestly does. There is so much negativity in the world, and people are finding enemies in THEMSELVES. Society has fucked up the way people see themselves, and it’s taken away our biggest (and sometimes only) allies: ourselves. There is a lot of good in this world, but there is also a shitload of bad, and sometimes you are the only person you have- how are we supposed to take on the world when we aren’t only battling the world, but ourselves as well? I went through years of depression, an eating disorder, anxiety, and a constant hatred for myself, but I got past it, and I KNOW you guys can, too. You’re so amazing, all of you, and it makes me so sad to know that you can’t see it. Whether I know you or not, even if we’ve never even talked before, if you ever need help, or someone to talk to, or a friend, PLEASE message me. Life is precious, and every person on this earth matters. We’re all here for a reason, even if we don’t know what that reason is yet. We’re here because we are meant to be here, and we are meant to look like we look, and be who we are. It may be hard to see right now, but YOU ARE IMPORTANT. YOU MATTER. No one is perfect, but we are all unique and amazing in our own ways, imperfections and all. PLEASE don’t be so hard on yourselves. I’m here for anyone who needs help working on loving themselves.

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i had a dream set in the UMFB universe last night (because im at that level i guess) and it was basically yuri and victor deciding to publicly announce their relationship in the Most Extra and Shocking way possible...which, according to my brain, entailed keeping everything secret until they got MARRIED and hyphenated their last names and just waited until one of their names was announced at a competition before taking the ice. The audience went fucking wild. end of dream

The audience would see the names on the screen and be like ‘that must be a typo right…right???’ and then the announcers would say it and everyone would be like ‘what the actual fuck’. Viktor and Yuuri would be so pleased with themselves! 

Fueled By Ramen headquarters must be lit right now. All of the labels biggest acts seem to be releasing music or doing something on Broadway or some other crazy shit. We went from a drought in new music to a fucking tsunami! I have this mental image of all the higher ups at the label circlejerking while toasting themselves.

I feel like the CEO was just sitting in his office one day and an intern ran in and was like “Paramore and FOB and ATL are all writing new music, how far should we space the album releases apart? Maybe one band in the beginning of the year, one in the middle, one at the end…” and the CEO was just like “No, no… you know what would be hilarious… if we drop all three albums AT ONCE” and the interns like “but sir… that will send the fanbase into a frenzy, it’s too much, we’ll kill them” and the CEO was like “I know. DO IT.” And then he just popped open a champagne bottle and poured it all over himself while laughing evilly

What smug assholes. They must be so pleased with themselves

stan twitter is the most toxic environment on social media, zara larsson stated her opinion on 13rw (and as much as i loved the show, nothing she said was wrong) and now people are literally telling her to kill herself and she’s deleting every tweet she’s ever posted. i feel sick.


i’ve decided ankh morpork trans people call themselves geodes

because, you see, the inside of a geode doesn’t necessarily look a lot like the outside so you can’t say “well i know exactly what that looks like based purely on the shell”

likewise you can’t tell how someone identifies just by looking at them

so the gender freedom movement (intitially spearheaded by dwarves, containing a variety of species) in AM is all about like “let people decide how they want to be, never mind their initial exterior”

so they decide to call themselves geodes