so pleased w how it turned out


to incur her  w r a t h  is to feel your very heart freeze in your chest

EXO when you joke you’d never date him but then he hears himself as your alarm/ringtone

That would be so embarrassing! Here you go~

Sehun: *sassy* “You were saying?”

Kai: Your alarm goes off playing his rap from Mama and you fumble around to turn it off.

You: “W-where was I?”

Kai: “I think you were saying how much you didn’t like me.”

Tao: He would be so smug about this and would never let you live it down. Expect to be teased about it for the foreseeable future.

D.O.: He’d be super pleased and it would give him enough confidence to ask you out later.

Chanyeol: *half teases, half really wants to know*

Chen: “I don’t believe you Y/N~”

Baekhyun: He’d run around telling everyone what just happened and blow it way out of proportion. “Y/N loves me so much they have me as their ringtone!” 


You: “Pfft I could never be interested in you-” *you got me crazy, just tell me what you want from me~*

*smug af*

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Suho: “What have you got as your alarm there~”

Kris: “Wow I’m super convinced that you don’t like me right now.”

Luhan: “Imagine that.”

Xiumin: *pleased af*

aAAYYYY ITS FINALLY DONE!!! :‘DD here’s a collab that me and my sis, @olimarina, decided to work on, and it took me forever to actually color it lol

but here it is!!! She did such a lovely job drawing this precious family and they hurt my heart in the best way ;o; the way she draws Hugh and Judy in particular is absolutely precious and I love them all so much <33

I’m super happy with how the colors and shading turned out tbh ;w; it was a lot of fun to work on! :’D i’m so glad we decided to do this because it was about time we worked on a collab haha

(Please do not remove caption or repost. lineart belongs to @olimarina.)

“Please… don’t forget me. And.. if you do remember me after I’ve done this, please forgive me. I’m so sorry, Mike… Goodbye.”

If Chasing a Starlight were to ever actually get off the ground and become a graphic novel/webcomic, I really hope this is what I could pull off. Loving the way this turned out so much!

The speedpaint for this is coming soon!


Collab with the super awesome and sweet @emeraux she did the lineart and i did the coloring, hope you like it! >w<


Hi guys! I want to make some charms, stickers and other stuff in the future, but I can only use my paypal (mom doesn’t like me using my card online ;w;)  so I’m opening up commissions.

Will draw: OC, Fan art, soft bl/gl
Can’t draw: Furries/mecha/anthro/weapons, smut or guro, animals (I would if I could lol)


  1. Fill out the commission form here
  2. I’ll confirm you’re order and start on a sketch with the base colors.
  3. I’ll send an invoice to the paypal email provided. If you’re okay with how the sketch turned out please pay the invoice. I only accept paypal
  4. Once I get the payment. I’ll finish your commissions and send it to via email. I’ll send 2 additional wips after the sketch.

If you have any questions feel free to message me.

Reblogs are appreciated



Makeup test for my Jiutöu cosplay ;w;
I didn’t edit the bottom of the horns here, bc since I’m making a tutorial of how to make them I want you all to see what they really look like. I have also chosen regular lenses over sclera, bc sclera really damage my eyes and I’d rather not ruin my eyesight for a cosplay ><
Other than that I am so pleased with the way everything turned out like ohmygosh <3 <3 <3 Now I just gotta finish the cosplay itself and the guandao, and everything will be ready to fo for London MCM in May! owo
(Really hope to find more HR cosplayers there!! That would be so much fun <3 <3 )

leftmyheartinyokohama  asked:

May I please have a BigBang Daesung react/scenario please? With a fluffy/happy ending please? "You remind me of the man I loved before I knew what romantic love was." (I was 13-14)

I am so dern sorry this has taken me so long ~ and it’s more of a drabble than a scenario (at least compared to my usual writing habits).  I really don’t have much of as excuse besides writer’s block; I’m still rather unsure about how it turned out D;  When it comes to requests, my #1 goal is to please, so if this isn’t what you’re looking for, feel free to request again or let me know what I can change for you. Thank you so much for requesting and literally waiting FOREVER for this <3

HERE is Pillow Talk w/ Daesung <3