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to incur her  w r a t h  is to feel your very heart freeze in your chest


rv version; here


  • the “mother” of the pack; in charge of cuddling the young ones and kissing away boo boos. will literally respond to “mom”
  • feels bad about killing so she drains just enough from her victims w/out taking their lives
  • but she’ll kill if she has to, like if someone threatens her pack
  • a rival group kidnapped the youngest, who was six when he was turned, and Yongsun raged war. she completely wiped their pack out and did so brutally
  • meets you as you were that packs “livestock;” they kept you chained up and fed from you as they pleased. you were littered with healing and fresh bite-marks when she found you, on the brink of death, malnourished and dirty
  • to spare you, Yongsun changes you, takes you under her wing. she teaches you how to deal w being a vampire, helps you deal w the trauma of what the enemy pack put you through
  • as you grow in strength and courage, she finds her unbeating heart fluttering when you hug her
  • as the relationship turns romantic, she kisses every one of your scars and ensures you never think they’re ugly or unsightly
  • “If my heart could beat it would beat for you”

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  • the “father” of the pack, in the sense that she takes on the old fashioned role of a father. she sets the rules and those that break them, answer to her. she enforces a more tough love approach on the newbies. but she’s not very fond of being called “dad” (”Do I look like a man to you?”) but still responds to it, knowing it’s not meant out of cruelty but affection
  • aggressively loves her pack members; “Shithead, don’t worry about messing up. You’re still a learning, immature runt.”
  • comes across you running away from a rogue vamp, and takes pity on the puny human. it’s cruel really, when a vamp tracks humans like that. they’re so weak, you know, it’s not like they can protect themselves
  • so she intervenes and saves your life
  • since you’re now aware of the vampire world, Moonbyul can’t let you simply return home. you’re recruited instead, picking them up what they need when the sun is out and doing small errands like that
  • after being injured, you let Moonbyul feed on you and the second her lips touch your neck, she realises that she cares for you. that one, intimate moment, gaining nourishment and tasting you on her tongue, made her finally understand the feelings she had been having towards you
  • when she’s better, she asks you out and it’s a running joke that you’re a “step parent” since the pack already has it’s mom and dad

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  • more of a puppy than a vampire
  • as a new pack member, you were shocked by her bright, happy aura considering how old she was, how many things she had seen. while most turned bitter, she turned brighter
  • “Just bc bad things happen, that doesn’t mean that the world or humans are bad! Every country and every person is beautiful”
  • once she realises she like-likes you, she turns into the typical teenager even tho she’s super old, trying to look pretty (does she even have to try tho? serious q) to gain your attention or pouting if you hang out with someone else
  • you pick up on her feelings quickly, deciding to tease her and act dumb
  • basically, it takes a while of obvious flirting and EVERYONE sees it coming months before it does but you end up dating and the pack’s like “finally!”
  • this puppy vamp decides, a few decades into the relationship, to venture off and explore the world with you. you’re still pack members but free to do as you like
  • along this journey, you find an abandoned human baby who’s now your little angel and despite how unlikely it may seem, you undead beings become a happy family

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  • drop dead gorgeous … literally
  • she can lure men and women into willingly letting her drain them dry. their corpses are found with smiles on their faces
  • she tires of this easy game after a few hundreds years
  • so when she meets you, an uninterested vamp who roamed freely, doing as you please she’s like 👀 hello who are u? 👀
  • for once, she’s the chaser. not having someone immediately fall at her feet was a first but she rather liked it
  • eventually, you both start going on dates and growing feelings that she knows are pure. it’s not due to her looks but who she is as a person that makes you fall for her
  • and that feels really fucking great
  • so she falls and falls hard
  • hyejin is completely dedicated to you and keeping you safe, to the point where she sometimes puts you before pack duty. she gets in trouble for this but can’t say she cares
  • “This world is so cold and dark, filled with loss and anguish, like an empty nights sky. Yet I somehow managed to find a star.”

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EXO when you joke you’d never date him but then he hears himself as your alarm/ringtone

That would be so embarrassing! Here you go~

Sehun: *sassy* “You were saying?”

Kai: Your alarm goes off playing his rap from Mama and you fumble around to turn it off.

You: “W-where was I?”

Kai: “I think you were saying how much you didn’t like me.”

Tao: He would be so smug about this and would never let you live it down. Expect to be teased about it for the foreseeable future.

D.O.: He’d be super pleased and it would give him enough confidence to ask you out later.

Chanyeol: *half teases, half really wants to know*

Chen: “I don’t believe you Y/N~”

Baekhyun: He’d run around telling everyone what just happened and blow it way out of proportion. “Y/N loves me so much they have me as their ringtone!” 


You: “Pfft I could never be interested in you-” *you got me crazy, just tell me what you want from me~*

*smug af*

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Suho: “What have you got as your alarm there~”

Kris: “Wow I’m super convinced that you don’t like me right now.”

Luhan: “Imagine that.”

Xiumin: *pleased af*

aAAYYYY ITS FINALLY DONE!!! :‘DD here’s a collab that me and my sis, @olimarina, decided to work on, and it took me forever to actually color it lol

but here it is!!! She did such a lovely job drawing this precious family and they hurt my heart in the best way ;o; the way she draws Hugh and Judy in particular is absolutely precious and I love them all so much <33

I’m super happy with how the colors and shading turned out tbh ;w; it was a lot of fun to work on! :’D i’m so glad we decided to do this because it was about time we worked on a collab haha

(Please do not remove caption or repost. lineart belongs to @olimarina.)

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How would Kakyoin or Jotaro deal with and/or help a significant other who is a stand user that has a stand they are terrified of? (Neutral pronouns, please! Just they/them is fine!) Thank you!!

I don’t feel like these turned out too well, so I’m sorry about that ;w; I hope you like them anyways!

☆ Jotaro Kujo ☆

  • He’d be somewhat confused and kind of annoyed at first. What do they mean they’re afraid of their own Stand? A Stand is literally an extension of who you are as a person- are they afraid of themselves? They shouldn’t be, that’s stupid-
  • But when he sees exactly how terrified they actually are, he’d feel his stone heart break a little bit. He never really thought about how it might actually affect them; his s/o seems so afraid of accidentally summoning their Stand, it’s impacting their day-to-day life. He can’t allow that now, can he?
  • Jotaro’s only real solution is tough love. Especially given that he’s still fairly new to the concept of Stands himself; he wouldn’t know any way to help other than to try and get his s/o to just deal with it.
  • He’d try to make them summon their Stand, offering his arm for them to hold while they do so. They’re trembling so badly, he might have to hold them by the shoulders to keep them from keeling over.
  • If his s/o refuses to summon their Stand at all, or hides themselves behind him in an effort to avoid it, Jotaro wouldn’t quite know what else to do. He might try interacting with their Stand; he knows that anything done to the Stand will reflect on the user, so he may use Star Platinum to pet it if possible, in a vague attempt to calm everyone down.
  • If his s/o still won’t listen to him, he’d probably end up going to Joseph. He’s got no idea how to handle the situation, so if anyone can tell him what to do, that would be great.

☆ Kakyoin ☆

  • Kakyoin, on the other hand, would be much more gentle. He’s kind of confused on how one could hate their own Stand, but that may just be because he was so close to Hierophant Green growing up.
  • He would sit down with his s/o and try to figure everything out before attempting anything. What about their Stand scared them? Were they having trouble controlling it? Was its ability detrimental? Was there anything specific they wanted him to do?
  • He would want to start small. Get his s/o and their Stand to exist together in the same room for a few moments. Eventually move on to actual interaction, and from there, if his s/o is interested, begin considering battle.
  • If his s/o doesn’t want to learn to work with their Stand, Kakyoin would be somewhat sad about the situation, but he’d accept it. If they do put effort into learning to at least live with it, he’d be proud of their trying to make progress.
  • He tries to recall how he reacted to Hierophant Green as a child; he’d been scared too, right? He couldn’t quite remember how he felt, but he would at least try to share his own stories of getting used to a Stand, in an effort to make his s/o feel better about not immediately accepting theirs.

“Please… don’t forget me. And.. if you do remember me after I’ve done this, please forgive me. I’m so sorry, Mike… Goodbye.”

If Chasing a Starlight were to ever actually get off the ground and become a graphic novel/webcomic, I really hope this is what I could pull off. Loving the way this turned out so much!

The speedpaint for this is coming soon!


Collab with the super awesome and sweet @emeraux she did the lineart and i did the coloring, hope you like it! >w<
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so it turns out i write hamburr too

shameless plug, please read and comment or w/e!! i would really appreciate any feedback, even flames, because i haven’t written anything non-academic in…a really long time lol :”)

also i just realized how au this is from how to lose a guy in 10 days because it is since i just…didn’t want to write player aaron oops

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I was making small talk w a girl today & asked her how she met her bf and she described meeting him at a bar but then was like "BUT GET THIS we talked and turns out we had been at the same first aid kit show! Like we were meant to meet!" and I had to remind myself that she didn't care that h&l went to the same script concert BUT THIS IS THE KINDA STORIES COUPLES TELL ok love you

omg… a) I love First Aid Kit so nice and b) PLEASE that’s cute but I would have been SWEATING trying not to mention them jdgfdkdhdj it really is such a “we were destined to meet” thing to talk about and Harry did it multiple times… god also c) thank you for the story ily too 👀💕


Hi guys! I want to make some charms, stickers and other stuff in the future, but I can only use my paypal (mom doesn’t like me using my card online ;w;)  so I’m opening up commissions.

Will draw: OC, Fan art, soft bl/gl
Can’t draw: Furries/mecha/anthro/weapons, smut or guro, animals (I would if I could lol)


  1. Fill out the commission form here
  2. I’ll confirm you’re order and start on a sketch with the base colors.
  3. I’ll send an invoice to the paypal email provided. If you’re okay with how the sketch turned out please pay the invoice. I only accept paypal
  4. Once I get the payment. I’ll finish your commissions and send it to via email. I’ll send 2 additional wips after the sketch.

If you have any questions feel free to message me.

Reblogs are appreciated



Makeup test for my Jiutöu cosplay ;w;
I didn’t edit the bottom of the horns here, bc since I’m making a tutorial of how to make them I want you all to see what they really look like. I have also chosen regular lenses over sclera, bc sclera really damage my eyes and I’d rather not ruin my eyesight for a cosplay ><
Other than that I am so pleased with the way everything turned out like ohmygosh <3 <3 <3 Now I just gotta finish the cosplay itself and the guandao, and everything will be ready to fo for London MCM in May! owo
(Really hope to find more HR cosplayers there!! That would be so much fun <3 <3 )

leftmyheartinyokohama  asked:

May I please have a BigBang Daesung react/scenario please? With a fluffy/happy ending please? "You remind me of the man I loved before I knew what romantic love was." (I was 13-14)

I am so dern sorry this has taken me so long ~ and it’s more of a drabble than a scenario (at least compared to my usual writing habits).  I really don’t have much of as excuse besides writer’s block; I’m still rather unsure about how it turned out D;  When it comes to requests, my #1 goal is to please, so if this isn’t what you’re looking for, feel free to request again or let me know what I can change for you. Thank you so much for requesting and literally waiting FOREVER for this <3

HERE is Pillow Talk w/ Daesung <3