so pleased to own this book

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just finished remember the dust and oh my God it was so good!!!!!!!!! The whole trilogy was amazing!!!!!!!!! I don't even know what to do with myself. Clearly this is your fault and you need to stop being such a perfect author. (Or go write more stories. I would prefer that, actually. )

Ahhhhh! I’m so glad!!!

That is in fact what I’m trying to do :) I do know what book I’m writing next, but I’m still trying to figure out how to really sink my teeth into it. We shall see what this looks like when I’m done…

(I’m bad at planning books. Beanstalk was supposed to be waaay more tongue in cheek than it ended up being. I’m very pleased with how it all turned out, just continually amused by my own ability to confound myself.)

look tho, anon, if your under 18: please sit down and think why this is so important to you. because honestly, i didnt get why adult/minor wasn’t good as a kid because of adults telling me it was fine, but honestly, i reccomend you sit down, read some stuff about it, read about biology, psychology, crime and legal stuff, and learn, be open minded, and try to form your own opinions instead of parroting that of creepy adults in fandom, or hell, even me

if ur over 18: read a book about the brain, and then think: why the fuck do i want children to be avalible to adults romantically/sexually? and then snap the fuck out of it and remind yourself that ppl under 18 are children and you shouldnt be thinking of them that way, whether theyre fictional characters or real people.

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN EP 483 - All about Kakashi

He had a recipe book for fish? And he is a freaking good cook, it’s official…at the age of 5. I assume he is five years old because this is when Kakashi lost his dad but was still in the academy….but damn.

Holy shi- look at that? What can I cook when I was 5? And Kakashi’s style? Please don’t tell me he make his own recipe?

And he did the chores…good child.

A great fishermen

First, his house is big and he is so tiny…how lonely must he be?

Second..he still saying “I’m leaving” and “I’m home” even though no one is greeting him back. All he got as a cold silent as a reply

I’m not crying…

*bawl my eyes out*

At least I know that Sakumo got a grave and Kakashi doesn’t seem like he is resenting his dad as much as I thought he is

I couldn’t tell you
what it was that
inevitably made her
so special to me,
but I do know that
there has never been
another person that
has made me feel
as at home within
my own skin as
she has, and even
in her silence,
I can feel her loving
me from wherever
she may be.
—  Mariah Gordon-Dyke, “Please don’t forget me”

please write more lgbt characters in books that aren’t specifically about sexuality (although we need more of those, too).

i just want to be able to pick up a book and see two girls falling in love while trying to battle a corrupt government, while trying to defeat this one evil dude, while time travelling. i don’t want ‘lgbt’ to be a genre of its own, you know? i want genre books with main characters who just happen to be lgbt. i want this so much. 


I want to see it in a store! I can give you the addresses. You know what I’m going to do when I see it in the store? Whaaat? You know that section towards the front? The staff recommendations? I’m gonna grab a copy of your book and put it in that section. And then I’m gonna write my own little recommendation on a card and attach it, so that people will see it and buy it.

Some time ago I made a post about how Aristotle and Dante has ruined me. But you know what? I lied. I fucking lied. You haven’t experienced true pain if you haven’t read The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. I am fucking serious this time. This book is fucking torture worse than a century in the fucking underworld. I am choking and drowning in a sea of my own fucking tears. I never even knew I could get so emotional over fucking Greek mythology. When I die, bury my ashes with this fucking book.
If you haven’t read it yet, please, do yourself a favour and go do it.


Hi everyone! Please take a second to read this:

I have a bit of time on my hands and I decided I’m going to make an e-book for Japanese. It won’t be a normal textbook. This will be packed with tips, advice, phrases, sentences and more, taken from various trusted sources as well as my own experience and tips while learning the language.
I’m planning on selling it online at a very cheap price once I’m done. 

This is the rough cover design so far. 

80% of funds will go to my mom’s cancer treatment.
Would anyone be interested in buying it once I’m done?

I’m not sure yet, but I am thinking not more than 8USD and it will be available online and you can pay securely though PayPal. Any tips or interested parties or anyone who wants to contribute or collaborate?

Quick Facts

Hey everyone, I’ve decided I am going to be constructing a book of fanmail for Isaiah Mustafa that I’m going to be sending to him. 

Seeing as Freeform seriously undervalues him and Luke, I want people to submit fan mail telling him how much we love him and Luke.

You can also submit any fan pictures whether they be drawings or selfies. 

You have until Friday, February 17th 2017 to submit something.

Seeing some of the FAQ’s I’ve seen other people who make books for celebs to this I will answer some of them off the bat right here

submit here or send it to me at

-YES I’m a real person (@falloutbrunch on twitter, parabacrybaby on here come hang) This is the first time I’ve done something like this so this blog isn’t gonna be flashy, its just here to take submissions.

-No I won’t be posting anything. It stays with me, gets printed, and gets sent to Isaiah. That’s it.

- Please do not write a long ass fanfic, send that to him on your own watch. I just want to put a collection of people expressing our love for him and Luke.


Kat’s Bookbinding Tutorial - POSTED

I’ve finished a bookbinding tutorial! It got a bit too lengthy for a single post, so I’ve posted it here [google drive], where you can download it as a PDF and make comments/ask questions if something’s unclear. The process is not terribly complicated, but I tried to add lots of pictures so it took up lots of space. Hope this helps out anyone that wanted to try making their own!

As always, please feel free to message me with any questions you have, I’m more than happy to answer :-)


I can’t be bothered to write it all down on paper so I am sitting here, sharing it with you instead, while listening to the Russian Orthodox Requiem haha!

Feel free to like & share it to serve as your own reminder. It’s useful as hell.

It is all from the book “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene.

Read on, my friends. For this is going to teach you many valuable lessons!


Always make those above you feel comfortably superior. In your desire to please and impress them, do not go too far in displaying your talents or you might accomplish the opposite—inspire fear and insecurity. Make your masters appear more brilliant than they are and you will attain the heights of power.

Note: Yes. This is so important. Especially when it comes to dealing with MEN. Never outshine the MASTER.. oh boy, but how we do ;)

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Witchy give away time!

So I reached over 1100 followers, and I am so happy that you lovely people want to follow me, and I am so honored that some of you send me such beautiful messages. So I wanted to give back to my lovely friends and followers. 

So I am doing a give away! The give away will be shipped out next month! Please keep in mind that I live in Australia, so it may take a little bit of time to deliver to an overseas winner. But I will give you a tracking number and I will look after it in transit. I work for a courier company!

Items in the give away may include but are not limited to  (IT’S A SURPRISE! MORE FUN THAT WAY):
- Incenses
- Resins
- Herbs
- Smudge sticks
- My own personal creations- herbal sachet bags, vision oils, love charms etc
- Candles
- Tarot cards
- Books
- Crystals

What you need to do:

-Be following me
-Reblog this post
-Be awesome
-Wait patiently for shipping from Australia like a boss

Winner will be announced on my 26th birthday next month, the 12th of February!

Whoah, thank you so much!!!! Please feel free to do so, also- I’d love to see it if you do it!

Yes, I am aware! I am a fan of the books even tho I haven’t touched them recently but I made sure to research some stuff when creating this AU. While I think Yurio would be cool af as the Beauxbatons champion, I have my own motives as to why I didn’t decide on that!

As for Phichit, I’m leaning towards the idea of having him in Hogwarts, since he was Yuuri’s roomie and all. As for Christophe-

I truly like the idea of Chris as the champion for Beauxbatons! It’s plausible, and seems like an interesting option. Tbh I’m more inclined to this idea rn!

As for the girls - I personally see Mila also going to Durmstrang, and Minako would be more like a teacher. 


Once again, thank you all so much for all the messages!! I really appreciate it!


So, real talk. 

I’ve read a lot of books in my day, but Abarat is probably the first book series that I’ve really, obnoxiously nerded out over. To like Harry Potter fan levels. If merchandise existed I’d probably own everything and I’d wind up on a buzzfeed video about “this ultimate fan who owns every single Abarat action figure what is her problem.” If there was an actual midnight opening for the upcoming book I’d probably be first in line. If Hot Topic sold Abarat t-shirts I would wear them. 

Fortunately none of that exists so I can maintain some level of sanity. 

But anyways thank you Clive Barker for making a book series I can finally get behind. Your welcome. Please release Kry Rising. 

Chibilock art book?

if i were to make a book of compilations of chibilock comics, like fully coloured and printed it, would you be interested to buy it?

would you mind commenting or reblogging your opinions on it? I wanna try making my own fanbook but i don’t know if anyone would even want to buy it ^^;

here’s a mock-up of the pages:

i wanna hear your opinions so please reply or comment if you don’t mind <3

thank you!

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Do you have any prompts for a house or apartment full of artists/ art students?

  • Character A is coming home from a late night dance class, and after entering in their dark apartment, they’re ambushed by Character B, who is yelling and brandishing one of their calligraphy pens like a tiny knife. Turns out that Character B thought that Character A had been home all night and that their shared apartment was being broken into.
  • “Could you stop playing depressing music? I get that you like listening to morbid music while you work but please, put on some headphones or at least turn the music down.” AU
  • Character A is really into comic books and wants to become an artist in the future, but at the moment, Character A is going to school for a major that their parent(s) chose. Character B is Character A’s roommate, and Character B is very into writing, so when they learn that Character A has always dreamed of making their own comic book, Character B offers to help them.
  • In order to keep up with their thoughts, Character A tends to scribble cryptic, half-formed ideas on their hands and arms – “lovecraftian style Sherlock Holmes mystery”, “object head w/lemon slice”, “granite hearts refuse to break”, etc. – throughout the day. When they come home at night, Character B looks over Character A’s hands/arms and takes the ideas that they feel like they can do something with.
  • “Help it’s 2am and I need a last minute nude model so shuck off your clothes and start posing. ” AU
  • Character A has been trying to work through a really difficult writer’s block, but they just can’t get out of it. Characters B and C, Character A’s roommates, decide to take Character A out for a long hike so that Character A can hopefully work out whatever is holding them back.
  • Alternatively, Character A’s art is in direct connection with their feelings, so when Character A has a lot of repressed emotions, their art begins to suffer and the only thing that helps is a good crying session. This is usually set up by Character B with a night full of sad movies and both of them talking about their feelings.

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This is a huge FUCK you to my supervisors who have no idea what the actual policies are in regards to calling in sick... I called in sick due to my mental health (extremely depressed and feeling suicidal), I told them I had a high fever tho, and they told me that it was my own responsibility to call around to get my shift covered and I had to come in regardless or I'll be a 'no show' and I threw the policy book at them which states that it is not and put my phone on airplane mode and slept.

*claps hands* You are AWESOME for gathering the courage to tell them off! And efficiently so! I really hope you’re feeling better now because the world definitely needs your guts to put asshole supervisors in their place. Please feel free to message me on my personal blog if you need someone to talk to. I seriously admire you right now and want to make sure you’re okay. Get some rest and keep that phone off. -Abby

even as a main for s4

i’ve been trying to get this off of my chest since the last two weeks and i think i’ve found the words to say it.

we don’t want season 4 to be about even because we want to see more evak.

we want season 4 to be about even so we can see the way he views things. we want season 4 to be about even so we can see a mentally ill person who’s also part of the lgbt community, do everyday life things.

me, a mentally ill pansexual person, needs this kind of representation. and to see it be portrayed on a show, a book or a movie is important to me.

please, stop thinking that way. even bech næsheim is more than just half of a ship. he’s his own person.


Uchikawa Reo as Ciel Phantomhive for Kuroshitsuji Musical~Noah’s ark circus~2016
(Pictures from my own pamphlet, visual book and photoset. Please, don’t forget to credit the musical, the artists and my tumblr if sharing. Thank you)